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Félicia Atkinson  - The Whisper (BOOK)Félicia Atkinson  - The Whisper (BOOK)
Félicia Atkinson - The Whisper (BOOK)Shelter Press
124 pp. tweed embossed softcover otabind binding Four colors offset on tracing, coated and uncoated papers Format: 210 x 280 mm Print run: 500 copies Language: English & French June 2023 Published by Shelter Press All content by Félicia Atkinson Design by Bartolomé Sanson Translation by Rachel Valinsky
平山悠 - FEECO Vol.4 Voices from japan' issue (BOOK)
平山悠 - FEECO Vol.4 Voices from japan' issue (BOOK)Suikazura
Continued from the previous issue, FEECO vol.4 has the voices of artists who are living through the pandemic. I interviewed a couple of artists who live in Japan and in line with it, all the other articles are about arts of Japan in this issue. I took an interview with two artists. One is Masaki Kubo aka former_airline who is a home recording artist. The other one is the owner of Seal Pool label, John Podeszwa, who is one of the biggest Nurse With Wound collectors in Japan, has been living in Osaka for nearly 25 years. This issue also has very good contributions. Masaki Kubo talks about Phew who is the legendary Japanese 'home recording' punk rocker. Patient mono, the member from a music unit, SEGUE-4, reviews quoree's Namariiro No Machi, which is at the forefront of singing synthesizer music. Aaron Dylan Kearns, who appeared in FEECO vol.3, writes about the films of Hiroshi Harada who is an icon on Aaron's aesthetics. Mizoguchi draws her "memorabilia" comic. The other articles: The Hair, SCOOBIE DO, Kato David Hopkins's Rumors of Noizu, the importance of bringing the history of Japanese underground music to overseas with a French reissue label, anArchives. Also the issue has a disc guide to the most notable albums from Japan that had appeared on this decade. The 5 songs CDr is included as a bonus. The 5 songs CDr is included as a bonus. The lineup is following: former_airline / Shall Fade Away masara angata / A is A Yonju Miyaoka / 忘れてしまった曖昧 Philip Sanderson / Osaka by Night (Extract) SEGUE-4 / Cosmos [Lossless]
平山悠 - FEECO vol.3 DOOMSDAY ISSUE (BOOK)Suikazura
This issue reflects not only the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also the mood of the dark times that have been going on for the last few years. We'll hear the voices of artists, Aaron Dylan Kearns (an abstract filmmaker from Georgia, US) and Mary Ocher (a multi-artist from Berlin and Hamburg Germany), as they tell us about their days under the pandemic (Unfortunately, I'm late to publish their "2020" voices). In addition to them, there is the short interview of Justin Martell, who is the producer of the latest Tiny Tim documentary, King For A Day, and the co-founder of the Ship To Shore PhonoCO. label. The cover arts by Aaron Dylan Kearns 116 pages A5 full-color cover and black text Around 60% Bilingual JP/ENG

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