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Lukid - Tilt (LP)Lukid - Tilt (LP)
Lukid - Tilt (LP)Glum
¥1,753 ¥3,615
My first album in 11 years, for crying out loud.
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Lamin Fofana - It's Only A Matter Of Acceleration Now (10")Lamin Fofana - It's Only A Matter Of Acceleration Now (10")
Lamin Fofana - It's Only A Matter Of Acceleration Now (10")The Trilogy Tapes
¥1,841 ¥3,997
It’s Only a Matter of Acceleration Now is dedicated to the great Binvanga Wainaina, whose July 2014 Chimurenga story the title derives from.
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Jantra - Synthesized Sudan: Astro-Nubian Electronic Jaglara Dance Sounds from the Fashaga Underground (LP)
Jantra - Synthesized Sudan: Astro-Nubian Electronic Jaglara Dance Sounds from the Fashaga Underground (LP)Ostinato Records
¥1,921 ¥3,967
The first ever release of electronic Jaglara, an obscure dance music being innovated in an area near the Sudan, Ethiopia, and Eritrea border called Fashaga. Among the most raucous, hypnotic, addictive, and celestial dance styles being made anywhere in Africa, this heavy, mysterious sound is being led by one man: Jantra, which translates as “craziness,” a moniker bestowed to celebrate both his personality and sound. Jantra is a rather unknown quantity even in Sudan, outside of the circles which have granted him cult status to perform at their humble gatherings or at street parties far from the gaze of the cities. Jaglara, which roughly translates as improvisation, has no songs. Jantra simply freestyles a combination of his melodies incessantly for hours on end, acting as a live producer and DJ for emphatic crowds, where the energy of his 155 – 168 BPM music is known to inspire the odd gunslinger to raise and fire his pistol in the middle of the dance floor. His music is hopeful in a hopeless world, uplifting in spirit, ancient and new, childish and mature, familiar yet refreshingly obscure, fueled by the hypnotic Sera rhythm. His Yamaha keyboard is specially tweaked to achieve what you’re hearing — the perfect, sweet key tone, literally universal in its appeal. A hybrid reissue-contemporary album, Ostinato combined extracted individual melodic patterns, rhythms, and MIDI data from Jantra’s Yamaha keyboard with his older cassette and digital recordings to recreate his lengthy sessions into individual dance tracks for a worldwide audience to reach the enviable frenzy of Sudanese crowds. This promising new dance music emerging from the deepest reaches of Sudan has never made its way outside of Jantra’s parties, let alone outside of the country. This record is confirmation that the many electronic styles being exported from Africa have a worthy sibling and rival—Jantra’s signature electronic Jaglara from the Fashaga underground. It is a privilege of the highest order to be exposed to this unheralded, incredibly well kept rural Sudanese secret.
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V.A. - Time Horizon IV (12")V.A. - Time Horizon IV (12")
V.A. - Time Horizon IV (12")XCPT
¥1,200 ¥2,394
First drop of the year from XCPT landing in March, introduces the 4th chapter of the Time Horizon saga, delivering six firm contributions courtesy of Pushlock, Eduardo, Marco Segato, Low End Activist and Cel, plus a re-mastered version of “FWD” by 2nd II None, previously released back in 2007.
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Erin Hopes - Lucid Dreaming. (LP)Erin Hopes - Lucid Dreaming. (LP)
Erin Hopes - Lucid Dreaming. (LP)lost domain
¥1,864 ¥3,732
compiling scattered early works by erin hopes. 160bpm+, ultra-emotional dream-tekno>neo-trance>space tracks. romantic/relentless, up/down, weary/wired. fed on gabber, dressed by juicy couture, watched over by paris hilton (mk1). erin hopes is a producer from glasgow and operates the label manic bb. protect me from what i want>>>
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Katatonic Silentio - Les Chemins De L'inconnu (2x12")
Katatonic Silentio - Les Chemins De L'inconnu (2x12")Ilian Tape
¥2,176 ¥4,978
〈Haunter Records〉や〈Youth〉〈Noods Radio〉などのコンピレーションにも参加していたイタリア・ミラノを拠点にするプロデューサー、Mariachiara Troianielloによるソロ・プロジェクト、Katatonic Silentioの最新アルバム『Les Chemins De L'inconnu』がミュンヘンの先鋭的ダンス・レーベル〈Ilian Tape〉からアナログ・リリース。アンビエント、ブロークン・ビート、テクノ、ドラム&ベースが溶け合う、型破りで広々としたサウンドデザインに焦点を当てた全9曲を収録。
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Timo van Luijk & Kris Vanderstraeten - Autour Du Lac D'Asselt (LP)
Timo van Luijk & Kris Vanderstraeten - Autour Du Lac D'Asselt (LP)La Scie Dorée
¥1,853 ¥3,831
Playing with Kris always reminds me of doing expeditions in a lake. Some kind of under water sound fiction observing sonic creatures. This album is a live recording (28-01-2012, Kunstencentrum Belgie, Hasselt, Belgium) which to me always felt like one of the best concerts we did. As with our previous album 'Arrêt au Lac Chimère' Vincent de Roguin put his heart in editing and mixing the recordings, extending the dimensions of exploration to the deep bottom of the lake.
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Kool Keith & We Are The Horsemen - London Is The Place (12")Kool Keith & We Are The Horsemen - London Is The Place (12")
Kool Keith & We Are The Horsemen - London Is The Place (12")Outernational Sounds
¥1,531 ¥3,298
The legendary Ultramagnetic MC touches down in London for a one-away collab with We Are The Horsemen, featuring the one and only KAIDI TATHAM Side A: London Is The Place Side AA: London Is The Place ft. Kaidi Tatham; London Is The Place (Kool Jazz Mix) What you sayin’, Kool Keith…? Enter your spaceship for a transatlantic meeting of minds as the legendary Kool Keith links up with We Are The Horsemen (Outernational Sounds head honcho Harvinder Singh Nagi and producer Sub One) and the great Kaidi Tatham for a future-jazz flavoured trip through the great MC’s London adventures. Kool Keith needs no introduction to hip-hop heads worldwide. As one of the greatest MCs ever to touch the mic, Keith has never stopped innovating and progressing. From his days in the seminal 1980s Bronx unit Ultramagnetic MCs, through his pioneering development of new conceptual characters and styles in the 1990s (Big Willie Smith, Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Black Elvis), to his continuous run of radically independent recordings in the 2000s and beyond, Kool Keith defines rap longevity and artistic originality. No one else in hip hop has a comparable record of continuous reinvention, conceptual boldness, and stylistic panache. And after four decades in rap, Keith is still one of the hardest working rappers in the game, continuous seeking new sounds to spit on and new collaborators from across the musical spectrum. Fresh off the acclaim for his new Black Elvis 2 release, the protean MC has touched down on Outernational Sounds for a unique collab with We Are The Horsemen and Kaidi Tatham. ‘London Is The Place’ finds Keith riding the Horsemen’s atmospheric, break-toughened riddim and sending back in time to drop kaleidoscopic, stream-of-consciousness impressions of the Ultramagnetic MCs infamous 1989 tour, before flashing forward to the present in order to namecheck Honest Jons Records, saxophone star Nubiya Garcia and master keyboardist and broken beat pioneer Kaidi Tatham, who contributes trademark jazz keys and bruk steez to the AA side remix. The 12” is closed out by a third version, the Horsemen’s own Kool Jazz Mix, bringing see-sawing organ stabs and a neck-snapping Ultra-sampling hook. Kool Keith, Kaidi Tatham and We Are The Horsemen, taking it higher and overcoming the pressure with ‘music so progressive’, to quote Keith himself! Limited press, distribution by Honest Jons – don’t sleep on this one!!
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Mateo Ottonello - El Camino Por Adentro (LP)
Mateo Ottonello - El Camino Por Adentro (LP)Little Butterfly Records
¥1,864 ¥4,234
On this album the artist tries to unite the different universes that they currently inhabit. An aesthetic that took up the synthwave of the '80s and the legacy of groups like Opa (Hugo y Osvaldo Fattoruso, Ruben Rada). The leather and organicity of candombe, the wood and improvisation of jazz, the synthesizers, and the repetition of electronic music. From inspiration and challenge, he generates mantric landscapes and a strong dose of Uruguayan instrumental music.
V.A. - The Love You Save: American Soul Music 1955-1972 (2LP+Booklet)
V.A. - The Love You Save: American Soul Music 1955-1972 (2LP+Booklet)Cairo Records
BACK IN PRINT! This is a soul version of Harry Smith's Anthology Of American Folk Music, a collection of gorgeous soul music selected with a keen aesthetic eye.
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Dancefloor Classics - Dancefloor Classics Vol. 3 (10"+DL)Dancefloor Classics - Dancefloor Classics Vol. 3 (10"+DL)
Dancefloor Classics - Dancefloor Classics Vol. 3 (10"+DL)Rajaton
¥1,615 ¥3,334
Sasu Ripatti presents the third volume in his "Dancefloor Classics" series with five 10" releases coming throughout 2023. Music for imaginary dancefloors, released on Ripatti's own label "Rajaton". ”Look up, into the light” she said, while the camera shutter clicked. ”Like this? Does it look holy?” His neck felt stiff. Her reply: ”Yes, just like that. What do you mean holy? Like religious? ”No, more like trying to look very far, somewhere beyond what we can see.” ”Okay, stand still, I’m going to come close to you now. The light hits your face great.” *click, click, click. He noticed her fingernails. They were not polished. Natural. Even somewhat rugged, as if something wore out the fingers slightly. What had these hands held besides the camera? What made the edges of her fingernails drift off? He thought it’s weird to look straight into the camera. The photographer had closed her left eye, the one not looking into the lens. Then it opened, she looked up, perusing the surroundings, then she closed her eye again, then looked up, closed, looking up, very quickly. It all seemed very professional. Maybe she calculated the light, making sure it’s close to perfect. ”What will these photos look like?” – the thought popped into his head briefly. It was liberating to think it wouldn’t matter. ”What’s that song playing?” he asked. ”Wait a sec, Ol’ Dirty Bastard?” she replied. ”Oh yeah, right. But the sample?” ”Hey, could you look up again, like that. No, lower.” New directions: ”Look out from the window, turn left.” ”My left or yours?” ”Yours, I always try to think from the direction of my model.” How professional! This is a good shoot, so natural. Should I worry about how the photos look like? No, I don’t want to. His thoughts bounced around. What would the story be like? It’s a big newspaper, everyone will read it. Maybe someone drinks coffee and eats a stroopwafel while they do it. Will they place the waffle on top of the mug for a brief while, so that it gets hot and the syrup melts a little? Then it feels wet, and you can bend the cookie. She broke his train of thought off midway through: ”Now turn right, but look left, and slightly up, but don’t turn your face right.” ”Umm, like this? Sounds like a set of pilates instructions.” [she laughed] ”You do pilates?” ”Yeah, it’s hard sometimes. Have you tried?” ”No”, she said. ”I’m not good for sports that are done in groups.” ”Yeah, but in pilates you can just be inside your mind, drowning in your private thoughts.” ”What are you thinking in pilates?” she asked, taking more photos. ”Well, mostly just which way is right. And which left.”
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MGUN - From Time To Time (2LP)MGUN - From Time To Time (2LP)
MGUN - From Time To Time (2LP)Hold Me Recordings
¥2,178 ¥5,969
MGUN carries the flame for Motor City techno soul in a class 3rd album, launched on his and Ryan Spencer’s newly minted label, Hold Me Recordings - tipped if yr into 2Lanes, Suburban Knight, Carl Craig, Rob Hood, Ultradyne. Since debuting on TTT with ‘The Near Future’ and its enduring electro ace ‘The Race’ in 2012, Manuel Gonzales has a fine line of deeply rugged machine music for the likes of Kyle Hall’s Wild Oats and Semtek’s DBA. ‘From Time to Time’ checks in as his 3rd album with 8 eyes-down sluggers that set the parameters for Hold Me Recordings, which aims to provide a vent for new Detroit dance music. Anyone who has followed MGUN’s work thus far will not be disappointed at its breadth of variation within a theme, revving from heavyweight 313 warehouse techno to Ultradyne-esque electro and bezonked abstraction that could really only come from those quarters. He captures that tongue-tip thizz of the best Detroit techno in the atmospheric drive of ‘Mid Sentence’, and steps up a gear with the thrumming pulse and mottled dub chords of ‘Favours’. The squashed gunk and hazed pads of ’Slither’ hail one of its super deep cuts beside ‘Xenil’, which sounds like a loved-up echo of Ultradyne’s raw as fuck improv styles, and the DJ Dez-like beatdown of ‘Pimps Up’, while the wiry shock of ‘Timber’ hails Hood-style minimal tactics, and ‘Hold That Thought’ rubs the sound to an abstract nub like Ross154’s impressionistic slant on classic Detroit fundamentals.
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V.A. - PRESSURE (II) (LP)MAL Recordings
¥1,532 ¥4,329
Hot on the heels of a sold out first volume, Elle Andrews & Jon K’s MAL serve a sick second battery of broken club PRESSURE featuring new and exclusive cuts from Jana Rush, Filter Dread, Time Cow, Avon Blume, Soltura and King Maceeyar, together making for the label’s hungriest delivery to date with skews of grime, breakbeat hardcore, footwork and gqom from friends and fam strewn between the Caribbean, South Africa, the US and the UK. Avon Blume lights it off with screwed hardcore jungle drumfunk ‘3 Minutes Short’ like some vintage Mo Wax cut that's had years of heavy rotation by the likes of Tom Boogizm, while the consistently brilliant Filter Dread fires up the Amiga for the cuboid amen atom-splitting of ‘Digital Voodoo’ on a Rufige Kru flex, beside a sharp twist by Soltura, who makes good on the promise of her All Centre releases with a deadly new one on a sci-fi-drill tip. ‘A Study Of Asoa’ features Duster Valentine indexing the Soundcloud commentary of internet figure A Study of Arpeg (something to do with AYYA from PAN’s ‘Mono No Aware’ comp, maybe?), while ‘Real Pirates Don’t Say Okie Dokie Then’ finds Equiknoxx’s Time Cow on a freaky, tracky NYC buzz, based around a box of samples Jordan ripped after spending an afternoon pillaging Jon K’s record collection in Manchester, 2016. South Durban’s enigmatic King Maceeyar came to Elle and Jon’s attention via Okzharp and the track included here has been heavily rinsed in recent MAL sets - 'Our Memories' serves a mad slice of emosh gqom, marrying melancholy pads to the taxi techno template including a literally tear-inducing spoken word section, and Chicago legend Jana Rush closes things off by reducing footwork to its sexiest, jazziest and most minimalist ends on the real future shockout ‘Pink Guava’ - a weightless monster. All Killer²
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DJ Kuroneko - Neko Garage 2 (CD-R)DJ Kuroneko - Neko Garage 2 (CD-R)
DJ Kuroneko - Neko Garage 2 (CD-R)MAD BREAKS
¥1,212 ¥2,496
Mad Breaks, the successor label to Mexican internet label Stupid Decisions and a mecca for current breakcore/internet rave music, has released an item to be on the lookout for. The label is stocking a limited edition CD-R reissue of Neko Garage 2, the masterpiece album released in 2022 by Ireland-based DJ Kuroneko, a pivotal act in the current atmospheric drum'n'bass/future garage scene! Future Garage/dubstep excellence with futuristic sound design incorporating elements of ambient, 2-step, basslines and more! Limited edition of 200 copies.
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Death Bells - Between Here & Everywhere (Clear Orange Vinyl LP)Death Bells - Between Here & Everywhere (Clear Orange Vinyl LP)
Death Bells - Between Here & Everywhere (Clear Orange Vinyl LP)Dais Records
¥1,435 ¥3,212
Formed in 2014, born in Sydney, Australia, currently based in LA, the post-punk/dream pop band Death Bells' latest album "Between Here & Everywhere" is also from Dais. analog release. As an LP work, the third album for the first time in two years since "New Signs Of Life" in 2020. A wild alternative/post-punk sound that makes you feel both powerful majesty and emotional melancholy. Includes 9 new songs representing the continuous growth of its members Will Canning and Remy Veselis. This is recommended for a wide range of listeners!
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Salvator Dragatto - Shadows (Clear Vinyl 7")Salvator Dragatto - Shadows (Clear Vinyl 7")
Salvator Dragatto - Shadows (Clear Vinyl 7")Cosa Records
¥767 ¥1,635
In this latest installment Dragatto taps into a much darker mood, a space that can only be described as noir. "Shadows" is the theme one hears while walking through the streets late at night as their mind projects images and figures on the pavement below. Are they really there? An ominous vibraphone melody introduces the track only to give way to a neck breaking drum fill, pushing the listener into a startled state of awareness. From here on the senses are treated to dreamy harp lines, Axelrod-esque guitar and bass, and sweeping horn passages.
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José Javier Castro - Melodía a Gianni Toti en dos partes (white/translucent blue 7")
José Javier Castro - Melodía a Gianni Toti en dos partes (white/translucent blue 7")Buh Records
¥972 ¥2,783
José Javier Castro (1965-2022) is a Peruvian artist and musician who appeared in the 1980s, and is also known as the leader, guitarist, and singer of the experimental rock group "El Aire". ). A 7-inch work "Melodía a Gianni Toti en dos partes" containing valuable recordings of Mr. Toti, who actively led the experimental music scene in South America, is now available from the country's prestigious avant-garde label . Since the early 90's, he has developed various projects with a focus on electronic experiments, oriented towards ambient and cosmic music, and has created soundtracks, sound installations, and an archive of important recordings for his own rock band. It remains unpublished. This work contains sound pieces composed in 2009, inspired by various visions of music and aesthetics of Italian artist Gianni Toti. Limited to 250 copies.

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