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V.A. - Sky Girl: Compiled by Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae (2LP)V.A. - Sky Girl: Compiled by Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae (2LP)
V.A. - Sky Girl: Compiled by Julien Dechery and DJ Sundae (2LP)Efficient Space
"People who are sort of more the outcasts of society tend to tell it like it is" – Scott Seskind, 2015. Sky Girl is a mysteriously unshakeable companion, a deeply melancholic and sentimental journey through folk-pop, new wave and art music micro presses that span 1961-1991. A seemingly disparate suite of selections of forgotten fables by more or less neverknowns, Sky Girl forms a beautifully coherent and utterly sublime whole deftly compiled by French collectors DJ Sundae and Julien Dechery. From Scott Seskind's adolescent musical road movie to Karen Marks' icy Oz-wave, the charming DIY storytelling of Italian-American go-getter Joe Tossini and the ethereal slow dance themes of Parisian artists Nini Raviolette and Hugo Weris, Sky Girl resonates on a wide spectrum historically, geographically and stylistically. It unites in a singular, longing, almost intangible ambience. If the names sound wholly unfamiliar that doesn't matter, the nature of the compositions swiftly nurtures an intimacy with these lonely, poignant, openhearted wanderers. Most were available in a very limited capacity at the time of their release, some were never really released at all - Gary Davenport declined to release Sarra after he split with the girl for whom the track is named - years later a friend convinced Davenport to allow him to put 100 copies online to sell and DJ Sundae was quick enough to snare one. Beyond their scarcity, these tracks are bound together by a certain raw beauty that's achievable when music is made and no one is listening. Sky Girl comprises of fifteen officially licensed songs, a two year international scavenger hunt through long-folded home label operations, the depths of internet forums and traceless acetates. Both compilers are well trained record sleuths - DJ Sundae's labels Hollie and Idle Press have reissued Arthur Russell affiliate Nirosta Steel and DIY relic Pitch, while Julien Dechery previously compiled 'Fire Star', a retrospective on Tamil film composer Ilaiyaraaja, for Bombay Connection. Released by Noise In My Head offshoot Efficient Space, Sky Girl is enriched with artwork from Perks and Mini mutant Misha Hollenbach and appropriately elegant sleeve notes courtesy of Ivan Smagghe.
Jan Van Den Broeke - Time And Desire (LP)Jan Van Den Broeke - Time And Desire (LP)
Jan Van Den Broeke - Time And Desire (LP)EE Tapes
After 2 illustrious retrospective LP-releases ('11000 Dreams' on STROOM in 2017 and ‘Lost and Latest’ on EE Tapes in 2020), Jan Van den Broeke – synth-art-pop, ambient, and downtempo minimal craftsman – is here to please us once more with a prominent new release. ‘TIME AND DESIRE’ contains Jan’s selection of 10 unpublished songs and cinematic tales about memory, the journey through life, the passage of time, the burning desire, the pain, the courage and hope... and some soothing miracle moments. Presented here are 9 tracks by JUNE11 and 1 by CANTO DE MUDO, in which – as we know Jan - electronics, acoustics, samples and voices (including those of Drita Kotaji and Helena Legaz Torregrosa) meet and dissolve. Across the world. Across emotions. We certainly hear echoes of ABSENT MUSIC and THE MISZ (Jan’s projects from the 1980’s), but we especially hear Jan and his loyal friends summarizing life, music, and poetry while completely blurring time. The 1980’s, the 2020’s – who cares? ‘TIME AND DESIRE’ really is an overwhelming musical journey.iframe style="border: 0; width: 350px; height: 472px;" src="" seamless>Time And Desire by JAN VAN DEN BROEKE
Jimmy Smack - Death Is Certain (LP)
Jimmy Smack - Death Is Certain (LP)Knekelhuis
Across two 7"s, 'Death Or Glory' (1982) and 'Death Rocks' (1983) and one 12", 'Anguish' (1982) Jimmy Smack carved his own bleak chasm amidst the Los Angeles death rock scene that he inhabited. After decades dormant in the crypt, Knekelhuis compiles Smack's full recorded output, providing it a lavish place to rest on the 'Death Is Certain' LP. The album comes with a printed inner sleeve featuring rarely seen archival photos, liner notes by Cooper Bowman and excerpts from an interview with Jimmy Smack by Juan Mendez (Silent Servant).
Influenza Prods. - Mémoire (LP)Influenza Prods. - Mémoire (LP)
Influenza Prods. - Mémoire (LP)Left Ear Records
Bruno De Angelis and Giovanna Gulinello unwittingly met in London in the late 70’s, after being introduced by a mutual friend. Both Bruno and Giovanna arrived with varying ambitions. Giovanna wanted to learn English or be a painter, while Bruno found work at the Royal Post Office, which he found testing. It wasn’t until Bruno rescued Giovanna from an awkward date that the pair became a couple. At the time, music was just something they did for fun. Bruno already had an acoustic guitar and G bought a bass. Those were the days when you could start a new band, whether you could play or not, and new independent labels were springing up. Rough Trade Records was literally around the corner. In 1981 the pair moved back to Italy and found an apartment in Rome. It’s here that they began to focus on their music and where they started ‘recording’ their tracks. First, they would record the rhythm, maybe add the Gigster (the name of their “cheap drum machine”), the bass, and then, as they made a copy of the first cassette onto a second cassette they would add guitar, more synth, or both at the same time. After that, it was not unusual to copy from the second cassette back into the first cassette adding even more “stuff”. As with many artists during the early 80’s, the Influenza Prods’ sound was the direct result of the accessibility of emerging electronic instruments and the recording equipment available to them. The duo was resourceful and inventive, acquiring new equipment as resources allowed. They recorded dialogue from British Soap Operas on their TV set, which were later added to their tracks, while further making use of their family’s cutlery sets, which were used to fill in certain percussion sections The duo’s homespun recordings found a web of admirers in the unofficial distribution of tape trading and mail-art scenes. Despite the DIY ethos and the fact that most tapes were handmade, the Influenza Prods managed to ‘release’ three tapes which comprised of the Greatest Tits (1983), Cheek-A-Bomba (1984) and Quasi Solo (1985). Bruno and Giovanna were sadly subjected to serious family problems, including the loss of loved ones in their lives and eventually parted ways, concluding the Influenza Prods. However, to this day they remain close friends who keep in touch regularly.
V.A. - Electronic Jugoton Vol 1 (2LP)V.A. - Electronic Jugoton Vol 1 (2LP)
V.A. - Electronic Jugoton Vol 1 (2LP)Everland Music
ハード・ディガーVišeslav Laboš & Zeljko Luketić監修!現在のクロアチア・ザグレブを拠点に、現地の大衆音楽やルーツ・ミュージックのみならず、ディスコ、プロト・ラップ、ニューウェイヴ、ポスト・パンク、インダストリアルに、初期電子音楽、前衛音楽まで幅広い作品が遺された旧ユーゴスラビアの最大級のレーベル〈Jugoton〉(現・Croatia Records)に残されたエレクトロニック、ミニマル・シンセ、アヴァン・ウェイヴを一挙コンパイル。当初、2014年にCD発売されていた画期的な編集盤の〈Everland Music〉からのアナログ・ヴァージョン。1964年から1989年に至るまでの全47曲・150分以上!オリジナル・マスターテープから修復された音源を収録しています。ゲートフォールド・スリーヴ仕様。23年にはPart 2がリリース予定とのことです。
Mariah - Utakata No Hibi (2LP)Mariah - Utakata No Hibi (2LP)
Mariah - Utakata No Hibi (2LP)Everland Music

A legendary yet long lost crown jewel from the early 80s
Japanese Electronic and Jazz Rock scene.

MARIAH used to be a Japanese outfit in the field of art pop, long way back in the very late 70s and early 80s with 6 albums up
their score from 1979 to 1983. The album at hand is the sixth and for the time being last album in this row, released as a double
vinyl back in 1983. Prices for original copies, that are at least in very good condition, are hard to find and go up to 250 Euro/USD.
The brandnew reissue on Everland, unlike the original and the first vinyl reissue from 2015, comes housed in a thick and artfully
designed gatefold sleeve with OBI, which finally does justice to the progressive spirit of the music you can find here.
The musical basement is a fusion of dreamy synthesizer pop and haunting new wave music, that could be found all around
the globe back in 1983. In the vein of TEARS FOR FEARS or more adventurous DAVID BOWIE stuff, with a touch of KRAFTWERK or
even BRIAN ENO here and there, but all this gets spiced up with an atmosphere of Japanese traditionalism, with a few bits and
pieces from the old music from this Far East island, which sounds so magic us Westeners. The progressive, wacky art pop of this
project was led by the popular Japanese composer and musician Yasuaki Shimizu, a relentlessly exploratory saxophonist who
even dared to rework Johann Sebastian Bach’s cello suites for saxophone.
As brilliant as this man is, the music on „Utakata No Hibi“ turns out to be. And the master himself approved and much
appreciated the brandnew remastering of this album by assisting a highly professional team of sound engineers who dusted off
the ancient tape reels. For certain the record sounds and feels 80s through and through, electronic to the very rhythmical bone
of each song sugar coated with catchy melodies that resemble Japanese classic and Enka music, which is a kind of folksy pop
music. The listener gets directly drawn into a feverish dream of steaming Far Eastern cities and their darkest and most depraved
corners where you find everything cheap in sleazy bars and unlighted backyards and alleys. The next moment he strolls through
a beautiful Japanese park surrounded by a sea of blossoms. This change in mood and style you will experience in the sparsely
instrumented tune „Shisen“, which indeed comes closest to classic Japanese folk tunes without any too catchy and pop oriented
melodies. But we certainly find these harmonies allover the album. Some tunes even feel like ancient BEACH BOYS compositions
and Brian Wilson creations played by a then contemporary electronic pop act and sung in Japanese.
An amazingly colorful album with songs that are based on solid substance rather than cheap pop structures. This is music for
the bold listeners and music lovers and this awesome reissue should quickly find it’s way into the record collections of 80s synth
and art pop aficionadoes.
Yasuaki Shimizu did what he wanted with MARIAH, pushed the borders of popular music further than anybody would have
thought. Listen to a track like „Shonen“ with a repetitive rhythm pattern that hypnotizes you and somehow silky melodylines by
saxophone and synth piano upon which a female voice sings in a very spiritual way. Praising pop or whatever this can be called,
it is sheer magic put in music. I wonder if this would have made it into the charts back then, but you never know. It is a piece of
musical art that shall be listened to. 

K. Yoshimatsu - Marine Crystal (LP)
K. Yoshimatsu - Marine Crystal (LP)Jet Set

This is the second album released from HIFUMI Records in 2000.

Kinichi Motegi (Fishmans, dr) participated in this ambitious album, which was recorded simultaneously with live instruments under the theme of "brown, light blue, and green = sky, earth, and natural trees" to contain the body heat and even the atmosphere of the place with humans and instruments. The album is a unique work with a fairy-tale, nostalgic worldview and experimental musicality full of humor, and the covers of "Give me a good word" by the Fishmans and "Minna yume no naka" by Kounosuke Hamaguchi are also wonderfully expressive!
The analog mastering by ZAK, who recorded and mixed the album at the time of its production, is used for The jacket photo by Masafumi Sanai is also a mysterious one.

The Rabbits (CD)
The Rabbits (CD)Mesh-Key
The official compilation album of the legendary experimental punk band "The Rabbids" led by Shoichi Miyazawa is released on New York's special attention label, which has produced works by Yurayura Teikoku, Aunt Sally, and Chie Mukai. Mesh-Key>. The Rabbits' first LP, which has never been released as an official LP, even though it has gained cult popularity, especially among underground listeners!
The Rabbits (LP)
The Rabbits (LP)Mesh-Key
11月上旬入荷予定。宮沢正一率いた伝説の実験的パンク・バンド「ザ・ラビッツ」による貴重音源の数々を集めた公式LPが、ゆらゆら帝国やAunt Sally、向井千惠作品などを手がけたニューヨークの要注意レーベル〈Mesh-Key〉から登場。アンダーグラウンドなリスナーを中心にカルト的な人気を博すも、これまで公式LPがリリースされることの無かったザ・ラビッツ初のLP盤!「わ、わ、わ、」や「名犬バター犬君号伝」「Winter Song」といった貴重音源を全10曲収録。
Aunt Sally - Aunt Sally (LP)Aunt Sally - Aunt Sally (LP)
Aunt Sally - Aunt Sally (LP)Mesh-Key
This seminal, eponymous post-punk album by Japanese group Aunt Sally, fronted by experimental singer Phew, was first released by the iconic Vanity Records label in 1979. Over the past forty-plus years, Phew has forged a singular path through a wide range of styles - from free improvisation to pop - and has collaborated with the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto, members of Can, DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, The Raincoats and more. But Aunt Sally is where she got her start and, despite the members’ young ages (still in college at the time), Phew and the band delivered a mature, timeless take on minimalistic punk. Remastered from the original analog tapes, this fully authorized reissue.
Minimal Compact - Statik Dancin' (12")Minimal Compact - Statik Dancin' (12")
Minimal Compact - Statik Dancin' (12")Fortuna Records
** 1st pressing- restricted to 1500 units **An unbelievable post-punk shuffler from 1981, by Tel-Aviv-Brussels band Minimal Compact! This tune is one of our favorite tracks ever and we've been wanting to reissue it since day one. But this is no ordinary reissue! The 12'' includes an unreleased instrumental version plus a spaced-out extended dub mix by the living legend, Mad Professor! Killer stuff as ever from the Fortuna Records crew!!!
Dub Syndicate - One Way System (2LP+DL)
Dub Syndicate - One Way System (2LP+DL)On-U Sound
Originally issued as a cassette on the ROIR label alongside the likes of Bad Brains, Suicide and The Contortions, this second album from 1983 is an uncompromising collection of heavy dub manners and experimental studio soundscaping. Dreader than dread roots rhythms sit alongside delay-baked post-punk instrumentals such as “Drilling Equipment” and “Synchroniser”.
Yukako Hayase - Tsuchi to mizu (LP)
Yukako Hayase - Tsuchi to mizu (LP)Warner Music Japan
Great JPN New Wave /Walearic! This is the first LP reissue of the '88 album by Yukako Hayase, who made a name for herself with her ennui whisper voice, including a cover by Yuko Ando and her influence on Kahimi Karie.
Agentss - Agentss (12")
Agentss - Agentss (12")Beat Generation
A milestone in the history of electro-pop and post-punk music in Brazil! Finally gathered in a 12" the two 7" of the seminal band Agentss, ground zero of Brazilian post-punk. Originally released in '82 and '83, until now these recordings were only available in their original format. Their members were key figures of the São Paulo underground, after the band split-up they went to create important bands such as Voluntários da Pátria, Azul 29, Violeta de Outono, and Mumia. The track "Agentes" was included in the Não Wave (Brazilian Post Punk 1982-1988) compilation released by Man Recordings in 2005. The release comes with an insert featuring unpublished photos and texts telling the story of the band. A milestone in the history of electro-pop and post-punk music in Brazil. Agentss was a seminal band that recorded only two singles, did few shows and imploded. It's no exaggeration to compare their debut show with the famous Sex Pistols concert in Manchester, when approximately 50 people that left the place with the idea of starting their own band. The band's sound was a transitional one. Part of what is perceived as post-punk is actually pre-punk (including bands as Suicide, Chrome, Cabaret Voltaire, and This Heat) and we could draw comparisons of Agentss with the initial Ultravox (John Foxx era), the albums by guitarist Snakefinger produced by The Residents and the experimental early Devo.
AKT 3 - Frauen-Feuer (LP)
AKT 3 - Frauen-Feuer (LP)Discos Nada

This would have been the Brazilian post-punk supergroup. It would have, because bassist and singer Sandra Coutinho moved to Germany, leaving these recordings behind – only two songs were released, in an independent compilation (Enquanto Isso).

Sandra (Bass, As Mercenárias) along with Denise Camargo (keyboards and voice, BruhaháBabélico and Dequinha e Zaba), Biba Meira (drums, De Falla) and Karla Xavier (guitar, R. Mutt), expressive musicians in expressive bands, were AKT. And this powerful repertoire, composed and recorded in the short period of the group's existence, recorded and produced by R.H. Jackson (Caracol) the complete session remained unheard until now.

Jimmy Murakawa - Original De-Motion Picture (LP)
Jimmy Murakawa - Original De-Motion Picture (LP)Columbia

Obscure Japanese New Wave/Dub! The only album he left in 1982 is finally reissued on LP!

The solo album by Satoshi Murakawa "Jimmy" Murakawa, the vocalist of "Mariah", a band internationally reevaluated for its progressive musicality, has finally been reissued straight from the press amidst a lot of WANT.

The minimal beat "Down? Down, Down!", which was reconstructed by Chee Shimizu, the oriental ambient dub "Beauty", and the cold wave "Cat's Eye", which sharply disturbs the auditory senses, are all featured on this album, with sound design by co-producer Yasuaki Shimizu reflected in every part. The album features a total of 10 tracks that reflect the sound design of co-producer Yasuaki Shimizu.

V.A. - Pay It All Back Vol. 8 (Blue Vinyl LP+DL)V.A. - Pay It All Back Vol. 8 (Blue Vinyl LP+DL)
V.A. - Pay It All Back Vol. 8 (Blue Vinyl LP+DL)On-U Sound

Limited edition transparent blue vinyl in 3mm colour printed sleeve with printed inner , full sleevenotes, fold-out 24” x 12” Pay It All Back concert poster and download card.

'As always, the Pay It All Back series is intended to promote our upcoming releases and productions. It also offers soundtracks from artists we would like to promote, including unreleased songs and versions that will only be included on this one. Sadly, we lost many greats in the music world last year, including Lee Scratch Perry, George Oban, and John Sharp. Lee laughed at death. For him, death was just a part of life, a new beginning... I have faith in Lee. I am very proud to release this album. This album is a gift to all the On-U Sound crew and to all the irreplaceable friends I will never see again. Adrian Sherwood

MU-PROJECT - Asia Dream (LP)
MU-PROJECT - Asia Dream (LP)Granit Records
Finally! The long awaited reissue of a very rare album that was originally released in 1985 on For Life! One of the last treasures of Japanese music, highly recommended for lovers of Japanese New Age, Japanese New Wave and Avant New Wave. This is an analog reissue of the only work left by MU-PROJECT, a fantastic unit formed by synthesizer player Ryoichi Kuniyoshi, known for his participation in the works of Riri, Yoshikazu Sasaki, and Motoharu Sano, and engineer Kiyoshi Toba! The original was priced at nearly 30,000 yen and has been long overdue for a reissue. Shuichi Murakami (Ponta), Hideki Matsutake, Kiyohiko Semba (Haniwa-chan), Keishi Urata (Aragon, The Seatbelts), and many others participated in this exotic oriental/ Balearic new age album. I recommend this album to a wide range of listeners who are looking for something out of the ordinary, not only Mariah and YMO, but also to those who like Digital Trip and the Synthesizer Fantasy series!
Morio Agata - Submarine / Airplane (7")
Morio Agata - Submarine / Airplane (7")Bridge
Morio Agata cuts "Submarine" and "Airplane" as singles from his 1980 incidental masterpiece and world-important work "Norimono Zukan"! 7" Analog Limited Edition!
Empire - Expensive Sound (LP)Empire - Expensive Sound (LP)
Empire - Expensive Sound (LP)Munster Records
Munster Records present a reissue of Empire's Expensive Sound, originally released in 1981. Empire was an offshoot of Generation X, and their only LP Expensive Sound remains an obscure (yet highly rewarding) listen. Originally released in 1981, the same year Gary Numan and Soft Cell were raking in big bucks with their noir-flecked brand of retrofuturism, Expensive Sound was out-of-step with the climate of commercial music. Their music was raw, bare, warm -- distinct from the glacial, antiseptic pop that would dominate the decade. The album was neither totally forward-looking nor nostalgia embracing. Instead, Expensive Sound does what great albums tend to: preserves a specific moment in time. There's an arid, unvarnished quality to the recordings -- typified by front man Derwood Andrews's voice and words. He sang with uncommon fragility and in a soft, almost diffident voice. There's little reverb, almost no double tracking, and absolutely no attempt to Americanize his delivery. The subject matter is rendered in a similar, disarmingly plain way. Boredom, depression, unrequited love, and existential dread are treated in equal parts -- sans one song about playing the electric guitar (the aptly titled "Electric Guitar"). While Derwood's lyrics exhibit some of the doom-and-gloom sentiment of post-punk progenitors Joy Division, they are almost Holden Caulfield-esque in their simplicity. Empire's response to adversity is delivered with a shrug and a sigh. If Andrew's bashful vocals are part of the charm, his expressive guitar playing is the main attraction of Expensive Sound. As the sole guitarist on the record, he demonstrates a versatility unusual for the band's punk roots -- deftly maneuvering between chunky, minimalist riffing (like on "Hot Seat"), vast swathes of dark noise ("Empire"), and lacerating, tightly coiled leads ("Safety"). While Expensive Sound may be better known for the bands it inspired -- the neo-psychedelia of The Stone Roses and the athletic fretwork of Fugazi -- they deserve appreciation on its own merits: one of the finest guitar pop records of the era.
Death Bells - Between Here & Everywhere (Clear Orange Vinyl LP)Death Bells - Between Here & Everywhere (Clear Orange Vinyl LP)
Death Bells - Between Here & Everywhere (Clear Orange Vinyl LP)Dais Records
Formed in 2014, born in Sydney, Australia, currently based in LA, the post-punk/dream pop band Death Bells' latest album "Between Here & Everywhere" is also from Dais. analog release. As an LP work, the third album for the first time in two years since "New Signs Of Life" in 2020. A wild alternative/post-punk sound that makes you feel both powerful majesty and emotional melancholy. Includes 9 new songs representing the continuous growth of its members Will Canning and Remy Veselis. This is recommended for a wide range of listeners!
Croatian Amor - Remember Rainbow Bridge (LP+DL)Croatian Amor - Remember Rainbow Bridge (LP+DL)
Croatian Amor - Remember Rainbow Bridge (LP+DL)Posh Isolation
'Remember Rainbow Bridge’, the new album by Croatian Amor, is a homage to youth and the delicate metamorphosis that occurs as childhood trips into maturity. Focused on this tender flux, the songs on 'Remember Rainbow Bridge' are infused with the restless energy of adolescence and a dawning sense of mortality. From the sun-kissed title track, to the night burn and wet pavement of ‘Paper Birds’, monumental highs are shuffled with great lows that we perhaps feel most clearly and earnestly in those formative years. Since the earliest collages committed to tape under the name of Croatian Amor, Loke Rahbek's alias has at every step gravitated towards constant discovery and experimentation. The sound collages are still present while the unity of each song's construction now often conceals the juxtapositions and overlapping edges. Employing a medley of diffuse electronic music traditions, fantastical synthetic worlds are evoked and while ‘Remember Rainbow Bridge’ heavily relies on rhythmic structures to propel the compositions, Croatian Amor continues to tend a highly textured field in his own inimitable way. 'Remember Rainbow Bridge' is a celebration of the liminal space between phases of life, the chrysalis of youth. It is a record about coming to terms with our ever-changing place in the world, its title urging us to see the world with a child’s eye, to never forget the miraculous at play only an arm’s-length away. “This world as we see it is passing away” Posh Isolation 270
Morio Agata - Norimono Zukan (LP)
Morio Agata - Norimono Zukan (LP)Bridge

Morio Agata's incidental masterpiece from 1980. The important work "The Vehicle Book", which later influenced Jim O'Rourke and the rest of the world, has been officially re-released on CD and LP in the U.S., and the LP has been distributed exclusively in Japan. [Completely limited edition

1977 "I Love You." Morio Agata, who had disappeared from the stage for about two years after his major work "Eien no Toukoku" (Eternal Faraway Country), which he had been working on since its release, was approached by Yuzuru Agi, editor-in-chief of Rock Magazine, the sharpest cultural music magazine in Osaka and the leader of Vanity Records, and in November 1979, in order to reset the music for the coming 80's, he created the album in two days. In November 1979, he created the "Vehicle Pictorial Book" in two days in order to reset the course for the coming 80s. This was an important work that became the basis for Morio Agata, who soon became a child of A, formed Virgin VS, and once again enjoyed success in the first half of the 80s.


V.A. - Burning It Up (Australian Reggae 1979-1986) (LP)
V.A. - Burning It Up (Australian Reggae 1979-1986) (LP)Austudy Records
Austudy Records is proud to present it’s debut release Burning It Up: Australian Reggae (1979-1986). A compilation surveying the influence of Reggae on Australia’s preoccupation with Rock, Pop and New Wave between the years of 1979-1986. This selection of 8 obscure tracks originally issued on 7” records represent some of the earliest examples of Reggae sounds in Australian recorded music. Across 8 tracks Burning It Up encounters a psychedelic Dub-Soul stepper in Janie Conway’s Temptation, similarly The Lifesavers provide the compilation’s name-sake in their own spaced-out, improv-riddim. In Sydney Delaney/Venn join forces with Marcia Hines to deliver a glammed-out anthem while down the road a few ex-pats known as The Nights In Shining dance to an anthem of their own at a disco on the beach. The mysterious Wide Boy Youth preaches over Roots-Rock from some plastic-tropics whilst up north the irrepressible Time Lords Inc. fight the good fight in a loose funk-rock protest. Faded, late-night echoes of Ska wane with the The Agents and one of, if not the earliest examples of an Australian dub reverberates gloriously in Jo Jo Zep's hands-on approach to his Oz-Rock-classic.

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