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Al Jarnow ‎– Celestial Navigations: The Short Films Of Al Jarnow (DVD)Al Jarnow ‎– Celestial Navigations: The Short Films Of Al Jarnow (DVD)
Al Jarnow ‎– Celestial Navigations: The Short Films Of Al Jarnow (DVD)Numero

"Tens of millions of people have seen these films. nobody knows who made them. Curled up on our couches in the wee hours of the morning, in reruns, and nostalgic You Tube forwards, filmmaker Al Jarnow has touched our lives and changed the way we look at the world without us ever knowing. Beginning with his work for a certain public television show that featured a big yellow bird, Al Jarnow captured life's scientific minutia and boiled it down for easy consumption between cookie eating monsters and counting vampires. Coupling time-lapse, stop motion, and cell animation with simple objects found in every day life, Jarnow deconstructed the world for an entire generation. From the third floor of his Long Island gingerbread home, his mind wandered beyond the confines of educational programming. Delving into New York's avant-garde film scene alongside Harry Smith, Jonas Mekas and Stan Brakhage, Jarnow created a body of awe-inspiring films that remain in the collections of MOMA and Pompideau Center. Employing the archival skills honed during the excavation of over 40 full-length albums, Celestial Navigations marks The Numero Group's first foray into the world of cinema. The 45 films collected have been transferred and color corrected from the original 16mm prints, along with fully remastered sound. Special features include a 30-minute documentary on Jarnow's creative process, as well as film playlists designed for both children and adults alike. The deluxe package includes a 60-page book loaded to the gills with essays, ephemera, storyboards, photos, and a complete film index, all housed in the iconic Numero slipcase." Region 0; color and B&W; full screen; total running time: 110 minutes. Includes a 60-page full color book.

Jordan Belson - 5 Essential Films (DVD)
Jordan Belson - 5 Essential Films (DVD)CVM
Jordan Belson's best works are now available on DVD: Allures (1961), with its geometric patterns and optical images reminiscent of Oskar Fissinger (the circular images painted with light are truly beautiful and mysterious); Samadhi (1967), one of his best-known works, which depicts the world of enlightenment through fluid smoky images and light coloration; and Light (1973), which blends natural scenes with light. Samadhi (1967), which depicts a world of enlightenment through fluid smoky images and light coloration, Light (1973), which beautifully blends natural scenes with light, and Fountain of Dreams (1984), which unfolds a universe trapped inside that makes us marvel at how far human creativity and expression can go. Fountain of Dreams (1984)" is an unfolding of a universe trapped inside, and "Epilogue (2005)" is a compilation of his works, which is a fitting end to the album, and shows the same creative ability as 40 years ago.
Visual Music from the CVM Archive, 1947-1986
Visual Music from the CVM Archive, 1947-1986CVM
World heritage abstract animation feats that combine sound, color and form. The Center for Visual Music, which has produced DVDs of works by Oskar Fischinger and others, has restored 13 rare pre-computer works from 1947 to 1986 and brought them back to life on DVD, This is the first DVD collection of works by Jordan Belson(1926-2011), Mary Ellen Bute(1906-1983), Charles Dockum(1904-1977), Jules Engel(1909-2003), Barry Spinello. From early experimental techniques using oscilloscopes to painting directly on film, this is a very valuable collection of works that cannot be avoided when experiencing abstract animation. Region free, approximately 79 minutes..

Mary Ellen Bute: Polka Graph (1947), Color Rhapsodie (1948) and Abstronic (1952)
Jordan Belson: Mandala (1953), Meditation (1971) and Chakra (1972)
Charles Dockum: Mobilcolor Performance at the Guggenheim (1952), Demonstration of Mobilcolor Projector (documentary, 1966) and Mobilcolor Performance Film (1969)
Barry Spinello, Sonata for Pen, Brush and Ruler (1968)
Jules Engel: Landscape (1971), Mobiles (1978) and Play-Pen (1986)
Oskar Fischinger - Ten Films (DVD)
Oskar Fischinger - Ten Films (DVD)CVM
Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967) was a pioneer of abstract visual art and visual music, influencing not only filmmakers but also composers such as John Cage and Edgar Allais. Many of his works are in collections of museums and galleries around the world, and this is the definitive collection of his 10 works.

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