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V.A. - Territorio del eco: Experimentalismos y visiones de lo ancestral en el Perú (1975-1989) {Essential Sounds collection} (LP+Booklet)
V.A. - Territorio del eco: Experimentalismos y visiones de lo ancestral en el Perú (1975-1989) {Essential Sounds collection} (LP+Booklet)Buh Records
First compilation brings together the Peruvian experimental scene from 1975 to 1989, a period was the most prolific for a generation of Peruvian artists who, based on musical conceptions derived from modern jazz and techniques inherited from avant-garde music, sought to integrate the sounds of Andean, Afro-Peruvian and Amazonian cultures in search of a new musical universe. Native instruments and folk melodies were used in compositions that demanded modern recording techniques and electronic sounds. This generation was articulated in Lima and was made up of musicians such as Omar Aramayo, Manongo Mujica, Arturo Ruiz del Pozo, Miguel Flores (Ave Acústica), Douglas Tarnawiecki (Espíritus), Luis David Aguilar, Chocolate Algendones and Corina Bartra. But more than a movement, it was a set of individuals from dissimilar origins, who came from rock, jazz, contemporary classical and popular music, but also from the visual arts and poetry, and who had in common the cultural climate of the late seventies and early eighties in a country marked by a series of social and economic transformations, as well as the emergence of new visions and insertions of Andean culture and folklore in the city. The appearance of a mythical substrate connected the work of these musicians and defined an aesthetic, based on the deconstruction of folklore and the exploration of the possibilities that indigenous instruments offered. And from there they could go towards abstract, symbolic and conceptual forms, but also towards more melodic forms, with a strong influence of jazz, while also taking advantage of electronics and the possibilities of the recording studio. Territorio del eco: experimentalismos y visiones de lo ancestral en el Perú (1975-1989) - The Land of Echo: Experimentalisms and Visions of the Ancestral in Peru (1975-1989) - is a compilation that offers an overview of what was one of the moments of greatest creative intensity for experimental music in Peru in its encounter with indigenous sounds. Rescued from private archives and limited editions on cassette, these pieces are reissued for the first time in vinyl LP format. The album includes extensive notes written by Luis Alvarado, author of the compilation, as well as much visual documentation. Cover art by Paloma Pizarro. Beneficiary project of the Economic Stimuli for Culture 2020 of the Ministry of Culture of Peru.
Gurun Gurun - Uzu Oto (LP)
Gurun Gurun - Uzu Oto (LP)Buh Records
The Czech group Gurun Gurun is made up of Tarnovski, Tomáš Knoflíček, Federsel, and Ondřej Ježek. who took their name from the fictional planet in the old school Slovak children’s TV show She Came Out of the Blue Sky. Uzu Oto is his first album for the Peruvian label Buh Records. Since the beginning, it has been clear that apprehending their working and reflecting it would be a tough nut to crack. Is this even a band? Do they play compositions or is it all improvised? On the stage, you see four men hunched over tables overflowing with strange objects, hard-to-identify electronic devices, musical and non-musical instruments, and a chaotic tangle of cables, producing slow, constantly developing melodies and a hypnotic atmosphere that works a little like falling through a strange wormhole full of sounds, noises, and soft female vocals, mercilessly sucking you in, forcing you to collapse into yourself and enter a parallel universe. They have played concerts across Europe, including London’s Café Oto, as well as successfully touring Japan. They have shared the stage with artists including Michael Gira, Tim Hecker, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (Lichens), Keith Fullerton Whitman, Kate Carr, and Lichens. This new album, Uzu Oto, was also created in concert – each track at a different show. Despite this fact, GG do not consider it a traditional live album. And as this group generally exists independently of our common conception of time, the history of the new recording reaches back to before theird previous record, Kon B. Uzu Oto features the Kyoto-based singer Cuushe and Asuna, a sound artist from Kanazawa. The LP cover is by Czech artist, inventor, and sonic anarchist Petr Válek. Attending a Gurun Gurun concert is like taking part in an expedition by a pack of monkeys to explore the wreckage of a spaceship that was shipwrecked a long time ago. Their improvised live sets are a mix of post-club-music deconstruction, metamorphosed acoustic and electronic sounds, generative music, and musique concrète. This is also the spirit of Uzu Oto. No, this is not music to play while you wash the dishes. Or perhaps it is, but you have to factor in the fact that the dishes will become a tangle of roots, threads, ropes, lianas, and spider webs. And that your entire kitchen may well catch on fire.
Ulla - Limitless Frame (LP)
Ulla - Limitless Frame (LP)Motion Ward

Being somewhere, while being somewhere else
A place I look for in other places
A moment on repeat
I made this music as a way to hug myself

All music performed and written by Ulla E. Straus

Civilistjävel! - Järnnätter (LP)
Civilistjävel! - Järnnätter (LP)FELT
There isn’t much to go on other than the soundscapes when it comes to Civilistjävel! What is rumoured to be a figment of the pre-internet era tapping into a similar consciousness as Biosphere, Chain Reaction or early Fax +49-69/450464 is ultimately left up to second guessing. For the average listener crossing paths with the project, a steady run of small-run, minimally packaged LPs has cemented Civilistjävel! as a leading force in the dub techno/glacial drone scene of present. However niche that may sound, this collection of tracks for Perko’s new FELT imprint navigates the same territories as the previous outings but with the folkloric tag “Iron Night” to help guide our ears. A Swedish expression for long nights of frost that damage plants and crops, the spectral and foreboding atmosphere of the opening cut already hints at the direction of the album. Combining dense ambient synth layers with hard to place industrial motifs (sometimes in rhythm, sometimes chaotically arranged) are what Civilistjävel! does best, indeed Järnnätter unfolds as a piece of work you can really spend time with. At points it feels as if the machines in some old factory complex have spluttered back to life through some unknown force and have begun to sing to one another. Other times the atmosphere is akin to a hydrophone placed deep into an ice-covered lake and the synthetic pulses of ‘A2’ are the only vaguely human touch. However, the sparse melodic flourishes across the record stem from an interest in psalms and early Swedish folk music, the juxtaposition of machine-led intuition and personable studiousness adding a hidden depth to the album.
Mono Fontana - Cribas (2LP)Mono Fontana - Cribas (2LP)
Mono Fontana - Cribas (2LP)SILENT RIVER RUNS DEEP
Long-awaited world premiere LP of the legendary second album by Mono Fontana. Jazz, ambient, field recordings, sound collage, ethnic music, electronic music, post-classical. The complex intertwining of various musical elements and the unfathomable musicality of the band has evolved even further in this album. The collage of various sounds around us, such as people's conversations, the bustle in the distance, the sound of running water from a faucet, the second hand of a clock, and the shutter of a camera, and the flexible Mono piano lead listeners on a supreme sound trip to "somewhere other than here". Although born in Argentina's underground scene, this is a magical piece of music that still fascinates many musicians.
Eblen Macari - Ambar (LP)
A supreme soundscape! World premiere recording of a 1997 work by a composer/guitarist who has left his mark on the contemporary Mexican music scene! Eblen Macari has been ambitiously developing his unique musical style for 40 years, from the 1980s to the present. Production began. The work was inspired by the sound of the guitar and the ecology of the trees that make up the wood used for the guitar. The influence of Ralph Towner and Egberto Gismonti, whom Eblen admires greatly, and ECM Records, represented by Egberto Gismonti, is reflected especially strongly in Eblen's works.
・Remastered by Kuniyuki Takahashi
・First ever vinyl release (originally released in 1997 on CD)
・Limited to 500 copies
・For fans of Ambient, World music& ECM Records
Diatom Deli - Time~Lapse Nature (Green & White Marbled Vinyl LP+DL)
Diatom Deli - Time~Lapse Nature (Green & White Marbled Vinyl LP+DL)Rvng Intl.
Limited green & white marble color vinyl specifications. A new talented woman from the prestigious label , Which leads the ambient / experimental scene! New album by Diatom Deli, a multi-instrumentalist / vocalist based in Taos, New Mexico. This work is an ambient folk work with a beautiful and pure soundscape with beautifully layered vocals, classical guitar, field recording, synthesizer, and sampler. Although it is experimental, it has a gentle and calm atmosphere throughout the album.
Coral Club - Lost Cities (CS+DL)Coral Club - Lost Cities (CS+DL)
Coral Club - Lost Cities (CS+DL)Moon Glyph
極上です。この人の最高傑作に当たる作品ではないでしょうか。Loris S.SaridやGreen-Houseとも並ぶ「植物のためのアンビエント」な大名作『Moss King』(Omni Gardens)という未曾有のヒットを放ったこともまだまだ記憶に新しいポートランドの名門〈Moon Glyph〉からは、〈Not Not Fun〉に秀逸なアンビエント/ニューエイジ作品を残すロシアのAlexander Sirenkoによるソロ名義Coral Clubによる3本目のカセット・アルバムが登場。2020年の閉鎖期間中の荒れ果てた都市の中心部からインスピレーションを受けて制作された作品。時間とエントロピーの中で失われ、ほとんど跡形もなく消え去った時代と文化を思い起こさせる深遠なコスミッシェ・アンビエント・ミュージック!
Vic Bang - Burung (CS+DL)Vic Bang - Burung (CS+DL)
Vic Bang - Burung (CS+DL)Moon Glyph
Vic Bang is the artist, composer and sound designer Victoria Barca from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her work captures the micro-sounds of the world, simultaneously crystalline and organic, carefully composed into unique and distinctive sound sculptures. On her latest album, “Burung”, the songs are increasingly airy and colorful, playfully bopping around one moment and releasing a digital exhale the next. Barca’s handling of percussion, texture and melody is sophisticated while always retaining the light-hearted exuberance of a fresh experimentalist. “Burung” is the sound of precise, beautiful computer music crafted with the fallible human touch.
Amelia Meath & Blake Mills / Sam Gendel - Neon Blue (7")
Amelia Meath & Blake Mills / Sam Gendel - Neon Blue (7")Psychic Hotline
Limited to 1000 copies! The first collaboration between Amelia Meath (Sylvan Esso, Mountain Man) and guitarist / producer Blake Mills, who have long respected each other. When the scent or lighting hits the face, it unfolds quietly and strangely, evoking the outline of the memory floating outside the frame. Mills' characteristic fretless baritone guitar and sparse decoration form the basis of the song, and the gap between the instrument and Meath's delicate voice comfortably leads to the night scene. On the B side, the performance of the same song by the genius Sam Gendel is recorded with an original interpretation. The wonderful performance that distorts the existing melody and coexists with mystery and eerieness invites you to sleep deeper at night.
Hidden Rung - Happier (CS+DL)Hidden Rung - Happier (CS+DL)
Hidden Rung - Happier (CS+DL)Good Morning Tapes
Matthew Linares aka Hidden Rung makes his solo debut on Good Morning Tapes. Having previously released on the label as a member of Pataphysical, Matthew is no stranger to the wizardry of GMT. "Happier" charts into uncanny territory, with it's deep, dubby sonics and fleeting spoken dialogue treading the line somewhere between a familiar land and a new and slightly unnerving horizon. Really lovely stuff. We can't get enough. Highly recommended every time!
Amon Düül - Paradieswärts Düül (LP)
Amon Düül - Paradieswärts Düül (LP)Wah Wah Records

Recorded in 1971, Amon Düül’s only album for Ohr was a visonary slice of acid-folk which has gained cult status as years passed by. Ritualistic folk-rock, pastoral hippie songs, stoned jams, eastern flavours, mystical passages and heavy hypnotic riffing which are in fact very different from the early Amon Düül epic freaked-out improvisations (Psychedelic Underground) or Amon Düül II complex and psyched-up progressive works (Phallus Dei).
These were in fact archival recordings done by a different incarnation of Amon Duul, one that combined members of both factions into a floating line up welcoming many a guest, and which were released by R.U. Kaiser without the musicians knowledge or authorisation, most likely in order to catch up with Amon Düül II rising popularity.
All in all, a mythical recording featuring such underground classics as “Love Is Peace”; “Snow Your Thurst Sun Open Your Mouth” and “Paramechanische Welt”. Included also on our edition is their sought after Ohr single:  “Paramechanical World” / “Eternal Flow”.
Sleeve reproducing original artwork.

Featuring bonus tracks  “Paramechanical World” and “Eternal Flow” (originally released as  7” single). 

Julian Sartorius - Mux (LP+DL)Julian Sartorius - Mux (LP+DL)
Julian Sartorius - Mux (LP+DL)Marionette
Since his Beat Diary debut (a 12xLP box set comprising 365 beats recorded daily over the course of a year), Julian Sartorius has immersed himself in unique and ambitious projects - trekking the path not travelled to arrive at rhythmic life forms through found objects and prepared instruments. Equally as mighty are his two other escapades, the most recent being Locked Grooves - 112 beats cut as endless loops on vinyl spanning 56 dense 1.8 second compositions per side. Preceding that is his auditory hike into the mountains (Hidden Tracks: Basel - Genève), wading through and playing the landscapes around him like a lithophone. While Julian’s previous releases focus on innovative and conceptual approaches to realizing an album, his new venture on Marionette (titled Mux) is a culmination of all his efforts thus far to mimic a synthesizer and drum machine. This impossible feat challenges Julian to experiment and develop a musical language that bridges the gap between organic timbres and electronic music. When listening to Mux, one might simply forget that the seemingly electronic sounds are only constructed organically via hand movements. The common thread in all his works is that the drums are treated as resonant bodies - free to flow and form rhythm and harmony in spacetime. This is Julian’s second outing for the label, the first being (the long out of print) Sulla Pelle with Valentina Magaletti in 2019. Other collaborations include prolific artists such as Matthew Herbert, Sylvie Courvoisier, Gyda Valtysdottir, Dimlite, Shahzad Ismaily and Dan Carey (Speedy Wunderground).
Zweistein - Trip - Flip Out - Meditation (3LP+7")
Zweistein - Trip - Flip Out - Meditation (3LP+7")Wah Wah Records
Zweistein was the brainchild of Suzanne Doucet, who was joined by her sister Diane during the recording process, with added studio effects by Peter Kramper. Doucet spent the first part of 60’s as a pop star - gathering number of hits, and as a TV presenter. Filled with a radical spirit, a love of art and technology, and fueled by a heavy intake of psychedelic drugs, her successes proved unfulfilling by the end of the decade. Zweistein was born. The album, which stretches over three LPs, each with its own theme - Trip, Flip Out, and Meditation, is a writhing radical construction in sound - far closer to the revolutionary gestures of synthesis, electronic and electroacoustic practice emerging during that era, than what is commonly associated with Krautrock or Kosmische. Almost completely abstract, with passages of fleeting melody and drone - enveloping landscapes realized through sound, Trip Flip Out Meditation is pure art, creativity, and experimentation, filtered through the lens of LSD - the heights of the era and all the wonders it brought, with an unmistakable, overt attack on the pop sensibility of its day. An artist diving underground, rearing their head into the mainstream with a thrust of what was found. An astonishing edition - double gatefold, silver engraved gimmick sleeve, 3LP plus a bonus 7" single w/PS and a colour insert. Limited to 1000 copies.
Siloah (LP+7")Siloah (LP+7")
Siloah (LP+7")Wah Wah Records
Siloah were a German progressive psych / folk band in the vein of Kalacakra, Langsyne and others "curiosities". Siloah are one of the best kept secrets of the krautrock production. Siloah had a hard core including Thom Argauer, Manuela von Perfall, Heinrich 'Tiny' Stricker and Wolfgang Görner, plus a host of guests coming and going, everybody was free to join and play at any time, guest members often joining from the Baumstassen commune around which the band was living before they eventually moved to an abandoned farm on the outskirts of town A collective hippie musical tribe largely inspired by mysticism, LSD and sexadelism. Their music features a heavy use of stoned vocals (in English), mantric like guitar parts, flute, "ethnic" percussions. Their first drugged item released in 1970 offers a dangerous and imaginative ocean of trippy, perpetual jammings. A bombastic psychedelic explosion in the mood of the best german prog folk releases. The atmospheres are beautifully "acoustic", sometimes dreamy and ethereal but never away from krautrock "primitive" sound.
Book of AM - Part V - Night (LP)Book of AM - Part V - Night (LP)
Book of AM - Part V - Night (LP)Wah Wah Records
The Book Of AM is a project begun in 1977 with esoteric philosophical intentions, and featuring words and sounds from around the world and across hundreds of years. Part V, representing Night, for some reason was not completed and never appeared with the rest of the collection, but this crack team, using overdubs and additional composition as well as mixing and mastering techniques, now present the completed final part!
Jack Chrysalis (LP)
Jack Chrysalis (LP)Mana
"Combining steppy dance music, lush detail and a diaristic tone, Jack Chrysalis’ debut album dials between music that is destined to catch the ear of the club-goer and the heart of the dreamer, his signature propulsive mutations of organic techno and UK garage sounding strongly in tracks like Another Year and Coldharbour. Between these, Chrysalis threads in more introspective moments. Tracks formed by running a hand along piano keys in improvisation, or made in recollection of Koji Kondo’s clear bright musical palette for Zelda. They lend a sense of atmosphere and a deeper running mood to the album’s overworld, heightening endorphin hits from the garage swing and affording a little more bittersweetness to its textures and secrets. Whether in rush or retreat, each track on this album emerges with its own emotional resonance. There’s a sense of seasons turning, or a twilight quality that’s hard to fully pin down. “Owl music” became shorthand for Jack’s tunes, a way for Mana to capture a prescient, nocturnal flight within their environment."
Merzbow - Door Open At 8 AM (Remastered + Bonus Tracks) (2LP)Merzbow - Door Open At 8 AM (Remastered + Bonus Tracks) (2LP)
Merzbow - Door Open At 8 AM (Remastered + Bonus Tracks) (2LP)Aurora Central
Limited edition of 200 copies. Merzbow is a Japanoise legend who has been advocating and practicing thoroughgoing ahimsa. This is the first analogue/cassette version of their very popular CD-only release "Door Open At 8 AM" released in 1999. Recorded at his home studio, Bedroom, Tokyo, in April/May 1998 using EMS VCS3, EMS Synthi 'A', Moog Rogue, Theremin, etc., this is a career-defining album. Recorded around the same time as one of Merzbow's most adventurous works, Aqua, it pays homage to the free jazz musicians he admires. Tony Williams and John Coltrane were also sampled. Remastered at Munemihouse in 2020. Remastered at Munemihouse in 2020 with new artwork by himself. Includes additional bonus tracks.
Anja Lauvdal, Joakim Heibø - All My Clothes (LP)
Anja Lauvdal, Joakim Heibø - All My Clothes (LP)Actions For Free Jazz
This is the first release in a series of albums on Smalltown Supersound with Norwegian freeform pianist Anja Lauvdal. On All My Clothes Lauvdal teamed up with her friend, the reclusive and now retired (?) Norwegian drummer Joakim Heibø for a session in the great tradition of piano and drums at Flerbruket Studios at Hemnes outside of Oslo. The result is 4 untitled tracks and 42 minutes of spontaneous compositions and melancholic ecstacy - and one of the strongest statements in the label's 20+ years history of releasing free-music. Fun fact: Anja Lauvdal is from the small town Flekkefjord in the south of Norway where Smalltown Supersound were founded - and from the age of 12 she was following the label's free jazz output - so it is really something of a full circle when she now debuts on Smalltown Supersound with a free jazz album. Anja Lauvdal (born 1987) has collaborated with Jenny Hval (both live and on records), Hamid Drake, William Parker as well as members of The Necks. This is the first release under her own name. Recently Lauvdal compiled a double album of Norwegian improvised music titled Frijazz mot rasisme (Free Jazz against Racism). She also runs Oslo’s festival for improvised music All Ears that takes place at the Munch Museum in Oslo. All My Clothes was recorded by Magnus Nergaard. Mixed and mastered by Lasse Marhaug. Artwork by Kim Hiorthøy.
Merzbow - Hybrid Noisebloom (2LP)Merzbow - Hybrid Noisebloom (2LP)
Merzbow - Hybrid Noisebloom (2LP)Urashima
Merzbow stands as the most important artist in noise music. The moniker of Japanese artist Masami Akita was born in Tokyo in 1979. Inspired by dadaism and surrealism, Akita took the name for his project from German artist Kurt Schwitters's pre-war architectural assemblage The Cathedral of Erotic Misery or Merzbau. Working in his home, he quickly gained notoriety as a purveyor of a musical genre composed solely of pure, unadulterated noise. Embracing technology and the machine, first in an absolutely analog way and then welcoming digital innovation, Merzbow broke boundaries and pushed toward new territories of the extreme, arriving at a sonic space of uncontaminated, straight noise that, from its base in Tokyo, has continued, now for over 40 years, to set the pace for the entire genre of noise. When it comes to Japanese noise, few projects have pushed boundaries or risen to a more iconic status than Merzbow. Hybrid Noisebloom, originally issued by Vinyl Communications on CD in 1997, is the latest in this trilling bread crumb trail. It is also the first time that this seminal document from Merzbow’s '90s period has ever appeared on vinyl. Composed and performed on EMS and Moog Synthesizers, Theremin, Metal Devices, Noise Electronics, and Voice, all recorded at extreme volumes, Hybrid Noisebloom's five tracks present a fascinating sonic assault, heavily driven by the presence of electronic sounds, played against the sparse interjections of Akita’s heavily processed vocals, that push toward new territories of the extreme, while subtly nodding toward historical gestures from the early years of the avant-garde. A side opens with Plasma Birds comprising a series of banner that investigate timbral relationships, the fragmentation of melody, and abrasive, provocative noise - shifting from the sparse, airy, and restrained, to dance clusters of interplay and back again. Follows enclosed in just over ten minutes, Minotaurus, finding a strange middle ground between the intuitive logics of their instruments; synth and electronics taking on decidedly percussive approaches, while metal device’s fractured polyrhythms and beats often veer toward the presence of a notable tonality. B side is filled with a single long track, Mouse Of Superconcetion, formed by screeches and from swinging and chugging to stepped back and sparse combinations of rhythm and tone - moving from the lingering sensibilities of straight-ahead synth to radically out hard blow fire. Launching from a total wall of sound, C side track Neuro Electric Butterfly takes the listening on an endlessly surprising journey through its devices’ inner world, shifting between airy open passages that feature endless combinations of one or more effects, to furious moments of sonorous lashings where the sound falls in together in brilliant dialogical periods of conversant texture and psychedelic intervention. Closes The Imaginary Coversation Of Blue embedding bristling fragments, percolating tones, and poignant dissonances within a sweeping field of echoes rumbles and drones, taking sonic abstraction to startling heights. Despite its undeniable intensity, Hybrid Noisebloom is arguably one of Merzbow’s most accessible and engaging releases. Noise at its best - sophisticated and refined, more than twenty-five years after it first appeared, this album is long overdue for a return to the world, retaining every bit of potency and power as the day it was laid to tape. Never before available on vinyl, this beautiful pressing is issued as a deluxe double vinyl LP edition, limited to 299 copies. Needless to say, we can’t possibly recommend it enough.
Merzbow / Lawrence English - Merzbow Mix Tape (CS)
Merzbow / Lawrence English - Merzbow Mix Tape (CS)Room40
Masami Akita is one of the most influential noise artists of our time. Known as Merzbow, Akita has developed a recognisable sound with his harsh, confrontational and abrasive sonic emittance. Lawrence English is a curator of sound, vision and thought. As the founder of Room40, English has released countless records and has worked alongside some of the most notable and adorned sound pioneers of our time – in turn becoming one himself. To coincide with Akita and English’s involvement in issue 02, English compiled a Merzbow Mixtape of hidden gems from Merzbow’s expansive archive.
Mats Gustafsson - Contra Songs (LP)
Mats Gustafsson - Contra Songs (LP)Actions For Free Jazz
Liner notes by Mats Gustafsson: Alone at night. Large church room. Lots of air. Stone. Wood. Glass. Quietness. Stillness. The dead and the alive. Surroundedness. Existentialistic matters spinning. Peaceful state of mind. The dialectic equilibrium of complete stillness and deeper thoughts on contra- resistance on local and global levels. Fighting (y)our stupidities. Contra. I have never ever before gotten myself into such an unusual setting for a recording project. And yet, so simple. So naked. So peaceful. Alone at night. As we all are. I borrowed the keys to the beautiful church of Gustafsberg, from my neighbor Rune. I went there at midnight. Set up my recording gear. Old school DAT machine, tube pre-amps and two AKG 414s in an extreme stereo set-up, close to the horn. The horn of choice. The contrabass sax. The monstrous sax-machine “Tubax” made by the German engineer Benedikt Eppelsheim at the turn of the century. I sat down in the first row of benches. Breathing. Preparing. Contemplating. The saxophone positioned in the very middle of the church, close to the altar. More than 6 hours straight of low-end sax noise and many breaks later: the sun set. At around 7 am… I was done. I was alone the whole night. And yet, not all alone. Some things were going on in that church. In that room. I kid you not. Never audible. But strongly felt. Whatever presence of the old or new gods - old and new dreams - it effected the music and my mind. I let it happen. I let it all flow. Alone at night. There is nothing to explain. -Mats Gustafsson 2003/ 2021
Michael Anklin - Mekonium (LP)
Michael Anklin - Mekonium (LP)Sais Records
Mekonium is Michael Anklin’s solo debut. He is a drummer, electronic musician and producer living in Switzerland. To expand his sound spectrum, he uses field recordings, analog synthesizer, tape machines, as well as self-constructed instruments and sound objects. His sound is characterized by prepared acoustic drums, various objects and sound manipulations. Anklin collaborates with artists such as Dim Grimm, Kilchhofer, Janiv Oron and Wordcolour. He is one of the founding members of the open structured band «UFO» and the science-fiction ritual band «Liebeslied». He produces music for theater, dance and sound installations. Inspired by the pureness of ritual and traditional music, Mekonium sounds like a documentation of a fictional ceremony. Topics such as temporal consciousness, minimalism and anti-virtuosity as well as sounds barely perceptible by our auditory system influenced the production process Drones, soundscapes and slowly morphing repetitive patterns establish a state of time. To represent the concept of reduction, each track starts off with a single instrument or sounding object on which the composition slowly started to grow. Like grapes fermented into wine, acoustic sounds developed into different sound manipulations, still preserving the „taste“ of the original sound sources. The Tracks „Exon“ and „Zymosis“ contain a musical deconstruction of Lucas Rössner’s bassoon. Sounds from the Instrument were dissected with different types of microphones and rejoined into a collage. Hagneck, a hydroelectric powerplant next to Lake Biel was stocked with a number of contact microphones resulting in a huge powerful drone which built the fundament of the track. Mekonium deals with the feeling, condition and dilation of time. Musical fragments are played simultaneously at different speed, acoustic sounds were frozen, deformed, stretched and rearranged.
Camille Doughty - God's Prescriptions (LP)
Camille Doughty - God's Prescriptions (LP)Regrooved
Precious musical legacies may not be forgotten. Therefore, ReGrooved makes sure that one-of-a-kind records receive a well-deserved re-release. God’s Prescriptions, Camille Doughty’s sole solo effort, is a prime example of a soul/gospel album that earns the right to be heard, time and time again. Born in mid-January 1944, Camille Doughty the singer proved to be gifted at age 10 when she joined the Green Spiritual Singers and performed with them throughout her home state, Ohio. At 12, she was six years shy of the minimum 18 years age limit to join the Young Adult Choir. However, her extraordinary vocal qualities warranted an exception in her case. Two years later she was recruited by her uncle, Rev. Shellie R. Doughty Senior into the Inspirational Choir of the Mr. Herman Baptist Church, a renowned ensemble in Doughty’s hometown of Columbus. 1972 marked the year in which Camille finally went solo, urged on by numerous admirers of her singing capabilities. Since then, she has appeared in several concerts, radio programs and television shows in the United States. In many of her appearances, she had the opportunity to perform with celebrated professionals of the gospel genre. All these efforts culminated in the release of her only solo record, God’s Prescriptions. Released in 1978 on Gospel Roots, it was never reissued… until now! ReGrooved is proud to present a beautiful, supreme quality remaster of the original album, first released by the Gospel Roots label. It features her famous rendition of the traditional spiritual ‘Elijah Rock’ and several other standards, including ‘I Trust in God’, ‘It Don’t Cost Very Much’ and ‘I Asked the Lord’. Our third release is a wake-up call to those who have been touched by Doughty’s voice back in the day, as well as a beautiful introduction to new fans.

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