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Burial - Antidawn (LP+DL)
Burial - Antidawn (LP+DL)Hyperdub

Antidawn reduces Burial’s music to just the vapours. 

The record explores an interzone between dislocated, patchwork songwriting and eerie, open-world, game space ambience. 

In the resulting no man's land, lyrics take precedence over song, lonely phrases colour the haze, a stark and fragmented structure makes time slow down. 

Antidawn seems to tell a story of a wintertime city, and something beckoning you to follow it into the night. The result is both comforting and disturbing, producing a quiet and uncanny glow against the cold. Sometimes, as it enters 'a bad place', it takes your breath away. And time just stops.

Woo - Paradise In Pimlico (LP)
Woo - Paradise In Pimlico (LP)Quindi Records
After their celestial Arcturian Corridor opened proceedings on Quindi, London-based brothers Clive and Mark Ives are back with a new record. When Woo first began recording at home in the early 70s, Clive and Mark were the embodiment of furtive genius. Since re-emerging in 2013, they’ve released scores of albums, collaborated with Seahawks, and have now struck up a productive relationship with Quindi. On Paradise In Pimlico, you’re hearing a very different sound to the one gently creaked out on early classics like Into The Heart Of Love. This is fulsome, contemporary production rich in detail and artful sound design, but crucially, Clive and Mark’s gorgeously melodic approach remains open and inquisitive, even with the sheen and shimmer of modern studio techniques. Woo sound more confident than ever in their composition, too. The crystalline, fragile tones of ‘Cadenza D’Innocenza’ glide through key changes that spell out an engrossing narrative, while the cascading melodies on ‘Moment To Moment’ pirouette across the space between notes with masterful poise. ‘Paradise In Pimlico’ is an illustrious suite of orchestral composition played out with the lightest touch, framed by the slightest of synthesized fauna and topped off with tender sax and flute. Album closer ‘In Case Love Fails’ takes on a subtly cinematic urgency with its undercurrents of walking bass and the strike of the string section (synthetic or otherwise). There’s space for markedly new approaches, too. The rhythm section on ‘The Motorik Mirror’ clunks and pops with a tactile, high-definition quality which teeters between electronic sculpture and clockwork, organic machination. The deft, lightly-brushed drums coursing through ‘Even More Notes’ see Clive and Mark step into a different mood, celebrating the beat as another fluid, tonally-rich texture in the mix and adding a smoky, jazzy hue to the Woo repertoire. It’s far from a drum-focused exercise though. At every turn, you’re confronted with aching beauty and timbral surprises. If there’s one constant throughout Paradise In Pimlico, it’s the omnipresent chimes. These twinkling drops of light scattered throughout are something of a hallmark of Woo, ensuring the lilting, lullaby-like magic of their music persists whichever direction they head in.
Love Apple - Love Apple (Candy Apple Red Vinyl LP)Love Apple - Love Apple (Candy Apple Red Vinyl LP)
Love Apple - Love Apple (Candy Apple Red Vinyl LP)Numero
In the late '70s, three do-right women from Cleveland forged a brief partnership with Ohio's everything man, Lou Ragland. Unlike the prefabricated singing combos of the day, Lily Pearson, Annette Warren, and Avetta Henry swapped lead duties as situation demanded. When a Ragland-centric publicity stunt preempted a concert appearance, Love Apple disintegrated, abandoning this rehearsal tape within the lo-fi confines of Thomas Boddie's cherished Eastside studio. Devoid of bass, the sparse instrumentation (only Lou on guitar and piano and Hot Chocolate's Tony Roberson on drums) accentuates each vocalist's aptitude, showcasing some of Ragland's finest songwriting in the process. During any given take, Ragland can be heard calling audibles, directing his singers to repeat a passage, or lending his own sweet tenor to the vocal mix. Never intended for release, Love Apple's six-song sketch is the perfect companion to I Travel Alone, bringing Ragland's unique musical vision into sharper focus.
Joanna Brouk - The Space Between (White Vinyl LP)Joanna Brouk - The Space Between (White Vinyl LP)
Joanna Brouk - The Space Between (White Vinyl LP)Numero
Previously issued on three rare cassette-only editions, Joanna Brouk’s 1980 sophomore album The Space Between has finally been given spacious LP quarters. The side-long title track, performed by Brouk’s Mills College instructor and sometime-lover Bill Maraldo is among the deepest and most distinctive pieces in the new age canon, while side B’s three cuts expand the theme in hypnotic new directions.
Arthur Russell - Instrumentals (2LP)
Arthur Russell - Instrumentals (2LP)Audika Records
Remastered double LP with 12 page booklet including liner notes by Tim Lawrence, Ernie Brooks and Arthur Russell. All material previously released on the Audika CD compilation First Thought Best Thought (2006). Before disco, and before the transcendent echoes, Arthur wanted to be a composer. His journey began in 1972, leaving home in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Heading west to Northern California, Arthur studied Indian classical composition at the Ali Akbar Khan College of Music followed by western orchestral music at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, before ending two years later in New York at the Manhattan School of Music. Traversing the popular and the serious, Arthur composed Instrumentals in 1974, inspired by the photography of his Buddhist teacher, Yuko Nonomura, as Arthur described, 'I was awakened, or re-awakened to the bright-sound and magical qualities of the bubblegum and easy-listening currents in American popular music.' Initially intended to be performed in one 48 hour cycle, Instrumentals was in fact only performed in excerpts a handful of times as a work in progress. The legendary performances captured live in New York at The Kitchen (1975 and 1978) and Franklin St. Arts Center (1977) feature the cream of that eras downtown new music scene including Ernie Brooks, Rhys Chatham, Julius Eastman, Jon Gibson, Peter Gordon, Garrett List, Andy Paley, Bill Ruyle, Dave Van Tieghem, and Peter Zummo. Pitchfork lauded Instrumentals Vol. 1 as a masterpiece and one of Arthur's 'greatest achievements'. Americana touching on Copeland, Ives, and maybe even Brian Wilson. Instrumentals Vol. 2 is a moving, deeply pastoral work performed by the CETA Orchestra and conducted by Julius Eastman. Also included are two of Arthur's most elusive compositions, 'Reach One', and 'Sketch For Face Of Helen'. Recorded live in 1975 at Phill Niblock's Experimental Intermedia Foundation, 'Reach One' is a minimal, hypnotic ambient soundscape written and performed for two Fender Rhodes pianos. 'Sketch For Face Of Helen' was inspired by Arthur's work with friend and composer Arnold Dreyblatt, recorded with an electronic tone generator, keyboard and ambient recordings of a rumbling tugboat from the Hudson River. For this remastered vinyl edition, a key part of Arthur's musical life has been restored. The sparkling, multidimensional results take the listener closer to Arthur's coast-to-coast journey: his iconoclastic determination to combine pop and art music; and his desire to make music that would resonate in the present and, ultimately, across time.
Jon Hopkins - Music For Psychedelic Therapy (Clear 2LP+DL)Jon Hopkins - Music For Psychedelic Therapy (Clear 2LP+DL)
Jon Hopkins - Music For Psychedelic Therapy (Clear 2LP+DL)Domino

2月11日発売、ご予約受付中。限定クリア・ヴァイナル仕様。"幻覚セラピーのための音楽”アンビエントでもクラシックでもポストロックでもない、リスナーを新たな次元へと導く新感覚の体感型ミュージック、最新作『Music For Psychedelic Therapy 』を発表。

ブライアン・イーノと共にコールドプレイの『美しき生命』に楽曲提供/プロデューサーとして参加し、コールドプレイの世界ツアーをサポートしたことで注目を集めたエレクトロニック・プロデューサーのジョン・ホプキンス。 2014年にリリースしたアルバム『Immunity』が英マーキュリー・プライズにノミネート、そして2018年にリリースした前作『Singularity』ではさらなる飛躍を遂げ UKチャートトップ10入りを果たすなど世界的なトップアーティストとして活躍する彼が3年ぶりとなる最新作『Music For Psychedelic Therapy』を〈Domino〉よりリリース。

アヤワスカ(植物由来の幻覚作用を持つ飲料)の作用は、音、歌、そして口笛によって高まる。人間の歌声を含む多様な音を視覚的な現象に変化させる効果は、ある種の情報処理を担う細胞膜もしくは境界線が、この物質の薬効によって無効化されることを示している。そして通常は聴覚を通して経験するものごとが、明らかに目に見えるようになる。これは非常に壮大な景色なのだ - テレンス・マッケナ(米国の思想家)


Otay:onii - NAG (Gold Vinyl LP)
Otay:onii - NAG (Gold Vinyl LP)WV Sorcerer Productions 巫唱片
A truly symbolic and mysterious singing voice. Good release from the current Greater China Underground Demon Cave ! The long-awaited vinyl reissues of masterpiece first cassette album released by Otay: onii from in 2018, an experimental project by Lane Shi Otayonii, who is from Haining, China and is currently based in Brooklyn, USA!! It is a hot stock in China / Greater China underground such as and , and is also active as a vocalist of the heavy shoegaze / punk band Elizabeth Color Wheel. An atmospheric industrial ambient / art pop masterpiece reminiscent of the darkened Bjork and Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star), dressed in an industrial and gothic design! Gold LP & gate fold cover. Obi included. Limited to 300 copies.
Jeff Parker - Forfolks (LP)Jeff Parker - Forfolks (LP)
Jeff Parker, who is familiar with activities such as Tortoise and Chicago Underground Quartet, announces the latest work from the sanctuary of US contemporary jazz . It is an album composed of solo guitar works including interpretations of "Ugly Beauty" and "My Ideal" by Celonias Monk and 6 original songs, and it is a home in Altadena, California in June 2021. A gem of improvisational minimal ambient work recorded by Graeme Gibson in the studio over a two-day period!
V.A. - Do You Believe It?: American Soul Music 1960-1972 (3LP+Booklet)
V.A. - Do You Believe It?: American Soul Music 1960-1972 (3LP+Booklet)Cairo Records
Stunning compilation of great soul songs. The third in a six part series of compilations following a similar logic as Harry Smith’s Anthology Of American Folk Music – only where Smith covered folk, blues, gospel and old timey, this compilation covers just American soul music recorded between 1960 and 1972. Many deep ballads and a few rockers. Features extensive 12 page liner notes with lots of photo’s as well as a real special bonus insert. Cover has gold foil printing, and the records are housed in classy black sleeves. Super fancy limited edition double LP not to be missed.
V.A. - The World Is A Cafeteria: American Soul Music (and one song from Ghana) 1955-1998 (2LP+Booklet)
V.A. - The World Is A Cafeteria: American Soul Music (and one song from Ghana) 1955-1998 (2LP+Booklet)Cairo Records
Stunning compilation of great soul songs. The third in a six part series of compilations following a similar logic as Harry Smith’s Anthology Of American Folk Music – only where Smith covered folk, blues, gospel and old timey, this compilation covers just American soul music recorded between 1955 and 1998. Many deep ballads and a few rockers. Features extensive 12 page liner notes with lots of photo’s as well as a real special bonus insert. Cover has gold foil printing, and the records are housed in classy black sleeves. Super fancy limited edition double LP not to be missed.
V.A. - The Truth Is A Lie: American Soul Music 1955-1972 (2LP+Booklet)
V.A. - The Truth Is A Lie: American Soul Music 1955-1972 (2LP+Booklet)Cairo Records
Stunning compilation of great soul songs. The third in a six part series of compilations following a similar logic as Harry Smith’s Anthology Of American Folk Music – only where Smith covered folk, blues, gospel and old timey, this compilation covers just American soul music recorded between 1955 and 1972. Many deep ballads and a few rockers. Features extensive 12 page liner notes with lots of photo’s as well as a real special bonus insert. Cover has gold foil printing, and the records are housed in classy black sleeves. Super fancy limited edition double LP not to be missed.
V.A. - Written On The Wall: American Soul Music 1958-1974 (3LP+Booklet)
V.A. - Written On The Wall: American Soul Music 1958-1974 (3LP+Booklet)Cairo Records

2月中旬入荷予定、ご予約受付中(入荷日変更となりました)。弊店でも毎度瞬殺完売必至の大人気レーベル、濃密な音楽体験をお約束する”Cairo Records”の最新タイトルとなる第七弾コンピレーション!Mississippi recordsがディストリビューションする、このコアな黒人音楽遺産レーベルの最新作は今日までヴァイナルでのリリースも為されてこなかったデモ曲含め、著名アーティストから発見することすら困難なオブスキュアな無名アーティストまで超絶ディープなバラッドを収録した、Harry SmithのAnthology Of American Folk Musicのソウル版とも言うべき、鋭い審美眼による選び抜かれた豪華ソウル・ミュージックを36曲収録。場末の酒場は今日も歌へと酔いしれ、哀歌へと沈み、黄昏の夕日へと焦がれる毎日。遥か遠い日を夢に見る男と女の心打つバラッドの数々に乾杯です!金箔プリント・カバー&ブラック・インナー・スリーヴ仕様。28ページにも渡るフルカラー・ライナーノーツが付属。完全限定盤。同レーベルからのコンピは再プレスもなく、瞬時レア化しているため今回も争奪戦が予測されます。この機会を絶対にお見逃しなく!全音楽好きに大・大・大・大・大推薦です!

V.A. - Strange World (2LP+Booklet)V.A. - Strange World (2LP+Booklet)
V.A. - Strange World (2LP+Booklet)Pyramid Records
A double LP with 42 pages of full color 12" X 12" liner notes bound into a gatefold LP with a shiny silver foil front cover. Printed inner sleeves and 180 gram vinyl. "Strange World" is a compilation of cosmic and earthly doo wop and R&B from Jamaica and America. The songs are mostly sparse, beautiful and spacey. Features unreleased demos as well as hard to find songs found only on 45's from the 1950's. The liner notes feature unseen photos and cosmic art. Pyramid Records is a new label focusing on deluxe very small pressings. The goal is to make "dream records" that speak of an alter destiny better than what we got going these days.
Sammy Burdson, Klaus Weiss & Larry Robb - Dramatic Tempi / Larry Robbins Background (LP)
Sammy Burdson, Klaus Weiss & Larry Robb - Dramatic Tempi / Larry Robbins Background (LP)Be With Records
One of two Be With forays into the archives of revered British library institution Conroy, we present Dramatic Tempi / Larry Robbins Background Rhythms - C-L-A-S-S-I-C library breaks and beats set of heavy drums and louche funk - originally released in 1975. As a single LP, Dramatic Tempi / Larry Robbins Background Rhythms is two distinctly different collections of music. The first side, Dramatic Tempi, is made up of four tracks each from Sammy Burdson (one of the many, many aliases of the mighty Austrian composer, arranger and conductor, Gerhard Narholz) and German library legend Klaus Weiss. On the second side, Larry Robbins Background Rhythms is a lighter, poppier affair, but it’s not without its drum-heavy bangers. This re-issue of Dramatic Tempi / Larry Robbins Background Rhythms has been mastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis from audio from the original tapes. Richard Robinson has handled reproducing the iconic, hypnotic original Conroy sleeve. Essential.
Suso Sáiz - Resonant Bodies (2LP)
Suso Sáiz - Resonant Bodies (2LP)Music From Memory
Music From Memory are excited to present the latest chapter in their ongoing collaboration with seminal Spanish ambient musician Suso Saiz. 'Resonant Bodies’ is Suso’s seventh album project with the label and again raises the bar of his musical output, embracing a conceptual approach of which Suso himself says the following: “A body vibrates producing a sound that reaches another body and makes it vibrate and generate a new sound that makes another body vibrate that generates another sound... Imagine an infinite orchestra of bodies multiplying their sound vibrations creating the symphony of RESONANT BODIES. Resonance as a principle of COMMUNICATION; sound as a builder of ties and interrelations between men. RESONANT BODIES pieces are part of a whole and are both generators of it. Unlike other works, during the approximately two years it took me to finish RESONANT BODIES, the pieces were gradually completed and small sound particles were added caused by the vibrations generated by the previous layers until creating imperfect and synchronized sound objects. COMMUNICATION.”
Bill Fay - Still Some Light: Part 1 (2LP)
Bill Fay - Still Some Light: Part 1 (2LP)Dead Oceans
Scheduled to arrive in late February, reservations are being accepted. The editorial board released on CD from in 2010 by British singer-songwriter Bill Fay has been re-released in analog form from . He left two great works on Deram, 1970's Bill Fay and 1971's Time Of The Last Persecution, but little was known at the time. In the 1990s, his work gained cult popularity, and when it was reissued in 2005, his secular folk and pop hymns gained new fans and his career began. Re-evaluated. This work is a collection of 1970s demos and home recordings released in 2010. In addition to these songs, this reissue includes rework by contemporary artists who were heavily influenced by Bill Fay's music such as Kevin Morby, Mary Lattimore, Julia Jacklin, and Steve Gunn.
Karen Dalton In My Own Time - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition (3LP+2x7"+CD)
Karen Dalton In My Own Time - 50th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition (3LP+2x7"+CD)LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
Karen Dalton’s 1971 album, In My Own Time, stands as a true masterpiece by one of music’s most mysterious, enigmatic, and enduringly influential artists. Light in the Attic is honored to celebrate the 50th anniversary of In My Own Time with the definitive edition of this monumental classic. Featuring Dalton’s interpretations of songs like “Are You Leaving for the Country,” “When a Man Loves a Woman,” “Katie Cruel,” and her posthumously recognized signature performance, “Something On Your Mind,” will be available in a variety of formats, including a bonus-filled, 50th anniversary Super Deluxe Edition, which expands exponentially upon Light in the Attic’s 2006 reissue of the album, co-produced by Nicholas Hill. The 50th Anniversary Super-Deluxe Edition features the newly remastered (2021) In My Own Time album, presented on three sides of 45-RPM, 180-gram vinyl pressed at Record Technology Inc. (RTI), with the fourth side showcasing alternate takes from the album sessions. The Super Deluxe package also includes the previously unreleased audio from her rare, captivating performance, Live at The Montreux Golden Rose Pop Festival, May 1st, 1971. This is the first time this audio has been made available in any physical format — presented on 180-gram 12-inch vinyl, pressed at Third Man Record Pressing, and featuring a stunning etching of Dalton by acclaimed artist Jess Rotter on the B-Side. Accompanying the bonus record is a replica playbill from The Montreux Golden Rose Pop Festival, 1971, meticulously arranged and compiled from vintage source material by Darryl Norsen. In addition to the bonus 12”, the set contains a CD of all tracks included in the package and two 7-inch singles, featuring previously-unreleased live recordings captured at Germany’s Beat Club in 1971, both pressed at Third Man Record Pressing and housed in tip-on jackets. All audio has been newly remastered by Dave Cooley, while lacquers were cut by Phil Rodriguez at Elysian Masters. A 20-page booklet—featuring rarely seen photos, liner notes from musician and writer Lenny Kaye, and contributions from Nick Cave and Devendra Banhart—rounds out the package, which comes housed in a special trifold jacket, individually foil-stamped and numbered in a strictly limited worldwide edition of 2,000 copies. All orders of the Super Deluxe Edition (from and will include an 18”x24” fold-out movie poster of the acclaimed documentary film Karen Dalton: In My Own Time, illustrated by artist Matt McCormick. Directed by Robert Yapkowitz and Richard Peete and executive produced by Light in the Attic, Wim Wenders and Delmore Recording Society, the film chronicles the life, music, and legacy of Dalton and features interviews with family, friends, collaborators, and a variety of artists, including Peter Walker, Nick Cave, and country singer Lacy J. Dalton. Angel Olsen lends her voice to the film as the principle narrator, reading aloud from Dalton’s personal journal. The Oklahoma-raised Karen Dalton (1937-1993) brought a range of influences to her work. As Lenny Kaye writes in the liner notes, one can hear “the jazz of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, the immersion of Nina Simone, the Appalachian keen of Jean Ritchie, [and] the R&B and country that had to seep in as she made her way to New York." Armed with a long-necked banjo and a 12-stringed guitar, Dalton set herself apart from her peers with her distinctive, world-weary vocals. In the early ‘60s, she became a fixture in the Greenwich Village folk scene, interpreting traditional material, blues standards, and the songs of her contemporaries, including Tim Hardin, Fred Neil, and Richard Tucker, whom she later married. Bob Dylan, meanwhile, was instantly taken with her artistry. “My favorite singer in the place was Karen Dalton,” he recalled in Chronicles: Volume One (Simon & Schuster, 2004). “Karen had a voice like Billie Holiday and played the guitar like Jimmy Reed.” Those who knew Dalton understood that she was not interested in bowing to the whims of the record industry. On stage, she rarely interacted with audience members. In the studio, she was equally as uncomfortable with the recording process. Her 1969 debut, It’s So Hard to Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best, reissued by Light in the Attic in 2009, was captured on the sly when Dalton assumed that she was rehearsing songs. When Woodstock co-promoter Michael Lang approached Dalton about recording a follow-up for his new imprint, Just Sunshine, she was dubious, to say the least. The album would have to be made on her own terms, in her own time. That turned out to be a six-month period at Bearsville Studios in Woodstock, NY. Producing the album was bassist Harvey Brooks, who played alongside Dalton on It’s So Hard to Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best. Brooks, who prided himself on being “simple, solid and supportive,” understood Dalton’s process, but was also willing to offer gentle encouragement, and challenge the artist to push her creative bounds. “I tried to present her with a flexible situation,” he told Kaye. “I left the decisions to her, to determine the tempo, feel. She was very quiet, and I brought all of it to her; if she needed more, I’d present options. Everyone was sensitive to her. She was the leader.” Dalton, who rarely performed her own compositions, selected a range of material to interpret—from traditionals like “Katie Cruel” and “Same Old Man” to Paul Butterfield’s “In My Own Dream” and Richard Tucker’s “Are You Leaving For The Country.” She also expanded upon her typical repertoire, peppering in such R&B hits as “When a Man Loves a Woman” and “How Sweet It Is.” In a departure from her previous LP, Dalton’s new recording offered fuller, more pop-forward arrangements, featuring a slew of talented studio musicians. While ‘70s audiences may not have been ready for Dalton’s music, a new generation was about to discover her work. In the decades following her death, a slew of artists would name Karen Dalton as an influence, including Lucinda Williams, Joanna Newsom, Nick Cave, Angel Olsen, Devendra Banhart, Sharon Van Etten, Courtney Barnett, and Adele. In the recent acclaimed film documentary Karen Dalton: In My Own Time, Cave muses on Dalton’s unique appeal: “There’s a sort of demand made upon the listener,” he explains. “Whether you like it or not, you have to enter her world. And it’s a despairing world.” Peter Walker, who also appears in the film, elaborates on this idea: “If she can feel a certain way in her music and play it in such a way that you feel that way, then that’s really the most magical thing [one] can do.” He adds, “She had a deep and profound and loving soul…you can hear it in her music.” 1–10: Originally released as Just Sunshine – PAS 6008, 1971 11–13: Alternate Takes from album sessions, 1970/71 14–15: Recorded live at Beat Club, Germany, April 21, 1971 16–19: Recorded live at The Montreux Golden Rose Pop Festival, May 1, 1971
Jamire Williams - But Only After You Have Suffered (LP)
Jamire Williams - But Only After You Have Suffered (LP)INTERNATIONAL ANTHEM RECORDING COMPANY
Jamire Williams, a famous jazz drummer / hip-hop producer who has supported great works such as Christian Scott, Jesse Boykins III, Jeff Parker, Carlos Niño and so on. The latest album, which is the first in five years since the masterpiece debut from the West Coast's famous "Leaving Records", is released from "International Anthem", the sanctuary of US contemporary jazz. A noteworthy work that will also be released as a Japanese CD from , which is presided over by Masaaki Hara, who is also known for managing . Popular musicians from the these area, including Carlos Niño, Matthew Stevens, Sam Gendel, Zeroh, and Chassol, are gathering together! Mastered by by Dave Cooley. Includes liner notes.
Irreversible Entanglements - Open The Gates (2LP)Irreversible Entanglements - Open The Gates (2LP)
Irreversible Entanglements - Open The Gates (2LP)INTERNATIONAL ANTHEM RECORDING COMPANY
Irreversible Entanglements’ third full-length album OPEN THE GATES is ethereal shards of jagged onyx, a melancholic exploration of the post-colonial debris that surrounds us. Let’s watch and listen, as this platter snakes through the sandy ashes of possible histories, dialogs with a nervous present, and asks to be birthed into a holographic new future. “Together in holy sound!” the band stitches patient anthems out of atmosphere. Pulling from a wider sonic vocabulary than on previous excursions, the agit-jazz found here is simultaneously pre- and post-apocalypse, as bass lurches in a tranced-out loop, horns are up in the track grooves like poltergeists playing in the streets, poetry cascades like a warrior call at a satsang, the drums both wild and refined pulse with uhuru-heart cadence. This is Irreversible Entanglements on new ground; same as the old ground. And we need it now – the universe was awash in the sickly static veneer of anti-cosmos, of anti-nation; the halls were emptied, our shadows echoing and staining the walls of our abandoned oases – so we poured out into 2020’s wild streets. The ghosts of our labor danced around the sickness as we set fire to our old ways of thinking and moving, as we set fire to cop cars and bashed in the windows of our own rising disenfranchisement. “Open the gates!” we shouted, blessed be – we need it now! Here come Irreversible Entanglements – Luke Stewart, the high priest on bass; Aquiles Navarro, the electric universe in human form on trumpet; Keir Neuringer, the cosmologist with the siren sound on sax; Tcheser Holmes, the griot, the myth-maker on drums; and Camae Ayewa, the Moor mother with an empyrean pen game – on this new disc with their fierce aural tectonics shifting the earth, their watery post-pangea as dirge, their punk rock ethos and crash and bang polyrhythmic super-sonic sound synesthesia in the form of OPEN THE GATES – here it comes, my Brothas and Sistas, here it comes.
伊藤詳 - Marine Flowers (Science Fantasy) (LP)
伊藤詳 - Marine Flowers (Science Fantasy) (LP)Glossy Mistakes
Recommended for all new age / ambient fans. He is a leading figure in Japanese synthesizer music, known for his participation in the Far East Family Band, a pioneering synth prog group in Japan, and has also worked on numerous new age, healing music works and soundtrack work. Ito details. The extremely rare work "Marine Flowers" released in 1986 has been remastered to commemorate the 35th anniversary! The publisher is the attention label in Madrid, Spain, which also worked on the reprint release of Takashi Kokubo and Yuji Toriyama. Like Yumiko Morioka! This work, released from his own label 's series, was composed as a soundtracks of a documentary about wildlife in the sea shot in Palau. One of the most important careers created for Pioneer's LaserDisc campaign! The liner notes were created by Diego Olivas, the administrator of the famous blog . The original is a rare work that is traded even at a high price of over $300, so please take this opportunity!
Jocy de Oliveira - Raga na Amazônia (LP)
Jocy de Oliveira - Raga na Amazônia (LP)Discos Nada
Jocy de Oliveira, a Brazilian pianist / female composer born in 1936, who is familiar with the release from the prestigious recommendation system and the reprint from , and is also known for co-writing with Messiaen. She studied music in Europe and the United States at a young age and played works such as Iannis Xenakis, John Cage, and Claudilo Santoro in major orchestras on both continents. An epoch-making compilation includes unreleased acoustic songs is released from . A valuable sounds by a legendary composer who has emphasized the importance of feminism, science and the environment through a number of outstanding works influenced by the lifeline of the avant-garde that occurred in the 20th century and all cultures and languages on the earth. Appeared with her endorsement. From the 70's to the 80's, while holding many concerts and events on the theme of environmental issues, the title was that her firmly expressed the intention to "still fight for Amazon". It is also reflected in. Composing and unsuccessful devoted to her work from 1987 to 1993, a very problematic time when she lost her father, was injured, had an accident, and was away from his main instrument, the piano. A masterpiece selection that can be called an experiment that confronts the limits between determinism.teeth
Marco Bosco - Fragmentos da Casa (LP)
Marco Bosco - Fragmentos da Casa (LP)Discos Nada
The fusion of African and Brazilian culture and rhythm has deeply penetrated into the roots of Brazil, creating an unprecedented source of diverse sounds ……… Marco Bosco, a cosmic presence of Brazilian percussion who has left a masterpiece in the great sacred place of spiritual music , which has received a huge re-evaluation in the obscure context. The original released in 1986 is an analog reprint of a super rare title that does not fall below $100!! From the synthesized world of digital electronics / musical instruments, a very great second world that antagonizes acoustic aesthetics and maximizes the charm of percussion tones, expanding the world of extraordinary sounds and fantasies. album. This is the first vinyl reissue. Don't miss it.

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