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"Blue" Gene Tyranny - Out Of The Blue (LP+DL)
"Blue" Gene Tyranny - Out Of The Blue (LP+DL)Unseen Worlds
“Blue” Gene Tyranny’s debut album Out of the Blue — newly remastered with original cover art — which was among the first to releases on Lovely Music in 1978 alongside Robert Ashley Private Parts, David Behrman On the Other Ocean, Jon Hassell Vernal Equinox, Meredith Monk Key, and Peter Gordon Star Jaws. Disarmingly direct, funky, and profound, Out of the Blue is an equanimous, wide-open exploration of Tyranny’s musical world: equal parts song cycle, tone poem, keyboard fantasia, and avant-garde pop record. Recorded and mixed by Tyranny at Mills College, this album emerged following the legendary 1976 Trust in Rock concerts, where Tyranny and collaborator Peter Gordon presented New Music for rock band. “Next Time Might Be Your Time” and “For David K.” were co-produced by Gordon, and also feature Mills’s Maggi Payne on flute as well as Oingo Boingo’s Steve Bartek on guitar; “Leading a Double Life” is sung by Lynne Morrow and Jane Sharp, accompanied by Tyranny on piano and polyMoog synthesizer; “A Letter from Home” is a half-hour electro-acoustic narrative meditation on “the Doppler effect as a metaphor for the development of consciousness.” Out of the Blue lives up to its name: it is both surprising and familiar, revealing for the first time something that was always already there.
"Blue" Gene Tyranny, Peter Gordon - Trust In Rock (2CD)
"Blue" Gene Tyranny, Peter Gordon - Trust In Rock (2CD)Unseen Worlds
A masterpiece of avant pop chamber music! The composer / pianist "Blue" Gene Tyranny, who has been nominated for the Grammy Award and is known for his participation in numerous masterpieces and The Stooges works left in the prestigious Lovely Music of the US avant-garde music, and his allies. , Arthur Russell and The Flying Lizards are also involved in the works of New York avant-garde writer / multiplayer Peter Gordon's 1976 live recording at the Berkeley Art Museum. Plenty of avant-garde charm that can be said to be one of the answers to German rock from the bay area! A minimal rock jam with a clavinet, an electronic piano, a saxophone, a woodwind instrument, an RMI Synthesizer, etc., and a dense psychedelic groove with a focus on odd time signatures and repetitions. It is a mysterious piece that brings a kind of omnipotence with a mixture of lo-fi atmosphere, strange uplifting feeling, and unique humor. Recording & mixing by Maggi Payne. Taylor Deupree is in charge of mastering. Gatefold mini LP sleeve specification. Includes a 23-page booklet with new interviews and gorgeous photos of both parties.
---__--___  - The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid (CS)
---__--___ - The Heart Pumps Kool-Aid (CS)Orange Milk Records
Seth Graham, the experimentalist behind Orange Milk, and Mari Maurice (More Eaze), a Texas multi-instrumentalist, make their debut with a new unit called ---__--___. The group is made up of labelmates such as Nick Storring, Metronori, Recovery girl, Koeosaeme, and many more. A mix of gospel, art-pop, post-industrial, and ambient, this is an optimistic and ethereal electro-acoustic/sound collage that takes you to another dimension and a spectacular view!
222 (森俊二) - Song For Joni (LP+DL)222 (森俊二) - Song For Joni (LP+DL)
222 (森俊二) - Song For Joni (LP+DL)Flower Noise Records
For fans of Gigi Masin, Suzanne Kraft, G.S.Schray... A superb Balearic/Ambient album with watercolor and elegance! Natural Calamity's Shunji Mori, who has worked with UA, Boom Boom Satellites, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Towa Tei, Seigen Ono, and many other great artists, has released his latest album on vinyl.
25,000 Kittens - 25,000 Kittens (10")
25,000 Kittens - 25,000 Kittens (10")Sad Disco
Originally released in 2014 as a limited edition of 50 cassettes on the legendary Japanese ambient/new age cassette label "Ginjo-ha," which he ran himself, this rare work has now become the holy grail as an extremely hard-to-find item even in the market place, with additional outtakes.
7Fo - Music For Himitsu (LP)7Fo - Music For Himitsu (LP)
7Fo - Music For Himitsu (LP)Métron Records
For Métron Records' tenth album release, the label welcomes back Japanese artist 7FO (RVNG, Bokeh Versions, EM Records) for his second album on the imprint. Originally created to accompany a 2014 exhibition by Osaka art collective Himitsu, Music For Himitsu has now been remastered and pressed to vinyl for the first time. Made up of ceramicist Shiori Nishino, photographer Hiroshi Nakamura and landscape gardener Takashi Torigoe, Himitsu showcased an elemental combination of light (photography), water (plants) and earth (ceramics) to explore a locale of beauty where harmony and discord coexist. Realising their show was missing one final piece of the puzzle, they asked fellow Osaka native 7FO to create a soundtrack for the show. The work was played on a loop throughout the run and on one occasion was performed live. ‘‘The idea was to be in harmony with the exhibition but to stick out a little. We aimed to create an exquisite image that would serve as a backdrop, but not be hidden.’’ Constructed using improvised guitar loops, field recordings and 7FO’s now signature ellipsoid effects and found sounds, the music was originally recorded over an old 90s pop mixtape picked up at an audio store in Nishinari Ward, Osaka. In the spirit of the show, the cassette tape was reclaimed and given a new life as the substrate for Music For Himitsu. The cascading water and verdant soundscapes, shimmering textures of light and tertiary percussion all evoke feelings of nascent optimism. Repetition collides with subtle tonal variation as sections swell, build and mutate organically into vast soundscapes that imbue the digital with the natural. Music for Himitsu now has a new life outside of the exhibition, divided into eight parts for streaming, edited and split into two halves for vinyl and finally spinning in its original form on CD and digital as a single piece of music.
7FO - 竜のぬけがら (CD)
7FO - 竜のぬけがら (CD)Em Records
Captain Ganja + Haruomi Hosono + A. Russell !? This is the rumored Pure Land Dub New Age Base! A natural talent who fell in love with that Tapes, a new album of all 7FO songs has been completed !!!! A fluffy daydream experience with Nirvana BGM with a faint grassy scent. Offers from leading labels such as RVNG and Bokeh Versions are coming in, and the attention is rising overseas overseas, but Japan is left behind? I hear a voice saying, but wait! We kept waiting for this talent to stone and explode, and finally it was time to awaken !!!!!! The decisive difference between 7FO and conventional electronic music writers is that it treats ambient-new age synth electronics with natural ethnicity like dub-reggae, with a feeling that Westerners do not have. That's the point. That sense is the reason why it produces the sound that the times demand, and is supported by RVNG-like new age-electronic music, new roots revival to extreme bass music, and La Monte Young to Equiknoxx fans. In a metaphorical way, what would happen if Haruomi Hosono from the YEN-Monad period appeared in the 2010s base scene? That is, it still has a mysterious potential. If you tell someone who doesn't know anything about the charm of "Ryu no Nukegara", you can get the true value straight away! ?? Natural high additive-free chill-out decision board that will be a landmark of 7FO that told that Tapes "There is no reason for me to make music ..." (The binding by Hiroto Higuchi is this sound Successful visualization.)
7FO - Ran - Bouten (LP)
7FO - Ran - Bouten (LP)Conatala

“ When I started working on the piece in March of 2020, I had only decided to record it in the way I wanted to. The coronavirus was spreading globally, and the situation was gradually changing into something very serious. With no gigs scheduled and hardly seeing anyone, I felt as if my spirit was in a slightly deeper place than usual during the production. I sat down in front of my equipment as if I were dropping a fishing line into a quiet lake. I kept feeling that something new was lurking beneath the water surface. I was trying to catch that something that seemed to be just out of reach, that floated in and out of sight like a speck of smoke. ”
_Referenced from: Afterword of 7FO「Ran - Bouten」

2021 brings a new album by Osaka electronic musician / producer 7FO. This work is a departure from the recent global ambient / new age approach, and the unique sound aesthetic created using only hardware equipment is a new frontier of 7FO or a return to his origin. "Ran - Bouten" is a new electronic music album with a poetic sensibility using machines.

Discovered by overseas labels such as RVNG intl., Bokeh Versions, and Metron-and with the release that followed EM Records in his hometown Osaka, it's like his personal folk craft that was once quietly played at his own pace. Music has reached listeners around the world. In recent years, he has been touring from a famous performance with Tapes at the Belgian "Meakusma Festival 2019" to a Japan-Korea tour. "Ran - Bouten" was born as a result of facing the sound alone without being asked by anyone to cool down the heat when the steaming and intense experience had settled down. Inside the cool electronic sound like a water bath, you can feel the maker's heart sending hot blood.

Peep into the condensed universe of a home-recorded miniature world that looks like an independent production of unknown age. He was alone in a dark room, making full use of KAWAI's 1990 digital and FM synthesizers , tracing the shape of nature and resonating the micro and macro sound worlds. The Rhythm and melody that continues to the Paradise Pure Land, which floats in a dreamy atmosphere, is the true value of 7FO even without his guitar play.

Mastering by Makoto Oshiro, which supports everything from home listening to club sound systems. Hiroaki Hidaka designed the jacket to make the image of the sound appear cool and friendly everywhere.

A Certain Frank - ULYSSA Presents: A Certain Frank (CS+DL)
A Certain Frank - ULYSSA Presents: A Certain Frank (CS+DL)ULYSSA
A Certain Frank is the Düsseldorf based duo of Frank Fenstermacher and Kurt “Pyrolater” Dalhke. Through the 80s and early 90s, they made speedy, wild coldwave as Der Plan, releasing music on their own label Ata Tak (which also released Oval’s wonderful debut ‘Wohnton’!). In the mid-90s, influenced by a lifelong love for the exotica and tiki bar jazz of Martin Deny and Les Baxter, the two formed A Certain Frank. Hence, the sounds of A Certain Frank are far warmer, sensual and sultry than that of Der Plan. “Without You,” from their 2001 album ‘Nothing,’ approaches something like Sade across its pulsating, truly gorgeous six minutes. And the New Age composition “Naïve,” from A Certain Frank’s 1996 debut ‘No End No…’ (and appearing on DSPs for the first time courtesy of your friends here at ULYSSA), drifts back-and-forth between enchanting flute lines and brooding, synth stabs. And then, there’s “Nothing,” a shadowy triphop earworm that stands confidently alongside the work of Skalpel or Portishead. Yes, A Certain Frank is that good and, sadly, that overlooked. In fact, taken altogether on ‘Ulyssa presents: A Certain Frank,’ it becomes quite clear that their austere dada experiments in electronic lounge and jazz are as curious and captivating as more celebrated albums like Nuno Canavarro’s ‘Plux Quba’ and Björk’s ‘Debut.’ The time has come to give A Certain Frank its due. ‘ULYSSA presents: A Certain Frank’ is the first time any of these songs have been released on cassette and the first time songs from ‘No End No…’ have come to streaming services. ULYSSA Season 2 begins here. Sploosh.
A-Key - Eiki Nonaka (LP)
A-Key - Eiki Nonaka (LP)Studio Mule
Once again Studio Mule dives deep into the music history of Japan, unearthing the multi-colored album “A-Key” by Eiki Nonaka, released as CD only on the short living japanese label Sun & Moon Records in 1995. An album, that uniquely unifies global ethnic music styles, the playfulness of Jazz, innovative electronic soundscapes, and the winding per-sonality of spiritual music. It’s the only solo album of a musician, that is triggering the advanced electrified japanese music culture since the early 1980ees. Eiki Nonaka was part of electronic New Age quartet interiors, releasing the two minimalistic, synth-pop leaning albums “Interior” and “design” in 1982 and 1987. likewise, he was a member of Haruomi Hosono’s band friends of earth, playing, voicing, and tuning the drum machine, guitar, synthesizers, and mi-crophone on their second landmark experimental Pop Electronic album “Sex, Energy and Star”, released Hosono’s outstanding non-standard label in 1986. His one and only solo album “A-Key” features the essence of all his musical journeys until 1995, bringing, as he puts it on his blog, “all my musical career up to that point designed in sounds that were ringing in my head at that time. It's extremely introspective, but the various mental landscapes of that time are still vibrating fresh and acoustically new.”
A. Kostis - The Jail's a Fine School (LP)
A. Kostis - The Jail's a Fine School (LP)Mississippi Records
First ever vinyl collection of the legendary “Kostis,” the most enigmatic of all Greek rebetika artists. 12 tracks of truly unique guitar duets and black-humor lyrics chronicling the hash dens, prison culture and pickpockets of old Athens. Recorded under a pseudonym for export to the Greeks living in America, research has uncovered the musician, journalist and cartoonist Kostas Bezos as the figure lurking behind the Kostis name, with ties to the famous singer Tetos Demetriades. Renowned for his slide guitar playing in Hawaiian-style orchestras throughout the 1930s, the Kostis recordings reveal an entirely different underworld of the macabre and illicit. The use of guitar in these now-classic rebetika songs display a virtuosity of finger-picked Near-Eastern modes and unusual tunings at the dawn of rebetika, when the bouzouki was yet to become supreme.Presented in pristine audio quality mastered from original 78 rpm discs by Michael Graves, “The Jail’s a Fine School” stands as an important document of an enduring mystery in Greek music, and a high standard for what was once a truly subversive art form.
A.R. Wilson - Old Gold (LP)
A.R. Wilson - Old Gold (LP)Impatience
Melbourne auteur Andrew Wilson (Andras, A.R.T. Wilson, Wilson Tanner) soils the ‘Australian songbook’ with a collection of fragile, private and deranged songs of parrots, pancakes and gelignite amidst the Victorian Gold Rush of 1850s. Old Gold is filled with fakes and fools, rumbling stomachs and acousmatic terrors - a lonely, self-pitying search evoked by faintly medieval folk music that sounds almost period-perfect but somehow, oddly, wonderfully spoiled. Gut string guitars, water-logged mandolins, bar room banjos and no-fidelity piano all sound perfectly organic - except they’re not. No acoustic instruments were handled in the making of the record, including environmental sounds which were generated during a residency at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio. The reproduction of familiar sounds via inorganic means situates the record in a moonlit, melancholy hole of its own.
A.R.T. Wilson - Overworld (Sarah's White Vinyl LP)A.R.T. Wilson - Overworld (Sarah's White Vinyl LP)
A.R.T. Wilson - Overworld (Sarah's White Vinyl LP)Numero
new age album that draws as much from ethno-groove, Chicago house, and G-funk, as it does from primitive percussion and ’80s library music. Relaxing, gentle, and warm, the 10-song ambient suite was made for a multidisciplinary modern dance performance described as “Neo-Paganism, Pop Divas, YouTube, Yoga, and Death Metal side by side in a live performance that searches for transcendence in the most unlikely places.”
A.T.R.O.X. - The Night's Remains (LP)
A.T.R.O.X. - The Night's Remains (LP)Spittle Records / Oltrelanebbiailmare
Definitely ahead of their time, A.T.R.O.X. were one of the first bands to move beyond typical new wave styles and introduce strong electronic elements. Not too far from works of their contemporaries Tuxedomoon and Minimal Compact. The Night's Remains was originally released in 1982 on the Italian label Trinciato Forte Records, and is now back in print on LP for the first time since then. "I'm quite happy with this renewed interest in A.T.R.O.X. It is quite amazing that Mojo magazine mentioned one of our tracks among the best of the Italian new wave, and it's incredible that some friends from Sicily wrote to me how important our two albums were for them. And, indeed, they were also important for me and for my travelling companions; nowadays each of us sails on his own route, but those days the sound was made of our common energy. We were discovering the new wave (Tuxedomoon, The Residents, Chrome) and we ourselves were the new wave. The sound flowed like water from the tap, and it was nice to walk along the streets of old Piacenza late at night laughing like fools without fear of any challenge." --Francesco Paolo Paladino
A.T.R.O.X. - Water Tales (LP)
A.T.R.O.X. - Water Tales (LP)Spittle Records / Oltrelanebbiailmare
Definitely ahead of their time, A.T.R.O.X. were one of the first bands to move beyond typical new wave styles and introduce strong electronic elements, not too far from works of their contemporaries Tuxedomoon and Minimal Compact. "When we recorded Water Tales I was thinking of the sea as the only escape for mankind. I proposed this idea to the rest of the band and all of them were just thrilled". Probably it is the only new wave concept-album that was ever released. The sound, compared to the first album, is more influenced by the lessons of Eno and David Byrne, who were enriching their compositions with amazing and intriguing musical phrases and rhythms. Of course, we did not forget the lessons of NEU! and Faust. The Andreoni brothers and Marchini were both brilliantly creative and yielding, and they were responsible for all the musical themes upon which Benvisi carved the acoustics. Water Tales is a sincere album, then the season changed and suddenly we were 'every man for himself' almost without realizing it." --Francesco Paolo Paladino

Aaron Cupples - Island of The Hungry Ghosts (OST) (LP+DL)
Aaron Cupples - Island of The Hungry Ghosts (OST) (LP+DL)Pan
Aaron Cupples is a veteran Australian producer known for his work with the likes of Spiritualized, Blanck Mass and Broken Social Scene. Aaron Cupples is a veteran Australian producer known for his work with big names such as Social Scene, and the original soundtrack he composed for the award-winning hybrid documentary film Island of the Hungry Ghosts. It was published by PAN, a prestigious label known as a major sanctuary for experimental music in Europe. The soundtrack was composed for "Island of the Hungry Ghosts. Fans of Richard Skelton will of course love this one!
Abner Jay - Folk Song Stylist (LP)
Abner Jay - Folk Song Stylist (LP)Mississippi Records
Long awaited follow up to the "True Story of Abner Jay" LP. Abner Jay was a man who had a grand sweeping vision of what folk music was. In his lifetime, his expression of what folk music could be encompassed some serious stylistic variations. Sometimes he was a one man band traveling troubadour playing an electric banjo, harmonica, & drums who tried to hoodwink audiences into believing that he was 150 years old & the standard bearer for authentic Americana. Sometimes he played in electric straight up R&B bands such as "Koko Joe & the Jobhunters". Culled from a mix of Abners' 45's & LPs spanning the period 1964 - 1973, including Abner's first LP. We hope that this release will help to further the current wave of understanding that Abner Jay is an important artist who deserves a wider audience than he ever received during his lifetime. This edition features a revised track listing for maximum pathos and depth. Licensed from Brandie Jay, Abner Jay's daughter. 160g black vinyl in heavy jacket.
Abner Jay - I Don't Have Time To Lie To You (LP)
Abner Jay - I Don't Have Time To Lie To You (LP)Mississippi Records
“Abner Jay is the most unusual talent in the world. A true Southerner from South G.A. He was raised layin on his belly, drinkin water from the ol Swaunee River. Jay claims the secret for his good health and being the father of sixteen young’uns, and gonna git some more, layin on his belly drinkin water from that ol Swaunee. Abner still go to the Swaunee River every Sunday, and lay down on his belly. Abner is twenty five years older than you think.” - Abner Jay Stunning one-man band tunes from one of the United States’ great unsung artists. A new album of previously unreleased tracks from Abner’s vast catalog of home recordings, showcasing some of his most haunting and powerful vocal performances on revelatory new renditions of classics like “I’m So Depressed” and “Ol Man River.” Abner recorded the majority of the songs found on this LP over and over - some were recorded with R&B bands in the late 1950's, some as earnest folk ballads in the early 1960's and some as homemade one man band recordings on electric banjo, drum and harmonica throughout the 1970's. Here Abner plays these songs more deeply felt than at any other point, accompanied by his electric guitar, plaintive harmonica and solid almost tribal bass drum. We don't know exactly what date these recordings were made, but they stand as absolutely timeless. A truly independent artist who performed at swap meets and fairs out of his custom converted trailer, Abner Jay traveled the United States from the 1930s until his passing in 1993. Told with his characteristic blend of humor and pathos, I Don’t Have Time To Lie To You is an unsparing take on the country Abner knew so well, and possibly the best full album of his music to date. Licensed from Brandie Records and Abner’s family.
Abner Jay - Man Walked On The Moon (LP)
Abner Jay - Man Walked On The Moon (LP)Mississippi Records
Abner Jay is an extraordinary one-man-band with one of the deepest emotive voices ever recorded. ¡ÈMan Walked On The Moon¡É features Abner material from two different periods. Side A opens with an early deep 1970¡Çs version of his signature song ¡ÈI¡Çm So Depressed,¡É which has never before been reissued on LP. The hit is followed by four previously unreleased songs from the same period - ¡ÈThe Royal Palm¡É (a classic train song), ¡ÈOld Black Joe,¡É ¡ÈI¡Çm A Hard Working Man,¡É and his paen to space travel, ¡ÈMan Walked On The Moon.¡É All are sung and played by Abner with his standard one man band set up - electric banjo, drums played by his feet, and harmonica. Side B of the LP features Abner¡Çs emotionally charged last recordings. These were made two months before Abner passed away, and here we nd him pensively playing acoustic guitar and singing. The songs are incredibly emotional and not for the faint of heart. These mournful tracks were previously released on a Mississippi 10¡É EP back in 2011 (¡ÈLast Ole Minstrel Man¡É) and is long out-of- print. This LP collects some of Abner¡Çs greatest work from across his career, all rare or previously unreleased classics! LP comes housed in an old school ¡Ètip on¡É jacket and includes a 20 page booklet with photos and a loving tribute to Abner Jay written by Jack Teague. All tracks fully licensed from Brandie Jay, Abner¡Çs daughter.
Abner Jay - True Story Of Abner Jay (LP)
Abner Jay - True Story Of Abner Jay (LP)Mississippi Records
This is an official release from the prestigious [Mississippi Records] of a compiled compilation of material from the 70's by Abner Jay (1921 - 1993), an American multi-instrumentalist from Georgia and a lone one-man band and outsider bluesman. This is another solo band style, with one man playing drums, banjo, vocals and harmonica. The name of the song is "Cocaine," and it's a slow, country-style performance with a heavy dose of poison. His voice is very convincing, perhaps because of his checkered, haphazard, and reckless life. This is a bluesman!
Aboutface - °s (12")
Aboutface - °s (12")AD 93
Already sold out at the publisher. The long-awaited LP work by the British artist Aboutface has appeared.It's like the missing link between The Automatic Group's "Summer Mix", Torn Hawk, and Visible Cloaks, and it's nostalgic and otherworldly. Show off the finest ambient / techno in a different world!
Abul Mogard - Kimberlin (Original Soundtrack) (LP)
Abul Mogard - Kimberlin (Original Soundtrack) (LP)Ecstatic

Abul Mogard’s devastatingly bleak soundtrack for Duncan Whitley’s experimental short film offsets the barren, stony landscape of a small, isolated island against a backdrop of fizzing drone dynamics and indrawn shoegaze inversions. It's perhaps Mogard's most carefully constructed and engrossing set of recordings to date, highly recommended if you’re familiar with Mogard's unique synthesis, or work by Thomas Köner, My Bloody Valentine or William Basinski.

Mogard's darkly sublime soundtrack for ‘Kimberlin’ , an experimental film about the Isle of Portland on the English south coast, coincidentally doubles up as metaphor for the mood of an increasingly inward-looking UK and our often desolate mental states. Taking its name from the local word for an outsider or “foreigner”, ‘Kimberlin’ was filmed on location during the months following the referendum of 2016 which lead to the current, purgatory state we find ourselves in the UK right now. 

Combining mostly wordless, lingering shots of the Isle of Portland’s bleak and rugged landscape with Mogard’s washed out but richly evocative music, made with manipulated field recordings, modular synth and layered Farfisa organ, the project came to reflect a sense of (be)longing, loneliness and outsiderness that also perhaps uncannily mirrors the putative collective feeling since that darkly historic vote, over three years ago. Taking cues from the evocative poetry of lifelong islander, stonemason and poet Cecil “Skylark” Durston (1910-1996), as well as a news report on the discovery of a mysterious cinema found interred by foliage in the Isle’s cave systems, the merging of image and sound speak to their subject in an organic, impressionistic manner that leaves billowing room for imagination.

Mogard’s soundtrack opens out with a slow-burning, greyscale iridescence, tenderly manipulating the sound of fog horns and bird calls in briny modular spray and gloaming Farfisa organ swells that, when combined with song titles such as ‘Flooding Tide’ and ‘Playing On The Stones’, serve to evocatively connote the film’s subject matter. The results can be heard as echoes in the digital future of an England that’s now difficult to grasp, most hauntingly transposing the meaning of Cecil “Skylark” Durston’s description of the Isle of Portland as a place where “quarry bells no longer ring, except in old men’s dreams” to the ever-present, never-ending riddle of Brexit and its generationally devastating bleakness.

ABUNAI - Chrysalis (LP)ABUNAI - Chrysalis (LP)
ABUNAI - Chrysalis (LP)Tartelet Records
A modern funk / downbeat sanctuary recommended by fans around , , and , and also known as popular acts such as Space Ghost and Nelson Of The East , The second album "Chrysalis" of multi-instrumentalist ABUNAI based in Oakland, California appears. Slow tempo, dreamy texture, shadowy mellow vocals, and superb dream pop with rich synthesizers, it's a must-listen for fans of Tame Impala, Khruangbin, Shintaro Sakamoto, and James Blake! Limited to 500 copies.
Save 56%
Acavernus & Yantra -  Gnose (LP)
Acavernus & Yantra - Gnose (LP)Buh Records
¥1,431 ¥3,278
Buh Records presents “Gnose”, the joint full-length by the solo acts of Paula Rebellato (RAKTA) and Douglas Leal (DEAFKIDS), members of two of the most thriving and groundbreaking bands coming out of Brazil to the world lately. Produced between 2019 and 2020 in São Paulo, Brazil, some of the compositions were first conceived for a live performance in late 2019 and then expanded into a full-length album, part recorded in studio and part at home during the first months of the pandemic. Inspired by the ritualistic potentials of music, “Gnose” offers a vertical and circular narrative throughout its 7 themes, exploring atmospheres that may contribute to experiences of displacement and inner silence. The fusion of traditional and acoustic instruments with electronic and processed sounds highlights the strong characteristics of both projects, melted into a journey within timeless soundscapes. Paula Rebellato is an artist based in São Paulo, Brazil. Her journey with music and sound started at young age and became a more consistent path when she co-founded the genre-bending group Rakta. Active since 2011 and with several releases, the group has performed extensively throughout Europe, North & South America, Mexico and Japan. Rakta has lived a vertiginous rise for a band that was born from the DIY punk scene of São Paulo. Paula’s solo project ACAVERNUS, active since 2013, incorporates sound, visual and written language. Inspired by sounds and atmospheres that evokes strangeness and beauty, she dives into memories and encounters that leads to her own center of intuitive and instinctive expressions, always trying to work and explore different tools and materials for composing. Her work with the voice, processed by different effect pedals, takes the listener to both comfortable and uncomfortable places. YANTRA is the solo project by Douglas Leal, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist and founding member of the Brazilian psychedelic punk trio DEAFKIDS. Active with his band since 2010 with several releases and extensive touring throughout Europe, North & South America, Douglas' solo project emerged in 2015 as a psychedelic and meditative audio-visual outlet for experimental/home-recordings, but has since evolved into self-released tapes and collaborative recordings, live soundtrack for yoga and meditation sessions and improvisation sets with many different artists from São Paulo. Inspired by the modal music from different cultures around the world and using the electric guitar as the main instrument for his excursions into drones, ragas and maqams, over time Douglas began to explore the use of acoustic sounds such as native wind instruments, the greek Bouzouki, the turkish Ney, mouth harps and etc, expanding the project's color palette into unknown musical paths. “Gnose” is published in Black/Color Vinyl LP, Limited To 300 Copies. Artwork by Douglas Leal.

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