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Takehisa Kosugi + Akio Suzuki - New Sense of Hearing (LP)Takehisa Kosugi + Akio Suzuki - New Sense of Hearing (LP)
Takehisa Kosugi + Akio Suzuki - New Sense of Hearing (LP)Blank Forms Editions
Available from Blank Forms for the first time since its original 1980 release on ALM-Uranoia, New Sense of Hearing documents a collaboration between Takehisa Kosugi and Akio Suzuki, two luminaries of Japanese experimental music in the lineage of Fluxus. Blank Forms’s high-quality reissue of the sought-after, long out of print LP, is produced by musician-artist Aki Onda and mastered from the original tapes recorded on April 2, 1979, at Tokyo’s Aeolian Hall. Described by Suzuki as the “culmination” of their sound, New Sense of Hearing features the two musicians improvising together in that empty Tokyo theater, Kosugi on vocals, violin, and radio transmitter and Suzuki on the Analapos, his namesake glass harmonica, spring cong, and kikkokikiriki, all apparatuses of his own invention. Suzuki and Kosugi first met at the city’s Minami Gallery in 1976 on the occasion of “Sound Objects and Sound Tools,” an exhibition of Suzuki’s homemade instruments. Two years later, at the Festival d’Automne in Paris, Suzuki invited Kosugi to join him for a suite of performances as part of the exhibition “MA: Espace – Temps au Japon,” organized by architect Arata Isozaki and composer-writer Tōru Takemitsu. Suzuki and Kosugi performed together at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, nearly fifty times, honing their approach to mutual improvisation, before traveling with the exhibition to Stockholm and New York—critic Tom Johnson wrote in the Village Voice that he had “seldom seen two performers so completely tuned in on the same types of sounds, the same performance attitude, the same philosophy, the same sense of what music ought to be.” For New Sense of Hearing, the duo reunited in Japan and produced an extraordinary dispatch from their collaboration of arioso violin, echoing vocals and bangs, and metallic twangs. As Johnson observed in 1979, Kosugi and Suzuki are “in a very subtle artistic world where there can be no direct relationships. . . . Only coincidence.”
Smegma - Infringements (LP)
Smegma - Infringements (LP)Alga Marghen
This is alga marghen’s third installment of Smegma’s original “Suburban Primitive Avant-folk music” Period (1973-1975) based in Pasadena, featuring three previously unreleased tracks from the deep vault of their home recordings. In the beginning, the Band Smegma had only one rule. No Musicians. Starting from scratch, they took the Road much less traveled. They were inspired by outsider musical artists of the time such as John Cage, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, Wild Man Fisher, Art Ensemble Of Chicago, etc. and they recorded every experiment with youthful enthusiasm. Mostly they only succeeded in tormenting their own friends and neighbors (except for the few who joined the band), but somehow they never chose imitation, but stumbles on a path that allowed Past (shamanistic) and Future (space) sounds to lead the way. The titled track gently pulls you in and carries you off with a way-out inner-mind group Jamming/not-Jamming trip, featuring Prepared Piano, Modular Synthesizer, Human Mouth sounds, Pan Pipes, Tabla and Electric Bass Guitar. “Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow” (definitely not the 1960s pop Hit) rips you straight into a high energy New Year's Eve Party Jam, in a romping free jazz style with stream of consciousness vocals and exuberant alto sax solos. Side B starts with Beatnik finger Popping and wild dogs barking from a record player, while breathless flute playing leads you down the rabbit hole of mysterious group vocalizing, including imitating the cry of the wild Tropical Parrots that lived in the palm trees in the front yard of the house in Pasadena that they had lived in. Always out of sync with their own time, 49 years later, these tracks still throb and pulsate Beautifully with their own inner logic.
Ya Ho Wha - Sacred Bones Presents the Music of Ya Ho Wha (Gold Vinyl LP)Ya Ho Wha - Sacred Bones Presents the Music of Ya Ho Wha (Gold Vinyl LP)
Ya Ho Wha - Sacred Bones Presents the Music of Ya Ho Wha (Gold Vinyl LP)Sacred Bones Records
Sacred Bones have curated an LP of original Ya Ho Wa 13 and Father Yod and the Spirit of ’76 (the musical projects of the Brotherhood of the Source) music from their rich and prolific recording history. For those not familiar Ya Ho Wa 13, formed in 1973, are regarded as one of the most extreme, groundbreaking and influential psychedelic rock bands in history. The band released nine super rare LPs (and are rumored to have recorded 65 LPs worth) full of deep spiritual wisdom, tribal drums and distorted guitars, some of which were completely unrehearsed jam sessions, others which contained more conventional rock songs. Most were recorded after hours of meditation at 3:00-6:00 a.m. in a soundproofed garage that served as the musicians’ studio at the family’s communal residence. All of the records with Father Yod’s participation were completely improvised, with no rehearsals or overdubs and feature him on lead vocals and percussion, via a kettle drum. Most of their original music was pressed in small runs and are highly sought after collector’s items. We are super excited to have listened through hours and hours of this transformative music to bring you what we think is an absolutely essential compilation of some of their best songs.
Macintosh Plus -  Floral Shoppe (LP)
Macintosh Plus - Floral Shoppe (LP)Olde English Spelling Bee
The original cassette, which was limited to 100 copies, has been bootlegged many times, and the occasional original sold on the marketplace for no less than 100,000 yen (and once sold for over 1,000,000 yen). It is an extraordinary album that has made the dizzying world of vaporwave, the birth of a new concept, known to the world at large. This piece is a different kind of viewing experience, as if you are wandering in a different space where several time frames intersect. Ambient, new age, beat music, industrial, funk, experimental, and other unidentifiable sounds are all interspersed throughout the album. From the unique slow-motion voice that is screwed up to the raging sampling collage and the heavy beats that burst one after another, this is the ultimate in burrowing sensation!
The Rabbits (LP)
The Rabbits (LP)Mesh-Key
11月上旬入荷予定。宮沢正一率いた伝説の実験的パンク・バンド「ザ・ラビッツ」による貴重音源の数々を集めた公式LPが、ゆらゆら帝国やAunt Sally、向井千惠作品などを手がけたニューヨークの要注意レーベル〈Mesh-Key〉から登場。アンダーグラウンドなリスナーを中心にカルト的な人気を博すも、これまで公式LPがリリースされることの無かったザ・ラビッツ初のLP盤!「わ、わ、わ、」や「名犬バター犬君号伝」「Winter Song」といった貴重音源を全10曲収録。
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Summvs (2LP)
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Summvs (2LP)NOTON
11月中旬入荷予定。深遠な美を醸す天上突破なコンテンポラリー・ミニマル/エレクトロニック作品!Alva Notoと坂本龍一によるコラボレーション・アルバムであり、〈Raster-Noton〉の〈V.I.R.U.S.〉シリーズ(全5枚)から2011年にCDリリースされた作品『Summvs』がリマスタリング仕様で〈NOTON〉より22年度アナログ・リイシュー。坂本教授とアルヴァ・ノトという二大巨星によるコラボ作品の第5弾。アナログ化が行われるのは今回が初となります。鎮静的にして瞑想的なミニマル・エレクトロニック傑作。
Yutaka Hirose - Trace: Sound Design Works 1986-1989 (2LP)Yutaka Hirose - Trace: Sound Design Works 1986-1989 (2LP)
Yutaka Hirose - Trace: Sound Design Works 1986-1989 (2LP)We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want
10月上旬入荷。吉村弘や芦川聡とも並び、世界的に再評価される日本の環境音楽/アンビエント/サウンドスケープのパイオニアとして今や不動の地位を手にした名作家、広瀬豊による未発表楽曲11曲を収めた作品集『Trace: Sound Design Works 1986-1989』が〈WRWTFWW Records〉からアナウンス。広瀬豊がミサワホームの〈サウンドスケープ・シリーズ〉に残した世界的大名盤『Nova』をリリースした直後である、1986年から1989年にかけて、〈Sound Process Design〉のセッションで制作した未発表曲11曲を収録。本人によるライナーノーツ付属。吉村弘『Music For Nine Post Cards』や芦川聡『Still Way』、濱瀬元彦『樹木の音街』などと同様に、日本の環境音楽ファンにとっての重要なコレクションとなる一枚!
Les Rallizes Dénudés - ’67-‘69 STUDIO et LIVE + MIZUTANI / Les Rallizes Dénudés + ’77 LIVE+Special 12" (LP+LP+3LP+12”)
Les Rallizes Dénudés - ’67-‘69 STUDIO et LIVE + MIZUTANI / Les Rallizes Dénudés + ’77 LIVE+Special 12" (LP+LP+3LP+12”)The Last One Musique / Tuff Beats

Simultaneous purchase set of three original Les Rallizes Dénudés albums LPs with bonus 12-inch, available in limited quantities!

Special 12-inch for purchasing all three albums at the same time. 
The "Romance of Black Sorrow otherwise Fallin' Love With," which was cut from the analog LP of "MIZUTANI / Les Rallizes Dénudés" due to the recording time, and two bonus tracks from the reissue CD of "MIZUTANI / Les Rallizes Dénudés" will be included.
Two bonus tracks from the reissue CD of "'67-'69 STUDIO et LIVE" will be included.

1. 黒い悲しみのロマンセ otherwise Fallin’ Love With 
 Romance of the Black Pain otherwise Fallin’ Love With 

1. Résonance 
2. Tobacco Road

Les Rallizes Dénudés - ’67-‘69 STUDIO et LIVE (LP)
Les Rallizes Dénudés - ’67-‘69 STUDIO et LIVE (LP)The Last One Musique / Tuff Beats

Les Rallizes Dénudés' original album "'67-'69 STUDIO et LIVE", released in August 1991, has been reissued with vinyl LP! This is a valuable collection of sound sources from the early days of the band's activities, filled with the electric guitar feedback that would determine the direction of the band's later activities.

1. Smokin’ Cigarette Blues (Live Version) 
2. La Mal Rouge 
3. 眩 暈 otherwise My Conviction 
    Vertigo otherwise My Conviction 

1. Les Bulles de Savon 
    Soap Bubbles 
2. 記憶は遠い 
    Memory is far away 
3. 鳥の声 
    Bird calls in the dusk 
4. My Conviction (2nd. Version) 
5. The Last One _1969 (Live Version)

*The two bonus tracks "Résonance" and "Tobacco Road" on the CD reissue of the same title will not be included on the LP.

Les Rallizes Dénudés - MIZUTANI / Les Rallizes Dénudés (LP)
Les Rallizes Dénudés - MIZUTANI / Les Rallizes Dénudés (LP)The Last One Musique / Tuff Beats

MIZUTANI / Les Rallizes Dénudés", has been remastered and reissued by Makoto Kubota, a participating member at the time!
Acoustic and introspective, this important work offers a glimpse into the personal side of Mizutani, the core of Naked Rallies.

Due to recording time constraints, "Black Sorrow Romance Otherwise Fallin' Love With," which is included at the end of the CD, was cut from the analog LP.
As a result, this record is composed of only the unique sound sources in the history of the Raleys, which were created by a chance encounter between Takashi Mizutani and Makoto Kubota in Kyoto, Japan in 1970.

Les Rallizes Dénudés - ’77 LIVE (3LP)
Les Rallizes Dénudés - ’77 LIVE (3LP)The Last One Musique / Tuff Beats
3LP edition. The long-awaited reissue of "'77 LIVE", recorded live in Tachikawa, Tokyo on March 12, 1977 by Les Rallizes Dénudés, after remastering by Makoto Kubota! The contents of the album are an overwhelming flood of sound and transformative improvisation, allowing the audience to relive the miraculous one-and-a-half hour live performance.
Tom Skinner - Voices of Bishara (LP)Tom Skinner - Voices of Bishara (LP)
Tom Skinner - Voices of Bishara (LP)Brownswood Recordings

The title of Tom Skinner’s first release under his own name is a reference to cellist Abdul Wadud’s ultra-rare 1978 solo album ‘By Myself’, which Skinner listened to repeatedly during lockdown. Wadud’s album was privately pressed on his own label, Bisharra, and whilst Skinner’s title uses the more conventional spelling of this common Arabic name, they both have the same intention or meaning: it translates as ‘good news’, or ‘the bringer of good news’.

This is a classic-sounding record that connects backwards to Skinner’s 2017 Hello Skinny collaboration with American composer and Arthur Russell-collaborator Peter Zummo on ‘Watermelon Sun’. It links sideways to Makaya McCraven’s beat maker-inspired treatments of jazz sessions, and it offers a musical bridge to Sons of Kemet’s most meditative moments.

‘Voices of Bishara’ began life when Tom Skinner asked some musician friends to join him for a Played Twice session at London’s Brilliant Corners. The regular event had a simple format: play a classic album in full through their audiophile system and then have an elite ensemble improvise their response. The night in question focused on drummer Tony Williams’ 1964 Blue Note album ‘Life Time’ and the music he and his friends conjured up was so special that it inspired Skinner to write an albums-worth of phenomenal new music.

Skinner, a cellist, a bass player and two saxophonists recorded the results classic album-style, with everyone in the same room. He took the music home and it was put to the side, occasionally coming out for some attention in between Tom’s many other creative projects. This was a slow burn creation, and gradually, a new album began appearing as he embraced the studio recordings and accentuated their sublime idiosyncrasies.

“I took a very liberal approach with the scissors and started going really hard into the edits between instruments. It breathed new life into the music. I was taking my cue from the great disco re-edits, people like Theo Parrish chopping up tunes and looping sections. I’m not a purist. I don’t want to get hung up on the past. It was really empowering to fuck it up a bit, to mess around with the music and see what happened. It felt right”

The result is a tight, hypnotic and unique 31-minutes of music. ‘Voices of Bishara’ is sculpted around timeless and deeply emotional music that contains masses of movement and exceptional harmonic depth and texture. It sweeps and soars through soundworlds, rich in musicality and always anchored by the deep doubling of cello and bass. It also, of course, contains Skinner’s percussive magic – drumming skills that have brought artists from Grace Jones to Jonny Greenwood to request him on their records and tours.

“We’re individual voices, coming together collectively. The idea was that we could collectively bring something more positive to the table. It’s the start of something.”

Tom Skinner and ‘Voices of Bishara’: bringers of good news. 

Nosaj Thing - Continua (Crystal Clear Vinyl LP+DL)Nosaj Thing - Continua (Crystal Clear Vinyl LP+DL)
Nosaj Thing - Continua (Crystal Clear Vinyl LP+DL)LuckyMe Records

Los Angeles producer and artist Nosaj Thing AKA Jason W. Chung returns with his fifth album, Continua - featuring a stellar ensemble cast including HYUKOH, Toro y Moi, Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead), serpentwithfeet, Sam Gendel, Coby Sey, Julianna Barwick, Mike Andrews, Slauson Malone, Pink Siifu, Panda Bear & Eyedress.

Nosaj Thing's expertise is in crafting exquisite soundscapes that hold a mirror up to his journey from noise and punk shows at DIY venue The Smell, to his debut sets at Low End Theory, to touring with The xx and The Weeknd. Throughout, he has innovated with a live experiences conceived with Tokyo-based AV savant Daito Manabe. Chung's music carries such visceral humanity it feels like a disservice to refer to the 'mood' which pervades his records. But it's exactly that distinct mood which has made Nosaj Thing such a cult artists across his 16-year-deep discography.

Maxine Funke - Pieces Of Driftwood (LP+DL)Maxine Funke - Pieces Of Driftwood (LP+DL)
Maxine Funke - Pieces Of Driftwood (LP+DL)Disciples

A collection of non-album singles, tracks recorded for compilations, and new material.

Track 1 For Tom Carter compilation on Deserted Village, 2013
Track 2 Strange Eden cassette comp on Independent Woman, 2019
Tracks 3 - 6 I Dischi Del Barone 7”, 2018
Track 7 Lullabies For Sleepless People In A Tired World cassette comp on Kashual Plastik, 2021
Tracks 8 - 10 unreleased
Tracks 11 - 14 Chemical Imbalance 7”, 2020
Track 15 lathe cut on Epic Sweep, 2011

All songs written by Maxine Funke. Front cover painting is a portrait of Mrs Thomas Pavletich (née Ann Connell) reference 4A15, collection of Toitū Otago Settlers Museum. Used by kind permission of Toitū Otago Settlers Museum. Layout by Studio Tape-Echo. Compiled by Disciples. This is DISC17.

Kenny Beats - LOUIE (LP)
Kenny Beats - LOUIE (LP)XL Recordings
Though best known for producing seminal albums for some of the world’s most exciting artists (Vince Staples, IDLES, Rico Nasty), on LOUIE Kenny subverts expectations with an almost entirely instrumental artist record that acts as a deeply personal tribute to the artist’s ailing father. Over 17 songs, LOUIE is a hypnotic odyssey of wounded, teardrop soul; a side of Kenny that has not been seen by the world before.

V.A. - Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground (Pink Swirl Vinyl 2LP)V.A. - Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground (Pink Swirl Vinyl 2LP)
V.A. - Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground (Pink Swirl Vinyl 2LP)Numero
Who do we become when we live our dreams? It's all here - the high hairdos, the dreams and schemes, the tender camp, the wedding bell fantasias and chaste tragedies. Sister acts, studio receptionists, classmates, angelic voices of the 1960s; some legendary, many hidden in the basement of expired rainbows.
Yukako Hayase - Tsuchi to mizu (LP)
Yukako Hayase - Tsuchi to mizu (LP)Warner Music Japan
Great JPN New Wave /Walearic! This is the first LP reissue of the '88 album by Yukako Hayase, who made a name for herself with her ennui whisper voice, including a cover by Yuko Ando and her influence on Kahimi Karie.
Ambient 7 - Excepts from 1995 - 2000 ‎(12")Ambient 7 - Excepts from 1995 - 2000 ‎(12")
Ambient 7 - Excepts from 1995 - 2000 ‎(12")re:discovery records
Limited 200 copies, Black Vinyl. On behalf of re:discovery records, it is with great excitement that we announce the release of 'Ambient7 - Excepts from 1995-2000' compilation. Ambient7 was a threesome out of Japan that included Chica Asamoto, Masayuki Momo and Shuichi Ikebuchi. Chica Asamoto, an accomplished saxophone player while Masayuki Momo and Shuichi Ikebuchi both talented synthesizer players and producers in their own right. Together, they released 3 full albums during a 6 year span from 1995-2000. Ambient7's sound was a blend of chill out styles including ambient, techno, balearic house and everything in-between. A unique and heartfelt far east version of chill out techno music . 'Escape' is a soft ambient techno track with a touch of dub that is sure to sit along the greats of genre and the time. Surrounding 'Escape', are two short but worthy examples of the Ambient7 sound. First, is the unique tribal attention getter that is 'Prologue' then ending with the beautiful balearic saxophone serenade that is 'Epilogue'. Flip the record and you 'Deep Sea' that comes in just under 11 minutes. A very unique track that we will just encourage you to take the trip and describe it how you would like. Lastly, is the balaeric ambient house lullaby that is 'Orange Sunshine'. Some who have heard this track call it a reason to buy the record alone for not even hearing the other tracks on this EP. A standout and a perfect set opener or closer, this is sure to be the re:discovery track for the summer for 2022. Genre: Techno, ambient, balearic, chill out, dub
Sam Prekop - The Sparrow (LP)Sam Prekop - The Sparrow (LP)
Sam Prekop - The Sparrow (LP)TAL
"Is it too Sam Prekop?", Sam Prekop asked me in an email conversation in which he delivered his wonderful illustrations which would become the front cover artwork. No, it is not too Sam Prekop at all. His drawings as well as the freeform music on this album are subtly different from anything else he has produced in his solo career. Regardless of the style he is working in, Sam Prekop’s music is always imbued with a sense of wide-eyed discovery and unpredictable exploration. On »The Sparrow« Sam Prekop expands his electronic cosmos with a remarkable expression of timeless simplicity and coherent execution. It's deceptively simple music that feels accessible without abandoning the experimental legacy of the Modular hardware system which serves, besides a polyphonic Prophet 5 synthesizer, as the centre piece of this production. The side long title track opens this album with unpredictable synth dissonances and broken step sequenced patterns. »Palm« brings the set to a close with its irregular fragility while »Fall is Farewell« is build around a yearning brassy fanfare which resembles the noir romance theme of Michael Smalls soundtrack for the 1971 film »Klute«. The sparkling essence of »Step and Stair« seems a suitable space for unforgotten summer holidays of our childhood. On his first solo release for Düsseldorfs label TAL, electronic experimentalist Sam Prekop offers his most captivating yet stripped down modular music. All compositions on »The Sparrow« were gradually developed piece by piece. Best known for his jazz-leaning tropicalismo with The Sea And Cake, a key part of the Chicago scene with the likes of Tortoise or Chicago Underground Duo, he has in recent years established himself as a modular synthesist, building his instrument meticulously to create a unique system that allows him to create highly individual music through mechanical patterns, repetitions and chance. In this context his widely acclaimed community forming public tutorials on fb should be noted as well. »The Sparrow« is an exciting new chapter in his development as a constant creative influence. Stefan Schneider, Düsseldorf August 2022
Roméo Poirier - Living Room (LP)Roméo Poirier - Living Room (LP)
Roméo Poirier - Living Room (LP)Faitiche
Living Room (faitiche 28) is the third solo album by Roméo Poirier and, following his much praised Hotel Nota, his debut for Faitiche. The French musician and producer transforms the layering of different times into a free-flowing pulse that sounds both nostalgic and mysteriously ahistorical. Poirier takes music seriously as a time-based art – not just in the sense of duration, but also in the way time is refracted into autobiographical experience, historical dimensions and stages of evolution. By immersing and reflecting himself in these different layers, he creates a succession of new balances between various tempos, iterations and developments. Poirier’s music emerges from a continual questioning and reformulation of his own oeuvre and thus of his own past, drawing on an ever-expanding archive of self-recorded loops. “I always resample myself, using fragments of a track to make a new one, as an ongoing process,” he explains: “The sound is evolving with me in parallel and the loops carry in their DNA all transformational stages, filled with previous tracks, sedimented.” Originally a drummer, Poirier connects his various sources almost without a clearly identifiable beat. He prefers an organic pulse, mutable like the human sense of time and its fluidity. The aquatic feel of certain tracks on Living Room is no coincidence: among other devices, he uses a waterproof loudspeaker and a hydrophone to play back and rerecord tracks in the bathtub. Drawing on a sample collection assembled by his father, also a musician, the human voice enters Poirier’s music for the first time. But it remains free of overly unambiguous signifiers. Besides its link to time, the fascinating thing about music is that it has meaning without needing to be decoded. Living Room goes back to the private but universal origin of human experience: “I liked the idea that a possible quest for a musician could be echoing the first encounter we had with language, in a prenatal state: its prosody, melody and tones, without being cluttered with meaning.”
Duma - Duma (LP)Duma - Duma (LP)
Duma - Duma (LP)Nyege Nyege Tapes

Martin Khanja (aka Lord Spike Heart) and Sam Karugu emerge from Nairobi's flourishing underground metal scene as former members of the bands Lust of a Dying Breed and Seeds of Datura. Together in 2019 they formed Duma (Darkness in Kikuyu) with Sam abandoning bass for production and guitars and Lord Spike Heart providing extreme vocals to the project. 

Recorded at Nyege Nyege Studios in Kampala over three months in mid 2019 their self-titled debut album fuses the frenetic euphoria, unrelenting physicality and rebellious attitude of hardcore punk and trash metal with bone-crunching breakcore and raw, nihilist industrial noise through a claustrophobic vortex of visceral screams. 

The savant mix of brutally adrenalized drums, caustic industrial trap, shredding grindcore inspired guitars and abrupt speed changes create a darkly atmospheric menace and is lethal on tracks like the opener "Angels and Abysses" , "Omni" or "Uganda with Sam". 

The gruelling slow techno dirges and monolithic vocals on "Pembe 666" or "Sin Nature" add a pinch of dramatic inevitability bringing a new sense of theatricality and terrifying fate awaiting into the record's progression. 

A sinister sonic aggression of feral intensity with disregard for styles, Duma promises to impact the burgeoning African metal scene moving it into totally new, boundary-challenging experimental territories. 

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern - Utp_ (2LP)
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto with Ensemble Modern - Utp_ (2LP)NOTON
Released for the first time in 2009, ‘utp_’ is the third installment of Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s V.I.R.U.S.'s series. It was commissioned for the 400th anniversary of Mannheim, Germany. The flowing 10-section multimedia work derives its shape from a rasterized structure of the southwestern city, founded in 1608. The recording documents the work’s debut performed by Ensemble Modern at the National Theatre in Mannheim. The music embraces the electronic, piano-based palettes, an expanded array of avant-garde chamber instrumentation and natural timbres. It combined the digital visual score created by Carsten Nicolai and Simon Mayer, and lighting design by Nigel Edwards.
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Revep (reMASTER) (2LP)
Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto - Revep (reMASTER) (2LP)NOTON
Initially released in 2006, ‘Revep’ is the third collaboration album between Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto and the third installment of V.I.R.U.S.’s five albums series. Remastered in 2021 in collaboration with Calyx Studio, the album’s recordings are accompanied by three new compositions titled ‘City Radieuse’, ‘Veru 1’, and ‘Veru 2’. ‘City Radieuse’ was composed for the 2012 short cinematic essay titled ‘Cité Radieuse’ and part of Carsten Nicolai’s ‘future past perfect’ series. The video shot at le Corbusier’s Unité D’Habitation in Nantes (called ‘cité radieuse’) takes the viewer through the modular system and design applied to the residential buildings. The film’s narrative unfolds through a sequence of images tracking the apartments’ indoor space and details, and points to the different benchmarks of standardized production as they correlate to their environment and its inhabitants. The album’s original recordings resulted from musical exchanges that began with ‘Vrioon’ and revolved around a collaborative arrangement of Sakamoto’s classic ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence,’ the theme music to the 1983 movie starring David Bowie, Takeshi Kitano, and Ryuichi Sakamoto himself. In ‘Revep,’ the piano takes the lead while the padded bass and pitched electronic frequencies mark sudden change. Deeply evocative and effortlessly colliding worlds of analog beauty and digital mastery, this album is considered another indispensable record from the duo’s ongoing collaboration. ALBUM ART DESIGNED BY CARSTEN NICOLAI MASTERING BY BO @ CALYX TRACKLIST:
Taro Nohara - Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine (LP)Taro Nohara - Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine (LP)
Taro Nohara - Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine (LP)We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want
WRWTFWW Records is so happy to announce Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine, a brand new release by Japanese producer Taro Nohara (Yakenohara). 8 tracks of pure environmental ambient bliss available on LP housed in a heavy 350gsm sleeve with an artwork from the artist himself, as well as in digital format. Based in Tokyo, Taro Nohara is a producer, beatmaker, DJ, and music activist who made a mark with his electronic / ambient unit Unknown Me ( (of Not Not Fun Records fame). His new solo project, Poly-Time Soundscapes / Forest Of The Shrine, is a unique and modern take on Japanese environmental music, a free floating re-interpretation of the sub-genre made famous by Midori Takada, Hiroshi Yoshimura, or Satoshi Ashikawa (and more!) fused with subtle nuances of various origins: downtempo, hip hop, sound design, chill-out, experimental. Conceived as a two-part adventure of contemplative peace, Taro Nohara’s organic soundscape takes you on a mind-soothing walk through time (or memories) and the beautiful mysteries of luscious forests - don’t resist, let yourself go, explore!

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