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My Bloody Valentine - m b v (LP+Obi+DL)
My Bloody Valentine - m b v (LP+Obi+DL)Domino

After 20 years of incubation, My Bloody Valentine's third album, m b v, was suddenly released in 2013, and was at once their most experimental and most melodic and immediate work, proving their insatiable appetite for reform. Highly acclaimed as an astounding work that pushed the boundaries of musical and genre concepts even further, it also featured a type of music that had never been heard before. At once otherworldly, familiar, and intuitive, this album is a masterpiece for a new era, a stunningly beautiful transformation of the sound synonymous with MBV as it had been known up to that point. The album's final track, "Wonder 2," is a testament to this, with Shields' hypnotic guitar sound mixed with drum'n'bass that has left many awestruck.

Mastered from original 1/2" analog tape using Studer A80 VU-PRE and Neumann VMS 80.
Mastered from original 1/2" analog tape using Studer A80 VU-PRE and Neumann VMS 80
180g weight vinyl
Standard gatefold outer sleeve
Produced and mixed by Kevin Shields
Includes five 300 x 300 mm art prints
Includes DL code (24-bit | 16-bit | mp3)

My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything (LP+Obi+DL)
My Bloody Valentine - Isn't Anything (LP+Obi+DL)Domino

With their debut album, "Isn't Anything," released in 1988, the band revolutionized alternative music and introduced a new approach to guitar music in the years that followed. Their sound became the template for numerous sub-genres and presented a groundbreaking approach to guitar music and studio production. The genderless vocals of Kevin Shields and Bilinda Butcher, who sing in the same vocal range and blend perfectly together, serve as another melodic layer that complements the dizzying intensity of Shields' guitar. The album is characterized by the eerie sense of space present in many of the recorded tracks, which range from intensely propulsive to quiet and unsettling.

Japanese obi included.
Mastered from original 1/4" analog tape using Studer A80 VU-PRE and Neumann VMS 80
180g vinyl weight
Standard gatefold outer sleeve
Four 300 x 300 mm art prints enclosed
Includes DL code (24-bit | 16-bit | mp3)

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (LP+Obi+DL)
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless (LP+Obi+DL)Domino

Musically, first of all, 1991's second album, "loveless," was more advanced and unexpected than anything else released at the time. Kevin Shields and band thoroughly pursued a sound based on pure sensuality, resulting in a work that overwhelmed the listener's senses. 1990's representative work was hailed as a perfect masterpiece that pushed the possibilities of studio recording to the limit, and has been featured on The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" and It has been hailed as a milestone on par with The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds," Miles Davis' "In A Silent Way," and Stevie Wonder's "Innervisions.

Japanese obi included.
Mastered from 1/2" analog tape using Studer A80 VU-PRE and Neumann VMS 80
180g vinyl weight
Standard gatefold outer sleeve
Six 300 x 300 mm art prints enclosed
Includes DL code (24-bit | 16-bit | mp3)


Rada - Upadesa (LP)Rada - Upadesa (LP)
Rada - Upadesa (LP)Wah Wah Records
Ángel Rada is one of the most interesting music experimantalists of Venezuela. He started his career in the late 1960s as a member of The Gas Light, one of the big names on Venezuela's live circuit in the era, sharing the stages with other artists such as Apocalipsis, Un Dos Tres y Fuera, Vytas Brenner, Daniel Grau, Pablo Schneider, Miguel Ángel Fuster... Rada is one of the three basic artists who set an electronic music scene in Venezuela, along with Miguel Ángel Noya and Vinicio Adames. Rada had attended the Escuela Superior de Música José Ángel Lamas and then continued his studies in Germany, where he was impressed by krautrock music, especially by its more electronic side. He met Kraftwerk when they were recording at Kling Klang Studio, and also knew Klaus Schulze–who would become an example for him to to follow. This contact with the Kraut scene would be the biggest influence on his works from the 1970s, which would end synthesizing in Rada's first record: 1983's Upadesa, originally released on his own independent label Uranium Records. Since then he has released more than 20 albums up to date, making him one of the most prolific experimental musicians not only in his country but also in the whole world. Rada's aproach to electronic music is based in what he calls ethnosonic music. He is interested in the mixture of various styles which he filters through the use of technology, so in his electronic compositions one can hear echoes of ethnic sounds from all over the globe as well as some jazz influenced improvisation, ambient and synthesized sounds.
Volta Jazz - Air Volta (LP)
Volta Jazz - Air Volta (LP)Numero
7月中旬入荷予定。コンゴ・ルンバ、アメリカのR&B、フランスのイェイェ、キューバのソンとセヌフォとマンディンゴの地域の伝統音楽を溶け合わせることで、60年代と70年代の西アフリカ音楽のグラウンド・ゼロとなったOrchestre Volta Jazz。〈Pitchfork〉や〈The New Yorker〉でも賞賛された彼らの貴重楽曲の数々が編集盤として登場。本作は、〈Disques France-Afrique〉と〈Sonafric〉レーベルからリリースされていた9曲のオリジナル楽曲をコンパイルしたものとなっています。騒々しくもあり、煮えたぎるようでもある、アフロ・サイケデリック・ミュージックの珠玉の傑作選!
Super Djata Band - En Super Forme Vol. 1 (LP)
Super Djata Band - En Super Forme Vol. 1 (LP)Numero
Connecting Wasulu hunter music, griot praises, Senufo pastoral dances, Fula and Mandingo repertoire alongside Western psychedelia, blues and afro-beat, Zani Diabaté’s Super Djata Band de Bamako was among Mali’s top orchestras by the late 1970’s well into the mid-1980’s. Tracked live inside Radio Mali’s raw but inspiring studio in January 1982, En Super Forme was briefly available via Côte d'Ivoire’s Musique Mondiale imprint. The album centers around Diabaté and his electric guitar’s pyrotechnics, a relentless shredder that stands shoulder to shoulder with Mali’s fingerstyle gods Ali Farka Touré and Rail Band's legendary Djelimady Tounkara.
V.A. - Super Hits of the 70s (Limited Deep Heat Red Vinyl LP)
V.A. - Super Hits of the 70s (Limited Deep Heat Red Vinyl LP)Numero
The ninth installment in Numero’s Cabinet of Curiosities is 100% chart smashes. Culled from the depths of the private press, Super Hits gathers 12 magical adaptations from the Me Decade’s introspective songbook. Pop this oversized 8-Track into your Fleetwood Weltron and enjoy a motley crew of lounge singers, wedding bands, synth enthusiasts, trailer park dreamers, accountants, gym teachers, and more as they bring their own unique energy to classics by Steely Dan, War, Boz Scaggs, Neil Diamond, John Denver, Smokey Robinson, The Carpenters, Redbone, The Box Tops, Fleetwood Mac, and more. Tape warble not included.
Taj Mahal Travellers - August 1974 (2LP)Taj Mahal Travellers - August 1974 (2LP)
Taj Mahal Travellers - August 1974 (2LP)Aguirre Records

High quality reissue of the monumental work August 1974 by Japanese experimental music ensemble Taj Mahal Travellers. Pressed on 180gr. vinyl with extensive liner notes by Julian Cowley.

In April 1972 a group of Japanese musicians set off from Rotterdam in a Volkswagen van. As they crossed Europe and then made their way through Asia they made music in a wide range of locations. They also paid close attention to the changing scene and to differing ways of life. Midway through May they reached their destination, the iconic Taj Mahal on the bank of the Yamuna river in Agra, India. The Taj Mahal Travellers had fulfilled physically the promise of the name they adopted when they formed in 1969. But their music had always been a journey, a sonic adventure designed to lead any listener’s imagination into unfamiliar territory.

The double album August 1974 was their second official release. The first July 15, 1972 is a live concert recording, but on 19th August 1974 the Taj Mahal Travellers entered the Tokyo studios of Nippon Columbia and produced what is arguably their definitive statement. The electronic dimension of their collective improvising was coordinated, as usual, by Kinji Hayashi. Guest percussionist Hirokazu Sato joined long-term group members Ryo Koike, Seiji Nagai, Yukio Tsuchiya, Michihiro Kimura, Tokio Hasegawa and Takehisa Kosugi.   

The enigmatic Takehisa Kosugi, whose soaring electric violin was such a vital element in their music, had been a pioneer of free improvisation and intermedia performance art with Group Ongaku at the start of the 60s. Later in that decade, before launching the Taj Mahal Travellers, he had become known internationally through his association with the Fluxus art movement. During the mid-70s the Travellers disbanded and while his colleagues more or less stopped performing as musicians Kosugi continued to reach new audiences across the course of several decades as a composer, regular performer and musical director for the acclaimed Merce Cunningham Dance Company. 

August 1974 captures vividly the characteristic sound of the Taj Mahal Travellers, haunting tones from an unusual combination of instruments, filtered through multiple layers of reverb and delay. Their music has strong stylistic affinities with the trippy ambience of cosmic and psychedelic rock, but the Taj Mahal Travellers were tuning in to other vibrations, drawing inspiration from the energies and rhythms of the world around them rather than projecting some alternative reality. Films of rolling ocean waves often provided a highly appropriate backdrop for their lengthy improvised concerts. This is truly electric music for the mind and body.

Grateful Dead - Live In San Diego 1970 (2LP)
Grateful Dead - Live In San Diego 1970 (2LP)Room On Fire
This double album retrieves a radio broadcast of the Grateful Dead dated 1970. The title refers to a concert in San Diego, California, without giving further indications: what is certain is that the repertoire includes some songs recorded for 'Workingman's Dead' (' Dire Wolf ',' Black Peter ', outtake' Mason's Children ') released in June of that year as well as covers of Otis Redding's' Hard To Handle', Rascals' 'Good Lovin' 'and Buddy Holly 'Not Fade Away', to country and western 'Me and My Uncle', to traditional 'Cold, Rain and Snow', 'I Know You Rider' and 'Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad’ , framed by numerous jams.
The Beat Of The Earth - The Electronic Hole (LP)The Beat Of The Earth - The Electronic Hole (LP)
The Beat Of The Earth - The Electronic Hole (LP)Life Goes On Records
Life Goes On Records present a reissue of The Beat Of The Earth's The Electronic Hole, originally released in 1970. Second album from the cultish experimental jam band formed in 1967 in Orange County, California. Their second effort from 1970 -- The Electronic Hole -- takes a step away from their earlier work, being composed with definite song structures versus the earlier drawn-out freeform jams. Sounding much like a west-coast version of The Velvet Underground & Nico, the album has melodic motifs but is much more primitive and mysterious than its cousin, with loads of fuzz, haunting organ, Phil Pearlman vocals, and even some sitar, acoustic strumming, and ballad-like moments ("Love Will Find A Way, Part I"). The album includes even a wild cover of Frank Zappa's "Trouble Every Day". Had the story ended here it would have been a real tragedy, as Pearlman's finest hour was yet to come. Six years later (with who knows what in between), recording commenced on the majestic Relatively Clean Rivers album with an entirely new band and musical vision.
Flower Travellin' Band Anywhere (Orange Color LP)
Flower Travellin' Band Anywhere (Orange Color LP)Future Shock
Reissue of Flower Travellin' Band's debut album Anywhere, originally released in 1970. Anywhere is the first album from the legendary Japanese rockers fronted by Yuya Uchida. Although an album consisting mainly of cover versions, Anywhere still exhibited many of the musical traits that were to come to the fore on the band's next release, the classic 1971 album Satori, an album of original material delivered with panache by the increasingly confident Uchida. An album made memorable by its risky cover as well as its ground-breaking approach to Western rock music."
Can - Future Days (Gold Vinyl LP+DL)Can - Future Days (Gold Vinyl LP+DL)
Can - Future Days (Gold Vinyl LP+DL)Mute
Limited edition gold vinyl with embossed sleeve. After leaving the band, Damo Suzuki himself said, "No one else can reach that kind of space. It's a new dimension." He also said that this album is Can's masterpiece.
Los Golden Boys - Cumbia de Juventud (LP)
Los Golden Boys - Cumbia de Juventud (LP)Mississippi Records
HEAVY CUMBIA GUITAR ROCK FROM 1960s COLOMBIA Formed in 1961 by the legendary brothers Pedro Jairo and Guillermo León Garcés, Los Golden Boys quickly rose to the top of the Colombian "música tropical" scene by combining popular rock and twist influences with cumbia, gaita, porro and other local styles. The band recorded several hits for the Discos Fuentes label, until the tragic death of brilliant electric guitarist Pedro Jairo's in 1972, laid the original Los Golden Boys to rest. CUMBIA DE JUVENTUD is a newly remastered collection of 12 of the heaviest songs from their golden era! Focused on raucous and driving cumbias that highlight the Garcés brothers talents, this LP is full of haunting minor-key melodies, thundering percussion, sinister guitar and Solovox solos, thumping bass, pulsing brass, and an atmosphere of a stoned all-night beach party under a persistent cloud of angst and dark Teenagedom. The use of the strange Solovox electric keyboard as a stand-in for the indigenous Gaita flute adds a unique dimension that weaves through the air, and the voices of Pedro Jairo, Benny Marquez and Amparito Muñiz keep the dance up all night and into a rough hangover. Of the countless great Discos Fuentes recording artists from the 60s, Los Golden Boys stand out as not only stellar and tasteful musicians, but also incredible songwriters able to construct perfect dance songs from a slew of influences. CUMBIA DE JUVENTUD stands as a tribute to the Garcés brothers and a magical moment in Colombian music history. Includes the highly-sought stoner cumbia banger CUMBIA DE LA MARIGUANA (SE TRABÓ LA BANDA), the incredibly heavy CUMBIA y BESO, the brooding pasaje EL AÑO VIEJO, the creeper hit SONRIEME (featured on the TV show "Narcos"), and many more... An instant classic! These 12 songs have been expertly restored by Timothy Stollenwerk from the best available sources to reveal all kinds of beautiful details and they sound better, clearer and heavier than ever. Pressed on 160 gram black vinyl by Smashed Plastic in Chicago. Glossy and heavy tip-on color jacket. Highly recommended for fans of AURITA y SU CONJUNTO, GUITAR MOOD, LOS TEEN AGERS, LOS FALCONS, LOS GRADUADOS, LOS HISPANOS, LOS SAICOS, LOS MIRLOS, LOS DESTELLOS, A ORILLAS DEL MAGDALENA, REMOLINO DE ORO, THE ORIGINAL SOUND OF CUMBIA
Tokedashita Garasubako (LP)
Tokedashita Garasubako (LP)Life Goes On Records

Hereby a classic japanese acid folk tale, also credited by the wizard master Julian Cope in his ‘Japrocksampler’ top 50 list. Tokedashita Garasu Bako, or Melting Glass Box, was a studio-only project of Nishiokai Takashi (Itsutsu No Akai Fusen), “Singing Philosopher” Tetsuo Saito and Takasuke Kida (of influential psychedelic freaks Jacks). Guest musicians included Kazuhiko Kato (Folk Crusaders, Sadistic Mika Band), Kazuo Takeda (Blues Creation) and mastermind Haruomi Hosono (Apryl Fool, Happy End, YMO).

Their sole release licensed in 1970 on URC (Japanese independent record label specializing in folk, co-founded in February 1969 by Hayakawa Yoshio, guitarist for the psychedelic band Jacks) became soon after a cult record leading the way for the eastern psychedelic renaissance. An authentic lysergic trip filled with mind-blowing electric guitar leads and many studio tricks thrown in! Get lost, now or never !

Jacks - Vacant World (LP)
Jacks - Vacant World (LP)Life Goes On Records

It is now handed down as a masterpiece that shines brilliantly in the history of Japanese music.Jacks'first studio album "The World of Jacks"Relapsed from ! Released on September 10, 1968 by Yoshio Hayakawa, Haruo Mizuno, Hitoshi Tanino, and Takasuke Kida, this work is an innovative Japanese rock band that Yoshio Hayakawa sang inside his heart. He has created a new style and has a great influence on the later music scene. Jax's only studio album by the original members due to the withdrawal of members before the record was released. A number of masterpieces such as the psychedelic "Marianne", the romantic "Stop the Clock", the extremely dark, introspective and tense "empty world", and the masterpiece "Love Generation" that is talked about across generations. You can listen. As for the sound of the band, effects such as fuzz guitar, tremolo, and reverb create a unique world view, and later, a talented person who also participated in the acid folk band "Melting Glass Box" centered on Takashi Nishioka. The flute and vibraphone by Takasuke Kida will take you to another dimension.

Caetano Veloso - Irene (LP)
Caetano Veloso - Irene (LP)LILITH
Caetano Veloso, one of the great masters of Brazilian music, released his first album "Irene", also known as "The White Album", in 1969, and his second studio album as a solo artist. Veloso and his ally Gilberto Gil were arrested and jailed for criticizing the military regime without any clear reason. This is the monumental album that he left behind just before his exile to London, England, and sent out to the world as his own message. Limited edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl.
Pink Floyd - Paris Cinema, London BBC July 16, 1970 (LP)
Pink Floyd - Paris Cinema, London BBC July 16, 1970 (LP)NO KIDDING

Atom Hearth Mother-era Floyd, simply mind-bending

Side A 

1 The Embryo 9:57
2 Fat Old Sun 5:09
3 Green Is The Colour/Careful With That Axe, Eugene 10:46

Side B

1 If 4:23
2 Atom Hearth Mother with Orchestra 24:48

Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko - Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy (LP)
Svitlana Nianio & Oleksandr Yurchenko - Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy (LP)Night School

Svitlana Nianio and Oleksandr Yurchenko are musicians with a long history in the still-mysterious
Kiev Underground. Nianio’s first group Cukor Bela Smert [Sugar, The White Death] were active
from the late 80’s through to the early 90’s, and following an intense period of touring, collaboration,
experimentation and a string of mixtapes and self-published recordings, Nianio’s first official solo
album ‘Kytytsi’ was released in 1999 by Poland’s Koka Records. Oleksandr Yurchenko, a longtime
collaborator and a pivotal figure in the Kiev music scene, was instrumental in creating the Novaya
Scena, a loose conglomerate of artists who encouraged each other to excavate both the sounds of
the West and Ukrainian tradition. ‘Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy’ (‘Know How? Tell Me’) is the duo’s most
fully realised collaboration, an enchanting, complete world in which Yurchenko’s instrumentation
and playfulness with form frames Nianio’s otherworldly soprano, recalling Liz Fraser steeped
in contrapuntal melody and hymnal improvisation. Originally made available on a self-released
cassette in 1996 (re-issued in 2017 by Ukraine’s Delta Shock label) where the album was twinned
with ‘Lisova Kolekciya’ (re-issued on LP in 2017 by Skire) this is the debut release of ‘Znayesh Yak?
Rozkazhy’ outside of Ukraine.
Recorded in an abandoned park in Kiev during a fertile period for artists and musicians following
the collapse of the Soviet Union, ‘Znayesh Yak? Rozkazhy’ sees Nianio and Yurchenko combine Casio
keyboard, hammered dulcimer, percussion, and Nianio’s unmistakeable soprano vocalisations to create
music sympathetic to the specific locations in which they chose to record. Yurchenko’s contribution
is perhaps more present on this recording than anything else we have heard from the duo. His
percussive dulcimer playing provides the basis on which Nianio can weave delicate keyboard lines
while playfully contorting her voice, shifting from a low register reminiscent of Nico to what could
be perceived as the call of a bird or an animal in distress. Whatever the intent, the effect is haunting
and beautiful in equal measure.
There’s a prevailing earthiness on the recordings, found in the warm hiss of the lo-fi means of
recording or the grinding, unspecified sounds that occasionally accompany the melody, like drones
created on the fly by hands trying to keep warm in the ice. A prevailing mood of fragility and beauty
seeps from these melodies, delicate moments of clarity spun by the two musicians. ‘Znayesh Yak?
Rozkazhy’ is a dream spun in twilight, a crystalline, private world where the listener feels both alien
and welcome. 

Manuel Göttsching - Inventions for Electric Guitar (LP)
Manuel Göttsching - Inventions for Electric Guitar (LP)MG.ART
180-gram LP version. Originally released in 1975. Remastered by Manuel Göttsching. Recorded July-August 1974, Inventions for Electric Guitar is Manuel Göttsching's first solo album. Written and performed entirely by Göttsching on electric guitar, with a four-track TEAC A3340, Revox A77 for echoes, wah-wah pedal, volume pedal, Schaller Rotosound, and Hawaiian steel bar.
Ash Ra Tempel - Schwingungen (50th Anniversary Re-Edition) (LP)
Ash Ra Tempel - Schwingungen (50th Anniversary Re-Edition) (LP)MG.ART
"E2-E4" released in 1984 under the name of Manuel Göttsching is a popular masterpiece at our company, but this is also the second masterpiece of Ash Ra Tempel released 12 years ago, which is also a representative of Krautrock. It can be called a board! In commemoration of the 50th anniversary, it reappeared from his own label in 2021 under the supervision of Manuel Göttsching. Released on in 1972, the band at the time was joined by Wolfgang Müller, Manuel Göttsching and Hartmut Enke, after Klaus Schulze left the band after his self-titled debut album (1971). It was made. It is composed of two parts, and the first half "Light And Darkness" is a chaotic psychedelic world. Manuel Göttsching strumming a bluesy guitar, and guest-participating John L.'s vocals add to the trip! And the latter half "Schwingungen" is a world of silence that contrasts with the first half. This track, named "Vibration", is a trip ambient with a fantastic reverberation and euphoria. A vivid and intense work left by Ash Ra Tempel, who was in drug culture at the time! !! Gate fold specification with stickers. Comes with a special insert printed with a copy of the original metronome press release issued in 1972.
Steve Hiett - Girls In The Grass (LP)
Steve Hiett - Girls In The Grass (LP)Be With Records
Steve Hiett, who is famous for his only work "At Nagisa ...", which is still very popular as a masterpiece of AOR / Light Mellow with a strange transparency and floating feeling, was spending time as a fashion photographer. This is the first record of an unreleased tape sound source recorded in Paris! Steve Hiett, a famous photographer who also shot JIMI HENDRIX's final performance at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 and the Beach Boys, Doors, and Miles Davis. A treasured sound source released in conjunction with the recurrence of "At Nagisa ..." released the other day. It's like a Drutti column played on the beach, and it has a tremendous Breezin'and Mellow, and a bottomless and moody taste. It's very good with a polished sound and a conceptual album composition that I can't think of as an unreleased work! A masterpiece behind the AOR.
Steve Hiett - Girls In The Grass (CD)
Steve Hiett - Girls In The Grass (CD)Be With Records
Steve Hiett, who is famous for his only work "At Nagisa ...", which is still very popular as a masterpiece of AOR / Light Mellow with a strange transparency and floating feeling, was spending time as a fashion photographer. This is the first record of an unreleased tape sound source recorded in Paris! Steve Hiett, a famous photographer who also shot JIMI HENDRIX's final performance at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 and the Beach Boys, Doors, and Miles Davis. A treasured sound source released in conjunction with the recurrence of "At Nagisa ..." released the other day. It's like a Drutti column played on the beach, and it has a tremendous Breezin'and Mellow, and a bottomless and moody taste. It's very good with a polished sound and a conceptual album composition that I can't think of as an unreleased work! A masterpiece behind the AOR.
ASSID - Connaissance des Lois Cosmiques (LP)ASSID - Connaissance des Lois Cosmiques (LP)
ASSID - Connaissance des Lois Cosmiques (LP)Notte Brigante
For whom the bells toll: Notte Brigante is back in the longplayer spheres, unearthing for mother earth nine tracks by French producer, musician and PMR label runner ASSID, that spellbind under the entitlement “Connaissance des Lois Cosmiques“. An utterly surprising, dark-ish fever dance of many styles, synth-ages, tribal zones, and cosmic flashes! Ingredients, that ASSID sucked up from his many musical adventures. As Trackmark he is active since 1998 and self-released four longplayers that glitch abstract through the electronic galaxies. He is also part of the Strasbourg, France based band The John Merricks, living the psychedelic dream in unity with lo-fi swing, dub, electronic, Acid rock and all that noise. When he feels like going fully electric, he joins his buddy Doudouboy and invents as Electric Muezzin abstract dub, that thrills all delays and echoes of creation. With “Connaissance des Lois Cosmiques “, the man from the Drôme department in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region of France distributes an amalgamation of all his different artistic avenues. You get dubbed. You get cosmic. You get waved into a darkness, that is illuminated by psychedelic drifts, but at the end it’s just a trip! Hand screen printed cover in two different colors, surprise. Also a little card is slipped in the cover. Out around March 15th, 2022, edition of 300 copies.
Senyawa - Rehearsal Session 2019 (Smoke LP)Senyawa - Rehearsal Session 2019 (Smoke LP)
Senyawa - Rehearsal Session 2019 (Smoke LP)WV Sorcerer Productions 巫唱片
After the highly praised album "Alkisah" released by more than 40 labels over the world, WV Sorcerer proudly present the vinyl version of this rare rehearsal recording from SENYAWA, back in 2019. Yes, this is a rehearsal recording, but it's more than that, it's an important mark for the first decade of the band, the tracks in this rehearsal present the essence of SENYAWA's music from 2009 to 2019. After that, they embarked on the period of "Alkisah" decentralization. "Rehearsal Session 2019" is an album that carries on from where they left off and marks a significant turning point in the band's history. The production is also uncompromising, with a multi-track live recording from their studio in the ancient city of Yogyakarta, Java Islands, Indonesia, the music is carefully mixed & mastered. Previously released on tape and CD, and now remastered for vinyl by Thomas Stadnicki in Brussels (Neptunian Maximalism, ZAÄAR). The immense energy of the duo is implanted in each track and all the frequencies, you won't be disappointed! The record comes in a heavy gatefold cover with unreleased photos of their studio, and the 80 copies come with a replicate of the original setlist. ▼ Senyawa is always surprising. They can produce such an extensive array of sounds from a rehearsal. Give this one a spin if you’re into unique texture of sounds! - The Store Front ▼ It’s difficult to characterise Senyawa without leaning on inaccurate tropes or multihyphenates. From Indonesian gamelan to apocalyptic folk, post-punk, no wave, stoner metal and dark-doom-psychedelic-ritualcore, the Javanese duo’s output encapsulates such wide swathes of influences so as to be nearly impossible to summarise. Their unprecedented style derives in large part from their unconventional instrumentation. Over the course of ten years and about as many releases Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi have honed a semi-improvisational sound forged from the percussive clattering and ceremonial mood of their homemade bambuwukir. The device, the size and shape of a tube zither, is sheathed in rows of metal and bamboo strings that emit a remarkable range of otherworldly tonalities and textures. On their newest album Alkisah it’s joined by another of Suryadi’s homemade creations built from a spatula and an electric guitar. Their combined effect is more industrially angular than the band’s past work, eliciting a symphony of pulverising riffs and guttural roars that sounds as if they’ve hatched straight from the fires and slimes of Middle Earth. - Chloé Lula, The Wire

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