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Mats Gustafsson - Contra Songs (LP)
Mats Gustafsson - Contra Songs (LP)Actions For Free Jazz
Liner notes by Mats Gustafsson: Alone at night. Large church room. Lots of air. Stone. Wood. Glass. Quietness. Stillness. The dead and the alive. Surroundedness. Existentialistic matters spinning. Peaceful state of mind. The dialectic equilibrium of complete stillness and deeper thoughts on contra- resistance on local and global levels. Fighting (y)our stupidities. Contra. I have never ever before gotten myself into such an unusual setting for a recording project. And yet, so simple. So naked. So peaceful. Alone at night. As we all are. I borrowed the keys to the beautiful church of Gustafsberg, from my neighbor Rune. I went there at midnight. Set up my recording gear. Old school DAT machine, tube pre-amps and two AKG 414s in an extreme stereo set-up, close to the horn. The horn of choice. The contrabass sax. The monstrous sax-machine “Tubax” made by the German engineer Benedikt Eppelsheim at the turn of the century. I sat down in the first row of benches. Breathing. Preparing. Contemplating. The saxophone positioned in the very middle of the church, close to the altar. More than 6 hours straight of low-end sax noise and many breaks later: the sun set. At around 7 am… I was done. I was alone the whole night. And yet, not all alone. Some things were going on in that church. In that room. I kid you not. Never audible. But strongly felt. Whatever presence of the old or new gods - old and new dreams - it effected the music and my mind. I let it happen. I let it all flow. Alone at night. There is nothing to explain. -Mats Gustafsson 2003/ 2021
Michael Anklin - Mekonium (LP)
Michael Anklin - Mekonium (LP)Sais Records
Mekonium is Michael Anklin’s solo debut. He is a drummer, electronic musician and producer living in Switzerland. To expand his sound spectrum, he uses field recordings, analog synthesizer, tape machines, as well as self-constructed instruments and sound objects. His sound is characterized by prepared acoustic drums, various objects and sound manipulations. Anklin collaborates with artists such as Dim Grimm, Kilchhofer, Janiv Oron and Wordcolour. He is one of the founding members of the open structured band «UFO» and the science-fiction ritual band «Liebeslied». He produces music for theater, dance and sound installations. Inspired by the pureness of ritual and traditional music, Mekonium sounds like a documentation of a fictional ceremony. Topics such as temporal consciousness, minimalism and anti-virtuosity as well as sounds barely perceptible by our auditory system influenced the production process Drones, soundscapes and slowly morphing repetitive patterns establish a state of time. To represent the concept of reduction, each track starts off with a single instrument or sounding object on which the composition slowly started to grow. Like grapes fermented into wine, acoustic sounds developed into different sound manipulations, still preserving the „taste“ of the original sound sources. The Tracks „Exon“ and „Zymosis“ contain a musical deconstruction of Lucas Rössner’s bassoon. Sounds from the Instrument were dissected with different types of microphones and rejoined into a collage. Hagneck, a hydroelectric powerplant next to Lake Biel was stocked with a number of contact microphones resulting in a huge powerful drone which built the fundament of the track. Mekonium deals with the feeling, condition and dilation of time. Musical fragments are played simultaneously at different speed, acoustic sounds were frozen, deformed, stretched and rearranged.
Camille Doughty - God's Prescriptions (Green Vinyl LP)
Camille Doughty - God's Prescriptions (Green Vinyl LP)Regrooved
Precious musical legacies may not be forgotten. Therefore, ReGrooved makes sure that one-of-a-kind records receive a well-deserved re-release. God’s Prescriptions, Camille Doughty’s sole solo effort, is a prime example of a soul/gospel album that earns the right to be heard, time and time again. Born in mid-January 1944, Camille Doughty the singer proved to be gifted at age 10 when she joined the Green Spiritual Singers and performed with them throughout her home state, Ohio. At 12, she was six years shy of the minimum 18 years age limit to join the Young Adult Choir. However, her extraordinary vocal qualities warranted an exception in her case. Two years later she was recruited by her uncle, Rev. Shellie R. Doughty Senior into the Inspirational Choir of the Mr. Herman Baptist Church, a renowned ensemble in Doughty’s hometown of Columbus. 1972 marked the year in which Camille finally went solo, urged on by numerous admirers of her singing capabilities. Since then, she has appeared in several concerts, radio programs and television shows in the United States. In many of her appearances, she had the opportunity to perform with celebrated professionals of the gospel genre. All these efforts culminated in the release of her only solo record, God’s Prescriptions. Released in 1978 on Gospel Roots, it was never reissued… until now! ReGrooved is proud to present a beautiful, supreme quality remaster of the original album, first released by the Gospel Roots label. It features her famous rendition of the traditional spiritual ‘Elijah Rock’ and several other standards, including ‘I Trust in God’, ‘It Don’t Cost Very Much’ and ‘I Asked the Lord’. Our third release is a wake-up call to those who have been touched by Doughty’s voice back in the day, as well as a beautiful introduction to new fans.
Space Ghost - Private Paradise (LP)Space Ghost - Private Paradise (LP)
Space Ghost - Private Paradise (LP)Pacific Rhythm
Pacific Rhythm is elated to present a grounding offering from Oakland's Space Ghost entitled Private Paradise as our first release of 2022. The LP is an ode to Space Ghost's time spent at Sea Ranch on the Northern California coast, a place he and his partner visit to refresh their spirit and regain optimism and enthusiasm for the outside world. Private Paradise possesses a rare ability to restore, rejuvenate, and inspire through each listen and is something we've only grown more and more fond of during the unforeseen complications we encountered during its release over the past two years. It's a piece of music that feels like a perfect nod to where we've been musically for the past 8 years and where we see ourselves heading in the future. Deep, contemplative, and uplifting audio that compels its listeners to focus on the positive forces in the world and the power of being present in a moment.
The pale faced family on the hill & Oliver Coates - The pale faced family on the hill (LP)The pale faced family on the hill & Oliver Coates - The pale faced family on the hill (LP)
The pale faced family on the hill & Oliver Coates - The pale faced family on the hill (LP)Line Explorations
Recordings of The pale faced family on the hill took place over a week in January 2020 in a small church hall on the outskirts of London. A small number of electronic music producers decided to form a collective and make heavy ambient music for raw pleasure in the agreement that their identity be withheld. They invited Oliver Coates as a live musician to contribute cello drone which they would then add to, process, subtract from and mix with weather recordings and esoteric ways of generating sounds, including old sample packs and whatever else they had to hand. The results were mixed down to tape live without further editing or arrangement. Wishing to work under a cloak of anonymity, the process freed the producers from their other lives and released output, allowing them to enter a new group alias, to induce heady states of sound and to become a group without hierarchies.
Arovane - Tides [2022 Remaster] (LP)Arovane - Tides [2022 Remaster] (LP)
Arovane - Tides [2022 Remaster] (LP)KEPLAR
»Tides« marked a radical change in direction for Arovane. After Uwe Zahn had made a name for himself with cutting-edge IDM rhythms and slick ambient textures on a slew of releases, his sophomore album saw the prolific producer opt for a sample-based approach that resulted in a more organic sound and laid-back downbeat grooves. Having reissued Arovane’s seminal »Atol-Scrap« as a double LP in 2021, the Berlin-based Keplar label now makes »Tides« available on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 2000 through the legendary City Centre Offices. The new version has been remastered by Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering and comes with a brand new cover artwork. It shines a new light on a release for which Zahn quite literally ventured into previously unknown territory — »Tides« is an album that emits a timeless, quiet calm and nonetheless stays constantly in motion. »The idea for the album came to me after a vacation in France«, says Zahn. Inspired by the landscape, especially the coastline and the sea, he made field recordings throughout his trip that were also used on the record, giving it its sensual feel. The foundation of the album however, the loose yet gripping grooves at the heart of every track, result from Zahn working extensively with samples. »I wanted to make use of drum sounds and small excerpts from old jazz vinyl records«, he explains. He maintained the unique sound signatures and rhythmic flutter of the source material while building intricate beats with them. Most of the material was culled from the record collection of Christian Kleine, whose spontaneous guitar improvisations over the first musical sketches were recorded and edited by Zahn and can be heard on four tracks. Also employing the occasional cembalo or spinet sound, he worked with a hardware sequencer and a delay to integrate the different, discrete elements into nine tracks that feel both dense and light at once. What’s astonishing still 22 years later is how spacious »Tides« sounds. This is due to the fact that Zahn not only paid close attention to the sonic idiosyncrasies of his source material, but also to what happened in between those sounds. »Mark Hollis’s solo album was a huge inspiration at that time«, says Zahn. »What I find fascinating about it until this day is how silence and the subtle hiss of the mixing boards were being used on that record.« Silence was also an important stylistic element on »Tides« and adds greatly to the overall atmosphere of an album that with the appropriately named »Theme« immediately sets the mood with intricate spinet melodies: Zahn opens a door for his listeners and invites them to follow him to see a specific part of the world through his very own lens. As a whole, the album mirrors Zahn’s trip that took him along the steep cliffs on a foggy day (»Seaside«), to an abandoned house in which he found old maps (»A Secret«), along the coastline during a long car ride (»Deauville«), to a sleepy village and the slowly moving sea (»Tides«) and finally back home to his native Germany where he started reflecting upon his experiences, ultimately deciding to translate them into music (»Epilogue«). »Whenever I listen to this album now, the images and memories it evokes are incredibly vivid and vibrant«, he says. It’s not hard to see — or rather hear — why. »Tides« may have been a deeply personal project, but it effortlessly evokes universal feelings by (re-)building an entire world in the course of only a few pieces of music.
Da' Enna C. - 365° (2LP+DL)Da' Enna C. - 365° (2LP+DL)
Da' Enna C. - 365° (2LP+DL)Hipnotech
デジタル・ダウンロードが付属。アンダーグラウンド・ヒップホップ名所〈Hipnotech〉からも複数の作品をリリースしているデトロイトのグループであり、同レーベルのオーナーの一人George Taggartも参加するDa' Enna C.が1998年にCDオンリーで発表し、4万円近い高値をつけたこともある唯一のアルバムが自身らの〈Hipnotech〉よりアナログ復刻。J DILLAともコラボレーションしていたカルトなヒップホップ・グループが98年に残した激レアな一枚が史上初のLP化。物悲しく病んだムードを醸す”Back Stabbin”、底知れずイルで破滅的な”Addickted”など極上のトラックが満載のブーンバップ名盤!
Holy Other - Lieve (CD)
Holy Other - Lieve (CD)
It's been nine years since the release of the great masterpiece "Held" released from the late Ten's experimental sanctuary . A Manchester producer who has been selected as one of the best tracks of the year for twice, he also introduced how To Dress Well, Blvck Ceiling, CFCF and others in his own mix, and remixes such as This Will Destroy You and Asobi Seksu. Holy Other, a project by David Ainley who also worked on it, announced the latest work after a long time. Formerly known as the witch house cult icon. The long-awaited second album also shows a jet-black and apocalyptic electric sound that seems to connect from the current post-industrial to post-club, Yves Tumor and Tim Hecker.
Hydroplane (LP)Hydroplane (LP)
Hydroplane (LP)Efficient Space
Hydroplane reinstate their formidable 1997 debut of sublime guitar atmospherics, fragile lyricism and droning incidentals with an overdue vinyl and digital reissue. An offshoot of the now-féted The Cat’s Miaow, the trio formed after their drummer decamped to London, charting new territory with tape loops, manipulated samples and a borrowed Jupiter 4 in the wake of Endtroducing. Adopting a handle that Dean Wareham once considered calling Luna, Hydroplane intended to only ever release Excerpts From Forthcoming LP, a single-sided 7” sonic collage, before imploding in mystery. Their label however insisted they deliver their taunted album. From the comfort of a Brunswick flat, they continued to record soaring melodies and restrained song structures to 4-track, sculpting dramatic Radiophonic Workshop cues weighted in reverb and near-perfect dream pop lead by Kerrie Bolton’s empyrean vocals. Bored of industry expectation and largely ignored by local audiences, the reluctant performers followed the way of The Cannanes and formed meaningful overseas alliances by mail and phone, securing releases on Michigan outpost Drive-In and Broadcast launching pad Wurlitzer Jukebox. Championed by John Peel with twenty spins on his converted Radio One slot and even polling in the Festive Fifty of 1997, the humble three-piece still walked to their neighbourhood shops undetected. Previously only available as a US-issued CD, this reminiscent late-night suite establishes Hydroplane as an everlasting ember in Australia’s beloved indie nexus.
V.A. - Viento Sur (LP)V.A. - Viento Sur (LP)
V.A. - Viento Sur (LP)VAMPISOUL
Let yourself go with the overwhelming musical output of Argentina’s very own Melopea Discos, in a selection of songs that explore fusion with an air of mystery and a side of exquisite sensitivity across 11 carefully curated leftfield synth pop, experimental folk and ambient tracks. “Viento Sur” has been compiled by Argentine DJs and collectors Bárbara Salazar and Alejandro Cohen (dublab) based in Buenos Aires and Los Angeles respectively. Most of the songs are reissued here for the first time and many of them were previously unavailable on vinyl. Includes a 4-page insert with liner notes and photos. Remastered sound.
Jorge Ben - Bem-Vinda Amizade (LP)
Jorge Ben - Bem-Vinda Amizade (LP)VAMPISOUL
Jorge Ben is someone who needs no introduction. Since his first hits in the 60s, this artist has become one of the greatest icons of Brazilian pop music. His anthems "Mais Que Nada" or "Pais Tropical" are probably two of the most ever-listened Brazilian songs of all time. After being involved in the Tropicalia movement and incorporating the influences of Afro-American funk into his repertoire, with the support of his backing band -Trio Mocotó-, his very personal samba sound also opened up to the new musical trends coming from the States at the edge of the 70s. Boogie and disco music were making headway and soon became popular in the Brazilian market. Jorge Ben's albums recorded at the beginning of the 80s reflect this trend and deliver a good number of outstanding tunes. “Bem-Vinda Amizade” is one of those albums. Recorded in 1981, it is a solid album, start to finish. It comprises the usual samba funk numbers, so characteristic of Jorge Ben, with killer boogie and disco tracks (‘Oé Oé (Faz O Carro De Boi Na Estrada)’, ‘Ela Mora Em…’). And it also contains downtempo soulful slow burners like 'Lorraine' or 'Katarina, Katarina', funky as Hell! An essential addition to any Brazilian music collection.
Wganda Kenya (LP)
Wganda Kenya (LP)VAMPISOUL
Wganda Kenya was a group formed by Discos Fuentes under the idea of developing an African and Caribbean sound in order to appeal to the Costeño Colombian market and also inject a little international exoticism into the label. This 1976 album has become a collector’s favorite waiting to be reissued, and it’s not hard to understand why since it’s full of so many Afro-Funk, Congolese rumba and Caribbean-flavored dance floor burners. Special edition reissue containing two non-album bonus tracks from the same period that appeared on 45s and various artist compilations, as well as an insert with liner notes. Pressed on 180g vinyl. First time reissue.
Travesía - Ni Un Minuto Más De Dolor (LP)
Travesía - Ni Un Minuto Más De Dolor (LP)VAMPISOUL
A new title in the series of full-album reissues that Vampisoul is releasing (co-produced in collaboration with Little Butterfly Records) as a valuable addition to our largely acclaimed compilation “América Invertida”, focusing on the obscure leftfield pop and experimental folk scene from ‘80s Uruguay, making some of these elusive and essential albums available again. Only album (1983) released by this all-female trio, Travesía, an essential asset of the effervescent scene of experimental Uruguayan artists who at the time mixed folklore, the avant-garde and pop under the influence of bossa nova and tropicalia. The minimalist instrumentation highlighted the trio's complex and ethereal vocal arrangements resulting in a beautiful album, released almost forty years ago but that could have been made yesterday. Perfect listening for fans of the ethereal pop by artists like Antena or Les Disques Du Crépuscule’s sound and lovers of vocal harmonies in the tradition of bands like Free Design. Travesía’s members Mariana Ingold and Estela Magnone would later release outstanding solo albums that have also become very much in-demand in recent times. "Ni Un Minuto Más de Dolor" is reissued here on vinyl for the first time, in its original artwork (plus OBI) and including an insert with liner notes by the Uruguayan music journalist Andrés Torrón.
Lynn Avery & Cole Pulice - Belt of Venus (CS+DL)
Lynn Avery & Cole Pulice - Belt of Venus (CS+DL)Moon Glyph
Lynn Avery and Cole Pulice return with a new album of piano, synthesizers, tenor sax, wind synths and electronics. Following their excellent previous albums (Iceblink’s "Carpet Cocoon" and Cole Pulice’s "Gloam") the duo moves into otherworldly ambience that straddles acoustic and digital spaces, evoking an uncanny world both strange and familiar. “To Live & Die In Space & Time” began with an improvised set at the 2020 Drone Not Drones festival in Minneapolis that unveiled new worlds of sonic possibilities the duo wanted to reapproach. Lynn and Cole continued exploring this palette of sounds and ideas in the months that followed, a practice that continued as they relocated across the country and settled in their now home of Oakland, California. Lynn and Cole were not initially intending to create an "album" - instead, they were just committed to a regular practice of improvising, recording, forgetting, reapproaching, alchemizing old & new ideas, and allowing material to shapeshift. Eventually, something like an album revealed itself, which Lynn and Cole honed into “To Live & Die in Space & Time.” The sounds of TL&DIS&T are elegant, transportive and vast, like being wrapped in a blanket of stars, finding warmth and comfort in the unknown spaces of transition that don't immediately reveal meaning or purpose. In other words, the constellation of sounds on TL&DIS&T approach floating in "the void" as something less than ominous, perhaps even enchanting.
My Bloody Valentine - m b v (LP+Obi+DL)
My Bloody Valentine - m b v (LP+Obi+DL)Domino

After 20 years of incubation, My Bloody Valentine's third album, m b v, was suddenly released in 2013, and was at once their most experimental and most melodic and immediate work, proving their insatiable appetite for reform. Highly acclaimed as an astounding work that pushed the boundaries of musical and genre concepts even further, it also featured a type of music that had never been heard before. At once otherworldly, familiar, and intuitive, this album is a masterpiece for a new era, a stunningly beautiful transformation of the sound synonymous with MBV as it had been known up to that point. The album's final track, "Wonder 2," is a testament to this, with Shields' hypnotic guitar sound mixed with drum'n'bass that has left many awestruck.

Mastered from original 1/2" analog tape using Studer A80 VU-PRE and Neumann VMS 80.
Mastered from original 1/2" analog tape using Studer A80 VU-PRE and Neumann VMS 80
180g weight vinyl
Standard gatefold outer sleeve
Produced and mixed by Kevin Shields
Includes five 300 x 300 mm art prints
Includes DL code (24-bit | 16-bit | mp3)

7FO - Ran - Bouten (LP)
7FO - Ran - Bouten (LP)Conatala

“ When I started working on the piece in March of 2020, I had only decided to record it in the way I wanted to. The coronavirus was spreading globally, and the situation was gradually changing into something very serious. With no gigs scheduled and hardly seeing anyone, I felt as if my spirit was in a slightly deeper place than usual during the production. I sat down in front of my equipment as if I were dropping a fishing line into a quiet lake. I kept feeling that something new was lurking beneath the water surface. I was trying to catch that something that seemed to be just out of reach, that floated in and out of sight like a speck of smoke. ”
_Referenced from: Afterword of 7FO「Ran - Bouten」

2021 brings a new album by Osaka electronic musician / producer 7FO. This work is a departure from the recent global ambient / new age approach, and the unique sound aesthetic created using only hardware equipment is a new frontier of 7FO or a return to his origin. "Ran - Bouten" is a new electronic music album with a poetic sensibility using machines.

Discovered by overseas labels such as RVNG intl., Bokeh Versions, and Metron-and with the release that followed EM Records in his hometown Osaka, it's like his personal folk craft that was once quietly played at his own pace. Music has reached listeners around the world. In recent years, he has been touring from a famous performance with Tapes at the Belgian "Meakusma Festival 2019" to a Japan-Korea tour. "Ran - Bouten" was born as a result of facing the sound alone without being asked by anyone to cool down the heat when the steaming and intense experience had settled down. Inside the cool electronic sound like a water bath, you can feel the maker's heart sending hot blood.

Peep into the condensed universe of a home-recorded miniature world that looks like an independent production of unknown age. He was alone in a dark room, making full use of KAWAI's 1990 digital and FM synthesizers , tracing the shape of nature and resonating the micro and macro sound worlds. The Rhythm and melody that continues to the Paradise Pure Land, which floats in a dreamy atmosphere, is the true value of 7FO even without his guitar play.

Mastering by Makoto Oshiro, which supports everything from home listening to club sound systems. Hiroaki Hidaka designed the jacket to make the image of the sound appear cool and friendly everywhere.

Dalis Car - The Waking Hour (LP)Dalis Car - The Waking Hour (LP)
Dalis Car - The Waking Hour (LP)Beggars Banquet
This is the only album by Darris Carr, the legendary project of Japan's Mick Kahn and Bauhaus' Peter Murphy, which was released in 1984. The album contains seven songs, including the single "The Judgement Is The Mirror", which was recorded on Captain Beefheart's classic album "Trout Mask Replica". The band borrowed its name from a song on Captain Beefheart's classic album "Trout Mask Replica," and the artwork, which features a portion of Maxfield Parrish's famous painting "Dawn," was selected as one of FACT magazine's 20 best goth albums. For this RSD release, the album will be reissued on a limited-edition magenta vinyl with the latest remastering from the original analog tapes.
Kiki Kudo - Profile Eterna (12")
Kiki Kudo - Profile Eterna (12")The Trilogy Tapes
Artist-turned-writer-turned-DJ-turned-producer-turned-chef Kiki Kudo, following up releases on Good Morning Tapes, Workshop and Incienso with two kitchen wave rollers for TTT.
Haramia Tapes - Daydreaming (LP)
Haramia Tapes - Daydreaming (LP)Baroque Sunburst
Budapest, Hungary-based producer Laurine Frost, popular for his series of works based on the story of his imaginary daughter's life, has released her latest album under the name Haramia Tapes for the first time in four years! A dope blend of dub, broken beats, and jungle. 7 groovy, cleverly stripped down, hypnotic tracks. Mastering and cutting at by Helmut Erler. Limited to 300 copies.
Jacques Thollot - Watch Devil Go (LP)
Jacques Thollot - Watch Devil Go (LP)Souffle Continu Records
To write these few lines, we spoke to saxophonist François Jeanneau, an old friend of Jacques Thollot who also played on several of his albums, including the “Watch Devil Go” which interests us here. He told us a story which, according to him, sums up the personality of Thollot. A noted studio had reserved three days for a Thollot recording session. The first morning was devoted to sound checks and putting some order in the score sheets which Jacques would hand out in a somewhat anarchic manner. Then everyone went for lunch. When the musicians returned to the studio, Thollot had disappeared. He wasn’t seen again for the three days. When he reappeared, he had already forgotten why he had left, The music of Jacques Thollot is in the image of its’ author: it takes you somewhere, suddenly escapes and disappears, returning in an unexpected place as if nothing had happened. Four years after a first album on the Futura label in 1971, Jacques Thollot returned, this time on the Palm label of Jef Gilson, still with just as much surrealist poetry in his jazz. In thirty-five minutes and a few seconds, the French composer and drummer, who had been on the scene since he was thirteen, established himself as a link between Arnold Schoenberg and Don Cherry. Resistant to any imposed framework and always excessive, Thollot allows himself to do anything and everything: suspended time of an extraordinary delicacy, a stealthy explosion of the brass section, hallucinatory improvisation of the synthesisers, tight writing, teetering on the classical, and in the middle of all that, a hit; the title-track - that Madlib would one day end up hearing and sampling. “Watch Devil Go” was in the right place in the Palm catalogue, which welcomed the cream of the French avant-garde in the 70s. But it is also the story of a long friendship between two men. Jacques Thollot and Jef Gilson had known and respected one another for a long time. Though barely sixteen years old, Thollot was already on drums on the first albums by Gilson starting in 1963 and would play in his big band (alongside François Jeanneau once again), ‘Europamerica’, until the end of the 70s. In a career lasting half a century and centred on freedom Jacques Thollot played with the most important experimental musicians (Don Cherry, Sonny Sharrock, Michel Roques, Barney Wilen, Steve Lacy, François Tusques, Michel Portal, Jac Berrocal, Noël Akchoté...) and they all heard in him a pulsation coming from another world.
Acid Mothers Reynols - Vol. 2 (LP)Acid Mothers Reynols - Vol. 2 (LP)
Acid Mothers Reynols - Vol. 2 (LP)Hive Mind Records
"Here, the chicken sings better than anyone" Miguel Tomasin We are extremely happy to present to you the second volume of the explosive collaboration between two legendary collectives of the ecstatic music underground. In 2017 Kawabata Makoto and his Acid Mothers Temple embarked on an extensive tour of South America. During the tour they carved out time to record and play shows with Argentine 'disembodied' music provocateurs Reynols and the results of these improvised sessions are a unique and exhilarating leap into the infinite...ecstatic, shamanic, truly free psychedelic music, beyond language and beyond all rational thought.
François Tusques - Dazibao N°2 (LP)
François Tusques - Dazibao N°2 (LP)SouffleContinu
First reissue! This is a sequel to the 1970 solo piano work "Piano Dazibao" after the release of France's first free jazz album "Free Jazz" and "Le Nouveau Jazz" created with Barney Wilen and others. A solo piano work released in 1971 from the Buddha Underground Music Hall of Futura Records. In contrast to the confusion of the previous work, this work contains a maze-like long song in which dissonance and repetition appear alternately. "Attica 71", which uses a prepared piano and has a percussive hammer stroke to develop a minimalistic development, and "La Zone Des Tempêtes", which has a meditative majesty, are magnificent as if praying for peace from a storm. Work. A work that is two sides of the same coin with the previous work "Piano Dazibao". 180G heavy board & remastering specifications.
François Tusques - Piano Dazibao (LP)
François Tusques - Piano Dazibao (LP)SouffleContinu
The original is over € 100! First reissue! !! A solo piano work released from the French underground music hall in 1970 after releasing "Free Jazz", which is said to be the first free jazz album in France, and "Le Nouveau Jazz" created with Barney Wilen and others. Under the influence of Mao Zedong and Lewis Carroll, as you can see from the titles named after the Chinese wall newspaper and big-character posters, I left the freedom, hopes and demands I wanted to cherish on the keyboard, and at home from May to September 1970. It was recorded. Includes songs homage to friends such as Don Cherry, Sunny Murray and Archie Shepp. The free performance that is lightly distorted when it bounces when it contains various elements such as sound chain, free form, blues, growl and dissonance, requiem is a masterpiece! A work that is two sides of the same coin with the sequel "Dazibao n ° 2". 180G heavy board & remastering specifications.
Eric Schumacher, Andrea Clavadetscher - Greguar, Echos Aus Dem Record-Valley (LP)Eric Schumacher, Andrea Clavadetscher - Greguar, Echos Aus Dem Record-Valley (LP)
Eric Schumacher, Andrea Clavadetscher - Greguar, Echos Aus Dem Record-Valley (LP)Tonal Oceans
Recorded in 1997 in Vienna as part of a workshop named "Greguar" which took place at the University of applied Arts in Vienna, and was produced by the Institute of contemporary Art Vienna. Official re-release!

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