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Joe Armon-Jones & Mala - A Way Back (12")Joe Armon-Jones & Mala - A Way Back (12")
Joe Armon-Jones & Mala - A Way Back (12")Aquarii Records
Mala and Joe Armon-Jones unite on A Way Back; a five track collaborative project that calls back the golden age of dubstep, released on Armon-Jones’ imprint Aquarii Records.
Shackleton - The Majestic Yes (12")Shackleton - The Majestic Yes (12")
Shackleton - The Majestic Yes (12")Honest Jon's Records
Taking off from Beaugars Seck’s foundational sabar drum rhythms — recorded by Sam in Dakar in February 2020 — Shackleton has constructed a trio of intricately layered, luminous, enchanted, epic excursions. The second is more dazzled and meandering, with jellied bass, insectile detail, and discombobulated jabbering; the third is more liquid, fleet of foot, and psychedelic, with a grooving b-line and funky keyboard stabs, scrambled eastern strings and hypnotic vocalese. The harmonium in The Overwhelming Yes sounds like Nico blowing in chillily from up the desert shore. The overall mood is wondrous, twinkling with light, onwards-and-upwards; an uncanny, dubwise mix of the ancient and the futuristic. Mark Ernestus’ Version is stripped, trepidatious, mystical, and stranger still, with just a snatch of the original melody, extra distortion and delay, and crystal-clear drum sound. Twenty minutes of startlingly original music, with Shackleton the maestro at the top of his game, and a characteristically evilous dub by Mark Ernestus. Mastered by Rashad Becker; handsomely sleeved. Sick to the nth. Love 4 Ever.
Scientist - In The Kingdom Of Dub (LP)
Scientist - In The Kingdom Of Dub (LP)Superior Viaduct
King Tubbyの右腕としても知られるダブ錬金術師、Scientistの1981年初期名作が米名門Superior Viaductよりヴァイナル再発!淡々と続くミニマルな展開と要所要所でかかる強烈なエフェクトがなんともニクい中毒系の一枚。空間系のエフェクトもアナログ感が絶妙で、とってもスペーシーな音質。これはもう職人技としか言いようがないですね。オリジナルは高値で取引されてきただけに嬉しい再発。
Scientist - Introducing Scientist (The Best Dub Album In The World) (LP)
Scientist - Introducing Scientist (The Best Dub Album In The World) (LP)Superior Viaduct

Hopeton Brown, better known as Scientist, has been a pioneering figure in the world of dub for nearly 40 years. His early love of electronics proved fruitful when (still a teenager) he was hired at King Tubby's studio in Kingston. Brown quickly ascended the ranks and became heir to Tubby's throne, producing imaginative and technically impressive mixes that solidified his forward-looking nickname.

Introducing Scientist - The Best Dub Album In The World, his 1980 debut LP, lives up to its boastful title. Recorded with Sly & Robbie at Channel One Studio and mixed at King Tubby's, the album features hypnotic basslines, reverb-drenched keyboards, and fluid, start-stop rhythms. Opening track "Steppers," with its well-balanced phrasing and organic contours, shows Scientist's mastery of the studio-as-instrument concept. On "Scientific," the effects-laden guitars are stretched to their outer limit to create magnificent, spaced-out textures and muted tension. Introducing Scientist displays the talents of a man obsessed with every element of production, drawing out the very best of the dub form.

The Upsetters - Scratch The Upsetter Again (LP)
The Upsetters - Scratch The Upsetter Again (LP)Antarctica Starts Here
The Upsetters, a studio band that rehearsed at Lee Perry's Kingston record store at the end of the 60's, released their first album in 1970 and it has been reissued on vinyl by Antarctica Starts Here, a subsidiary of Superior Viaduct. The Upsetters were a studio band that rehearsed in record shops. The album is mainly Ska and Rocksteady, with dreamy reverbed keyboards and studio work that could be considered a prototype for dub.
Dadawah - Peace And Love - Wadadasow (LP)
Dadawah - Peace And Love - Wadadasow (LP)Antarctica Starts Here
Dark, hypnotic, tripping nyabinghi from 1974. Led by Ras Michael over four extended excursions, the music is organic, sublime and expansive, grounation-drums and bass heavy (with no rhythm guitar, rather Willie Lindo brilliantly improvising a kind of dazed, harmolodic blues). Lloyd Charmers and Federal engineer George Raymond stayed up all night after the session, to mix the recording, opening out the enraptured mood into echoing space, adding sparse, startling effects to the keyboards. At no cost to its deep spirituality, this is the closest reggae comes to psychedelia. Lovingly returned to its original, singular glory, restored at Abbey Road, with superfly vinyl in old-school, hand-assembled sleeves.
7FO - Healing Sword (7")7FO - Healing Sword (7")
7FO - Healing Sword (7")Em Records
“Surf synth acid dancehall rock!!” is how Jackson Bailey aka Tapes/Rezette describes the A-side of this new release from Osaka’s 7FO. This 7-inch single, marking 7FO’s return to EM Records, is an homage to both the vinyl single format itself and also to the legendary producer Joe Meek. “Healing Sword” is the first time 7FO has created a track expressly as a single. On the flip side, “Snake (Live)” is a dubby lo-fi mono travelogue. The ‘onsen’ (hot spring) artwork is by artist/performer Keisuke Yamao and friends.
7FO - 竜のぬけがら (LP)7FO - 竜のぬけがら (LP)
7FO - 竜のぬけがら (LP)Em Records
Captain Ganja + Haruomi Hosono + A. Russell !? This is the rumored Pure Land Dub New Age Base! A natural talent who fell in love with that Tapes, a new album of all 7FO songs has been completed !!!! A fluffy daydream experience with Nirvana BGM with a faint grassy scent. Offers from leading labels such as RVNG and Bokeh Versions are coming in, and the attention is rising overseas overseas, but Japan is left behind? I hear a voice saying, but wait! We kept waiting for this talent to stone and explode, and finally it was time to awaken !!!!!! The decisive difference between 7FO and conventional electronic music writers is that it treats ambient-new age synth electronics with natural ethnicity like dub-reggae, with a feeling that Westerners do not have. That's the point. That sense is the reason why it produces the sound that the times demand, and is supported by RVNG-like new age-electronic music, new roots revival to extreme bass music, and La Monte Young to Equiknoxx fans. In a metaphorical way, what would happen if Haruomi Hosono from the YEN-Monad period appeared in the 2010s base scene? That is, it still has a mysterious potential. If you tell someone who doesn't know anything about the charm of "Ryu no Nukegara", you can get the true value straight away! ?? Natural high additive-free chill-out decision board that will be a landmark of 7FO that told that Tapes "There is no reason for me to make music ..." (The binding by Hiroto Higuchi is this sound Successful visualization.)
Jackie Mittoo - Ayatollah (12")
Jackie Mittoo - Ayatollah (12")Basic Replay
Ayatollah is an apocalyptic record, full of dread - dubwise and deep from the first chords of Jackie Mittoo's interstellar keys, over classic Wackies-style steppers drum and bass - with a dream-like atmosphere in which pain and sufferation are swirled together with devotional mystery and redemption. Originally released on the Nefertiti label, like Rocking Universally this is from the early eighties (and the B-side here is another essential, extended version of that rhythm - dancefloor murder), when Jackie Mittoo was between New York and Toronto. Such a killer.
Black Uhuru - Showcase (LP)
Black Uhuru - Showcase (LP)Taxi Records
"Originally released in 1979 on Sly & Robbie's Taxi label, this album was Black Uhuru's second LP. Recorded at Channel One it set forth a new sound in recorded music technology. The songs blend into dub versions and the mixing is simply stunning. The track Shine Eye Gal also features guitarist Keith Richards" (but hey, nobody's perfect). "Hear the meticulous song writing of Michael Rose, joined by Puma Jones & Duckie Simpson, to complete the vocal line-up. Sly & Robbie and the Taxi Gang created a sublime sonic masterpiece at Channel One studio in Jamaica. They were at their absolute peak of their powers, before being launched as global superstars with Grace Jones. Black Uhuru went on to be an extremely popular live outfit, touring endlessly around the world, breaking down barriers and making new inroads to territories previously unknown to Jamaican artists. This Classic reissue is a must for all reggae collectors."
El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey - Ekundayo Inversions (Clear Red Vinyl LP)
El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey - Ekundayo Inversions (Clear Red Vinyl LP)BIG CROWN
There has always been a Reggae influence in the music of El Michels Affair. From their cover of “Hung Up On My Baby” done in a Reggae style, to the general sound and approach that permeates Leon’s production style. While recording Bailey’s 2020 Ekundayo album, they did some straight forward reggae tunes inspired by different eras alongside some modern R&B tracks that would fit more comfortably next to Frank Ocean than Jacob Miller. It is this same notion that old and new can live so comfortably together that birthed the idea of Ekundayo Inversions. Traditional dub came out of reggae in the late 60s and early 70s when pioneers like King Tubby and Lee Perry started taking the multi track recordings of songs and running them back through the board adding effects and additional instrumentation. These recordings are called “dubs” or “versions” and are typically instrumentals with flourishes of vocals from the original tracks. El Michels decided to use the blueprints left behind and make something using the influences of today. He wound up straying so far from the traditional format that it didn’t seem right to use the word ‘Dub’, hence Ekundayo Inversions. All the songs are tied together by WhatsApp messages between Leon and Liam that perfectly narrate the story of this record and their working relationship. One of the highlights on Ekundayo Inversions is a guest appearance from the legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry on the “Ugly Truth” version. L$P switches between singing and talking, proclaiming his powers one minute and playing with the track’s title the next. On “Awkward take. 2” Leon takes one of the most experimental songs from Ekundayo and actually straightens it out. A track that once seemed to be floating in space has now been anchored by the addition of drums and bass. “Faded”, a version of “Paper Tiger”, is given the full EMA treatment with the addition of emotive horns over an uncomfortably sparse rhythm track peppered with Liam’s voice drenched in delay and echo. “Champions” features a verse from Black Thought of The Roots and halfway through, El Michels sends the rhythm section 50 years back. At the end of the day, Ekundayo Inversions is a testament to how strong the original songs are. Whether they’re in a R&B style, reggae style, stripped down to their bare bones, or loaded with production, the songs will move you.
Sceptre - Essence Of Redemption (Ina Dif'rent Styley) (LP)
Sceptre - Essence Of Redemption (Ina Dif'rent Styley) (LP)Radiation Roots
Founded in 1981 in Britain's second city Birmingham, the band Sceptre were part of a thriving local music scene, a scene that for the most part revolved around live shows in the region's community centres, university campuses, pubs and nightclubs. Neglected by major labels, many bands went unrecorded and of those that did get documented most managed to release just one or two singles. Fortunately, Sceptre recorded and released an entire album, 1984's “Essence of Redemption Ina Dif'rent Styley”. Poorly pressed, in very small numbers and with limited distribution, the album didn't sell well and barely made an impact on its release. However, whatever its problems the music itself was first class and over the last three decades, has acquired numerous fans and an ever growing reputation as a classic of the British reggae genre. Whilst still remaining underground and unknown to the vast majority of reggae fans, demand amongst those in the know has been such that used copies have fetched as much as £180. As part of our mission to document and reissue Britain's lost, forgotten and unreleased reggae heritage, Sceptre were high on our list of projects. Through the good offices of Black Symbol who had released Sceptre's previous two recordings on “Black Symbol Presents Handsworth Explosion Volume One”, (also reissued on Reggae Archive Records), we were introduced to Jean McLean and able to get the band members approval and cooperation with this project. Musically this is one of the strongest UK albums there is, with not a single weak track and many stand outs. Six of the ten songs are roots, varying between a classic roots sound based on a 1970s Jamaican blue print on “Essence of Redemption”, “Nuclear Disaster”, “Soul Searching” and “Pestilence and Bombing” to a more contemporary UK feel on “Right Time Coming,” whilst “Get Up And Go” incorporates a funk feel into the mix. Three of the tunes, “Play the Music”, “Me on My Own” and “Goodbye” are Lovers Rock with Jean McLean taking over lead vocal duties from the men, whilst Jean's sister Beverley aka Rankin Bev demonstrates her MC skills on the dancehall orientated “Ina Dif'rent Styley”. The album is brim full of great tracks and not only showcases the band's versatility, but also what talented songwriters and musicians they were. The fact that it didn't enjoy greater success and get heard by the reggae audience at large is a travesty we can finally put right. Sceptre's “Essence of Redemption Ina Dif'rent Styley” is reissued by Reggae Archive Records on 20th October 2014 and will be available on premium quality vinyl, CD and digital download from all leading outlets. To coincide with this release our sister label Sugar Shack Records is releasing former Sceptre guitarist, horn player, keyboard player and vocalist Jean McLean's new album “Everlasting” on the same date. credits
Cornell Campbell - Fight Against Corruption (LP)
Cornell Campbell - Fight Against Corruption (LP)Lantern Rec.
Reissue, originally released for the first time in 1983 on the UK label Vista Sound. Fight Against Corruption sees Cornell Campbell backed by most of The Aggrovators musicians (Sly & Robbie, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Jackie Mittoo, Winston Wright). The album was produced by Bunny Lee and Campbell itself, who -- here -- clearly skims some social criticism, but also does not disdain some more lovers tunes -- another killer album to love forever! Fully remastered and licensed; edition of 500.
Louisa "Markswoman" Mark - Breakout (LP)
Louisa "Markswoman" Mark - Breakout (LP)Soulgramma
Fully licensed and ltd to 1000 copies on clear vinyl ! Vintage Collection! The Queens of Lover’s rock Louisa Mark, also known as "Markswoman" (and) the Creator of Lover’s Rock Clem Bushay as producer Featuring Aswad, Zabandis, The Heptones, Rico and Don Drummond Jr. , Dennis Bovell, The In Crowd, Dave Barker, Owen Gray..and more
Alpha & Omega - ANCIENT A&O (LP)
Alpha & Omega - ANCIENT A&O (LP)Lantern Rec.
A fine selection of unpublished tracks from the pioneering British roots dub duo. "Ancient A&O is a selection of unreleased tracks and dubs we like from our old DAT tapes all created during our early years between 1989 and 1993. It includes Here For A Reason, a rare unreleased track featuring Nishka. We're very pleased the great Lantern Rec are releasing the vinyl and we hope you like it, many thanks... A&O"
Singers & Players - Leaps & Bounds (LP)Singers & Players - Leaps & Bounds (LP)
Singers & Players - Leaps & Bounds (LP)Lantern Rec.
1984 mandatory re-issue for british dub-roots combo. Co-produced by On U Sound and Cherry Red, the album shows the masterful production of wizard Adrian Sherwood and a series of sublime vocal performances by stalwarts Bim Sherman, Mikey Dread and Prince Far I. The sublime line-up is completed by master musicians Crucial Tony, "Deadly" Headley Bennett, Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah and Evar Wellington. Enjoy the purity of this aquatic sound 1
Devon Russell - Darker Than Blue (A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield) (LP)
Devon Russell - Darker Than Blue (A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield) (LP)Soulgramma
Devon Russell pays homage to Curtis Mayfield on these ten remakes recorded in the early '80s. A favorite among Jamaicans, Mayfield's songs translate well via Russell's crusty falsetto. The title track, a speedier, bouncier "We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue," one of Mayfield's most introspective songs, stands out, as does the frenzied, up-tempo, positive "Move on Up," which utilizes the engaging horn arrangement and ultra soulful bassline that made the original irresistible. But the title track is just too short -- Mayfield's mantle piece off his first solo album was a marathon-length fist pumper. Russell does justice to both "Never Too Much Love" and "The Makings of You." Curtis Mayfield and old-school reggae fans will find these interpretations pleasing. ~ Andrew Hamilton
King Tubby - King Tubby's Classics: The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs Chapter 3 (LP)
King Tubby - King Tubby's Classics: The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs Chapter 3 (LP)Radiation Roots
When dubwise music really started to come into its own in the early to mid 70s, it made overnight stars of backroom boys who had hitherto worked behind a mixing desk to serve those who were beginning to hoist reggae to an international stardom that it had long deserved, but that it had only achieved on short and non-sustained bursts until Chris Blackwell decided to throw a lot of promotion and money at the work of Bob Marley and his fellow Wailers in 1972. Of those men, there was no bigger star than the late Osbourne Ruddock, the great King Tubby’s and the man who, from a tiny home-made studio in the Waterhouse district of Kingston, Jamaica, did more than most to reposition the boundaries that production and mixing of Jamaican recordings.
King Tubby - King Tubby's Classics: The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs Chapter 2 (LP)
King Tubby - King Tubby's Classics: The Lost Midnight Rock Dubs Chapter 2 (LP)Radiation Roots
The early days of the man affectionately known to his peers as Tubbs' are chronicled in some detail in the notes to this LP's predecessor and companion volume, not unreasonably titled "King Tubby's Classics Chapter 1". It's unlikely that anyone who buys Volume 2 will not already have Volume 1, but for the few who don't it's only fair that we start the note with a short précis of the early life and career of the boy born to be 'King ...
Larry Marshall - I Admire You (LP)
Larry Marshall - I Admire You (LP)Onlyroots Records

Larry was born in Lawrence Park in the garden parish of St. Ann. He attended Keith Primary School and began his singing career in 1960 on the TOP DECK LABEL. Hits flowed from him, such as Too Young To Love and Snake In The Grass, I've Got Another Girl was recorded for Prince Buster. In 1968 the first reggae - hit, now a classic, was done by Larry, We all remember Nanny Goat with the sharp cutting guitar - riffs and the calypso sounding organ chords, Thelma followed and then Mean Girl, All these were on the Coxsone Label. Recently, Larry's hits have been I ADMIRE YOU, Brand New Baby, and Can't You Understand.
I now give you Larry's LP titles I ADMIRE YOU, 12 shots are here to thrill your reggae - infused soul. King Tubby's mixed the tracks, and Federal Records made the stamper, Quality processing from studio disc

Suns Of Arqa -  Revenge Of The Mozabites (LP)
Suns Of Arqa - Revenge Of The Mozabites (LP)Lantern Rec.
In 1979 Suns of Arqa creator and mentor Michael Wadada set about recording the ground breaking Suns of Arqa album 'Revenge of the Mozabites' with his friend Adrian Sherwood. Together they formed the ‘4D Rhythm’ label – the world was not ready! Wadada retreated to the Pennine mountain range in Lancashire, Adrian Sherwood went on to create the formidable ‘On-U Sound’ label. Three years went by before a a very curious Peter Gabriel came across a rare copy of that first Suns of Arqa album; he was putting together the very first World of Music and Dance festival (WOMAD), and asked Suns of Arqa to come and perform. Revenge of the Mozabites is where it all started, this truly eclectic album of world-dub-east-west fusion from Suns of Arqa, ignited what would ultimately become the new World Beat Dub Dance genre which has influenced & inspired so many artists today.
Creation Rebel - Lows & Highs (LP)
Creation Rebel - Lows & Highs (LP)Lantern Rec.
Fully remastered and licensed, ltd to 500 copies 180 gr vinyl. Officially the latest album released by the british super group, Lows & Highs is the triumphant epilogue to these fascinating adventure in rhythm. Featuring vocals from Crucial Tony and Lizard Logan this is probably the most straight ahead reggae album in their whole discography. Producer Adrian Sherwood is in charge behind the desk while Style Scott, Eskimo Fox and Donald Campbell bring all their potential efforts on the drums. Deadly Headley and Dave’ Flash’ Wright are the top horn section here. The album features the bonus track Read And learn from 1982 single ‘Love I Can Feel’. A must have for any english dub worshipper.
The Missing Brazilians - Warzone (Clear Vinyl LP+DL)The Missing Brazilians - Warzone (Clear Vinyl LP+DL)
The Missing Brazilians - Warzone (Clear Vinyl LP+DL)On-U Sound
Another Science Fiction Dancehall Classic! Originally released in 1984, this is one of the most envelope-pushing records on the On-U Sound label: a rhythmic collision of noise, dub and electronics. Adrian Sherwood pushed the possibilities of the studio to the limit, capturing dystopian mid-80s cold war menace with layers of spatially-disorientating percussion, alien keyboard sounds and teeth-rattling distortion. Features vocal contributions from Shara Nelson (Massive Attack) and Annie Anxiety (Crass Records).
Froid Dub - Deep Blue Bass (LP)Froid Dub - Deep Blue Bass (LP)
Froid Dub - Deep Blue Bass (LP)DELODIO
Froid Dub continues to explore its synth-lined slowed down digi-dub cave flooded with waves of echoes and acid bleeps. Bass lines and flanged delays sail over deep waters, seemingly barely disturbed by the minimal pump of the synth-wave vibe.

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