We ship worldwide by DHL Express!
It takes about 3 days to arrive after shipment with tracking number.
For example, under 2kg, LP 3 copies + 3 copies of CD/CS can be shipped.


Up to 2kg 2,700 YEN
Up to 5kg 3,680 YEN
Up to 7.5kg 7,380 YEN
Up to 10kg 9,800 YEN
More than 10.1kg 13,200 YEN

North America, Canada, Oceania, Middle East

Up to 2kg 3,700 YEN
Up to 5kg 4,780 YEN
Up to 7kg 8,800 YEN
Up to 10kg 15,600 YEN
More than 10.1kg 18,800 YEN


Up to 2kg 3,280 YEN
Up to 5kg 5,480 YEN
Up to 6.5kg 9,800 YEN
Up to 10kg 20,000 YEN
More than 10.1kg 28,000 YEN


Up to 2kg 2,900 YEN
Up to 5kg 3,680 YEN
Up to 7kg 7,580 YEN
Up to 10kg 14,800 YEN
More than 10.1kg 19,800 YEN

South America

Up to 2kg 4,500 YEN
Up to 5kg 8,500 YEN
Up to 6.5kg 16,000 YEN
Up to 10kg 28,000 YEN
More than 10.1kg 45,800 YEN

Russia(only by Fedex)

Up to 2kg 5,000 YEN
Up to 5kg 9,000 YEN
Up to 8kg 10,000 YEN
Up to 10kg 11,000 YEN
More than 10.1kg 12,000 YEN

It does not include customs duties, consumption taxes, and other expenses in the recipient's country.