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Chra - Seamons (LP+DL)
Chra - Seamons (LP+DL)Editions Mego
¥1,015 ¥2,387
Chra is the latest album from Austin Christina Nemec, a member of the experimental band Shampoo Boy (which also features Pita!), whose works have been featured on the now defunct Blackest Ever Black. Chra" is the latest album by Austrian Christina Nemec, a member of the experimental band "Shampoo Boy" (which also features Pita!), released on the prestigious "Editions Mego" label. Recorded and produced in various locations in Austria, including airplanes, cemeteries, and Crete in 2006 and 2007. The album is an avant-garde piece of music with a rough and rugged harsh noise sound that spreads freely but without any destination.
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Marcus Schmickler - Sky Dice / Mapping the Studio (LP+DL)
Marcus Schmickler - Sky Dice / Mapping the Studio (LP+DL)Editions Mego
¥1,213 ¥2,593

Marcus Schmickler's music is designed for multi-channel sound projections and references German electronic music tradition, spectral music, experimentalism as well as 1990s club music. His artistic practice explores avant-garde trajectories in electronic music composition, formal systems, sonification and psychoacoustics. EMEGO 296 features two new major works from this audacious sound explorer. 

Sky Dice / Mapping the Studio premiered at Donaueschinger Tage fur Neue Musik 10.20.2018 having being commissioned by SWR and realized at the Experimentalstudio (EXP) in Freiburg. This is a work for ARP 2500, Publison DHM89B, Publison Infernal Machine and Computer. Taking cues from Bruce Nauman's Mapping the Studio I (Fat Chance John Cage) (2001) the piece draws a fragmented acoustic map of the SWR facility itself; the studio serves as a source-model for the sonic display of historical signal flow graphs. Various acoustic and psychoacoustic effects come into play including the Larsen effect, as well as Style Transfer and Topological Sonification. The result is a daring and dizzying display of disorientating audio. Sound moves in most unusual ways, rising and falling simultaneously, appearing and disappearing like apparitions, nothing here behaves in expected ways. To paraphrase Albert Einstein’s now famous quote regarding quantum mechanics, this is spooky audio at a distance.

Fortuna Ribbon is a selection of sonic material that emerged from a research based on how DPOAEs (Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission) can be designed in the context of musical frameworks, augmenting the compositional pallets in regard to spatial hearing. In this manifestation, the materials are presented without context. The resulting emissions from the ear that are excited in varying ways from the 6 examples on display here. Playback in undisturbed acoustic environments is recommended at >82 dB/A.

Schmickler’s ongoing investigation of sound matter conjures impossible audio that delight’s in the extremity of form and resulting effects on the listener. Schmickler’s audio invocations explore the capabilities of contemporary technology resulting in dizzying new worlds of sound.

Thanks to the Experimentalstudio crew, Detlef Heusinger, Björn Gottstein, Julian Rohrhuber and Peter Rehberg. 

Cut 01/2021 by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle, Berlin.

Artwork by Neo-Metabolism

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Laura Cannell & Polly Wright - Sing As The Crow Flies (LP)
Laura Cannell & Polly Wright - Sing As The Crow Flies (LP)Boomkat Editions | Documenting Sound
¥1,456 ¥3,795

An utterly timeless collection of vocal improv takes its first bow on vinyl, as Laura Cannell & Polly Wright’s debut tribute to the landscape, history and people inspired by a 19th-century book of Norfolk customs and ballads graces our Editions imprint. It’s a wondrous, humbling, and haunting album bridging folk and medieval styles with a plaintive magick that only appears intensified on record - a huge RIYL Hildegaard von Bingen, Arc Light Edition’ Psalm singer recordings, Julianna Barwick.

Remarkably conceived, recorded and released in 2019 - the same year they first met - ‘Sing as the Crow Flies’ is a super-natural meeting of mutual souls seeking to limn a sort of deep topographical reading of their home turf in a series of haunting, near-wordless hymns. Shockingly effortless in execution and spine-freezing in effect, the nine songs are Laura & Polly’s beautifully concerted effort to rectify the lack of historical female voices in text or music hailing from the Norfolk/Suffolk borders where they live and create. With little to go on, they decided to add their joint female voices and experiences to the rural sound ecology and culture of East Anglia, and created something un-arguably unique in the process.

Drawing on a shared formative background in classical music (and specialities in medieval composition), Cannell & Wright nod to the sort of heterophonic improvisation found in Psalms from the Isles of Lewis (as heard on those amazing Arc Light Editions volumes), as well as Hildegaard Von Bingen inspired call-and-response styles, while taking select words from the 18th C. text ‘Norfolk Garland, A Collection of the Superstitious Beliefs and Practices, Proverbs, Curious Customs, Ballads and Songs, of the People of Norfolk’ to provide structural underpinnings. But what happens in between is just a spellbinding sort of magick, using Raveningham Church as a sounding chamber for their finely controlled but naturally keening and graceful, unhurried expressions of tradition and folklore. 

A forlorn, late decade masterwork in a field of its own, ‘Sing As The Crow Flies’ is an unusually life-affirming record that channels centuries, near a millennia, of uncanny expression into its wordless hymns to the land. Perhaps it’s fair to say that folk were emoting very similar feelings during the OG pandemics of yore.

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Bernard Parmegiani - Mémoire Magnétique, vol. 2 (1966-1993) (LP)Bernard Parmegiani - Mémoire Magnétique, vol. 2 (1966-1993) (LP)
Bernard Parmegiani - Mémoire Magnétique, vol. 2 (1966-1993) (LP)Transversales Disques
¥1,561 ¥3,546

Transversales is very glad to announce the release of « Mémoire Magnétique, vol.2 » spanning 1966-1993, revelatory collection of short and secret music by electronic music pioneer Bernard Parmegiani.
The second volume of this compilation allows us to discover some of unreleased rarities from Bernard Parmegiani’s personal archives and unpublished recordings which were composed for the screen or the performing arts.

Remastered high-resolution audio transferred directly from the original tapes.
Exclusive liner notes and pictures.

A1 / "Témoignages" - 1972.
Générique pour la série télévisée de Pierre Houdain.

A2 / "Pop secret" - 1970.
Version remixée pour concert de la musique créée avec le groupe
"Third Ear Band" au Royal Festival Hall, Londres.

A3 / "Voyage Conseil" - 1970.
Musique pour la publicité de : "Voyage Conseil".
Version non utilisée.

A4 / "Lion d'or" - 1988.
Générique pour l'émission radio de Georges Léon diffusée sur France Culture
le 22/02/1988.

A5 / "Flash sports" - 1975.
Indicatif de l'émission télévisée éponyme diffusée sur Antenne 2.

A6 / "Spot pub" - 1971.
Spot publicitaire non identifié, non utilisé.

A7 / "Journal TV 2" - 1981.
Indicatif du journal télévisé d'Antenne 2.

A8 / "Stade 2" - 1976-1986.
Indicatif de l'émission : "Stade 2".
Antenne 2, émission sport. Animation : Peter Foldès.

A9 / "L'art au monde des ténèbres" - 1982.
Série documentaire télévisée de Mario Ruspoli.

A10 / "Sonal Roissy" - 1971-2005.
Signal sonore de l'aéroport Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle.

B1 / "Bongo fuego" - 1967.
Film d'animation de Peter Foldès.

B2 / "Electrorythmes" - 1966.
Version remixée pour concert ; film de Peter Foldès avec la chorégraphe Marpessa Dawn.

B3 / "E Pericoloso sporgersi" - (élément) - 1991.
Musique radiophonique ; commande de France Culture.

B4 / "Une mission éphémère" - 1993.
Film d'animation de Piotr Kamler.

B5 / "Une honorable partie de Gô" - 1978.
Série documentaire télévisée de Jean-Emile Jeannesson,
"Lettres du bout du monde".

B6 / "Sonal Roissy" - (inédit) - 1971.
Maquette de signal sonore pour l'aéroport Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle.
Version non utilisée. 

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V.A. - Sonidos en el silencio, música y arte sonoro a la obra de OPS (LP)
V.A. - Sonidos en el silencio, música y arte sonoro a la obra de OPS (LP)Discos Necesarios
¥1,511 ¥3,099

From Mecánica Popular, which has seen remarkable re-evaluation in recent years, gorgeous faces such as Esplendor Geométrico and Javier Corcobado, who are familiar as the leading industrial in Spain. From , a compilation of songs inspired by the work of Spanish illustrator "OPS". Contains 14 songs created on universal themes such as oppression, censorship, information manipulation, fear of war, imperialism, and gender violence. Limited edition of 500 copies with gate fold sleeve.

-Track List-

A1 Erizonte Obertura
A2 Mecánica Popular, Erizonte Dos veces en la vida
A3 La Fura Dels Baus, Erizonte ¡ Mierda de guerra!
A4 Macromassa, Erizonte Tonsura
A5 Mar Otra Vez Calma
A6 Erizonte Trío para dúo de generadores
B1 Erizonte (Des) educación
B2 Esplendor Geométrico, Erizonte Clerecía
B3 Pelayo Fernandez Arrizabalaga, Eli Gras, Erizonte Miedo a la verdad
B4 Erizonte Difracción
B5 Erizonte, Jesús Alonso En el país del silencio
B6 Scud Hero, Erizonte Hipnosis colectiva
B7 Erizonte, Javier Corcobado Sol sotnemurtsni es nacot
B8 Erizonte Coda

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Rick Myers, Matt Krefting - Movements For Reginaphone + Cassette (LP)
Rick Myers, Matt Krefting - Movements For Reginaphone + Cassette (LP)Dead-Cert Home Entertainment
¥1,446 ¥3,795
A collaboration between Rick Myers and Matt Krefting, former colleagues of Andy Votel, has been released on the Pre-Cert Home Entertainment label. The album is the result of an exploration of antique music media from 100 years ago, ranging from sound art/acoustic poetry to machine music. It is a wonderful album with an enigmatic sound that fully demonstrates the cross-border and otherworldly sounds and textures. Limited edition of 300 copies.
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Xordox - Omniverse (LP+DL)
Xordox - Omniverse (LP+DL)Editions Mego
¥1,231 ¥2,578

Throughout his vast career, the New York based Australian composer JG Thirlwell has adopted many masks as a means of infiltrating and subsequently subverting a wide range of pop cultural forms. His work under the Foetus moniker has taken on everything from big band to opera to noise-rock. Steroid Maximus embraced exotica and the world of soundtracks, while his Manorexia project continued his quest to the outer limits of contemporary composition and musique concrete. Thirlwell has also carved out a significant output in the field of the soundtrack via the large body of work created for the animated television shows Archer and The Venture Bros. In addition he has been commissioned to create compositions by such notables as Kronos Quartet, Bang On A Can, Alarm Will Sound, String Orchestra of Brooklyn and many others.

Now we have ‘Omniverse’, the second release under the moniker Xordox. Xordox is a synthesizer-based project, and on this evocative album we see the project branch into many new avenues. The science fiction element brushes up against crime noir, even veering into areas that could well fit in the video game soundtrack genre. With an audacious attitude and an arsenal of machines Thirlwell serves up a selection of thrilling retro-future mind capsules. This is music made from a life saturated in culture, both underground and mainstream, high and low. Tense sequencing and noir tinged keyboard lines invoke a powerful visual image of films and memory, of screens and speakers, of sound and space, all entering the cosmos and the subsequent galactic race. Thirlwell’s decades long exploration of sampling and sequencing, composing and ingesting a daunting amount of audio and visual artworks speaks volumes for the bold assimilations exposed here. ‘Between Dimensions’ lays out a tense theme which starts off like a score to a a crime thriller before morphing into a simulacra of Kraftwerk scoring a video game. The living ghosts of Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter haunt ‘Oil Slick’ as it permeates wormholes, updating lifeforms with its stealth sequencing and tense momentum.

‘Omniverse' is a synthesised soundtrack journey, one which embraces past forms whilst reshaping them for the new unknown. ‘Omniverse' is a thrilling liquid ride through fear and hope, and like all the best of Thirlwell’s output, is simply one hell of an enjoyable journey to take.

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Auvinen - Akkosaari (LP+DL)
Auvinen - Akkosaari (LP+DL)Editions Mego
¥1,124 ¥2,475
Johannes Auvinen has been a one man acid king for over a decade producing a wealth of acid and acid house under the moniker Tin Man. For this new release on Editions Mego he navigates an entirely different zone. Drawing on the history of electronic musik Akkosaari is a transcendental journey far from the sensual frenzy of sweaty acid drenched dancefloors we are accustomed to with his work. Akkosaari lies in the middle of the kosmic komische of Ash Ra Temple’s Jenseits, the weightless transcendentalism of Eliane Radigue’s Trilogie De Morts and the more glacial output of the Sähkö catalogue. The pace is gentle as the listener is drawn further into a world unlike the one we inhabit, these machines are more second life than one's emulating real life. The fantastic potential for audio induced visions are at play in this adventure in music as mind travel. On Kyläläiset Tanssii a measured pulse acts as a means of navigation before Susi spirals out clouds of sound. By the time we get to Kelluminen we are deeply within an unfamiliar state prior to landing in the heavenly plateau of Akkosaari. Throughout Akkosaari we are bathed in enrapturing and enveloping mists of psychedelic haze which take the listener on a vivid mental journey. This is intoxicating head music unfolding like an astral ascension and like any trip warrants repeat visitation.
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Steve Roach -The Magnificent Void (2LP)
Steve Roach -The Magnificent Void (2LP)Hearts Of Space Records ‎
¥1,361 ¥2,388

A Magnum Opus of pure oceanic sound and Roach's most sophisticated atmospheric work to date. The final track "Altus", Latin for both "high" and "deep", says much about this work. The most demanding and textural of Roach's work, it has more in common with 20th century avant-garde than other genres. A chilling and beautiful continuous flow of harmonic sound-worlds. Melody and harmony are present throughout in a surreal play of light and dark colors.

"Sequenced as one continuous piece, Void is an astral-gothic collage of fear, transcendence, and weightlessness; a high-water mark of space music; and one of Roach's finest hours."
-James Rotondi

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Yanti Bersaudara - Yanti Bersaudara (LP)
Yanti Bersaudara - Yanti Bersaudara (LP)La Munai Records
¥1,478 ¥3,177
Sought-after eponymous Indonesian album by the Yanti Bersaudara (which means the Yanti sisters: Yani, Tina & Lin Hardjakusumah), released in 1971 and reissued for the first time. It is a very spiritual and magical Sunda album with haunting vibes based on a unique, creative and strong Sundanese cultural heritage. Active only for less than a decade (from the 1960s until the early 1970s), the three sisters originally from Bandung (West Java) sang traditional sundanese songs with beautiful voices & harmonies, creating a trippy oriental exotic psychedelic sound.
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V.A. - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Entertainment (LP)
V.A. - Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack Entertainment (LP)Numero
¥1,163 ¥2,978
A soundtrack released from of the 2015 movie "Entertainment" by Rick Alverson, a former member of the US indie band Spokane, who has been attracting attention from movie fans as a movie director. Based on the character Neil Hamburger played by Gregg Turkington, this work depicts a stand-up comedian performing in a variety of places where the audience is hostile or indifferent. Gregg Turkington, who played Neil Hamburger, also includes a song by Frank Sinatra Jr., an avid collector of privately pressed curiosities and a self-proclaimed No. 1 fan. There are also some dejected and unique people, including Los Angeles nuns, Italian folk players who sue the Vietnam War on guitar, civil rights activists and recordmen in Columbus, Ohio. A wonderful song selection that is addicted to the movie world! !!
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Rik Van Boeckel - Deze Hoofden Praten (LP)
Rik Van Boeckel - Deze Hoofden Praten (LP)Raakvlak
¥1,064 ¥2,428
Two tape works from the Dutch 80's cassette label (Nan and Enno Velthuys are also enrolled ... !!), which are known to those in the know, are released by cult minimal synth writer Das Ding's , is now available in analog form! The second release from the new label based in The Hague, the Netherlands, which was distributed by and started by Tim Padmos & Piet Zaalberg. Officially compiled songs released from from 1983 to 1984. From new wave to derailed minimal synth pop, ambient, and quirky dub, it's a mess and a trip is inevitable. A piece with plenty of intoxicated spoken words. Liner notes by Wouter de Romph.
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Double Geography - Flights (12")
Double Geography - Flights (12")Growing Bin Records
¥1,021 ¥2,261
Let's face it, no one really knows where they're going, so the best we can do is enjoy the ride - a sentiment captured perfectly by the high altitude ambient of 'Flights', Double Geography's new release on the Growing Bin. Embracing the unpredictable, Duncan Thornley married melodic fragments with semi-generative computer process and random filter interactions, an aleatory approach to music therapy during the existential funk of the first Lockdown. The unhurried melodies, weightless within plumes of reverb and delay, conjure the feeling of long distance air travel with All Nippon - that pensive delirium stimulated by varying air pressure, broken sleep and the most welcome pause in your everyday life. Remote snippets of news reports, street noise and conversation, plundered from cassette dictaphone and a Spanish language tape the artist found in the loft sit low in the mix, the barely audible sound of the pilot and passenger, extras in your everyday experience. Contemplative and comforting, 'Flights' is a gentle reminder to be present, delivered with a rare beauty.
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Bruce Creation - Demon and Eleven Children (LP)
Bruce Creation - Demon and Eleven Children (LP)Denon
¥2,519 ¥4,620
At last, a reissue of the classic album "The Devil and 11 Children" by Blues Creation, which represented the dawn of new rock! This is one of the classics of Japanese hard rock, including the cover, and it's a great work full of wild charm. The solid performance sound of fuzz and blues rock influenced by British hard rock has been highly praised by overseas psychedelic enthusiasts, and it includes many great songs such as the title track which is over 9 minutes long, "A-Bomb Drop" with its impressive guitar riff, and "Just I Was Born" which is as good as any Western rock song. The band is composed of Kazuo Takeda (g, bass) The band consists of four members: Kazuo Takeda (g, vo), Hiromi Osawa (vo), Masashi Saeki (b), and Akiyuki Higuchi (ds). Their second album was released in 1971. *Obi included, gatefold sleeve.
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Ramses - Arancio Borealis (12")
Ramses - Arancio Borealis (12")Dill Dodos Recife
¥885 ¥1,770

There was a rumble which echoed as it emerged from the murky depths of the cave. Deep down in the tomb below was the sound of distant drums which banged and roared with pride and promise as they began to wake the dead from their long slumber. Few had ever imagined that they'd rise again, the stories told of ancient ruins and magical creatures had long been deemed irresponsible nonsense told to scare children and for fireside tales. Now, it seemed as if they were wrong, very wrong indeed...

Ramses is set to release a new EP on Dill Dodos Recife (serie of Discolored Field’s label focuses on club reflections), a Lyon based record label with a promising future. The EP is a weird, mutated assortment of heavy hitting club sounds and low end weight.

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Philippe Hallais - Awesome! (CD)
Philippe Hallais - Awesome! (CD)In Paradisum
¥780 ¥2,398
Known for his powerful techno albums from famous places such as and , he has released a number of cult releases from his own , Slack DJs (TTT) with 45 ACP, B. -The latest title of Phillipe Hallais under the real name of "Low Jack", the eye of a French typhoon that can be boiled even under the name of Ball Joints (Dog In The Night)! This is also a pretty monster board that puts question marks on many listeners! A futuristic experimental sound presented with strange and noisy sound to a fill record sample that runs like a magic lantern in steam. It's as if Spencer Clark (Star Searchers), rave culture, and even cyberpunk are all in one, and you'll be addicted to the chaos of the world! Limited to 300 copies. Highly recommended!
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Houschyar - Mavi (LP)
Houschyar - Mavi (LP)Macadam Mambo
¥893 ¥2,748
Macadam Mambo, the Lyon, France-based label hosted by Sacha Mambo, reigns as the deepest of the re-edit labels. The latest album by Istanbul artist Houschyar, known for his collaborations with legendary Turkish jazz percussionist Okay Temiz, is now available. The album is based on jamming with piano, electronic organ, and rhythm boxes, and crosses over from jazz to ambient, synth pop, and kosmische musik. A hybrid electronic improvisational picture book of cosmic and schizophrenic sounds!

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