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Les Rallizes Dénudés - BAUS '93 (CD+DVD)
Les Rallizes Dénudés - BAUS '93 (CD+DVD)The Last One Musique / Tuff Beats
Following "CITTA' '93," which has already been released worldwide to great acclaim, the performance at the Kichijoji Baus Theater on February 13, four days earlier, is now available as "BAUS '93. The performance, which was Raley's return to the stage after a five-year absence, is also known as a legendary performance. As in "CITTA '93," Makoto Kubota again put his heart and soul into mixing and mastering the 8-channel digital multitrack master, adding cassette recordings made at the venue and stereo outs from the tuning console. The result is a concert reconstructed by Makoto Kubota with a sound image that no one has ever heard before. The members of the band on that day were Takashi Mizutani (Vo, G), Katsuhiko Ishii (G), Kiyohiro Takada (B), and Toshiro Mimaki (Dr.) The lineup was different from the rhythm section at the concert four days later, and you can hear a performance with a different face from the previous "CITTA' '93". The first pressing of the CD will also include a DVD containing a video created by Akira Uji, who used to be in charge of visual direction for Raley's, based on a video he shot on the same day on stage. The commentary was written by Jennifer Lucy Allan, a writer for "The Wire" and "The Quietus" who also has a BBC radio show. In addition, Julian Cope, well-known as the author of "Jap Rock Sampler," the monstrous book that introduced the world to Japanese underground rock, including the Larrys, has made a special contribution.

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