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Silvia Tarozzi - Mi specchio e rifletto (CD)
Silvia Tarozzi - Mi specchio e rifletto (CD)Unseen Worlds
Recommended for new age listeners! Silvia Tarozzi, a female violinist / performer / improviser from Italy who is also known for co-writing with Eliane Radigue and Pauline Oliveros. Inspired by Italy's greatest contemporary poet, Alda Merini, he also studied under the famous trombone player Garrett List (1943-2019), and his latest album is now available from ! An ambitious work that brings together Italian underground connections such as Edoardo Marraffa, Vincenzo Vasi, and Tiziano Popoli! An ambient chamber music piece with an ethnic scent, a good board with plenty of acoustic nourishment.
Alexandra Atnif - Rhythmic Brutalism Vol. 1 (LP)
Alexandra Atnif - Rhythmic Brutalism Vol. 1 (LP)Em Records
Post-Plurrian? EG ?? The return of Muslimgauze ??? The strongest active rhythmic noise / drum'n'noise techno girls, shocking Alexandra Atonif!

80s Noise / Industrial Music There is no doubt that you will be fascinated by listeners from the golden age to experimental techno freaks these days! !! Romanian-born and now LA-based female musician Alexandra Atniff advocates the music "Rhythmic Brutalist" inspired by the architectural style "Brutalist" that prevailed during the Cold War.

She doesn't use any vintage synthesizers or expensive equipment, and uses freeware to release just bare concrete-like beats. The track group with its decoration removed already has a terrific sensation reminiscent of great ancestors such as Esplendor Geoméco. While maintaining the functionality of minimal techno, the vibes that noise / industrial music lost after passing club music, the one and only sound that makes you feel ferocious, sets it apart from existing industrial techno. There is.

This time, A.A himself reworked the independent album, and released the newly edited "Rhythmic Brutalist Vol. 1" as EM Records Edition and the sequel "Same Vol. 2" at the same time. The impression is different from the "1st collection", which is closer to minimal techno, and the "2nd collection", which is more abstract and closer to electronic music, but the whole story is full of brutalist architecture. Brin Jones must nod in the shade of the grass!
Compuma meets Haku - The Reconstruction of “Na Mele A Ka Haku” (12")
Compuma meets Haku - The Reconstruction of “Na Mele A Ka Haku” (12")Em Records
The shocking COMPUMA (Koichi Matsunaga)'s first 12-inch !!! The problematic work of the endless computer original problematic work that reconstructed the problematic work "Haku no Ongaku"! It is no exaggeration to say that it is the most important must-listen work of Japanese underground dance music in 2015!

90s is Asteroid Desert Songs, 00s is Smurphotokogu, and in recent years, the first 12-inch impact of Koichi Matsunaga aka COMPUMA, a stubborn electro crew who admits himself and others with his musical connoisseurs who are dying in "Devil's Swamp". drop. Only computers can interact with "Haku's music" on an equal footing! I delusionally asked to rebuild the album. This is the work that came up! ?? !! The experimental result that the computer says, "It looks like an original work ...". However, in order to faint in agony and complete the original request, I decided to announce it under the name of Compuma meets Haku. An electro song with a non-trivial atmosphere that has a feeling of devotion from each note of snare, kick, hat, etc. 80s US Old School-Tasteable dance music that has blossomed suspiciously in the depths of Japan across the Atlantic Ocean from the 1960s!
Melaine Dalibert - Musique pour le lever du jour (CD)
Melaine Dalibert - Musique pour le lever du jour (CD)elsewhere
Meditations super strong recommendation board! The jacket artwork is a 2017 piano solo work by French pianist / composer Melaine Dalibert from elsewhere, a new label launched by Yuko Zama, who is also involved in the management of David Sylvian (!) Erstwhile Records and Gravity Wave. Imposing release! This work is inspired by the work of French media artist Vera Molnar from Hungary, and is inspired by the transition of natural phenomena. Dalibert developed an algorithmic procedure for the composition of this piece. A meditative, layered piece of resonant music by Morton Feldman's mode. A delicate touch that makes you feel ephemeral and powerful, it is finished as a pretty and beautiful piano solo masterpiece that blends well with the clear air of this season. This pure sound just sinks ... Taku Unami is in charge of mastering! Limited to 500 sheets. For those who like Gigi Masin and Satsuki Shibano! It is one of the big, big, big, big, big recommended for all music lovers!
The CD version of "Azzazin", which is said to be a masterpiece and a unique work of Muslimgauze in 1996, which emits the electronic sound of steel, which is highly recommended for Pan Sonic fans, is stocked.
If the yellow artwork is also cool, the electronic iterations beyond Arabic, such as those from Raster-Norton and Editions Mego, are also sharp and cool. Do not miss it!
Kiyoaki Iwamoto - SOUGI + (10")
Kiyoaki Iwamoto - SOUGI + (10")Em Records
The originally minimalist song, combined with the rhythm box that keeps ringing lightly and the lyrics that have been scraped to the limit, repeats in the brain, and finally hums "Love my misfortune". Dangerously addictive music. Handle with care. -Moppy (Soi48)

Love generously robs us, and love tears us apart ... all the crystals of loss that were once launched beyond post-punk are now regaining glare! A collection of phantom sound sources by the late Kiyoaki Iwamoto, finally lifted after about 40 years !!!-Tamotsu Mochida (factory worker and real industrial writer)

There used to be a musician who buried his past and disappeared. Its name is Kiyoaki Iwamoto. I don't know the reason. What we know is that we have left behind a "super-translation" cover of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart," which surprised even the minimum original songs and ECD.

Iwamoto appeared in the post-Tokyo rockers era scene and participated in that "Urban News" as a post-punk band . After the dissolution of Birei, he formed Guys Doll with Fuyusato Kudo and released "Hard Rock Album" (1984) under the joint name with Kudo. After that, the news disappears.

This work is the only solo work "SOUGI" (1983) that Iwamoto independently produced by Kojima recording, a rework of "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Chisako and Junta, and NOISE "Emperor" by Tori Kudo and Reiko somewhere. It is the addition of an unreleased song by Rei Mi, which is reminiscent of. Iwamoto's four original songs, including the song "In the Sad Town" from the beautiful era, have a rhythm box, several chords played on guitar and bass, and short poems that look like they have been cut down. It is a characteristic of Japanese punk / new wave that frustrating emotions hit the inside of oneself, but Iwamoto's humorous vocals seem to amplify the frustration even more, and Joy Division's "super translation" has a nihilistic climax of loss.

Was "SOUGI" a "funeral"? ?? Michio Kakutani would have responded. The untouchables of the 80s indie film continue to shake us and bite those who want to be loved!
Melaine Dalibert - Anastassis Philippakopoulos: piano works (CD)
Melaine Dalibert - Anastassis Philippakopoulos: piano works (CD)elsewhere
Highly recommended! The latest album by French pianist / composer Melaine Dalibert has been released from elsewhere, a contemporary label that has been launched by Yuko Zama, who is also involved in the management of Erstwhile Records and Gravity Wave! Melaine Dalibert plays 12 compositions (composed from 2005 to 2018) by Anastassis Philippakopoulos, a Greek composer from France who is also known for the Van der Weiser school. Includes a performance recorded on July 24, 2019 at the commune "Saint-Maugan" in Ille-et-Villene, northwestern France. A unique blend of minimalism, modern romanticism, and Zen introspective depth, with a tranquil piano sound and a simple yet moving melody that weaves pointillistically while being wrapped in shadows. The vast, profound, narrative and poetic view of the world is a wonderful word. Mix and mastering by Taku Unami. Artwork by Denis Sorokin, also known as Michael Pisaro's work. Recommended for those who like Edition Wandelweiser and Another Timbre works!
Wicked Witch - Under Your Spell (2x12")
Wicked Witch - Under Your Spell (2x12")Em Records
The devil machine psycho funk of Washington DC, who is invited by Prince from the funk spirit world, that wicked witch breaks the silence and releases the new single for the first time in 30 years, 12 inches of old and new east-west crossovers set.

Disc 1 contains 4 new WW songs (1 song remixed and remastered), Disc 2 contains re-editing of up-and-coming German creators / skaters and DJ slingshots, and Koshiro Hino (YPY) + Yosuke Yukimatsu (YY). Includes reconstruction by the new unit YYPYY. In fact, Wicked Witch, who has been playing music for a long time, has desolate acid funk, "Funky by U" like Indian base music, "Under Your Spell 2016" and stoned. The condition is overwhelming (I do not know what the aim is again this time). DJ Slyngshot is an experimental and 80s flavour hard beat re-edited with a mix of early Chicago house / old school / techno. On the other hand, Hino and Yukimatsu are metamorphosis tunes that dragged WW into another dark side (
Jee Jee Band - Glass Fish (LP)
Jee Jee Band - Glass Fish (LP)Em Records
A fusion of Asian pop and alternative rock!?! The first physical version of the US / Korean / Cambodia mixed Lo-Fi / DIY loose fluffy pop, G.G. Band, which I would definitely recommend to fans of Feeding Tube! (English version commentary is done by Dr. Byron Coley of Feeding Tube)

G.G.Band is a band formed in Busan in 2013 by Massachusetts-born painter Matt Jones and Busan-born Ji Yun Lim, and has a fluid organization with no fixed members. The songs on this first physical album, "Glass Fish," were produced in different environments and locations, including the iPhone, bedroom, studio, and the faces of Sebadoh's Bob Fay and Yod Tapes. Massachusetts network such as John Moloney. "Speaking of Massachusetts, we are the sacred site of Indie / Low Phi, along with Olympia, the location of K Records" (from the commentary). The DIY indie soul that dwells in them jumps out of the North American region, swallows East Asian culture, powers up even more crap, and supplies a state-of-the-art fluffy feeling of weakness.
オザワとバビロン・バンド / くふきと乙津理風 - 田舎に帰れ c/w 田舎はいいね (12")
オザワとバビロン・バンド / くふきと乙津理風 - 田舎に帰れ c/w 田舎はいいね (12")Em Records
A tribute to the latest work "Bangkok Nights" by Kuzoku, a movie production group that is active under the banner of "regaining the audience to the cinema". Release is vinyl 12 inch only. Thailand-Bangkok-Isan asks you by sound what Taoyuan Township is.

The fourth installment is a tremendous tremor in the movie world !? A rainy day Ozawa & Babylon band is here! Luk Thung's masterpiece "Country is good" competition cover 12 inches sent by a strong battle with Kufuki & Otsu Rifu! The biggest problem in the series!?!

That's right, that Ozawa (*)! Who knows that Ozawa, a former Self-Defense Forces member who disappeared at the end of the appearance of pimping in Tanya Street in "Bangkok Nights", then hid in Japan and had a session with his friends? The gang chose the retitled cover "Return to the Countryside" of the 70s Luk Thung masterpiece "The Countryside Is Great" that broke in "Bangkok Nights". Iwao Yamazaki (Babylon Band), who is also the sound clerk of "Bangkok Nights", performed the recording mix with the lyrics of the air tribe director Aizawa who brilliantly incorporated the spirit of Luke Thun, whose lyrics are important, into Japanese. I have made the word Luke Tung! Impossible Ozawa (Director Tomita) singing enthusiastically + Shin-chan's dialogue in the play inevitably makes Air Tribe fans faint in agony, but stillichimiya fans are happy with Young-G's opening scratch, and the latter half of DEEP dub MIX and masterpieces that develop into trippy psychedelic Contents!

The coupling features a unique synthesizer quartet that also made its debut in the UK, Kufuki's charisma of poetry girls, Otsu Rifu, and Japanese dialects. A metamorphosis electronic new folk song version that was played with a drum. World music fans and big daffodils are also monsters !!!!!!!!!!!!
Dao Bandon - Kon Kee Lang Kwai: Essential Dao Bandon (LP)Dao Bandon - Kon Kee Lang Kwai: Essential Dao Bandon (LP)
Dao Bandon - Kon Kee Lang Kwai: Essential Dao Bandon (LP)Em Records
Woman, liquor, agriculture, poverty ... The world's first debut of Dao Bandon, the "buffalo rider" who continued to sing the life of the northeastern part of Thailand while calling himself a countryman and performing indigenously! A unique view of the Luk Thung world cultivated in the harsh land of Isan is condensed into this one piece! World music !? Rare groove !? Frontier !? Kayo!? ……. Here is the roots of the great (Thai) popular music created by a man made up of poor people!

The best compilation album of Dao Bandon, a Luk Thung singer from Isan (Northeastern Thailand) who was most wanted to be released by world music fans and frontier rare groove DJs! Thai music is now attracting the attention of collectors all over the world as dance music. Dao Bandung's music, which is characterized by thick beats, killer breaks, and unique voices and tunes, had the appeal of being addicted to the ears once heard. But what was sung in Isan in the 70's? Why did Dao Bandung hit? Its charm remained a mystery. This time, we interviewed Dr. Dao Bandon directly and translated all the songs in Isan and Thai into parallel, and the astonishing facts are under the sun! The laughing and crying original scenery of the idyllic Isan is revealed, such as a song about the set from reggae-like Ga * ja tune, a love song in the world of blues, and so on.

In the 1980s, Mr. Dao produced singers familiar with world music such as Honey Sri-Isan and Jintara Poonlarp. This album is full of roots up to the present in the genre of Luk Thung, which is still extremely popular. There can be no Thai song without listening to this!

In this work, all lyrics are posted in three languages, Thai, Japanese and English. The commentary is posted in Japanese and English, and the annotations of Thai proper nouns are complete! A spirited specification that will be an indicator of future world releases!
Noahlewis' Mahlon Taits - Gift From Noahlewis' Mahlon Taits (LP)
Noahlewis' Mahlon Taits - Gift From Noahlewis' Mahlon Taits (LP)Em Records
An ambitious work that lets you hear a completely different heavy sound with a new organization of 6 members, who have spent 10 years of the severe earthquake of the 2000s. This is no longer "that" Noarizu! From garage blues, accordion / musical saw funk, and Joe Meek's cover, all with no decorations, all roughly analog one-shot recordings, to the standard strange singing version that also features Satchmo and Sinatra! !! A special gift for you with a total of 8 songs, including 3 original songs. Enjoy the vivid sound as if you were in the studio.
Sheriff Lindo - Aftershock Dubs (LP)
Sheriff Lindo - Aftershock Dubs (LP)Em Records
80s Heavy Metal Dub Phantom Edition "Ten Dubs That Loosen the World" Sheriff Lind's new album for the first time in 25 years! Its name is "Aftershock Dub"! !! Two bonus songs added to the CD!

What have you been doing for 25 years! Don't rush in. Sheriff Lind has been devoting himself to reggae with the Southern Hemisphere soundmen, but in the last 20 years, only a few songs have been released on the compilation CD. The whole picture was sealed in the hall and mysterious, but the sheriff was on the lookout all the time!

This surprising new 2nd album can be called a "special collection" (Note 2) compiled from the numerous dubs (Note 1) that Sheriff Lind has played with sound so far. This fully field-specific massive bass sound source was selected for the album by West Japan's proud sound system "Touch the Sky" crew, High-C, and an elite track maker / engineer pursuing reggae dub. Ruv Bytes, our Takuto Kuratani. In addition, M's first genuine dance hall specification that Mr. Kuratani will master! A heavyweight special album with a single dub rhythm that appeals to the stubborn roots lovers from the original generation to the digital / nu roots generation!
V.A. - スリン・パークシリの仕事:特選ルークトゥン集 1960s-80s (LP)
V.A. - スリン・パークシリの仕事:特選ルークトゥン集 1960s-80s (LP)Em Records
In the Thai music series of EM + Soi48, the of Surin Park Siri, a living legend of the Thai music world, appears. Surin, who is a musician comparable to Coxsone Dodd, Ryoichi Hattori, Phil Spector, Theo Macello, etc., has the nickname "King of International Song", which is the national national of Thailand introduced this time. It was attached from a group of works produced by him in Music Luke Thun (* 1). Luk Thung is a genre where the subject of singing = lyrics is important, and as long as it is guaranteed, music can be anything. The point is, it should be fun! It has a greedy omnivorous nature, and the one who in its avant-garde is Surin Park Siri.

Born in Isan, northeastern Thailand, he is an inventor-like producer who has often sent out cutting-edge (metamorphic) killer that will be the flagship of Thai pop producers, and is a great man who has developed Thai music by himself. A genuine record man who wants to do something different than sell, and a living music library that has seen the rise of Thai music with a solid critique.

This time, we selected 12 unscrupulous mixed songs that insist on the true from the many Luk Thung songs that Dr. Surin worked on. As a result, this is the royal road Luk Thung that appointed big Lao singers such as Plain Prom Dane and Waiphot Phetsuphant! From the Laotian hymn, Bollywood tune, an original version of Kawao Siantone's Ganja tune and cover song sampled in Juu's "New Luk Thung", "Soran Bushi" sequel and Kyu Sakamoto's song (??) Covers of Japanese folk songs and songs that are irresistible to Japanese fans, suspicious and exotic Indian Luk Thung, Thai funk prototype in collaboration with ally Samai Ornwon, super DOPE Leh (* 2) and Ramwon (*) It became the Luk Thung entertainment comprehensive catalog called 3).

If Juu & G. Jee's "New Luk Thung", which sings "new" "Luk Thung", is the Luk Thung , this work collection of Surin Park Siri is a sound source collection of Luk Thung . If you check this, "New Luk Thung" will shine another shine while revealing what Luk Thung is.

All with translations this time as well. The commentary is of course Soi48.


* Note
1) Luk Thung: A music genre that means "country child" or "country song". Song music that was established in the mid-1960s and is now inherited as Thai national music. Emphasis is placed on lyrics. It is highly omnivorous because there is no specific music format.

2) Leh: A Thai-specific genre in which Buddhist scriptures have been converted into songs through the preaching of monks. Singers who can improvise with limited syllables are respected because they require a high level of skill in the storytelling art.

3) Ramwon: Music with a strong character of creative folk songs established by the Thai government in the 1940s to raise national prestige. It was popular among the working class because of its characteristic ring dance like Japanese Bon Odori. There are two meanings and usages, one is the melody of Thai folk songs reorganized into Western music style, and the other is dance music called Ramwon regardless of genre.


Song selection / commentary: Soi48
Mastering: Takuto Kuratani (Ruv Bytes)
Binding design: Shinsuke Takagi (Soi48)

CD version: Normal jewel case / 28-page booklet included
Japanese / English liner / Complete translation

01. Bupper Saicheon "Deliver love in the wind"
02. Smit Thatcha Tape "Hunger for Love"
03. Kawao Cyantone "Simulation of a new house"
04. Banchop Charon Pawn "Don't talk anymore"
05. Liam Darah Noi "Pounding"
06. Kawao Cyantone "Cannabis Bamboo"
07. Bupper Saichon "Show me on foot"
08. Danchai Sontaya "I want to die"
09. Dam Danspan "Ripe Love"
10. Prune Prom Dane "Persuade the Child of the Mekong River"
11. Smary Saen Sotto "Sakura is waiting for you"
12. Waiphot Phetsuphant "Rum along the rice field"
関根真理 - Beginning c/w Lena Willikens Remix (12")
関根真理 - Beginning c/w Lena Willikens Remix (12")Em Records
Nana Vasconcelos meets Midori Takada! ?? !! "Beginning" is a threatening work in which static and dynamic are delicately and boldly intermingled with ambient closed-door exotic fantasy dance music born from the exploration of the devilish world of a single overdubbing orchestra. The coupling is that Lena Willikens REMIX!

M Records will deliver the world debut of Mari Sekine, a percussionist who is active in the band! With over 10 minutes of masterpieces, you can easily control more than 15 types of percussion instruments such as kalimba, marimba, udu drum, goblet drum, djembe, talking drum, cajon, berimbau, etc. by multiple recording, and combine them with tape reverse rotation and voice. Unsurprisingly, this "Beginning" is Sekine's first "solo" recording. And it is clear from listening to this song that Sekine's musicianship was not cultivated yesterday and today. Midori Takada's fans, who seem to be the biggest hidden talents in recent years, will be surprised and welcomed. Overdubbing by multi-percussionists is also found in contemporary music, but has there ever been a work that has such overwhelming power and is compatible with everything from home listening to the floor? Expectations are high for the 1st album being produced!

The coupling is a angry funky uppercut that extracts the tribal component of "Beginning" with REMIX by the popular DJ Lena Villikens!

* "Beginning" is a rework of the song released as her 1st single "midori" (Tongs International), returning to the original title at the beginning of the recording, extending it almost three times, and reworking it into a reggae disco 12-inch composition.

Mari Sekine Profile:
Touched percussion instruments at university and started activities after graduation. After working as a JAZZ FUNK band, he joined the big band "Shibusashirazu" in 2000. Currently, he is active in sessions such as Goko Nishikawa (ex. Shang Shang Typhoon) "Hoshi no Hibuya", Michiro Endo (ex. THE STALIN) "THE END", percussion instrument group "Orquesta Nudge! Nudge!" There are many activities in theatrical works, such as Kazuyoshi Kushida's "Caucasus's White Ink Ring", "Sunshine Bo", "Sanjin Yoshizo", "Kiri no Yozo", Yang Jung Eun's "Peer Gynt", and the theater group "Kaze". Participated in "Matsurowanu Min" and "Mud Rear" of "Brick Dance".
Patty Waters - Sings (CD)
Patty Waters - Sings (CD)ESP-DISK
A free jazz / avant-garde jazz vocalist from Iowa, known for his 60's work from the legendary avant-garde jazz label ESP Disk, he has also performed with Bill Evans, Charlie Mingus, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock. Miracle singing voice ... Patty Waters, a female vocalist who makes the dark side of ESP and influences many writers, made her legendary debut in 1966 !! The next work "College Tour" is famous for avant-garde topics, but with this sexy calmness This work is also excellent because it has a glossy appearance and somehow dark comfort. Above all, the key to this work is probably the free jazz dark cover of "Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Hair", which was recorded at the end and the screams and strings are disturbed. A masterpiece filled with the charm of Patty Waters' "songs" ...!
Yoshi Wada - Singing In Unison (CD)
Yoshi Wada - Singing In Unison (CD)Em Records
"Singing in Unison" is the latest in a series of recordings from acclaimed sound artist, composer and performer Yoshi Wada. Recorded live over two nights, March 14 and 15, in 1978, at New York City's legendary performance space The Kitchen, "Singing in Unison" is a dramatic yet meditative work: modal improvisations for three male voices, singing, with great gravitas, in purposeful unison. These previously unreleased recordings, featuring vocalists Richard Hayman, Imani Smith and Wada himself are extremely powerful, with a glacial majesty and a sense of timeless wonder. Wada's earliest musical memories are of hearing Zen Buddhist ritual chants in his native Japan, and those memories are reflected in the deep vocalisations here; also evident is Wada's period of intense study with Indian master singer Pandit Pran Nath. Thus there is a definite "Eastern" feeling to "Singing in Unison", with further elements added by Imani Smith's Sufi background and Wada's interest in Eastern European vocal styles, but the music is also informed by Wada's experiences in the Fluxus movement and as a member of the New York avant-garde community. The edgy atmosphere of 1970s New York City pervades these recordings, adding a hint of menace. Despite the fact that this is purely vocal music, fans of the slow-moving heaviosity of Sunn 0))) will appreciate "Singing in Unison". Yoshi Wada has four previous releases on EM Records: "Lament for the Rise and Fall of Elephantine Crocodile" [EM1074CD]; "The Appointed Cloud" [EM1076D]; "Off the Wall" [EM1078CD]; and "Earth Horns with Electronic Drone" [EM1081CD]. "Singing in Unison" is available in two formats: a single CD of the March 15 performance, with gatefold sleeve; or a triple LP set featuring a complete version of both performances, March 14 and 15.
Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4 (35th Anniversary Edition) (CD)
Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4 (35th Anniversary Edition) (CD)MG.ART

180-gram LP version with embossed chessboard artwork print and printed inner sleeve. In celebration of the 2016 35th anniversary of the December 12, 1981, recording of Manuel Göttsching's legendary E2-E4, one of electronic music's most influential recordings, Göttsching's MG.ART label presents an official reissue, carefully overseen by the master himself. Includes liner notes by Manuel Göttsching, archival photos, and an excerpt of David Elliott's review in Sounds from June 16, 1984. "As the story is sometimes told, Göttsching stopped in the studio for a couple of hours in 1981 and invented techno. E2-E4 is the most compelling argument that techno came from Germany-- more so than any single Kraftwerk album, anyway. The sleeve credits the former Ash Ra Tempel leader with 'guitar and electronics', but few could stretch that meager toolkit like Göttsching. Over a heavenly two-chord synth vamp and simple sequenced drum and bass, Göttsching's played his guitar like a percussion instrument, creating music that defines the word 'hypnotic' over the sixty minutes . . . A key piece in the electronic music puzzle that's been name-checked, reworked and expanded upon countless times." --Mark Richardson, Pitchfork

Takao - Stealth (LP)
Takao - Stealth (LP)Em Records
Orange Milk / Noumenal Loom ~ A marvelous piece that greatly updates the view of ambient after the New Age Revival! Takao, a Japanese artist who was influenced by Motohiko Hamase, Toru Takemitsu, Akio Niitsu, Yann Tomita, Sean McCann, etc., released voluntarily from Bandcamp in June this year, and the work "Stealth" that involved peripheral artists and attracted attention The physical version of EM Records is now available!
This work, which took a year and a half to complete, has an unusually short time of 33 minutes with 13 songs, but in a blink of an eye, it is swallowed by the transition of a magnificent time. I am impressed by the outstanding ambient view that looks after Post-Internet-New Age Revival and the solitary soundscape that fascinates the standard of the current experimental scene with a stylish sound that is one or two steps ahead! In addition to the former influenced by Hiroshi Yoshimura, Midori Takada, Nuno Canavarro, Haruomi Hosono, etc., it is said to be a big stone thrown in to push the timeless view of ambient music to the next stage. It should be a work. And even from the point of view that Japanese writers have achieved it, this is a release that cannot be overlooked. Mastering is done by Takuto Kuratani, also known as Ruv Bytes. I am deeply drawn to the artwork that Takao himself shot in Shonan.
Haku - Na Mele A Ka Haku (Music of Haku) (LP)
Haku - Na Mele A Ka Haku (Music of Haku) (LP)Em Records
A mysterious board (dare to say Hawaiian Electronic / New Age?) Produced independently in 1975 by Japanese Hawaiian musician and playwright Frank Tavares, which seems to make the genre setting malfunction. The only instrument used is the synthesizer. I tried to reconstruct the land of Hawaii with sounds by superimposing human voices and field sounds, inserting Hawaiian folk songs and my own drama works, and champuruing Hawaiian, English, Japanese, and Filipino. With the help of too unique developments and electronic sounds, we invite us to a different world that seems to be stoned. It is also said to be the first Hawaiian music to make all of the tracks with synthesizers (Is there any other Hawaiian folk song that approached from electronic music in the first place?).
陰猟腐厭 - 初期作品集 1980-82 (LP)
陰猟腐厭 - 初期作品集 1980-82 (LP)Em Records
The content is good with surprise and excitement. Faust-This Heat's krautrock / post-punk, free rock / industrial such as Smegma and Z'ev, and the sound of emptiness turns into a violent passion. Highly recommended.

Japan Indie's hottest work !!
The initial collection of works has finally arrived !!

The improvisational trio of Yokohama, Inryofen, which was formed in 1978 and released the new work "Hugging" [EM1125CD] for the first time in 29 years, is far left and heretical even in the Japanese underground music scene. , The reason is thoroughly disclosed in this collection. Is there any other band like this at that time and now?

Their starting point was the idea of "converting surrealism to the sound of" automatic writing "", and they were active in the Tokyo / Yokohama underground scene, recording vigorously from 1980 to 1982, and three works. announced. This "early work collection" is the definitive edition that remastered all of these works from the master tape, expanded and recorded the unrecorded parts that were edited and cut, and remastered with high sound quality. In addition, for this release, the five works other than "Uncompromising" were given "song titles" for the first time (see the work description for the reason).

= Work description =
-"Uncompromising" at the beginning is a mysterious work that made known the shadow hunting rottenness, and it was also the first release of the prestigious indie, Cragale Records, known to those in the know. According to them, "Cover of Tony Conrad & Faust", but perhaps during the recording of this performance, a student activist broke into the stage and started a horse mackerel speech. The band that keeps playing silently, the activist who incites, the PA who tries to prevent the speech, the ending of the three-way! ?? !! This version is a complete version that contains all the patterns of this "legend".

-The "hammer clock" and "aiming cat" (included only in the CD version), in which the crazy electronic percussion instrument pulse is delivered, are forcibly called "articles" from the symbol with three squares on the jacket. A work recorded in the popular 7-inch EP.

-The band's true essence, the 23-minute automatic descriptive performance "Grand Rock", the masterpiece "The one that came down from the sky" where heavy percussion with a sense of mass trembles and cuts through the space, and the suspicious "Forest record" "(CD version only) is a 1st album recording work in which the band name, song name, and kata number are not written in a pure white jacket, and the agency company has declared that it cannot be distributed.

CD version:
+ CD bonus 2 songs
+ Normal jewel case / liner included
+ Commentary: Atsushi Harada
+ Japanese / English notation / Rare photos posted
V.A. - Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives (2LP)
V.A. - Bird Cage: Birdfriend Archives (2LP)Em Records
The culmination of big sounds created by the small label with a sense and spirit!
Is this "No New York" in Japan in 2020? Is it "Pillows & Prayers"? No, it's not like that. Visit the first label compilation of "Birdfriend", a sublime (reckless) DIY label run by YPY / goat's Koshiro Hino. When you hear this, you want to create asexually!

"It's too experimental and challenging to release, but there are still many great ones" (by Koshiro Hino)

Birdfriend, a label of Koshiro Hino (YPY / goat) who continues to release DIY music of electronics and self-made remodeled musical instrument creators based on a thorough writer's standard of choosing by sound instead of name. From the start in 2013, DIY handmade with enthusiasm, patience and sincerity, special personalities such as Bonno Nomukuro, UNBE, Futoshi Moriyama, Wet Dog, NEW MANUKE, OPQ, Inoue Shirabe, JMT Synth, H. Takahashi, Sofheso・ Dropped into a cassette and released 38 original works to date. Overcoming various problems, we made 5,000 pieces!

Birdcage's first label compilation, "Bird Cage," was an attempt to put these Birdfriend friends in one place by abusing Hino's authority. When I forcibly compiled those people who couldn't be edited quietly in the first place, what appeared there was an unexpectedly fresh story! Now is the time to ask the world about the feats (variants) of mysterious bird friends. When you hear this, you will be surrounded by feelings (impression?) That you do not understand, and you will probably want to create asexually!

・ 2 CDs / Jewel case
・ Booklet included
・ Japanese / English notation
・ Artist profile and photo posted

Compiled and the cover art design by Kōshirō Hino
Cover drawings by Yūko Kureyama and Kōshirō Hino
All tracks originally mastered by Bunsho Nishikawa
2nd mastering by Takuto Kuratani
(c) 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Birdfriend


= Disc 1 =
1. Sofheso --M.N.L
2. Wet Dog-Bird Peck at Dead Dog
3. NEW MANUKE --Fastest Motor
4. YPY --BFMIX B-3
5. JMT Synth Pinosaku --Tansun
6. Wet dogs-Dog is Surrounded by Birds
7. UNBE --Vector Milk
8. YPY --The Damo UFO
9. Micro-Futoshi --Reforest 1
10. Inoue Shirabe --Sleep Talk

= Disc 2 =
1. Futoshi Moriyama-Time Limit
2. OPQ --ENT
3. Futoshi Moriyama-Niko Electro
4. H. Takahashi ―― 4
5. Micro-Futoshi --Reforest 2
6. UNBE -5 Ritsumai
7. Bonnounomukuro --Enter the Exit
8. Futoshi Moriyama --Piano and Sampler
NTsKi + 7FO - D'Ya Hear Me! (10")
NTsKi + 7FO - D'Ya Hear Me! (10")Em Records

In 1981, Brenda Ray / Naffi Sandwich released the sweetly yearning “D’Ya Hear Me!”. The song is now considered a post-punk classic, and here we have a warm digi-reggae version sung by Kyoto composer/producer/vocalist NTsKI (“Natsuki”), with backing tracks performed, recorded and mixed by Osaka-based producer/guitarist 7FO (“nana f o”). Also on this release are a karaoke version, plus two remixes, the first a dancehall-flavoured version by Bim One Production, a Tokyo electro-reggae production duo. The second mix is from Nagoya-based electronic producer CVN, who provides a harder version. This revisioning of a much-loved classic is available on CD, 10-inch vinyl and digital.

Mastering: Takuto Kuratani (Ruv Bytes)
Special thanks: Brenda Ray, Hiroshi Takakura (Riddim Chango)

CD version: Gatefold cardboard case

01. D’Ya Hear Me!
02. D’Ya Hear Me! (Karaoke)
03. D’Ya Hear Me! (Bim One Production Remix)
04. D’Ya Hear Me! (CVN Remix)

Bank - True Tempo (LP)
Bank - True Tempo (LP)Em Records
What is the true tempo in your heart?
Following "Light Wave", M's J-Indie pop is a new album by Bank, a 5-member group that pursues HYPE pop that has nothing to do with the atmosphere of the times. Mixing / mastering is that Tomoki Kanda!

Bank is an angler scene in the early 90's: Tokyo Neo Acoustic-Early Club Music-Crue-L (presided by Kenji Takimi) who has been active around the very "Shibuya-kei" parties, Bridge, Love Tambourines, Arch. Formed in 2006 by musicians who have worked in a legendary band. The core is Dai Nakamura (gtr, voc) and Nozomi Suzuki (drums). The motto is "good music with good performance" without any strangeness, but Nakamura's helplessness is new wave-post-punk-neo acoustic, fake jazz-funkaratina, which are their indelible foundations. 80s lovers naturally come out, and the sound is indistinguishable between old and new (for some reason, everyone likes Duran Duran).

Supporting the inorganic songwriting of Nakamura is Suzuki, who has the characteristics of Fumio Hirami (ex. Love Tambalins), who is a pillar of rhythm with AOR in the background, and YMO-like drumming of non-groove. The strangely comfortable urban groove created by this mismatch is also attractive. Mixing / mastering is Tomoki Kanda (genius!), Who has been an ally since the 90's. This time we will also release the bank's first vinyl version!

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