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Yoshii9 MK2 (Speaker + Amplifier)Yoshii9 MK2 (Speaker + Amplifier)
Yoshii9 MK2 (Speaker + Amplifier)Timedomain

This is the system that we use in the Meditations store. Speaker x 2 + Amplifier

Yoshii9 MK2 Speaker section(YS-2) Specifications

Body Aluminum pipe φ100mm (urethane coating)
Color Clear Silver
Unit 8cm full range 8ohm
External dimensions W260 × H1097mm
Weight 9.6kg
Speaker cable 2m

Yoshii9 MK2 Amplifier (YA2) Specifications

① Input
Switches the device connected to the input terminals.
Input 1...Plays the device connected to the rear stereo mini jack jack.
Input 2...Plays the device connected to the rear pin jack jack.
② Sound Level
Adjusts the volume level.
pp...pp (pianissimo) side lowers the volume.
ff...Lets you increase the volume for ff (fortissimo).
③ Ready
Switches the power on and off.
Upper side of the switch: Power on (green LED lights up)
④ R. Speaker、L. Speaker
Speaker connection terminal
L. Speaker...Left channel speaker connection terminal
R. Speaker...Connection terminal for the right channel speaker.
⑤ Input 1
Stereo mini jack input jack
⑥ Input 2
Pin jack input jack
⑦ DC In
Connect the AC adapter.
Body Zinc alloy (urethane coating)
Color Clear Silver
Input INPUT1→ Stereo mini plug
INPUT2→ RCA pin plug
Maximum output 12W + 12W
Power supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Dimensions W136 × H70 × D155mm
Weight 1.2kg
Accessories AC adapter(15V 1.6A)

Yoshii9 Package Contents
Amplifier YA2
AC adapter
Speaker (x2)
Speaker net (x2)
Speaker net (x2)
Speaker base adapter (x6)
User's Manual

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