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Bounaly - Dimanche à Bamako (LP)Bounaly - Dimanche à Bamako (LP)
Bounaly - Dimanche à Bamako (LP)Sahel Sounds
First heard by global audiences on Sahel Sounds' Music from Saharan WhatsApp series, Malian guitar hero Bounaly (the stage name of Ali "Bounaly" Traore) makes his full-length debut with "Dimanche à Bamako" ("Sunday in Bamako"). Recorded live on location, the music on "Dimanche à Bamako" is a mix of regional favorites, traditional standards, and originals. Long songs with looping rhythms, pounding kick, and electric shredding guitar, punctuated by shout outs to the guests of honor. A raw and frenetic take on Northern Mali desert sound, playing for the diaspora at a Bamako wedding.
Margo Guryan - I Ought To Stay Away From You b/w Why Do I Cry (7")
Margo Guryan - I Ought To Stay Away From You b/w Why Do I Cry (7")Numero Group
The first entry in Numero’s Margo Guryan series arrives as a limited edition pic sleeve 45. Side A features the previously unreleased 1966 yé-yé inspired burner “I Ought To Stay Away From You ,” paired with her latter day viral smash “Why Do I Cry.”
Wax Machine - The Sky Unfurls, the Dance Goes On (LP)
Wax Machine - The Sky Unfurls, the Dance Goes On (LP)Batov Records
The cosmic force that is Brighton’s Wax Machine return with The Sky Unfurls; The Dance Goes On, a new album of lush, ambient and psych-toned folk that expands and unfurls across 9 blissed out tracks, with Brazilian-born, Italian/English-raised Lau Ro continuing their personal journey with psychedelics and recently found obsession with water that has been heightened by a long overdue trip to Brazil Teaming up once more with the London based, globally-looking imprint Batov Records, Wax Machine journey beyond the psych-folk universe, tapping into more ambient, classical, and world-folk sounds. Led by songwriter and singer Lau Ro, the recording sessions for The Sky Unfurls; The Dance Goes On gave space to the musicians involved to express themselves, in part searching for the sense of freedom and organic looseness found on the records of Alabaster Deplume and Don Cherry. “I had a vision for it to be more mellow and clean.” explains Lau Ro. “The more songy parts of it were written and crafted with a fair bit of deliberation but overall I’d say it’s our most improvised album yet.” Born in São Vicente, Brazil, their parents moved to Italy when they were a child before moving again to Brighton where they’ve stayed ever since. Their earliest memories in Brazil are of laying out all their mum's pots and pans on the floor and making a racket. Influenced by their dad’s DIY approach to recording, they began around the age of 11 making their own recordings. Being a “loner kid”, their influences have always been eclectic, being drawn to Nick Drake, and anything that seemed obscure. “I came up with the name Wax Machine when I was around 17 years old or so, around the same time my journey with the psychedelics began, which marked the start of an ongoing deep exploration into music from all corners of the world, from West African highlife to krautrock, tropicalia to Japanese ambient music, Anadolu rock to Cuban rhythms, Spiritual Jazz and everything in between.” In 2018 Wax Machine announced themselves to the world with the release of two EPs , following those with their debut LP Earthsong of Silence in 2020, an album that flitted between sun drenched West Coast sounds, English psych-folk and tropicália. Album two, last year’s Hermit’s Grove lent into Lau Ro’s Brazilian heritage and included a version of Vinicius De Moraes and Baden Powell's Canto de Iemanja as a dedication to the sea, which felt all the more poignant when they thought about the fact that water was all that separated them from their home back in Brazil. “I crossed that ocean earlier this year and spent 5 weeks travelling around Brazil, visiting as many waterfalls as I could along the way, reconnecting with my family after 20 years apart and taking part in a couple of Ayahuasca rituals. And since then I spent another 5 weeks around the Pyrenees and the Alps looking for waterfalls. The graceful surrender of the water as it falls is such a healing thing to experience. The cathartic sound, the power. The spirit and mood of each cascade. They're my new favourite place to be." On The Sky Unfurls; The Dance Goes On they explore the process of returning to a state of intimate re-connection with one’s own nature and nature at large. The breakdown of individual identity and the return to flow. “Life is flow, like the way of Tao, and water is a great teacher in this respect.” The sun-kissed lead single Glimmers is an expression of the exuberant ecstasy at being by the sea, while the ethereal River comes from a place of awe and melancholy at the delicate ephemerality and complexity of life. Recorded in their own studio, Lau Ro was joined by Ozzy Moysey, Adam Campbell, Isobel Jones and Toma Sapir, with Marwyn Grace and Ella Russell involved for the choir parts. However Wax Machine very much remains a personal journey for Lau Ro, a vehicle for them, as their music always has been, to explore and connect with themselves and the outside world, as they continue to do so on The Sky Unfurls; The Dance Goes On.
Gala Drop - Amizade (LP)
Gala Drop - Amizade (LP)GDRecords
Amizade by Gala Drop - featuring the core duo of Afonso Simões and Nélson Gomes - now a trio, with Rui Dâmaso transitioning from II after the departure of Jerry the Cat and Guilherme Canhão. "Gala Drop sound even more focused as a working band, with Amizade – friendship in Portuguese – making perfect sense in a celebration of their, by now, patented soundworld of cosmic inspiration: krautrock's endless and hypnotic potential, dub's sense of transient space, the throb of house, balearic dreams, polyrhythms and a communal sense of belonging. This sprawling sphere of influence opens itself to new shapes and inspirations, but there's a deeper sense of accuracy and direction, with the band channeling those legacies into something we can only grasp as the Gala Drop sound. An organic outcome of working steadily as a trio, made possible by a residency promoted by gnration in Braga, Amizade dwells on the psychedelic nature of the group through seven tracks made up of dreamy synth washes, loads of percussion, echoes, chilled guitars under a radiant aura.
大サヨ族 - イ向佐沼サヨ族 at Bears (CD)大サヨ族 - イ向佐沼サヨ族 at Bears (CD)
大サヨ族 - イ向佐沼サヨ族 at Bears (CD)越子草Tall Grass Records
Dai Sayozoku (大サヨ族) is Sayozoku Septet avant-garde, free music, improvisational ensemble. live at Namba BEARS ,Osaka on 2021 August19th. イエレキルピネン Jere Kilpinen ..Shakuhachi, Drums 向井千惠 Chie Mukai ...Voice, Recorder, Percussions 佐藤史 Fumi Sato ...El-guitar 沼 タカハシシカロ Shicaro Takahashi ...Recorder, Toys, Percussions, Voice   染谷藍 Ai Sometani ... Recorder, Toys, Percussions サ 天神さやか Sayaka Tenjin ...Gopichand, Recorder, Percussion, Voice ヨ 宮岡永樹 Yonju Miyaoka ....Recorder, El-guitar, Hichiriki 族 Recorded by Yonju Miyaoka Mastered by Masami Baba Special thanks to Satoru Higashiseto (Forever Records), Naomi Kurimoto (Bears)
Ché-SHIZU - Live (1986-1988) (CS+DL)Ché-SHIZU - Live (1986-1988) (CS+DL)
Ché-SHIZU - Live (1986-1988) (CS+DL)越子草Tall Grass Records
This is first reissue ever Che-Shizu ライヴ集1(Steeple & Globe)シェシズ-ライブ集11986-1988 With Download Code Chie Mukai Takuya Nishimura Yoshio Kuge Tori Kudo Masami Shinoda Yuriko Mukoujima Wataru Okuma Shinya Kimura Designed by Toyohiro Okazaki Remastered by Yasushi Utsunomiya Liner Notes by Shinji Shibayama Translate by Alan Cummings Limited Edition to 100.
Kikagaku Moyo - Kumoyo Island (LP)
Kikagaku Moyo - Kumoyo Island (LP)Guruguru Brain
“The fifth studio album & last euphoric mind-trip to Kikagaku Moyo's imagined island. Best-suited for counting stars, looking at the ocean, and dancing in one’s daydream.”
Radiohead - Kid A (2LP)
Radiohead - Kid A (2LP)XL Recordings
Released in 2000 by the UK rock band, Radiohead, Radiohead's 4th album has been described as "the last masterpiece of the 20th century in music history."
A controversial work, an innovative work that shifted to electronica sound rather than approaching Aphex Twin and Autechre. Includes "Everything in its Right Place", "Idiotech" and others.
Daniel Villarreal - Panamá 77 (LP)Daniel Villarreal - Panamá 77 (LP)
The long-awaited debut album of Daniel Villarreal, a drummer and DJ from Panama who lives in Chicago and is known to many for his work with Dos Santos, Wild Belle, The Los Sundowns and more. It's a debut worldwide, but it's been widely known in Chicago's music scene for a long time, and almost every night on the bustling 18th Avenue of his hometown Pilsen, at least one place has been loved enough to see his DJ. person. This work collaborates with Chicago, including Bardo Martinez (Chicano Batman), Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Marta Sofia Honer (Adrian Younge), Anna Butterss (Jenny Lewis), Aquiles Navarro (Irreversible Entanglements). A masterpiece of instrumental funk that has been recorded in several places in Los Angeles and is based on jazz but psychedelicly fused with Latin rhythms! Led by the mysterious gong of the opening song "Bella Vista", the synth sound of William Onyeabor style is intense "Uncanny" to the labyrinth where you can't get out of it. Various styles of works such as "In / On" and "Patria" dedicated to the organist Avelino Munoz in his native Panama are a masterpiece! Recommended for fans such as and !
"Blue" Gene Tyranny, Peter Gordon - Trust In Rock (2CD)
"Blue" Gene Tyranny, Peter Gordon - Trust In Rock (2CD)Unseen Worlds
A masterpiece of avant pop chamber music! The composer / pianist "Blue" Gene Tyranny, who has been nominated for the Grammy Award and is known for his participation in numerous masterpieces and The Stooges works left in the prestigious Lovely Music of the US avant-garde music, and his allies. , Arthur Russell and The Flying Lizards are also involved in the works of New York avant-garde writer / multiplayer Peter Gordon's 1976 live recording at the Berkeley Art Museum. Plenty of avant-garde charm that can be said to be one of the answers to German rock from the bay area! A minimal rock jam with a clavinet, an electronic piano, a saxophone, a woodwind instrument, an RMI Synthesizer, etc., and a dense psychedelic groove with a focus on odd time signatures and repetitions. It is a mysterious piece that brings a kind of omnipotence with a mixture of lo-fi atmosphere, strange uplifting feeling, and unique humor. Recording & mixing by Maggi Payne. Taylor Deupree is in charge of mastering. Gatefold mini LP sleeve specification. Includes a 23-page booklet with new interviews and gorgeous photos of both parties.
Bailey's Nervous Kats - The Nervous Kats (Northwind Splatter Color Vinyl LP)Bailey's Nervous Kats - The Nervous Kats (Northwind Splatter Color Vinyl LP)
Bailey's Nervous Kats - The Nervous Kats (Northwind Splatter Color Vinyl LP)Numero Group
Isolated at the rural fringe of Northern California, Bailey’s Nervous Kats took Shasta County by storm in the early '60s. Combining surf, rock n' roll, exotica, and R&B, the Kats were a teenage dream draped in Magnatone amplifiers and crisp white polo tees. Their self-titled—and only—LP came at the dead end of the band’s run, issued on Orville Simmons' one-shot Emma imprint in 1965. The mid-century modern LP of your dreams.
Female Species - Tale Of My Lost Love (Moonshine Vinyl LP)Female Species - Tale Of My Lost Love (Moonshine Vinyl LP)
Female Species - Tale Of My Lost Love (Moonshine Vinyl LP)Numero Group
This is the story of two sisters who nurtured a dream for half a century and never let it die. Vicki and Ronni Gossett launched their musical career as teenagers in Whittier, California in 1966. They called themselves the Female Species. Members came and went; their base of operations moved to Las Vegas, back to LA, and over to Nashville. Along the way their sound transformed from garage rock to lounge to country-pop, the only constant being an innate mastery of hooks and harmony. These ladies had it. Along the way, they crossed paths with The Carpenters, Paul Revere & The Raiders, The Judds, and seemingly half of the industry's power players, rebuffing all untoward advances, focused always on their craft. In the 1980s they became staff songwriters for music publishing companies in the hit-making business. Relentless pushing landed them a once in a lifetime audition before the court of RCA’s top executives — the kind of new talent showcase that almost never happens after 30. Vicki and Ronni were by then in their 40s. Tale of My Lost Love is the whole story from beginning to end of two sisters who gave everything to their dream, yet never made a single record... until now. Sometimes great music just isn’t enough to break through — until it is. Numero Group is thrilled and proud, at long last, to introduce Female Species.
Brainstory - Buck (LP)Brainstory - Buck (LP)
Brainstory - Buck (LP)BIG CROWN

What is Buck?
Buck is a state of mind, a way of life, a demeanor that gets you through the good times and the bad. If you ask Brainstory, It is also the energy that permeates their debut album.
Kevin, Tony, and Eric are a trio of brothers bounded by blood, fate, and a small town with nothing to do. Their story begins in the long lost lands of the San Bernardino Valley, in the twilight zone known as Rialto, California: An arid wasteland of boredom and empty lots. Through punk rock and skateboarding they found temporary liberation from the local monotony. However, it wouldn’t be long before a hunger for more led them to explore musical realms beyond that of the hardcore punk they admired. After stints at music school and steady disappointment trying to navigate their local jazz scene they moved to Los Angeles and Brainstory was born.
Through a introduction from Chicano Batman’s bassist, Brainstory caught the ears of Big Crown head honchos Danny Akalepse and Leon Michels. Shortly thereafter they were on their way to Queens, to record at The Legendary Diamond Mine with Michels at the helm. An instant chemistry yielded 10 songs in 10 days and now Brainstory has gifted the world with one hell of an introduction to all things Buck. Highlights include the sublime slow burner, “Dead End” which was the A-side to their first 45 on Big Crown that sold out in a matter of days. With Kevin’s sublime falsetto floating atop Tony and Eric’s unflappable and unmistakable backbeat, this tune has become a favorite with the ballad heads, the low-riders, and the slowie collectors. “Breathe” showcases another side of their sound taking a page out of the Shuggie Otis playbook and flipping the script with some stoned out west coast swag. Kev and Tony’s father, Big Tone, an accomplished performer himself, steps in on “Peter Pan” to sing lead vocals over a chorus of friends and family. Bassist extraordinaire, Tony, takes over lead vocal duties on “Sorry”, a smoked out, G Funk groove that is just waiting to be sampled.
These guys have come a long way from their self released EPs and opening tours with Chicano Batman. Their musical growth is undeniable, and taking their California sunshine vibes and mixing them with Michels’ NYC aesthetic has proven to be an amazing combination. It’s a debut record that pulls influences from so many genres seamlessly it’s hard to nail down. Call it Funk, call it Rock, call it Soul, but over here at Big Crown HQ, we’ve decided to call it BUCK. 

Charlie Megira - Tomorrow's Gone (Green Vinyl 2LP)Charlie Megira - Tomorrow's Gone (Green Vinyl 2LP)
Charlie Megira - Tomorrow's Gone (Green Vinyl 2LP)Numero Group

Even in this age of near-total Internet accessibility, Charlie Megira is a modern mystery. A casual search turns up little aside from a few cryptic articles. His brief career unfolded during a changing of the guard in the music industry, opening on the death of the compact disc and ending just prior to Spotify’s IPO. For an artist like Megira, living far away from a major music outpost, there was more chaos than structure for his recordings to exist and find an audience. This collection is the first attempt at putting the pieces together, compiling a life’s work of an artist whose spark almost shined unto the world.
His was a music both familiar and entirely alien at once. It touches on corners of darkness, an isolation both lonely and sweet, all wrapped in a cold glow that draws the listener into each note, each melancholy melody triggering unrecorded experiences. His various projects put out music which began as a junction point between Link Wray’s surf guitar and the theatrical psychobilly of The Cramps, took a turn towards goth-inflected post-punk, and towards the end of his career would sojourn back into his earlier musical fascination with late 1950s and early 1960s rock ‘n’ roll.

The Israeli guitarist recorded seven albums worth of material in 15 years during his all-too-brief 44 trips around the sun.Tomorrow’s Gone collects 24 of these tracks for a double album journey across his career, accompanied by a lavish booklet that documents his tragic existence. Armed with only an Eko guitar, a black tuxedo, and his signature wrap-around shades, Charlie Megira was a mold-breaking artist who disintegrated while we were all staring at our phones.

Jacks - Vacant World (LP)
Jacks - Vacant World (LP)Life Goes On Records

It is now handed down as a masterpiece that shines brilliantly in the history of Japanese music.Jacks'first studio album "The World of Jacks"Relapsed from ! Released on September 10, 1968 by Yoshio Hayakawa, Haruo Mizuno, Hitoshi Tanino, and Takasuke Kida, this work is an innovative Japanese rock band that Yoshio Hayakawa sang inside his heart. He has created a new style and has a great influence on the later music scene. Jax's only studio album by the original members due to the withdrawal of members before the record was released. A number of masterpieces such as the psychedelic "Marianne", the romantic "Stop the Clock", the extremely dark, introspective and tense "empty world", and the masterpiece "Love Generation" that is talked about across generations. You can listen. As for the sound of the band, effects such as fuzz guitar, tremolo, and reverb create a unique world view, and later, a talented person who also participated in the acid folk band "Melting Glass Box" centered on Takashi Nishioka. The flute and vibraphone by Takasuke Kida will take you to another dimension.

The Velvet Underground & Nico (Picture Vinyl LP)
The Velvet Underground & Nico (Picture Vinyl LP)Vinyl Lovers
The legendary first album that goes down in history with the well-known artwork! The Velvet Underground's 1967 masterpiece "The Velvet Underground and Nico" is stocked. It is a legendary debut album that had a great influence on later generations, and is also familiar with Andy Warhol's production.
Ananda Shankar - Ananda Shankar And His Music (LP)
Ananda Shankar - Ananda Shankar And His Music (LP)Life Goes On Records
A rare groove classic finally back in print ! Opener ‘Streets Of Calcutta’ has been covered several times (most recently by japanese wizards Kikagaku Moyo) and is still regarded as an east/west hybrid manifesto. Ananda Shankar (11 December 1942 – 26 March 1999) was an Indian musician, singer, and composer best known for fusing Western and Eastern musical styles. He was married to dancer and choreographer Tanusree Shankar. In the late 1960s, Shankar travelled to Los Angeles, where he played with many contemporary musicians including Jimi Hendrix. There he was signed to Reprise Records and released his first album, Ananda Shankar, in 1970, with original Indian classical material alongside sitar-based cover versions of popular hits, The Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and The Doors' "Light My Fire". Returning to India in the early 1970s, Shankar continued to experiment musically and in 1975 released his most critically acclaimed album, Ananda Shankar and His Music, a jazz-funk mix of Eastern sitar, Western rock guitar, tabla and mridangam, drums and Moog synthesizers.
Brainticket - Celestial Ocean (LP+CD)
Brainticket - Celestial Ocean (LP+CD)LILITH
1973s brilliant Celestial Ocean, by the legendary Swiss krautrock band BRAINTICKET, is a concept album that details an ancient pharoahs journey into the afterlife (substitute the word "journey" for "trip" and youll get what they were driving at). However, Brainticket were not mere products of their time, they explored some truly compelling musical territory and produced a superlative blanket of sound-featuring a pioneering mix of early synthesizers, flute, zither, sitar, and male / female stream-of-consciousness spoken word vocals-that ebbs and flows in the same general cosmos as classic Gong. This reissue is fully remastered from the original master tapes.
Magical Power Mako - Super Record (LP)
Magical Power Mako - Super Record (LP)COSMIC ROCK
Here is the second album of original japanese freak Magical Power Mako, originally released in 1975. A truly iconic acid folk manifesto, interspersed with intense moments of pure psych rock. A sonic journey into imaginary lands !
Comité Hypnotisé - Danza Del Piri-Piri (LP)Comité Hypnotisé - Danza Del Piri-Piri (LP)
Comité Hypnotisé - Danza Del Piri-Piri (LP)cortizona
Comité Hypnotisé will let you flip-flop into his eleven chambers of the ‘Danza Del Piri-Piri: expanding the feral and contagious universe he started to build a lifetime ago. Levitating and shimmering a glistering way through deep old skool 70’s sitar vibes and jitterbug grooves. This boogieman aka the Millionaire mastermind and member of the Evil Superstars has carved some hot smoked out bass and organ flared cuts on wax. Ready to never leave you again. Whether it's with wood chopped kazou sounds stretching into hazy sunshine desire or dazzling basslines blending with interstellar and stuttering kick drums: the Danza Del Piri-Piri swings and slams into a wiggly relentless sonic future.
Panbers - Indonesian City Sound: Panbers Psychedelic Rock and Funk, 1971-1974 (LP)Panbers - Indonesian City Sound: Panbers Psychedelic Rock and Funk, 1971-1974 (LP)
Panbers - Indonesian City Sound: Panbers Psychedelic Rock and Funk, 1971-1974 (LP)Elevation Records
Psychedelic Rock … Long-awaited compilation of hard-rocking, psychedelic songs from Indonesia’s premiere rock outfit Panbers culled from their most fertile years with Mesra Dimita Records. For those uninitiated on the glory Panbers, consider this compilation an introduction to some of earliest and heaviest rock sound to come out of Indonesia.
Ash Ra Tempel - JOIN INN (LP, 50th Anniversary Edition, Re-Cut overseen by Manuel Göttsching)
Ash Ra Tempel - JOIN INN (LP, 50th Anniversary Edition, Re-Cut overseen by Manuel Göttsching)MG.ART
Ash Ra Tempel's fourth LP marked something of a pause, a recap, especially after the surprising Seven Up (which featured Timothy Leary as a guest). The temporary return of Klaus Schulze also greatly contributes to this feeling of summation. The album features two side-long pieces that represent literally two sides of the band, the Krautrock and space music incarnations. "Freak 'n' Roll" is a 19-minute hard-hitting jam, with Schulze bashing away behind the drums and Manuel Gottsching churning some mean guitar riffs while Harmut Enke ploughs heavy basslines. The track is actually an excerpt from a longer improvisation and begins with a fade in that throws the listener in the middle of an already heated session. Long but hardly long-winded, this track deserves a place alongside Can's "You Do Right" and Faust's "Krautrock": it has the drive, the psychedelic appeal, and the creativity of what epitomized the Krautrock style in the minds of young Englishmen and Americans for a while. The 24-minute "Jenseits" sees Schulze at the Synthi A and the organ, weaving dreamy drones and uplifting chords for Gottsching to doodle over. Enke's lines are not always as relevant as one would wish, and Rosi Mueller's soft-spoken narration seems to get in the way during the first few minutes -- in short, this is not Ash Ra Tempel at their ethereal best, but it's still a fine exercise in late-night musical dreaming that will appeal to fans of Phaedra-era Tangerine Dream while not misrepresenting that aspect of the group's work. And put together, those two pieces make a very fine introduction to the first few years of Ash Ra Tempel. ~ Francois Couture
Ash Ra Tempel - Seven Up (LP,GF,50th Anniversary Edition,4p Inlay Re-Cut overseen by Manuel Göttsching)
Ash Ra Tempel - Seven Up (LP,GF,50th Anniversary Edition,4p Inlay Re-Cut overseen by Manuel Göttsching)MG.ART
After the 2021 Re-Release of “Schwingungen” (MG.ART612) we proudly announce “Seven Up” as Part 2 of the authorised 50th Anniversary “A.R.T.” Re-Edition Series. “Seven Up” is the third studio album by Ash Ra Tempel and their only album recorded in collaboration with American Ph.D. in psychology, Dr. Timothy Leary. The Coverart for “Seven Up” was designed by famous Swiss Artist Walter Wegmüller. Recorded in August 1972 at Sinus Studio in Berne, Switzerland, remixed September 1972 at Dierks Studios in Stommeln, Germany. First release in spring 1973 by OHR Musik - the first release on the new sub-label "Kosmische Kuriere", Kat-Nr. KK 58001. We release “Seven Up” in a Re-Cut carefully overseen by Manuel Göttsching himself, on September 9th 2022, also being Manuel Göttsching´s 70th Birthday. Our Edition features the full original text for the “7 levels of consciousness” by Timothy Leary in English, i.e. “Instruction Manual for Pleasure Panel” plus a previously unreleased glimpse view of the original scripts incl. notes and mark ups as well as partly unreleased photos from the recording session. ->continued on page 2->continued on page 2 As for the music itself we again refer to Julian Cope´s review and remarks from his book “Krautrocksampler” (published by Head Heritage, 1st ed. 1995): “When the Leary Mob met the Kaiser Gang, the sparks flew ever Up-wards... 7up is a stone classic in every way. Yes, it is unlikely to find Timothy Leary singing lead vocal in a cosmic group, but even weirder that he chose to sing a wild yelping freaked out blues ! Manuel Göttsching and Hartmut Enke had begun their careers in The Steeple Chase Blues Band back in the mid-'60ies, and they quickly felt their way through what Barritt and Leary were aiming for. They reconciled it all as a kind of West Coast chordless psychedelia, where blues riffs sparkle out of nowhere and the sheer weight of synthesizers renders everything with an unreal Pere Ubu/early Roxy Music quality. The greatness of Ash Ra Tempel burned so brightly on 7Up that there is really nothing else like it. Hartmut Enke and Manuel Gottsching here returned to their riffy roots. It can hardly be called a retro act, though, as the context of music is everything. And with Dierks at the controls, even the New Kids on the Block would have sounded psychedelic. 7Up is like a late night radio show glimpsed through a shattered tuner where all but the most truly dangerous sounds have been allowed to stay, to drift and to dance around the performers. The result is an extreme gem, a flash of hysterical white lightning, and a pre-punk Technicolour yawn in the grandest of traditions. In typical Ash Ra Tempel style, the record is divided into two pieces, “Space” and "Time”. Within this, though, Timothy Leary’s ideas are allowed to free-flow and the two sides are therefore divided into mini-songs all segued together. The highlight of Side 1 is “Power Drive”, a West Coast burn-up that transcends any W. Coast music I ever did hear. Leary and Barritt present the greatest twin-vocal of all time, coming on like Jagger and Morrison but too caught up in their own maelstrom to be anything less than Heralds of the Punkfuture still five years away. In chaos it was conceived and in chaos it was recorded. Yet Dieter Dierks, the great Aural Architect of the Cosmic Couriers, turned 7Up into a personal triumph and a Kosmische dream.”
Lou Reed - Words & Music, May 1965 - Deluxe Edition (CS)
Lou Reed - Words & Music, May 1965 - Deluxe Edition (CS)LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
“To hear a tape containing their earliest demos, recorded on May 11, 1965, and locked away until now, is to hear traces of things rarely associated with The Velvet Underground: blues and folk, earthy and traditional, uncertain and hesitant… yet bristling with that rusty, caustic, Lou Reed spirit. It is a revelation.” – Will Hodgkinson, MOJO Light in the Attic Records, in cooperation with Laurie Anderson, proudly announces the inaugural title in their ongoing Lou Reed Archive Series: Words & Music, May 1965. Released in tandem with the late artist’s 80th birthday celebrations, the album offers an extraordinary, unvarnished, and plainly poignant insight into one of America’s true poet-songwriters. Capturing Reed in his formative years, this previously unreleased collection of songs—penned by a young Lou Reed, recorded to tape with the help of future bandmate John Cale, and mailed to himself as a “poor man’s copyright”—remained sealed in its original envelope and unopened for nearly 50 years. Its contents embody some of the most vital, groundbreaking contributions to American popular music committed to tape in the 20th century. Through examination of these songs rooted firmly in the folk tradition, we see clearly Lou’s lasting influence on the development of modern American music – from punk to art-rock and everything in between. A true time capsule, these recordings not only memorialize the nascent sparks of what would become the seeds of the incredibly influential Velvet Underground; they also cement Reed as a true observer with an innate talent for synthesizing and distilling the world around him into pure sonic poetry. Featuring contributions from Reed’s future bandmate, John Cale, Words & Music, May 1965 presents in their entirety the earliest-known recordings of such historic songs as “Heroin,” “I’m Waiting for the Man,” and “Pale Blue Eyes”—all of which Reed would eventually record and make indelibly influential with the Velvet Underground. Also included are several more previously-unreleased compositions that offer additional insight into Reed’s creative process and early influences. Produced by Laurie Anderson, Don Fleming, Jason Stern, Hal Willner, and Matt Sullivan, the album features newly-remastered audio from the original tapes by GRAMMY®-nominated engineer, John Baldwin. Rounding out the package are new liner notes from acclaimed journalist and author, Greil Marcus, plus in-depth archival notes from Don Fleming and Jason Stern, who oversee the Lou Reed Archive. The centerpiece of the inaugural Lou Reed Archive Series release is the Deluxe 45-RPM Double LP Edition of Words & Music, May 1965. Limited to 7,500 copies worldwide, this stunning collection was designed by multi-GRAMMY®-winning artist Masaki Koike and features a stylized, die-cut gatefold jacket manufactured by Stoughton Printing Co., with sequential foil numbering. Housed inside are two 45-RPM 12-inch LPs, pressed on HQ-audiophile-quality 180-gram vinyl at Record Technology Inc. (RTI) featuring the only vinyl release of “I’m Waiting for the Man – May 1965 Alternate Version.” A bonus 7-inch, housed in its own unique die-cut picture sleeve and manufactured at Third Man Record Pressing includes the only vinyl release of six previously-unreleased bonus tracks providing a never-before-seen glimpse into Reed’s formative years, including early demos, a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right,” and a doo-wop serenade recorded in 1958 when the legendary singer-songwriter was just sixteen years old. An accompanying saddle-stitched, die-cut 28-page book features lyrics, archival photos, and liner notes Also included is an archival reproduction of a rarely-seen letter, written by Reed to his college professor and poet, Delmore Schwartz, circa 1964. The set includes a CD containing the complete audio from the package, housed in a die-cut jacket.

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