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Saâda Bonaire - Saâda Bonaire (2LP)
Saâda Bonaire - Saâda Bonaire (2LP)Captured Tracks

The fantastic disco/world music project from Bremen, Germany that was never meant to be. Formed by Bremen DJ Ralf Behrendt in 1982, Saâda Bonaire was a unique concept band centered around two sultry female vocalists (Stefanie Lange and Claudia Hossfeld) as well as dozens of local musicians culled from the local immigration center. Originally signed to EMI in 1982, their first and only single, “You Could Be More As You Are” was produced by legendary Matumbi, Slits and Pop Group producer Dennis Bovell in Kraftwerk’s studio in Cologne. Its fusion of husky female vocals, Eastern instruments, dub and African music aesthetics, drum computers and synthesizers remains unique to this day. 

Saâda Bonaire compiles two songs from the original EMI single along with eleven previously unreleased songs recorded between 1982 and 1985. Also included are never before published photos, in depth interviews with band members, and a full gate fold cover for dedicated vinyl buyers. These lost recordings from the early eighties still sound fresh on today’s dance floor.

V.A. - SBXV Todo Muere (Red Vinyl LP)V.A. - SBXV Todo Muere (Red Vinyl LP)
V.A. - SBXV Todo Muere (Red Vinyl LP)Sacred Bones Records
The new Todo Muere SBXV compilation celebrates the disparate threads that Sacred Bones has cultivated over these past 15 years by asking artists on the label to cover one another’s songs. It’s an exhilarating, adventurous collection that emphasizes the spiritual unity of the roster. Listening to Todo Muere SBXV feels like sitting down to dinner with a large, unruly, loving family. One of the biggest aesthetic leaps on the comp is Institute’s gnarled post-punk cover of SPELLLING’s lush The Turning Wheel highlight “Boys at School.” “I’d say we were inspired by her star qualities,” Institute frontman Mose Brown said. “The audacity, uniqueness, and talent poured into that record inspired us as to what’s possible on the Sacred Bones roster.” Guitarist Arak Avakian concurred: “I’d say Mose hit the nail on the head, with the key words being talent and audacity. SPELLLING is altogether inspiring. I am pervasively encouraged by her music.” Admiration and fandom were recurring themes for artists who recorded songs for the comp. That was certainly the inspiration for Thou singer Bryan Funck, who covered Zola Jesus’s “Night” alongside Emma Ruth Rundle and Mizmor. “Before I knew about Sacred Bones, I was a huge fan of Zola Jesus,” Funck says. Ben Jones of Constant Smiles, one of the most recent signees to the label, had a similar reason for covering Jenny Hval’s “Spells.” “Jenny is a true force to be reckoned with and really elevates music and Sacred Bones to high art.” Annika Henderson has long been a part of the Sacred Bones family, both as a member of Exploded View and as a solo artist. Her contribution to Todo Muere XV is a cover of Psychic TV’s “Godstar,” which she recorded in tribute to the late Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, one of her biggest inspirations. Hilary Woods and Marissa Nadler both chose to cover David Lynch, though the songs they chose come from two wildly different parts of the director and musician’s long career. Woods contributed a new version of “In Heaven,” the song the Lady in the Radiator sings in Eraserhead. Nadler chose “Cold Wind Blowin’,” a track from Lynch’s 2013 LP The Big Dream.
Jimmy Murakawa - Original De-Motion Picture (LP)
Jimmy Murakawa - Original De-Motion Picture (LP)Columbia

Obscure Japanese New Wave/Dub! The only album he left in 1982 is finally reissued on LP!

The solo album by Satoshi Murakawa "Jimmy" Murakawa, the vocalist of "Mariah", a band internationally reevaluated for its progressive musicality, has finally been reissued straight from the press amidst a lot of WANT.

The minimal beat "Down? Down, Down!", which was reconstructed by Chee Shimizu, the oriental ambient dub "Beauty", and the cold wave "Cat's Eye", which sharply disturbs the auditory senses, are all featured on this album, with sound design by co-producer Yasuaki Shimizu reflected in every part. The album features a total of 10 tracks that reflect the sound design of co-producer Yasuaki Shimizu.

Dalis Car - The Waking Hour (LP)Dalis Car - The Waking Hour (LP)
Dalis Car - The Waking Hour (LP)Beggars Banquet
This is the only album by Darris Carr, the legendary project of Japan's Mick Kahn and Bauhaus' Peter Murphy, which was released in 1984. The album contains seven songs, including the single "The Judgement Is The Mirror", which was recorded on Captain Beefheart's classic album "Trout Mask Replica". The band borrowed its name from a song on Captain Beefheart's classic album "Trout Mask Replica," and the artwork, which features a portion of Maxfield Parrish's famous painting "Dawn," was selected as one of FACT magazine's 20 best goth albums. For this RSD release, the album will be reissued on a limited-edition magenta vinyl with the latest remastering from the original analog tapes.
Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko. - 00 Time (LP)
Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko. - 00 Time (LP)Wah Wah Records
Released on Karl Kronfeld's Synoptik Records, it was the label's only release, thus becoming a rare, sought after, private pressing. Weird, intriguing atmospheres and a plethora of synthesized sounds, sequencers, cold sounding keyboards and even mellotron parts make this a darker offering than Aphorisms Insane. Venturing into stark, spooky post-industrial territories it manages to combine the primitive cosmicism of early Tangerine Dream with the dystopic sound-scapes of Asmus Tietchens, 80's Conrad Schnitzler or the synthetic gothicisms of Peter Frohmader. An album that should appeal not only to fans of cosmic synthetic music, but also those interested in the more experimental strains of cold wave & minimal synth (Robert Rental, Dome, a.o.) The Wah Wah edition is the first ever reissue of this rare sought after collector's item. 100% analogue lacquer cut direct from the original master tape by Moritz illner @ Duophonic Gmbh and reproducing the original Dalí-esque sleeve artwork in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies only.
Mecanica Popular - Baku: 1922 (LP)
Mecanica Popular - Baku: 1922 (LP)Wah Wah Records
A welcome departure from their first effort, the record has gained greater reconection in recent years when contemporary audiencies could fully aprreciate the strenght and harsher direction the duo decided to take for their follow-up album. More rhythmically-oriented tunes whilst revisiting some old-favorites like Daguerrotipo or La Edad del Bronce (both off their first album, but albeit in new mixes). The Wah Wah edition has been mastered from the original tapes by Eugenio Muñoz, reproduces the original sleeve artwork and and features an insert with photos and info. It is a strictly limited edition of 500 copies only
Mecanica Popular - ¿Qué Sucede Con El Tiempo? (LP)
Mecanica Popular - ¿Qué Sucede Con El Tiempo? (LP)Wah Wah Records
Recorded over the course of 4 years during late-night, afterhours sessions at RCA's Studio @ Calle Carlos Maurrás in Madrid (one of Spain's best and bigger studio around that time), it was the result of the duo's interest in unorthodox sound-sources which they manipulated in a sort proto-sampling collage technique based on random tape-loops and best heard in their original percussive studies; their dreamy, surrealist-like lyrical passages or the sort of deep primeval atmospheres first conjured by Cluster or Kraftwerk in the early 70's.The studio as an instrument: pure sound alchemy at work. The Wah Wah edition is the first ever vinyl reissue of this legendary LP reproducing the original gimmick cover, with sound mastered from the original tapes by Eugenio Muñoz, and featuring an insert with photos and info. It is a strictly limited edition of 500 copies only.
OOIOO - Gamel (2LP)
OOIOO - Gamel (2LP)Thrill Jockey

OOIOO has always created a musical language all its own. Under the leadership of Yoshimi, also a founding member of Boredoms, the group has recorded six albums that have subverted expectations and warped perceptions of what constitutes pop and experimental music. Four years of work went into making Gamel, their bold new album inspired by the Javanese style of gamelan and the first new music from Yoshimi in over five years. Gamelan is an ancient form that has inspired a great many composers and musicians over the past century, from Erik Satie and Claude Debussy to Mouse on Mars and Sun City Girls. The introduction of this traditional form transformed the group into a super tribe, side-stepping the road between the past and the future. Their focus is not to replicate these ancient styles, but to incorporate them into their consistently inventive, constantly shifting musical frameworks. They take their love of indigenous music into an entirely new dimension by freely weaving organic and electric tones into a vivid tapestry, employing their keen sense of color and texture.

While previous OOIOO albums have been largely studio creations, Gamel is the most accurate portrayal of the band’s overwhelming, forceful live presence they have released yet. Yoshimi leads her minimalistic rhythm ensemble by making quick, impulsive shifts in tone and attack, the group acting as one mind under her expert instruction. While the gamelan elements will be brand new to many listeners, the band offsets the bizarre with familiar, at times even nostalgic and childlike, melodies. Gamel is euphoric, bursting at the seams with an exhilarating frenzy that is universal yet uniquely their own. OOIOO’s music is reflected in the ear of the beholder, with each listener taking away something different.

Yoshimi began her music career in 1986 playing drums in UFO or Die with vocalist Eye, and later joined him in the revolutionary noise-pop group Boredoms. Her explosive drum performances captivated audiences and even inspired Wayne Coyne to name a now-famous Flaming Lips album in her honor. While the band’s tours of the United States are infrequent, they are as The New York Times has stated, transcendent. 

OOIOO - Gold & Green  (Green Vinyl 2LP)OOIOO - Gold & Green  (Green Vinyl 2LP)
OOIOO - Gold & Green (Green Vinyl 2LP)Thrill Jockey

Imagine a feather floating from outer space and landing on earth. What's going on? Which bird did this feather come from? That's what OOIOO's (pronounced oh-oh-eye-oh-oh) music is like? so colorful and shiny that you can't even see what is happening.

OOIOO's Gold and Green reveals the group's hard-to-categorize and refreshing avant-garde rock music, which adeptly incorporates elements of punk and more traditional tribal music. Their rhythms are unique and the organic interplay with the vocals is compelling. The music is complex and challenging and playful and childlike. Previously released only in Japan, Gold and Green includes guest appearances including Seiichi Yamamoto (Boredoms), Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto), and Sean Lennon. The album packaging, designed by Yoshimi, is a beautiful miniature gatefold album jacked filled with drawings and photographs by Yoshimi and other artists.

OOIOO began as a fictitious band for a photo shoot for Switch magazine in 1996. An all-female four-piece ensemble started by Yoshimi, the Boredoms' drummer, the band quickly gained attention by being the opening act for Sonic Youth in 1997. On Gold and Green, Yoshimi shows off her musical imagination and virtuosity with her songwriting, as well as by playing the guitar, flute, and trumpet, singing, and adding a number of percussion elements. Yoshimi is joined in OOIOO by the striking Kayano on guitar and vocals, the petite and powerful Maki on bass, and the amazing Yoshico on drums.

OOIOO toured the United States in 2004 for the first time in over five years in support of their recent release, Kila Kila Kila. Their soldout tour performances were notable for their unique exuberance and captivating stage presence. Starting off with a vocals-only polyrhythmic song, the band struck a chord like no other. They will be recording a new album for release in the fall of 2006. 

Phew - Vertigo KO (LP+DL)Phew - Vertigo KO (LP+DL)
Phew - Vertigo KO (LP+DL)Disciples

音楽フリーク注目のレーベル、Warp傘下の〈Disciples〉からPhewの最新作『Vertigo KO』がリリース!

このアルバムの隠されたメッセージは、「なんてひどい世界、でも生き残ろう」です。” - Phew

日本のアンダーグラウンド・ミュージック界の伝説的なアーティスト、Phew。1978年に大阪で最も初期のパンク・グループの一つであるアーント・サリー (Aunt Sally) のフロントを務めたのを皮切りに、80年代にはソロ・アーティストとして坂本龍一、コニー・プランク、CANのホルガー・シューカイ、ヤキ・リーベツァイト、アインシュテュルツェンデ・ノイバウテンのアレクサンダー・ハッケ、DAFのクリス・ハースなど、多くの著名なアーティストとのコラボレーションを行い、近年では、レインコーツのアナ・ダ・シルヴァ、ジム・オルーク、イクエ・モリ、オーレン・アンバーチ、ボアダムス/OOIOO/SaicobabのYoshimi (Yoshimi P-We) などとのコラボレーションも行っている彼女が、最新作のリリースを発表。


Phewの80年代初期のニューウェイブ指向の作品には、日本のみならず海外のコアな音楽フリークやレーベルから多くの関心が寄せられており、コラボレートしてきた著名なアーティストたちの数々も印象的だが、〈Disciples〉は『Light Sleep』『Voice Hardcore』といった近年の作品は、彼女の素晴らしいキャリアの中でもモダン・クラシックと呼ぶべき傑作であり、Phewが今、再び最盛期を迎えていることを確信し、本作のリリースへと繋がった。〈Disciples〉が今回のリリースにおいて探求したいと思ったのは、まさに彼女の今なのだ。『Vertigo KO』は、前述の2枚のアルバムと同じ時期に録音された楽曲と、今回のリリース用に制作の新曲を収録。アルバムには20ページのブックレットが付属しており、Phewについての文章と、表紙にもなっている塩田正幸の写真が収録。

Rats - C'est Disco (LP)
Rats - C'est Disco (LP)Spittle Records
C'est disco is the first studio album by the Italian band Rats. It was released in 1981 by Italian Records and is a record strongly inspired by the wave and dark scene of that period. In 2014 the record was reissued in a vinyl version with the addition of a bonus CD featuring the complete album plus the song Tattoo, initially discarded from the album's tracklist and included in a compilation. The band's line-up featured vocalist Claudia Lloyd on vocals, and on guitar the only member present in the more famous version active in the late '80s and '90s, Wilko Zanni, who in the next album would take Claudia Lloyd's place on vocals.
Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry (2LP)
Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry (2LP)Lantern Rec.
未発表デモ音源も収録したUKポストパンク・バンド、MEDIUM MEDIUMの決定的コンピが2LPリリース!! UKポストパンク・バンド、MEDIUM MEDIUMの決定的コンピレーション・アルバムが2LPがRECORD STORE DAY 2022に登場! オープニングナンバーにして代表曲"HUNGRY, SO ANGRY"は、数々のコンピにセレクト、言わずもがなのホワイト・ファンク金字塔的名曲。イントロのサックス、腰にビシビシとクるベース、鋭角的なギターと完璧! 1981年、UKレーベルCHERRY REDよりリリースされたスタジオ・アルバム唯一作『THE GLITTERHOUSE』収録曲に加え、ライブ音源、そして1982年10月のデモ・テープからの未発表曲を含む、NW / ポストパンク・フリークはスルー厳禁の内容! 完全リマスター / 180グラム重量盤 / 500枚限定プレス
Konrad Kraft - Accident in Heaven (LP+DL)
Konrad Kraft - Accident in Heaven (LP+DL)TAL
ACCIDENT IN HEAVEN was originally released in 1987 as a hand-made micro-edition of about 40 cassette tapes. It was only the third ever release on the short-lived now near legendary SDV label which had been established that same year by Konrad Kraft, Bernd Sevens and Dino Oon in Düsseldorf. Finally finding a more substantial and appreciative audience on vinyl over 30 years after its original limited release, ACCIDENT IN HEAVEN is a strong testament to the explorative experiments of Detlef Funder a.k.a. Konrad Kraft, whose homebuilt studio sound attempted to bridge the clinical roughness of Severed Heads and the psychedelia of Coil with the density and force of industrial, post-punk and prototechno. Concurrent with his ever-expanding production skills, KONRAD KRAFT's sound work in the second half of the 80s stayed firmly rooted within a highly stylised underground spirit. Both his music and also the freshly launched SDV label first and foremost served as a medium for communication. The vital urgency of ACCIDENT IN HEAVEN underlines the record's core narrative which arguably sounds even more futuristic today than it did 30 years ago. Hallmarks of ACCIDENT IN HEAVEN are an 8-track tape recorder, a Yamaha DX7 synth and a Roland 707 drum computer and the late 80s’ internationally ubiquitous shift from analogue to digital music production. Whilst its predecessor ARCTICA (another cassette-only release from 1986/87, previously reissued on TAL in 2018) was significantly more experimental and almost an in-between-states affair, ACCIDENT IN HEAVEN was the point at which Konrad Kraft really began to experiment with beat structures, sequenced synth pads and the framework of 'dance' music. However, the rhythmic elements are submerged so far beneath his expertly crafted drones it's almost impossible to label these sounds as “dancefloor oriented” work at all, as the tracks on the album joyfully disrespect the rules and boundaries of that or indeed any other genre. ACCIDENT IN HEAVEN also epitomizes the decade's ending energy and sharp momentum with its successful merging of highly individual production and irresistible rhythm tracks. The rich wealth of references is mirrored within the silhouettes and the graphics of the album’s unique artwork, which was created by Dino Oon. The new mastering has all sounds on ACCIDENT IN HEAVEN emerge in fresh shades and three dimensional plasticity, inviting the listener not to merely revisit the full palette of KONRAD KRAFT’s creation but offering an entirely new sound experience.
New Age Steppers - Avant Gardening (LP+DL)New Age Steppers - Avant Gardening (LP+DL)
New Age Steppers - Avant Gardening (LP+DL)On-U Sound

Rare dubs, version excursions and unreleased tracks from the vault 1980 - 1983.

In the tradition of archival On-U Sound compilations of recent years such as the Return Of The Crocodile and Churchical Chant Of The Iyabinghi sets for African Head Charge; and the Displaced Masters LP of early Dub Synidcate rarities, we’ve gone through the tape vaults to put together this special record of unreleased versions and rarities from the white hot early days of the New Age Steppers, the group that launched the On-U Sound label by appearing on both the first single and album.

Highlights include a restored track from their infamous and long-lost 1983 John Peel session (an ebullient cover of Atlantic Starr’s “Send For Me” featuring a beautifully spirited vocal performance from the much-missed Ari Up), the Jah Woosh deejay cut of “Love Forever”, some rare dubs previously only available on Japanese import CDs, all bookended by two very different takes on Chaka Khan’s “Some Love”. An essential set for collectors of post-punk, dub and other outernational sounds.

New Age Steppers - New Age Steppers (LP+DL)
New Age Steppers - New Age Steppers (LP+DL)On-U Sound
New Age Steppers" is the first release from UK dub genius Adrian Sherwood's ON-U SOUND label. The project, which brought together 17 of the foremost artists of the time such as the Pop Group, Slits, and Creation Level, with Adrian at the center, created an unprecedented sound that went far beyond the categories of rock, punk, new wave, reggae, and dub. This is the first vinyl reissue in 40 years of a classic album that undoubtedly represented the 80's scene and is still appreciated for its innovation year after year!

Nico - Camera Obscura (LP)Nico - Camera Obscura (LP)
Nico - Camera Obscura (LP)Beggars Banquet
Legendary performer Nico of the Velvet Underground released his last album in 1985. Featuring The Faction as his backing band, this eight-track album features the lead singer's voice and readings, striding with overwhelming presence through a variety of post-noise, industrial, and improvisational productions. The album, which is also considered to be Nico's best work in the latter half of his career, includes a cover of the jazz standard "My Funny Valentine". For this RSD release, the album has been remastered from the original analog tapes to 24-bit HD audio, and reissued on blue vinyl in limited quantities.
Yasuaki Shimizu - Kiren (CD)
Yasuaki Shimizu - Kiren (CD)Palto Flats
The unreleased 1984 follow-up to the groundbreaking albums Kakashi and Mariah's Utakata No Hibi, Kiren is Yasuaki Shimizu's work for experimental dance music. Employing cutting edge production to create lush new wave soundscapes, it bridges the gap between his early 80s recordings and his later work with the Saxophonettes, filling a key lost chapter in his discography. Full liner notes in English and Japanese by Chee Shimizu.
Yasuaki Shimizu - Kiren (LP)Yasuaki Shimizu - Kiren (LP)
Yasuaki Shimizu - Kiren (LP)Palto Flats
The unreleased 1984 follow-up to the groundbreaking albums Kakashi and Mariah's Utakata No Hibi, Kiren is Yasuaki Shimizu's work for experimental dance music. Employing cutting edge production to create lush new wave soundscapes, it bridges the gap between his early 80s recordings and his later work with the Saxophonettes, filling a key lost chapter in his discography. Full liner notes in English and Japanese by Chee Shimizu.
AKT 3 - Frauen-Feuer (LP)
AKT 3 - Frauen-Feuer (LP)Discos Nada

This would have been the Brazilian post-punk supergroup. It would have, because bassist and singer Sandra Coutinho moved to Germany, leaving these recordings behind – only two songs were released, in an independent compilation (Enquanto Isso).

Sandra (Bass, As Mercenárias) along with Denise Camargo (keyboards and voice, BruhaháBabélico and Dequinha e Zaba), Biba Meira (drums, De Falla) and Karla Xavier (guitar, R. Mutt), expressive musicians in expressive bands, were AKT. And this powerful repertoire, composed and recorded in the short period of the group's existence, recorded and produced by R.H. Jackson (Caracol) the complete session remained unheard until now.

V.A. - Wild Paarty Sounds Volume One (LP)
V.A. - Wild Paarty Sounds Volume One (LP)LANTERN REC. FOR
First volume – thou the 2nd never happened – of this ongoing collaboration between post-punk stalwarts Cherry Red and home of the western dub On U Sound. Adrian Sherwood obviously sitting behind the desk and a cast of marvelous artist leading the way for a reggae renaissance. Stolen and contaminated songs, we may take this as a reference point for 12 unreleased tracks showing the best of the UK underground rhythms. A further development of the Jamaican heritage, with handmade electronics and a forward thinking production. Mothmen ‘Afghani Dub’ is one of the leading track here, with future members of Durutti Column and Simply Red on board, this is a mystical post-industrial trip through upbeat rhythms. Along the way you’ll find the over the top vocal performance of Judy Nylon – more akin to certain no wave expressionism – futuristic vibes from Sun Of Arqa, contribution from New age Steppers supergroup and Creation Rebel teaming up with the so-called Jamaican ‘Voice of Thunder’ Prince Far I. All in all a (natural) mystic experience. Fully remastered and licensed, ltd to 500 copies on 180 gr. Tracklist: Side A 1 Jah Woosh - Woodpecker Sound 2 Machine Gun Hogg & Co. - Bed Bound Saga 3 Prince Far I & Creation Rebel - Quanté Giubila 4 The Chicken Granny - Quit The Body 5 Alan Pellay - Parasitic Machine 6 London Underground - Dreams Are Better Side B 1 Suns Of Arqa - Asian Rebel 2 Alan Pellay - Demonic Forces 3 The Mothmen - Afghani Dub 4 Jeb Loy & The il Wells - Things that Made U.S. 5 New Age Steppers - Yipee I Aah 6 Judy Nylon - The Dice
Caetano Veloso - Transa (LP)
Caetano Veloso - Transa (LP)Vinyl Lovers
Evocative, eclectic, intimate, and rhythmically complex, TRANSA contains everything that has made Caetano Veloso the most distinctive and, arguably, most important voice in modern Brazilian music. The album was recorded during Veloso's political exile in England but released in 1972 upon his return to his homeland. Though the songs are not overtly political, they seem allegorical, celebratory, and plaintive at once, and point to a tension between the artist's expressive impulse and the strictures of his native country. This tension is further heightened by the presence of lyrics in both English and Portuguese. The beautiful, desperate "You Don't Know Me" may be the world's first bilingual bossa nova/folk-punk anthem of identity. The jazzy "Nine Out of Ten" gives way to the gear-shifting "Triste Bahia," which features webs of accelerating Brazilian percussion. A spare treatment of the classic samba "Mora Na Filosofia," the cosmic ditty "Neolithic Man," and the 12-bar "Nostalgia" (ending with the wise line "That's what rock & roll is all about") close out the set. TRANSA is a jewel in Veloso's discography and a must for anyone interested in Brazilian pop--or brilliant, original pop in general.
Jimmy Smack - Death Is Certain (LP)
Jimmy Smack - Death Is Certain (LP)Knekelhuis
Across two 7"s, 'Death Or Glory' (1982) and 'Death Rocks' (1983) and one 12", 'Anguish' (1982) Jimmy Smack carved his own bleak chasm amidst the Los Angeles death rock scene that he inhabited. After decades dormant in the crypt, Knekelhuis compiles Smack's full recorded output, providing it a lavish place to rest on the 'Death Is Certain' LP. The album comes with a printed inner sleeve featuring rarely seen archival photos, liner notes by Cooper Bowman and excerpts from an interview with Jimmy Smack by Juan Mendez (Silent Servant).
Lifetones - For A Reason (LP)
Lifetones - For A Reason (LP)Light In The Attic

This Heat's Charles Bullen started this project with his friend Julius Cornelius Samuel after the band broke up, and the result is Lifetones, an eclectic mix of dub, post-punk, and krautrock that combines ethnic exoticism with UK streetwise elegance. The band's only release, "For A Reason" from 1983, has been reissued for the first time!

The title track, with its dubby strings and catchy chorus, makes you squirm in agony at the distortion of the acoustics coming at you in the latter half of the song, as well as the lo-fi sound of the equipment used in the post-punk era. In addition to the remastered original tapes, the album comes with a booklet with valuable photos and liner notes, and a gatefold jacket. This is a definitive reissue that will bring tears to the eyes of old and new post-punk fans!

Flaming Tunes (Gareth Williams & Mary Currie) - Flaming Tunes (LP+DL)
Flaming Tunes (Gareth Williams & Mary Currie) - Flaming Tunes (LP+DL)Superior Viaduct

Flaming Tunes' sole release is perhaps the finest elegy to the '80s home recording ethos that you've never heard. Originally released in 1985 on cassette (with individually hand-colored covers), this self-titled album grew out of the collaboration between childhood friends Gareth Williams and Mary Currie.

Williams is best known as a member of English art-rock band This Heat. After leaving the group in the early '80s, he travelled to India where he studied classical Kathakali dance – an experience that would profoundly shape the music of Flaming Tunes.

In an old Victorian house in South London, the duo recorded during the day while Currie's young son attended school and Williams conducted tape treatments at night. They were joined by various guests including This Heat guitarist Charles Bullen as well as long-term collaborators Martin Harrison and Rick Wilson.

Using whatever instruments they had on hand (clarinet, piano, bells, etc.), Flaming Tunes create lo-fi melodies around simple arrangements, oblique rhythms and densely layered natural sounds. The results are a mesmeric collage of instrumental daydreams and sideways pop songs, floating into one another in a hazy confluence of late '60s Canterbury psych-folk and early Residents experimentation.

All of these beguiling elements converge in a personal manner, quietly insistent in listeners' ears like the blood pulsing in one's veins on a warm summer day.

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