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João de Bruço / R.H. Jackson -  Caracol (LP)
João de Bruço / R.H. Jackson - Caracol (LP)Discos Nada

Caracol is one of the first examples of fusion between Brazilian percussive music and electronics. Synthesizers, samplers and sequencers were still a novelty in Brazil in the 1980s, but João de Bruçó and R.H. Jackson created an avant-garde masterpiece.

Using popular references and an eagerness to escape any retro / stylistic cliché that came to haunt Brazilian youth music at that time, they plunged into an audacious, intuitive and improbable sound journey in Caracol.
This rare adventure of Brazilian music was released independently in 1989, financed by the artists themselves. The original small pressing sold-out, belonging now to record collectors around the planet. For the first time Caracol is re-released on vinyl, with two extra tracks found after decades!

Remastered from the original tapes, this reissue includes a reproduction of the original graphic art, new testimonies from João de Bruçó and RH Jackson and a long article signed by Bento Araujo, author of the book series Lindo Sonho Delirante, which investigates audacious and fearless music created in the Brazilian underground.

AKT 3 - Frauen-Feuer (LP)
AKT 3 - Frauen-Feuer (LP)Discos Nada

This would have been the Brazilian post-punk supergroup. It would have, because bassist and singer Sandra Coutinho moved to Germany, leaving these recordings behind – only two songs were released, in an independent compilation (Enquanto Isso).

Sandra (Bass, As Mercenárias) along with Denise Camargo (keyboards and voice, BruhaháBabélico and Dequinha e Zaba), Biba Meira (drums, De Falla) and Karla Xavier (guitar, R. Mutt), expressive musicians in expressive bands, were AKT. And this powerful repertoire, composed and recorded in the short period of the group's existence, recorded and produced by R.H. Jackson (Caracol) the complete session remained unheard until now.

Agentss - Agentss (12")
Agentss - Agentss (12")Beat Generation
A milestone in the history of electro-pop and post-punk music in Brazil! Finally gathered in a 12" the two 7" of the seminal band Agentss, ground zero of Brazilian post-punk. Originally released in '82 and '83, until now these recordings were only available in their original format. Their members were key figures of the São Paulo underground, after the band split-up they went to create important bands such as Voluntários da Pátria, Azul 29, Violeta de Outono, and Mumia. The track "Agentes" was included in the Não Wave (Brazilian Post Punk 1982-1988) compilation released by Man Recordings in 2005. The release comes with an insert featuring unpublished photos and texts telling the story of the band. A milestone in the history of electro-pop and post-punk music in Brazil. Agentss was a seminal band that recorded only two singles, did few shows and imploded. It's no exaggeration to compare their debut show with the famous Sex Pistols concert in Manchester, when approximately 50 people that left the place with the idea of starting their own band. The band's sound was a transitional one. Part of what is perceived as post-punk is actually pre-punk (including bands as Suicide, Chrome, Cabaret Voltaire, and This Heat) and we could draw comparisons of Agentss with the initial Ultravox (John Foxx era), the albums by guitarist Snakefinger produced by The Residents and the experimental early Devo.
Sam Gendel & Shin Sasakubo - Sam Gendel & Shin Sasakubo (LP)
Sam Gendel & Shin Sasakubo - Sam Gendel & Shin Sasakubo (LP)Carnet Records
Also known as the leader of the jazz trio Inga, Sam Gendel is an L.A. saxophonist who has developed a free and unique sound that has been described as psychedelic, outsider, and meditative, and Shin Sasakubo is a Chichibu-based guitarist. A new album by the duo of Sam Gendel, an up-and-coming saxophonist from LA, and Shin Sasakubo, an uncanny guitarist based in Chichibu, who is also active as a photographer and contemporary artist. The two showed great chemistry in Shin Sasakubo's previous work "CHICHIBU", which has become a hot topic in many places. On this album, Sam Gendel plays on the A-side and Shin Sasakubo plays solo on the B-side, and they feature each other on the final track of each side. The music was recorded in LA and Chichibu during the Corona disaster, and the result is a quiet work with an intimate atmosphere. The release is from Cafe Carne, a cafe in Chichibu where Shin Sasakubo also frequents. The impressive artwork is by Eri Masuko, a popular illustrator who also worked on the Cafe Carne logo.

(LP / 180g / Tip-on jacket / limited to 200 copies)




Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion - Recalls (CD)Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion - Recalls (CD)
Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion - Recalls (CD)Comatonse Recordings

A CD compiling all of Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion's releases to date. Includes previously unreleased and alternate versions of tracks found elsewhere (such as on DJ Sprinkles "Gayest Tits & Greyest Shits" and "Fagjazz"), so this CD will still be of interest to collectors who might already have those other items. Self-released on Comatonse Recordings with custom packaging hand assembled by Terre herself, the package includes one CD in an archival vinyl pouch with two double-sided insert cards (100mm x 100mm), phonograph style anti-static inner sleeve, and 4x4 panel poster insert printed on newsprint (472mm x 472mm).

sample-She's Hard (2007 Archive of Silence Mix)(Excerpt)
sample-A Crippled Left Wing Soars With the Right (Steal This Record Club Mix)(Excerpt)
sample-Thirty Shades of Grey (Demo Version) (Excerpt)
sample-Sloppy 42nds (Terre's New Wuss Fusion Edit)(Excerpt)

Will Long, Dj Sprinkles - Long Trax (2CD)Will Long, Dj Sprinkles - Long Trax (2CD)
Will Long, Dj Sprinkles - Long Trax (2CD)Comatonse Recordings
Meditations bestseller! An encounter between an illusionary ambience that lets you experience an organic space and a classical house that shines deeply. The style is different, but the content is quiet, spatial, and artistic, and it is a universal content that is similar to Larry Heard's world view. It's a deep and radical masterpiece that silently tells us that house is an art and a noble message. A folded poster is attached to the PVC sleeve.
After Dinner - Paradise Of Replica (LP)
After Dinner - Paradise Of Replica (LP)Aguirre Records
"The Japanese avant-garde pop band strove to create a “sacred ambiance” on their second album, fusing unconventional arrangements with bouncing volleyballs and an eyes-wide air of wonder." “It’s rare that art-pop matches its extravagance with such alluring modesty. In doing so, Paradise of Replica feels like encountering cinematic spectacles in miniature.” —Joshua Minsoo Kim (Pitchfork, September 30, 2022)
Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music (LP)Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music (LP)
Iasos - Inter-Dimensional Music (LP)The Fact Of Being
A “Fact of Being” was lucky happy to invite you to Iasos dimension and presents 3 epic ambient/new-age releases from a remarkable artist. Iasos is a Music Creator, specializing in celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music. He is also one of the original founders of "New Age" music has named "the Duke Ellington of New Age and the "Creator of New Age" by the New York Times. His albums often in lists like “the list of 50 Best Ambient Albums of All Time.” by Pitchfork, “The 20 best new age albums“ by Facmag, to name just a few. Since 1968 Iasos has remained focused and dedicated to his original intention - composing and recording his music, giving seminars, and doing multi-media concerts around the world. His music has been used by NASA, LAZARIS, ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, LASERIUM, and HEWLETT PACKARD, as well as by numerous hospitals, health clinics, therapists, mental health clinics, and surgeons throughout the world. Despite this, we found that some of Iasos’s masterpieces are criminally rare and hard to get on physical formats. In 2019 during discussions with Iasos, we have chosen 3 albums for the first part of the reissues of Iasos's music on the Fact of Being on vinyl and audio CD. May this music be an OASIS for your Soul. In 1975 Iasos, published his first work "Inter-Dimensional Music" which during the years became an absolute classic of a new age and ambient music. This is probably a first "new age" album ever released. In addition, a year after in 1976 Steven Halpern, with his well-known masterpiece "Spectrum-Suite" cemented the existence of style. Being unique, the music lays at the crossroads of ambient, new age, psychedelic, prog, and space music. Recommended for fans of Peter Davison, Popol Vuh, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Steven Halpern, and Michael Stearns' early works. Now, after 45 years since first publishing the album available again on limited CD and VINYL in original artwork. Reviews: “It is NOT the typical sounds of the average new age music found throughout the '80s, it is a trippy, exotic psych sound having roots in '60s West Coast experimental music. A cornerstone of new age music by real new agers. "l find lasos' inter-dimensional music needing new words to describe it. I feel as though I were entering a new world -- a new and very profoundly beautiful world. --Buckminster Fuller “What’s most remarkable about Inter-Dimensional Music is how immaculately conceived it appears, less a stepping stone than a lodestone magnetizing the entirety of future new age sonic aesthetics. Even its creator, eccentric Greek bohemian Iasos, seemed caught off guard by it, admitting surprise when in 1967 he began hearing a new, nebulous form of music in his head, which he referred to as “paradise music”. Less than a decade later — on May 17, 1975 to be exact — he manifested this vision into a 45-minute suite of smeared synthetic textures, strings, piano, percussion, flute, and field recordings, dusted in heavenly FX and backwards tape. It’s an astoundingly ahistorical invention, crystalizing the essence of a style no one else had even imagined, much less attempted. The only remotely comparable form it shares a lineage with is some sort of outsider spiritual exotica but little in that world feels this hazy, immaterial, and limitless. The sides are diffuse and disorienting, evaporating into hypnagogic wisps of perfumed breeze or quiet creeks of frogs. Even so, Iasos distinctly intended Inter-Dimensional Music for focused enjoyment rather than background ambience because he believed his music could connect listeners to “heavenly realms of existence” — and heaven must be heard to be entered.” – Factmag (the list of 50 Best Ambient Albums of All Time.) New York Times: "Inter-Dimensional Music" - Iasos' 1975 debut album - he thought that was one of the most important records of the 20th century, that that piece had you could listen to that a hundred times and you still wouldn't really be able to grasp how complex it was. And that there's stuff going on there - harmonically and that, that's so advanced."
Makoto Kubota - まちぼうけ (LP)
Makoto Kubota - まちぼうけ (LP)Universal Music
This world-famous acid folk classic features performances by Matsutoya, Katsuo Ohno (PYG), Hiroki Komazawa (Honey Pai), Hiromasa Fujita (Sunset Band), Tsugitoshi Goto, Hiroshi Segawa in the chorus and Shin Otowa, who is currently undergoing a reevaluation. 1973 release.
Tenka - Hydration (LP)Tenka - Hydration (LP)
Tenka - Hydration (LP)Métron Records
Following the release of his album trilogy (Kwaidan, Komachi and Kofū), Meitei has established himself as a defining voice in contemporary Japanese music. By sharing intricate sonic stories and impressions of his nation's rich culture, he has built an aural world around his notion of the ‘lost Japanese mood’. His latest project, under the new moniker Tenka, aims to work without the boundaries of theme, storytelling or audience expectations. Spending many hours in the mountain forests that he lives close to, his latest project Hydration explores the rich sensory pleasures of his natural surroundings, focusing on colour, sound, smell, humidity, touch, atmosphere and taste. “For me, making music is not a concept of enjoyment or pleasure, but something that becomes a part of my life, a record of my daily activities, like seeing something with my eyes or breathing in something with my lungs.” A lot of the music on Hydration was created back in 2019, but Tenka felt that there was something missing in the final delivery of the work. Eventually this led to a conversation with the Berlin based, Japanese born scent designer, Ryoko, in which the pair discussed collaborating on a scent to pair with the audio. Designed as a way to give the listener a deeper connection to their own senses and the experience of the music’s author, the combination of ollifactory and aural components connect a shared love of Japanese ecosystems and traditions. ‘I began to feel that in addition to music, there needed to be another essential element - and that it must be a "fragrance”.’ Hydration is available from September 14 on LP, CD and digital formats. The fragrance can be purchased directly from the Métron Records Bandcamp page and comes in a 10ml bottle of diffuser oil, great for home diffusers, as well as an empty 10ml spray bottle in order to create a body or room mist by mixing the oil with water (instructions included for best results). All customers who purchase the fragrance will receive a copy of the album on CD with a companion booklet with words from Tenka and Ryoko about the project.
Li Yilei - 之/OF (Clear Vinyl LP)Li Yilei - 之/OF (Clear Vinyl LP)
Li Yilei - 之/OF (Clear Vinyl LP)Métron Records
‘’之 / OF is a word that can be used as a preposition to express the relationship between a part and a whole. It is an unfinished tone, a broken sentence, a start and a whole. It is sustainable, full of potentials and longings.’’ London based performance and sound artist Li Yilei shared an experience familiar to many migrants during the past year of COVID-19 chaos. With their UK visa set to expire, and family back in China, Li made a last-minute dash to return to their nation of birth. Able to board one of the last few flights to China during the initial turmoil of the coronavirus outbreak, Li made it back to Shanghai for a two-week stint in a quarantine hotel. Though Li had already begun creating OF, the reality of the pandemic began to seep into the recordings. Each of the 12 tracks is a study in horology, using metaphorical sound transcriptions and atmospheric extractions to focus on the temporal relationship between experience and surroundings. Li’s awareness of their own understanding of time became increasingly heightened during quarantine and the emotional involvement found within these new realities informed many of the sounds created. ‘’I tried to portray each song as a short, scattered poem - a moment that I captured to represent each hour.’’ Composed using analogue synthesisers, vocal samples, field recordings and string instruments such as the violin and guqin, Li indulges in moments of grief, panic, healing, cessation, melancholy, vastness, hope, joy and emptiness as they explore the acoustic relations between humans and the many forces of nature. The art of the Song Dynasty, with its ancient traditions of poetry and timekeeping, were also great sources of inspiration for the album - whilst paintings from the period, specifically those of flowers and birds, are common themes throughout the tracks. Indeed, it is within the vastness of time that the album artwork comes to relevance. The eighth emperor of the Song Dynasty, Huizong, was a revered artist and a scene from his work ‘Finches and Bamboo’ adorns the album cover. 之 / OF is available from August 16 2021 in a limited pressing of 500 140gm vinyl in a natural translucent colourway. In support of the release Li has made a limited number of handmade xun (a traditional Chinese vessel flute used as far back as 7000 years ago) - these can be purchased from Metron Records bandcamp page. credits
Spoon - Lucifer On The Moon (LP)Spoon - Lucifer On The Moon (LP)
Spoon - Lucifer On The Moon (LP)Matador Records

Lucifer on the Moon is the anti-gravity companion to Spoon’s Lucifer on the Sofa. A top-to-bottom rework of the Austin band's tenth album, it was created by On-U Sound founder and UK dub icon, Adrian Sherwood.

Moon first took shape as a few heady remixes for the singles from Lucifer on the Sofa. Frontman Britt Daniel offered Sherwood two suggestions: “Avoid things that would not be possible on tape” and “Add whatever you want to add, the less modern the better.” The collaboration shouldn't come as a surprise: dub-inspired production is wound through Spoon’s classic tracks, from "Finer Feelings" to "Inside Out." Sherwood is a proven collaborator whose resume includes partnerships with seminal artists like The Fall, Jah Wobble, and Mark Stewart. The initial results pleased both parties and Sherwood was invited to work on additional songs. And then a few more. “I got into the melody and the thoughts it evoked in me,” the producer explains. “It just evolved and we eventually found ourselves with a whole album.”

Moon flips Lucifer on the Sofa’s rhythm tracks inside-out, and often rebuilds them wholesale. Sherwood supplied extensive additional instrumentation via On-U’s extended family of session players, including bassist Doug Wimbish and drummer Keith LeBlanc (both of whom performed in Sugarhill Records’ early ’80s in-house rhythm section). He dug deep into the album’s multi-tracks, surfacing forgotten details and elements not present in the final album mixes. The result airlifts Spoon’s trademark melodies into lush alien terrain, replete with vibrant echo and rumbling low-end. “It wasn’t just a thing where you pick apart this and that and you stay on the grid and you add a delay,” explains Daniel. “He added so much more instrumentation to the tracks that they became different completely versions of the songs. Not just remixes, but companion pieces. A ‘Part II.’” 

Hydroplane (LP)Hydroplane (LP)
Hydroplane (LP)Efficient Space
Hydroplane reinstate their formidable 1997 debut of sublime guitar atmospherics, fragile lyricism and droning incidentals with an overdue vinyl and digital reissue. An offshoot of the now-féted The Cat’s Miaow, the trio formed after their drummer decamped to London, charting new territory with tape loops, manipulated samples and a borrowed Jupiter 4 in the wake of Endtroducing. Adopting a handle that Dean Wareham once considered calling Luna, Hydroplane intended to only ever release Excerpts From Forthcoming LP, a single-sided 7” sonic collage, before imploding in mystery. Their label however insisted they deliver their taunted album. From the comfort of a Brunswick flat, they continued to record soaring melodies and restrained song structures to 4-track, sculpting dramatic Radiophonic Workshop cues weighted in reverb and near-perfect dream pop lead by Kerrie Bolton’s empyrean vocals. Bored of industry expectation and largely ignored by local audiences, the reluctant performers followed the way of The Cannanes and formed meaningful overseas alliances by mail and phone, securing releases on Michigan outpost Drive-In and Broadcast launching pad Wurlitzer Jukebox. Championed by John Peel with twenty spins on his converted Radio One slot and even polling in the Festive Fifty of 1997, the humble three-piece still walked to their neighbourhood shops undetected. Previously only available as a US-issued CD, this reminiscent late-night suite establishes Hydroplane as an everlasting ember in Australia’s beloved indie nexus.
Wilson Tanner - 69 (LP+DL)Wilson Tanner - 69 (LP+DL)
Wilson Tanner - 69 (LP+DL)Efficient Space

あまりにも嬉しい〈Efficient Space〉からの奇跡のリプレス!オーストラリアに沸く現代ニューエイジの屈指の泉、Andras Fox = Andrew Wilsonが描くやすらぎ盤の第2章...
本作はAndrew "Wilson" 1人だけでなく、Not Not Funからデビューしたヴェイパーウェイヴ & AORの哀愁インスト紳士、あのEleventeen Eston = John "Tanner"とのプロジェクトです! メルボルンとパースの海辺や夕陽、都市の街なみをバックに想い想いのダンスでアンビエントなたけを演奏してきた彼ら。今作はその想い想いな部分が小さく小さく、空気やムードなレベルにまでおだやかに、しかしこれまでになく色濃い境地にまで達してます。Tannerのクラリネット、Wilsonのシンセが舞うA1 "Sun Room"からしてどうしましょう...
グラフィックと音楽が同じ土台でむすびつく、オーストラリアならではのアートワークもすばらしい。Emotional RescueやPalto Flats、Music From Memoryがそうしたように、数十年たっても語り継がれてほしいアンビエントの傑作です。

Richard Landry - 4 Cuts Placed In "A First Quarter" (LP+DL)Richard Landry - 4 Cuts Placed In "A First Quarter" (LP+DL)
Richard Landry - 4 Cuts Placed In "A First Quarter" (LP+DL)Unseen Worlds
4 Cuts Placed In "A First Quarter", the companion piece to Solos, is the sonic result of a collaboration with artist Lawrence Weiner. As Landry remembers, “I was working for Keith Sonnier at Castelli Gallery and met Lawrence. He asked ‘can you make a video for me?’ So we did "To and Fro..." At some point he was working on "A First Quarter" (1973) and wanted me to do the music. I said ‘I already have the music.’ He said ‘what do you mean?’ I had recorded several pieces with Kurt Munkcasi and walked around the set playing the music on a boom box.” The set features one solo each by Landry and contrabassist Rusty Gilder, a duo for the tenor saxophones of Landry and Richard Peck, and an ensemble piece for Landry, Peck, Gilder, trumpeter Robert Prado, and drummer David Lee, Jr. Starting the record off is “Requiem for Some,” inspired by Gil Evans’ long, placid tones. The anchor is Lee’s dry cymbal attack and fancy footwork, dancing around overlapping and recombining horns, chords held just shy of splintering. “4th Register” is a grainy delayed solo tenor piece, presaging “Kitchen Solos” from Fifteen Saxophones by several years. “Piece for So” was, according to Landry, “a chance to give Rusty a solo”. Mostly known as an ensemble bassist, Gilder bounced between Lafayette, Charlotte, and New York, leaving a slim recorded legacy. Here, he stretches out for twelve minutes and change – with keen upper register detail and meaty up-tempo walk, he could have been mentioned in the same breath as players like Dave Holland and Barre Phillips. The closing “Duo Vivace” finds Landry and Peck sparring on tenors, the latter holding a melodic line while Landry leans into explosive glossolalia, until both become birds in flight.
Dickie Landry - Solos (2LP+DL)Dickie Landry - Solos (2LP+DL)
Dickie Landry - Solos (2LP+DL)Unseen Worlds
On February 19, 1972, a crew of mostly Louisiana-raised musicians came together at the Leo Castelli Gallery on West Broadway in Soho to perform a wholly improvised concert. This ensemble’s solos spring from collective improvisations and a tumultuous backbeat, loosely inspired by the creations of Coltrane, Coleman, Albert Ayler, and their brethren. The de facto leader was Richard “Dickie” Landry, a saxophonist and keyboardist who joined composer Philip Glass’s group in 1969. Landry had become a fixture in downtown New York’s loft and art scenes at the close of the 1960s, after he high-tailed it by car from Louisiana to the Lower East Side and auspiciously encountered Ornette Coleman at the Village Gate the night of his arrival. For this concert, fellow Glass reedists Jon Smith and Richard Peck joined in, alongside Rusty Gilder and Robert Prado, both doubling on bass (upright and electric) and trumpet. The drum chair was occupied by New Orleans firecracker David Lee, Jr., who brought alto saxophonist Alan Braufman along for the session (Braufman was the only non-Louisiana player in the band). The ensemble stretched out in the gallery for several hours in a configuration reflecting those that took place at Landry’s Chinatown loft, documented in photos by artists Tina Girouard and Suzanne Harris that adorn the inside of the original gatefold album jacket. Recorded live by Glass’ sound engineer Kurt Munkacsi, the album was released as a double LP on Chatham Square, the small imprint Landry and Glass co-ran, in a stark greyscale cover and simply titled Solos. The order of the players’ improvisations was laid out on the album inner labels, though unsurprisingly there’s a fair amount of blend. At the end of the day Solos is beyond category, a rousing exploration of instrumentation, rhythm, and life. This first-time reissue is remastered from the original master tapes, released as a 2LP gatefold with period photos and new liner notes by Clifford Allen, and an additional 30 minutes of bonus material in the digital edition, included with the download code.
Okay Kaya - SAP (Opaque Tan Vinyl LP)
Okay Kaya - SAP (Opaque Tan Vinyl LP)Jagjaguwar
“Even my subconscious is self-conscious,” Okay Kaya sings on “Inside Of A Plum”, giving us a sense of the mental state she entered while making SAP, an album she wrote, performed, engineered, and produced alone, sometimes spending weeks at a time without social interaction. This is a concept album about consciousness in which Okay Kaya focuses her trademark combination of abstraction and wit on what happens to her mind unaccompanied, on her tendency to feel less like a human and more like the sticky secretion of a tree. After releasing her Spellemann Award winning album Watch This Liquid Pour Itself in January of 2020, Kaya left her home in New York and moved to Europe to create and show her various interdisciplinary exhibitions. Among others, she made an installation that amplified music made underwater and an interactive sculpture based on Jungian sandplay therapy for children. Between her exhibits, Kaya recorded through lockdowns by herself in the loaned studios of generous friends. SAP first grew from the first single “Spinal Tap” about Kaya wandering in Berlin, tree-touching. “Sap reminds me of the bodily functions I need to remember to do, like sleep. One might say it ‘resinates.’” The album was further inspired by Ketamine Therapy which is discussed in “The Inside Of A Plum.” Kaya explains, “The doctor said this treatment grows literal physical branches in your brain.” As she experimented with ego death, the subject of her song “Jazzercise”, Kaya found herself writing in the voices of fictional characters she’d encountered in other people’s stories. In ‘Jolene From Her Own Perspective,’ she imagines Dolly Parton’s nemesis responding to her song. In ‘Origin Story,’ Kaya writes as a mythical goddess frustrated with her creation myth. In ‘I’ve Spent Forever Planning A Crisis,’ Kaya responds to Cassavetes’ film A Woman Under The Influence writing from the perspective of the story’s children. Okay Kaya’s investigations of mind-body come along with sexy dance beats, unpredictable interlocking synths, delicate soft guitars, and close-to-the-mike R&B whispering. But Kaya likes her falsettos cracking and her soul-inspired hooks careening wildly, a beautiful chaos that somehow fits together. When she returned to New York, Kaya was excited to collaborate again, to get friends to “bless the record.” She invited friends to Gaia Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to sing or play an instrument. Most songs on the album unfold with guest performances from artists as varied as deem spencer, Taja Cheek of L’Rain and Adam Green of The Moldy Peaches. Just as the recording process began with isolation and ended with friends, SAP starts with the internal and leads outside to romance, to lovers who serve as funhouse mirrors, reflecting Kaya back to herself from different angles. In “Pearl Gurl” Kaya harmonizes with her multi-tracked second self and sings her uncertain conclusion: “If love is not the answer, it’s one hell of a question.”
The Soul Duo - Just a Sad Xmas / Can't Nobody Love Me (Like My Baby Do) (Xmas Splatter Vinyl 7")
The Soul Duo - Just a Sad Xmas / Can't Nobody Love Me (Like My Baby Do) (Xmas Splatter Vinyl 7")Numero Group
Almost an anti-Christmas song, the Soul Duo's "Just A Sad Xmas" doesn't exactly evoke the festive spirit of the season. Comprised of Tidewater's queen of soul Ida Sands and former Anglos tenor Joe Webster, the duo issues just two singles on Noah Bigg's Shiptown label. Just in time for the holidays, Numero has repressed this maudlin yuletide burner and packaged the red, white, and green splattered 45s in a rigid cardboard sleeve for easy wrapping.
NPLGNN - Hazy Pit / Inna Danza (7")
NPLGNN - Hazy Pit / Inna Danza (7")Youth

Maoupa MazzocchettiやDracula Lewis、Maralなど、サグで屈折したレフトフィールドなサウンドに惹かれる全リスナーに推薦!Dubient以降の屈折した作品群を送り出すマンチェスターのカルト的名所〈sferic〉からの本名名義Giovanni Napolanoでのデビュー作(同時入荷!)と併せてこちらも要チェック。〈Where To Now?〉〈Forever Now〉を始めとした各地の尖ったレーベルに名を連ねるナポリ/バルセロナ拠点のNPLGNNによる最新シングル『Hazy Pit / Inna Danza』が7インチ・リリース。版元は、〈OOH-sounds〉や〈C.A.N.V.A.S.〉とも並ぶ現行エクスペリメンタル地下シーンの特異点的レーベルであり、DJ Lyster主宰なマンチェスターの〈YOUTH〉。オープン・ハイハット、クラップ、スネア、ブレイクが特徴的な異形のデジタル・ダンスホール"Hazy Pit"、ジリジリと音を立てて歪んだザッピング・シンセの効いた"Inna Danza"の全2曲を収録。

Nug - Napping Under God (LP)
Nug - Napping Under God (LP)3XL
冥丁(Meitei)や盛岡夕美子関連作品も知られる人気レーベル〈Métron Records〉から「睡眠と癒し」をテーマにしたヒーリング傑作を送り出していたドイツのサウンド・アーティストであり、OCAの一員として〈Constellation Tatsu〉にも作品を残すFlorian T M Zeisig、そして、昨年〈xpq?〉から実験的なIDM作品を発表していたPVASによる要注目の新プロジェクト「NUG」。その待望のデビュー・アルバムとなる『Napping Under God』が、〈West Mineral〉周辺作家たちによるDubient以降の変形テクノ/IDMの実験室〈3XL〉からアナログ・リリース。2020年末にベルリンで行われたライブ・セッションを収録。ネガティブ・スペースと反動的なダブのダイナミクスを効果的に使ったミュータント・ダブ/ベース・ミュージック傑作!shy(Caveman LSD、uon)もアートワーク制作で参加。マスタリングを手掛けるのはDemdike StareのMiles Whittaker!
Guerrinha - Cidade Grande (LP)Guerrinha - Cidade Grande (LP)
Guerrinha - Cidade Grande (LP)Confuso Editions
Giving sequence to the smooth noir Guerrinha first discovered in 2018’s "Wagner" LP (self-released), "Cidade Grande" expands the midi jazz quartet to an ensemble. Whereas "Wagner" dealt in firmly sculpted motifs, here we approach fusion territory, improvisational fury, while somehow still treading in a thick, longing, atmosphere. Themes will erase themselves between Joe Zawinul and Koji Kondo while erratic snare rolls à la DeJohnette froth continually. One feels surrounded, at one and the same time, by the vulgar elegance of office buildings and the stillness of one's own childhood bedroom, pitch black except for a portable videogame's screen, way past bedtime. Tracks "José pt. I" and "II", opener and closer of "Cidade Grande", offer glimpses into our opaque protagonist. In stripped-down keys and synth arrangements, windy soliloquies out of Rheji Burrell’s APTs overtake Hejiran landscapes. José is damned to megalomania—just like any other inhabitant of the big city, Guerrinha would add.
Tom Skinner - Voices of Bishara (LP)Tom Skinner - Voices of Bishara (LP)
Tom Skinner - Voices of Bishara (LP)Brownswood Recordings

The title of Tom Skinner’s first release under his own name is a reference to cellist Abdul Wadud’s ultra-rare 1978 solo album ‘By Myself’, which Skinner listened to repeatedly during lockdown. Wadud’s album was privately pressed on his own label, Bisharra, and whilst Skinner’s title uses the more conventional spelling of this common Arabic name, they both have the same intention or meaning: it translates as ‘good news’, or ‘the bringer of good news’.

This is a classic-sounding record that connects backwards to Skinner’s 2017 Hello Skinny collaboration with American composer and Arthur Russell-collaborator Peter Zummo on ‘Watermelon Sun’. It links sideways to Makaya McCraven’s beat maker-inspired treatments of jazz sessions, and it offers a musical bridge to Sons of Kemet’s most meditative moments.

‘Voices of Bishara’ began life when Tom Skinner asked some musician friends to join him for a Played Twice session at London’s Brilliant Corners. The regular event had a simple format: play a classic album in full through their audiophile system and then have an elite ensemble improvise their response. The night in question focused on drummer Tony Williams’ 1964 Blue Note album ‘Life Time’ and the music he and his friends conjured up was so special that it inspired Skinner to write an albums-worth of phenomenal new music.

Skinner, a cellist, a bass player and two saxophonists recorded the results classic album-style, with everyone in the same room. He took the music home and it was put to the side, occasionally coming out for some attention in between Tom’s many other creative projects. This was a slow burn creation, and gradually, a new album began appearing as he embraced the studio recordings and accentuated their sublime idiosyncrasies.

“I took a very liberal approach with the scissors and started going really hard into the edits between instruments. It breathed new life into the music. I was taking my cue from the great disco re-edits, people like Theo Parrish chopping up tunes and looping sections. I’m not a purist. I don’t want to get hung up on the past. It was really empowering to fuck it up a bit, to mess around with the music and see what happened. It felt right”

The result is a tight, hypnotic and unique 31-minutes of music. ‘Voices of Bishara’ is sculpted around timeless and deeply emotional music that contains masses of movement and exceptional harmonic depth and texture. It sweeps and soars through soundworlds, rich in musicality and always anchored by the deep doubling of cello and bass. It also, of course, contains Skinner’s percussive magic – drumming skills that have brought artists from Grace Jones to Jonny Greenwood to request him on their records and tours.

“We’re individual voices, coming together collectively. The idea was that we could collectively bring something more positive to the table. It’s the start of something.”

Tom Skinner and ‘Voices of Bishara’: bringers of good news. 

Tokedashita Garasubako (LP)
Tokedashita Garasubako (LP)Life Goes On Records

Hereby a classic japanese acid folk tale, also credited by the wizard master Julian Cope in his ‘Japrocksampler’ top 50 list. Tokedashita Garasu Bako, or Melting Glass Box, was a studio-only project of Nishiokai Takashi (Itsutsu No Akai Fusen), “Singing Philosopher” Tetsuo Saito and Takasuke Kida (of influential psychedelic freaks Jacks). Guest musicians included Kazuhiko Kato (Folk Crusaders, Sadistic Mika Band), Kazuo Takeda (Blues Creation) and mastermind Haruomi Hosono (Apryl Fool, Happy End, YMO).

Their sole release licensed in 1970 on URC (Japanese independent record label specializing in folk, co-founded in February 1969 by Hayakawa Yoshio, guitarist for the psychedelic band Jacks) became soon after a cult record leading the way for the eastern psychedelic renaissance. An authentic lysergic trip filled with mind-blowing electric guitar leads and many studio tricks thrown in! Get lost, now or never !

Stone - Earth FF (Clear Vinyl LP)Stone - Earth FF (Clear Vinyl LP)
Stone - Earth FF (Clear Vinyl LP)3XL
A new avatar on 3XL, someone you may or may not have encountered before on the experiences / west mineral axis, tending to the inner life with a lush fantasy of sound-bathing beatdown and mossy atmospherics somewhere between Ulla x Malibu x Headz-era Mo Wax. ‘Earth FF’ yields a delicate bouquet of synaesthetic ambience designed to sooth yr frayed nerves. The album transposes a flickering vibe to inner sanctums, painting an organically detailed vista that hinges around late ‘90s/early ‘00s illbient/trip hop atmospherics referencing classic Mo Wax / Headz, and melting out into a sanguine bbblisss enhanced by a patina of field recordings. Distinguished by a tender grasp of tongue-tip thizz and lysergic nuance, the 10 tracks fan out in pruned designs between pads and whispered vox reminding us of Kenji Kawai or Nozomu Matsumoto on ‘Evil Day’, via the silvery contrails of ‘Beacon’, the eyrie illbient of ‘Root Loop’, to purest writhing-in-the-floatation tank kiss-off on ’Sunn’ replete with ASMR gynoid vocals on a Perila x Ulla x Malibu tip. With no sharp edges to snag your tumescent skin, it’s all low-lit neon, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze, eyes-rolling in the early-hours, blissed sorta gear.

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