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Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8 (LP)Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8 (LP)
Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8 (LP)Warp
London based Caribbean-Belgian composer, producer, and musician Nala Sinephro steps out on her own with a deeply personal debut album and her first release with Warp Records.
Soshi Takeda - Same Place, Another Time (CS+DL)
Soshi Takeda - Same Place, Another Time (CS+DL)Constellation Tatsu
Highly recommended! For all of ambient, balearic and new age fan. The previous work from <100% Silk>, which was also introduced by , just made a record-breaking hit in Bandcamp. Tokyo's notable DJ / producer, who had released a great cassette work from , has released the beautiful ambient / new age gems from . After the popular title from <100% Silk>, New cassette release from with enhanced new age / Balearic colors is very exquisite. Works recorded at home studio, focusing on hardware synths and samplers from the 80's and 90's. It is a work that pursues "images in photographs and movies of locations that have been lost with the passage of time" and "A nostalgia for a place we can never be" The best hidden work. It is as good as, and sometimes even surpasses, the works of modern revival / new age sanctuaries and reissues such as and . At the bottom is the light and quiet view of dance / deep house that is unique to this person. It's too great, it's incredible, and it's just a sigh of admiration.
V.A. - Strange World (2LP+Booklet)V.A. - Strange World (2LP+Booklet)
V.A. - Strange World (2LP+Booklet)Pyramid Records
A double LP with 42 pages of full color 12" X 12" liner notes bound into a gatefold LP with a shiny silver foil front cover. Printed inner sleeves and 180 gram vinyl. "Strange World" is a compilation of cosmic and earthly doo wop and R&B from Jamaica and America. The songs are mostly sparse, beautiful and spacey. Features unreleased demos as well as hard to find songs found only on 45's from the 1950's. The liner notes feature unseen photos and cosmic art. Pyramid Records is a new label focusing on deluxe very small pressings. The goal is to make "dream records" that speak of an alter destiny better than what we got going these days.
Eiko Ishibashi - For McCoy (LP)
Eiko Ishibashi - For McCoy (LP)Black Truffle
Black Truffle is pleased to announce For McCoy, a new work by Eiko Ishibashi dedicated to the widely loved character of Jack McCoy, portrayed by Sam Waterston in Law & Order. Following on from Hyakki Yagyō (BT064), For McCoy finds Ishibashi further exploring the unique space she has carved out in recent years, bringing together musique concrète techniques, ECM-inspired jazz, lush layers of synths and hints of pop into immersive and affecting structures crafted in her home studio, aided by a group of close collaborators. Beginning with overlapping layers of descending flute lines, the expansive ‘I Can Feel Guilty About Anything’ (whose two parts stretch out over more than thirty minutes) unfolds with a free-associative logic, embracing dreamlike transitions and unexpected cinematic cuts. As a hovering cloud of synthetic tones and multi-tracked voices fans out from the spare opening moments, Joe Talia’s skittering cymbals settle into a gently propulsive groove, soon joined by melodic fragments performed by Daisuke Fujiwara on multi-tracked saxophone. As the drums cede to field recordings and ominous synth figures, the uncommon meeting of saxophone and electroacoustic techniques call to mind the more spacious moments of Michel Redolfi and André Jaume’s Synclavier-propelled oddity Hardscore or the early work of Gilbert Artman’s Urban Sax. As the piece continues on the LP’s second side, distant dialogue rumbles beneath a surface of processed flutes, blurring into a cavernously reverberant backdrop for stark ascending lines performed by MIO.O on violin. Eventually, the piece settles into a gorgeous passage of abstracted dream pop, where Ishibashi’s multitracked vocal harmonies glide atop synth chords, errant pings and snatches of outdoor sound. Fragments of melodic material reappear throughout the spacious opening piece, finally stepping to the forefront on the closing track, ‘Ask Me How I Sleep at Night’. Here, over a shuffling groove supplied by Jim O’Rourke on double bass and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto on drums, layers of flutes, saxophones and guitars sound out melodies whose combination of twisting irregularity and soulful immediacy calls up prime Keith Jarrett, while their closely voiced harmonies suggest Kenny Wheeler or even Wayne Shorter’s Atlantis. In a classical gesture of closure, the web of melodic lines eventually leads back to the descending flute figures with which the record began. Presented in an immersive, impeccably detailed mix by Jim O’Rourke and arriving in a sleeve featuring Ishibashi’s beautiful drawings of Jack McCoy, For McCoy is an essential release for anyone following the enchanted and unique path being forged by Eiko Ishibashi.
V.A. - Buganda Royal Music Revival (Green Vinyl LP)V.A. - Buganda Royal Music Revival (Green Vinyl LP)
V.A. - Buganda Royal Music Revival (Green Vinyl LP)Nyege Nyege Tapes
From its founding in the late 14th century, the kingdom of Buganda has been celebrated through sound and nurtured a rich musical tradition in its royal court. Coming from across the kingdom, musicians would take turns in the palace to sound drums, xylophones, flutes, lyres, and more to praise and honour the existence of the kingship. In recent years however, the tradition has been more difficult to maintain, especially since 1966 where there was a violent attack on the palace that abruptly abolished the kingdom and during which royal musicians fled or were killed. And while the kingdom was re-established in 1993 as a cultural institution, many of the remaining musicians had since chosen to sideline their skills to deal with the issues of their day to day lives, the practice of the royal tradition waning in popularity, especially with younger listeners and players. But all is not lost. Scattered across the kingdom, a motivated team of older veterans and attentive young players are still keeping the tradition alive. Offering a transversal glimpse into the past and the present, "Buganda Royal Music Revival" collects recordings made in between the late 1940s and 1966 illustrating the older generation’s skills, and presents them alongside recent recordings featuring old and young musicians who still carry on this musical tradition, some even performing for the current king, Muwenda Mutebi II. The later were made during the shooting of the 2019 documentary “Buganda Royal Music Revival” that presents through a film what this album conveys through sounds: a packed dive into a century-old tradition. The music displayed here is diverse and vibrant, presenting a variety of styles and highlighting instruments that illustrate the depth and sophistication that stemmed from the royal court experience of Buganda. As a starter, the album opens with 'Mujaguzo'. Often translated as ‘The Drums of the Kingship’, the mujaguzo is a crucial ensemble for the cultural tradition, made from drums collected by the kingdom throughout its long history and numbering around 100 drums (historical records suggest there were at some point over 300). They are the vitality of the kingship packaged into sound. From here, we're introduced deeper to an array of instruments and textures, like the buzzing Bugandan lyre (endongo) by contemporary royal player Albert Bisaso Ssempeke, the resonant akadinda xylophone with its 21 large wooden keys, Temutewo Mukasa's restless praise sung with his harp (ennanga), the hand-made gourd trumpet (amakondere), the entenga "drum-chime" and its core set of 12 drums tuned like the amadinda xylophone, or the tightly intertwined melodies of the flutes ensemble (abalere). With the music, the hissing and swishing sounds of old tapes reminds at times the listener of the long process, from the original recording to its archival digitization, that allows the talent of past musicians to still vibrate nowadays. This rousing selection of music and moods is a unique and all too rare exploration of sounds that celebrates the common history of generations of musicians, and the question remains open as to how this rich cultural tradition will shape and be shaped by the upcoming Bugandan future, and what engagement it will trigger among audiences within, but also beyond, the kingdom of Buganda.
John Carroll Kirby - Septet (2LP)
John Carroll Kirby - Septet (2LP)Stones Throw
Since his debut in 2018, keyboardist John Carroll Kirby has been consistently churning out masterpieces, and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Blood Orange, Solange, and The Avalanches. John Carroll Kirby, a keyboardist who has collaborated with superstars such as Blood Orange, Solange, and The Avalanches, is back with his latest live instrumental release on the hallowed Stones Throw label. This is the latest in a long line of live instrumentals from keyboardist John Carroll Kirby, who has broken new ground in his career, moving from fourth-world ambient, meditative new age, and modern classical styles to more exciting soul jazz and hip hop. It's a modern Afro-jazz album that embodies the freedom and dynamism of LA!
Ed Ruscha V & The Only Thingz Too (LP)
Ed Ruscha V & The Only Thingz Too (LP)Good Morning Tapes

Analogue bubblebath suds and chimes from multi monikered electronic maestro Ed Ruscha (Secret Circuit), wrangling his imaginary ensemble The Only Thingz for a full-length follow-up to his sought-after 2018 tape for the label.

‘Ed Ruscha V & the Only Thingz’ is exemplary of the sanguine, etheric spirit and bucolic nature that’s blessed all Eddie Ruscha’s body of work since the early ‘90s; from his earliest shoegaze work with Medicine, thru his lolling disco tracks as Secret Circuit with Beats In Space, to electronic pop with Scott Gilmore as Doctor Fluorescent. But it’s under his own name (which he shares with his pop-art pioneer father) that Ed really comes into his own, sketching out scenes flush with a colourful warmth and gentle headiness that effortlessly lends itself to Good Morning Tapes’ agenda.

Each of the eight pieces seamlessly caress stressed heads with a blend of electronic synthesis and field recordings, veering from groggy pastoralism to swaying ambient house, luring listeners into a sullied conception of ambient world building. The wilting chord petals of ‘Slumber Punk’ surely recall the most blissed of AFX’s SAW works, and the lilting triplets of ‘Frog Man’ feels like we’re in the Balearics, while ‘Tree Ring Circus’ and ‘Sight Gag Final’ offer a lush smush of raga-esque acid dub, into the gorgeous new age intentions and effect of ‘Waves Over Stones’.

Allen Ginsberg - Mantra's (CS)
Allen Ginsberg - Mantra's (CS)Counter Culture Chronicles
Limited to 64 copies. A great mantras by American poet, musician, teacher and his lifelong ally Peter Orlovsky, who has collaborated with Allen Ginsberg many times, and allen Ginsberg and Maretta Greer. A fiercely deep album showing bells, harmonics, and a spiritual drone mantra sung by themselves, Recommended as a must-have item for all drone / avan lovers. Includes insert.
Jeff Parker - Forfolks (LP)Jeff Parker - Forfolks (LP)
Jeff Parker, who is familiar with activities such as Tortoise and Chicago Underground Quartet, announces the latest work from the sanctuary of US contemporary jazz . It is an album composed of solo guitar works including interpretations of "Ugly Beauty" and "My Ideal" by Celonias Monk and 6 original songs, and it is a home in Altadena, California in June 2021. A gem of improvisational minimal ambient work recorded by Graeme Gibson in the studio over a two-day period!
Roland Kayn - Tektra (5CD BOX)Roland Kayn - Tektra (5CD BOX)
Roland Kayn - Tektra (5CD BOX)Reiger Records Reeks

A masterpiece returns.
The last five years have seen the reemergence of a towering figure of electronic music. Through multiple boxed set releases, and a dedicated Bandcamp page releasing unheard works at an unfaltering pace, the work of pioneering cybernetic composer Roland Kayn has reached a wider audience than ever before.
Now, a bedrock work in establishing this reputation is available once more, as Tektra, his overarching landmark work of the early 1980s, is finally restored to availability after decades out of print.
Reissued by Reiger Records Reeks – the composer’s own label, now presided over by his daughter Ilse – Tektra here unfolds across 5 CDs. The new edition was mastered by Jim O’Rourke from a transfer of the original tapes present in the Lydia and Roland Kayn Archive. It implements Kayn’s directions on crossfades and edits as fully as possible, while also reincorporating almost 5 minutes of music previously unavailable in digital format.
Kayn’s glacial, otherworldly electronic landscapes have always been somewhat at odds with the world of contemporary composition his background and training located him within. His rejection of compositional dogma and traditional musical structures eventually led him to discover a source of endless inspiration in the cybernetic generation of material, and the curatorial act of listening itself.
Perhaps this is why Kayn’s recognition is only approaching its zenith today: his work is far from the passive, unobtrusive world of “ambient”, but its embrace of extended duration, drone-like textures, and the exploration of space as timbre are undeniable shared attributes. Today’s most forward-looking musical practitioners – many of whom cite Kayn as a direct influence – have perhaps discovered a similar territory, at the threshold point where mindblowing complexity approaches the overwhelming sensation of true immersion.

Huerco S. - For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) (2LP)
Huerco S. - For Those Of You Who Have Never (And Also Those Who Have) (2LP)Proibito

12月上旬入荷予定、ご予約受付中。これは未来のアンビエント・クラッシック!Aphex TwinやThe Orb, GAS等のアルバムと並び、時の経過と共に益々その輝きと存在感を放つ、殿堂入り間違いなしの2016年名盤が待望のリプレスです!

Opal TapesやFuture Timesなどでも活躍するブルックリン地下の音響~ロウ・ハウスな人気アーティストHuerco S.が、Anthony Naples主催のProhibitoより発表していたアンビエント作品。

Jamire Williams - But Only After You Have Suffered (LP)
Jamire Williams - But Only After You Have Suffered (LP)INTERNATIONAL ANTHEM RECORDING COMPANY
Jamire Williams, a famous jazz drummer / hip-hop producer who has supported great works such as Christian Scott, Jesse Boykins III, Jeff Parker, Carlos Niño and so on. The latest album, which is the first in five years since the masterpiece debut from the West Coast's famous "Leaving Records", is released from "International Anthem", the sanctuary of US contemporary jazz. A noteworthy work that will also be released as a Japanese CD from , which is presided over by Masaaki Hara, who is also known for managing . Popular musicians from the these area, including Carlos Niño, Matthew Stevens, Sam Gendel, Zeroh, and Chassol, are gathering together! Mastered by by Dave Cooley. Includes liner notes.
Sam Wilkes - One Theme & Subsequent Improvisation (CS+DL)Sam Wilkes - One Theme & Subsequent Improvisation (CS+DL)
Sam Wilkes - One Theme & Subsequent Improvisation (CS+DL)Leaving Records
For his sophomore full-length album, LA-based Bassist/Producer/Composer Sam Wilkes is prompted with ten questions from Leaving Records community mentor & facilitator Carlos Niño.
Roland Kayn - Scanning (10CD BOX)Roland Kayn - Scanning (10CD BOX)
Roland Kayn - Scanning (10CD BOX)Reiger Records Reeks

A hitherto-unreleased electronic masterpiece from Roland Kayn, singular pioneer of cybernetic music.

Over a period spanning the late 70s through the early 80s, Kayn (1933–2011) issued a quintet of extended works that quietly but definitively redrew the map of electronic music. Informed by cybernetics and a desire to actualise analogue circuitry as an agency in the compositional process, this music adopted a form that can only be described as oceanic, as side after side of vinyl allowed a wholly new vocabulary of electronic sound to find its shape.

In the decades that followed, these multi-LP boxed-set releases became hallowed documents of contemporary music (as well as highly prized collectors’ items). Kayn’s initially subtle influence belied a gradual shift towards the widespread adoption of his ideas and practices in the 21st century, incorporating both the rise in popularity of modular synthesis as a music-making tool, and the huge advancements in machine learning and AI.

Following the recent reissue of ‘Simultan’ (1977) and the first-time release of late work ‘A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound’ (2009), it was clear that a new generation of listeners and musicians were eager to discover Kayn’s vision in all its vastness.

Kayn's own label, Reiger Records Reeks, has been reawakened by his daughter Ilse, and her long-cherished dream of releasing this music is now finally a reality. Across 10 CDs of immersive audio, expertly remastered by Kayn aficionado Jim O’Rourke, listeners are now finally able to digest Kayn's little-known masterpiece, and to inhabit sonic territory that has waited unspoilt for decades.

Clara Rockmore - Theremin (LP)Clara Rockmore - Theremin (LP)
Clara Rockmore - Theremin (LP)Mississippi Records
Official reissue of the 1977 album of Clara Rockmore’s stunning theremin performances of various classical compositions, accompanied by her sister Nadia Reisenberg on piano. Includes gorgeous interpretations of pieces by Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Ravel and more. An all time classic classical album, finally back in print. Rockmore was a violin child prodigy with training at the Imperial Conservatory in St. Petersberg. A refugee of the Russian Revolution, she arrived in New York with her family in 1921, and soon after met Professor Lev Sergeyevich Termen, inventor of the remarkable theremin, one of the first electronic instruments in existence. Rockmore stunned crowds by playing music both highly technical and emotionally intense, all without ever touching her instrument. Her work represented the cutting edge of electronic music, inspiring a generation of innovators (including Bob Moog, who co-produced this record). On her custom built theremin, Rockmore channeled deep human emotion through an electronic device for the first time.
Clara Rockmore - Lost Theremin Album (LP)Clara Rockmore - Lost Theremin Album (LP)
Clara Rockmore - Lost Theremin Album (LP)Mississippi Records
A new LP collection of incredible performances by the virtuosa of theremin, Clara Rockmore, accompanied by her sister Nadia Reisenberg on piano. Recorded in 1975 and never before released on vinyl, this compendium features stellar performances of compositions by Bach, Chopin, Schubert, Gershwin and more, and even features a cello ensemble on a few songs! Some of the finest examples of Clara Rockmore’s unrivaled art - rich with bittersweet moments of air, electricity, human grace and emotional composition all merging into some new thing that is transcendent of time and genre. 160 gram vinyl comes in old school tip-on jacket and includes an 8-page booklet of interviews, photos, and insights with Clara Rockmore, Nadia Reisenberg, Robert Moog, and more.
Le Ren - Leftovers (Opaque Yellow Vinyl LP)Le Ren - Leftovers (Opaque Yellow Vinyl LP)
Le Ren - Leftovers (Opaque Yellow Vinyl LP)Secretly Canadian
Restful Modern Folk Gems !! The long-awaited debut album of Le Ren, a young female musician based in Montreal, Quebec, who emerged from the current Secretly Canadian, is now available. A collage of his youth who gathered more than four years of past experience and found the present meaning, and sewed personal songs about various relationships such as mothers, lovers, friends, etc. like patchwork. A masterpiece that can be said to be the sacred missing link of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan. This is the one I want many people to pick up!
Reiko Kudo and Tori Kudo - Tangerine (LP)Reiko Kudo and Tori Kudo - Tangerine (LP)
Reiko Kudo and Tori Kudo - Tangerine (LP)A Colourful Storm
A Colourful Storm presents Tangerine, a collection of songs by Reiko and Tori Kudo. Recorded at Village Hototoguiss, Japan, during autumn, winter and spring 2011 and 2012, the makeup of Tangerine is the culmination of over thirty years of experimentation, improvisation and intimacy between Reiko Kudo and Tori Kudo. Beginning their collaborative musical activities in the late 1970s and documenting their movements as Noise, it would be an earlier Les Rallizes Dénudés gig that would prove influential in shaping the duo’s lifelong impulse for collaboration and free play - it was, after all, where they first met. Over the course of a decade, they became associated with Hideo Ikeezumi’s seminal PSF (Psychedelic Speed Freaks) scene, Tori playing with the likes of Ché-SHIZU and Fushitsusha and self-releasing cassettes before forming the first incarnation of Maher Shalal Hash Baz. Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Tori’s storied musical ensemble of an ever-rotating cast of contributors, would perhaps find difficulty with Tori if called his own. First surfacing in 1985 on a Shinichi Satoh-released cassette compilation, the group would spend the next thirty years playing live and recording, their sound finding solace with labels as far-reaching as Geographic and K. Tori would welcome local amateur and professional musicians, neighbourhood children, friends and passersby on stage, while in the studio, the likes of Ikuro Takahashi (LSD March) and Takashi Ueno (Tenniscoats) have joined him and Reiko on seminal sides such as Return Visit To Rock Mass and Blues Du Jour. A deeply human, deeply romantic recording, Tangerine shines as a touchstone of contemporary Japanese folk minimalism and is significantly the last recorded appearance of Reiko and Tori Kudo as a duo. Reiko's voice, plaintive yet playful, quietly commands centre stage and resonates perfectly with Tori's crystalline instrumentation: bass guitar, euphonium, violin and piano evoking echoes of Enka blues. Glacial soliloquies ’The Deep Valley of Shadow’ and ‘When Seeing the Setting Sun Alone’ bare isolation and restlessness before evolving into profoundly welcoming works. A dedication to playwright and former collaborator Jacob Wren, ‘The Swallow II’ struts confidently while ‘Homeless’, delicately adorned and desirous, addresses themes of universal vulnerability: “Will you give me bread when I’m hungry? / Please stay by me like my mother”. A beautiful accompaniment to the intoxicating swirl of ’We May Be’, recorded live by John Chantler at a Cafe Oto concert in 2009. Originally released on CD by Hyotan in 2013, Tangerine is presented for the first time on vinyl by A Colourful Storm with an exclusive alternate digital version of ‘Homeless’. It stands as the final documented interplay of this enchanting, invigorating duo.
川井憲次 - Patlabor 2 - The Movie (Original Soundtrack) (LP)
川井憲次 - Patlabor 2 - The Movie (Original Soundtrack) (LP)We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want
That color of the sky is back ... One of the few domestic anime soundtracks that can be called "Kankyo Ongaku"! A terrific reissue project has arrived alongside the monumental soundtracks such as "AKIRA" and "Ghost In The Shell" .... Kenji Kawai, one of Japan's leading film composers, is well known for his extremely unique soundtrack work, including "Ghost in the Shell," "Innocence," and "Collector Yui." From the soundtrack series of "Patlabor", which is famous for its famous work in that career, the long-awaited analog / CD reissue of one of the most popular "Patlabor 2 The Movie"!! The Swiss landmark , which is also known for its historical reproduction of Japanese ambient / ambient music such as Midori Takada, Yutaka Hirose, Satoshi Ashikawa, and Motohiko Hamase, has also come to the fore. Along with cult-like works such as "Uruseiyatsura 2 Beautiful Dreamer", "Angel's Egg", and "Ghost in the Shell" directed by Mamoru Oshii, this is a 1993 masterpiece science fiction anime movie that is popular with fans. Accompanied work. An ambient / experimental masterpiece with a sharp and beautiful distopian feel that is familiar to post-industrial music since the 10's..
Irreversible Entanglements - Open The Gates (2LP)Irreversible Entanglements - Open The Gates (2LP)
Irreversible Entanglements - Open The Gates (2LP)INTERNATIONAL ANTHEM RECORDING COMPANY
Irreversible Entanglements’ third full-length album OPEN THE GATES is ethereal shards of jagged onyx, a melancholic exploration of the post-colonial debris that surrounds us. Let’s watch and listen, as this platter snakes through the sandy ashes of possible histories, dialogs with a nervous present, and asks to be birthed into a holographic new future. “Together in holy sound!” the band stitches patient anthems out of atmosphere. Pulling from a wider sonic vocabulary than on previous excursions, the agit-jazz found here is simultaneously pre- and post-apocalypse, as bass lurches in a tranced-out loop, horns are up in the track grooves like poltergeists playing in the streets, poetry cascades like a warrior call at a satsang, the drums both wild and refined pulse with uhuru-heart cadence. This is Irreversible Entanglements on new ground; same as the old ground. And we need it now – the universe was awash in the sickly static veneer of anti-cosmos, of anti-nation; the halls were emptied, our shadows echoing and staining the walls of our abandoned oases – so we poured out into 2020’s wild streets. The ghosts of our labor danced around the sickness as we set fire to our old ways of thinking and moving, as we set fire to cop cars and bashed in the windows of our own rising disenfranchisement. “Open the gates!” we shouted, blessed be – we need it now! Here come Irreversible Entanglements – Luke Stewart, the high priest on bass; Aquiles Navarro, the electric universe in human form on trumpet; Keir Neuringer, the cosmologist with the siren sound on sax; Tcheser Holmes, the griot, the myth-maker on drums; and Camae Ayewa, the Moor mother with an empyrean pen game – on this new disc with their fierce aural tectonics shifting the earth, their watery post-pangea as dirge, their punk rock ethos and crash and bang polyrhythmic super-sonic sound synesthesia in the form of OPEN THE GATES – here it comes, my Brothas and Sistas, here it comes.
Eiko Ishibashi - Drive My Car Original Soundtrack (LP)
Eiko Ishibashi - Drive My Car Original Soundtrack (LP)SPACE SHOWER MUSIC
A short story published in 2013 by Haruki Murakami, a writer with a passionate fan base all over the world, was adapted into a film directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi, who has been called the best young director in the Japanese film industry. Drive My Car. The soundtrack for this film was created by Eiko Ishibashi, a musician based in Japan who has released works on overseas labels, toured and performed at festivals in Europe and other countries, and created music for the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney. This is the long-awaited analog version of the original soundtrack by Ryusuke Hamaguchi and Eiko Ishibashi, two people who were destined to encounter each other. This is a must-have item for fans. Ten pieces of music unleashed from two melodies. The music written for the film has been newly constructed as a single musical work. Jim O'Rourke, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Marty Holoubek, Toshiaki Sudo, and Atsuko Hatano, all of whom have worked with Ishibashi on original works in the past, participated in this project, creating a wonderful fusion of live acoustic music, electronics, and environmental sounds used in the film. The album was mixed and mastered by Jim O'Rourke, the jacket was designed by Yutaka Kimura (Central67) who has worked on many of Ishibashi's works, and the jacket illustration was drawn by Mayo Akao based on the visuals of the film. The jacket illustration was drawn by Mayo Akao based on the film's visuals. This is a masterpiece that shines with the film.
伊藤詳 - Marine Flowers (Science Fantasy) (LP)
伊藤詳 - Marine Flowers (Science Fantasy) (LP)Glossy Mistakes
Recommended for all new age / ambient fans. He is a leading figure in Japanese synthesizer music, known for his participation in the Far East Family Band, a pioneering synth prog group in Japan, and has also worked on numerous new age, healing music works and soundtrack work. Ito details. The extremely rare work "Marine Flowers" released in 1986 has been remastered to commemorate the 35th anniversary! The publisher is the attention label in Madrid, Spain, which also worked on the reprint release of Takashi Kokubo and Yuji Toriyama. Like Yumiko Morioka! This work, released from his own label 's series, was composed as a soundtracks of a documentary about wildlife in the sea shot in Palau. One of the most important careers created for Pioneer's LaserDisc campaign! The liner notes were created by Diego Olivas, the administrator of the famous blog . The original is a rare work that is traded even at a high price of over $300, so please take this opportunity!
冥丁 - 古風 II (LP)

Meitei’s 2020 album 'Kofū' was the bold bookend to an expedition, where sounds were first navigated and then subverted in 2018’s 'Kwaidan' and 2019’s 'Komachi'.

All three albums were Meitei’s attempt at immersive storytelling, reimagining moments of Japanese history he felt were being washed away – not least by the unforgiving sands of time – through wistful compositions that stretched across ambient music, hauntology, and musique concrete.

When it came to finalizing 'Kofū', Meitei found he was left with over 60 fully realized tracks, bursting with ideas that fired in divergent, curious directions. Meitei was content with the 13 tracks he had selected. But when it came time to begin his next album, he found that it had been sitting in front of him all along. He realized his work wasn’t over yet.

Meitei sounds right at home celebrating the past he first reimagined in his previous work. The merriment is palpable in its first two tracks of 'Kofū II' – a loop of cheery whistling amidst the clanking of wood leads into strings, cricket sounds and flutes, all united in bustling harmony.

'Happyaku-yachō' is where it comes into focus. Pitch-shifted vocal samples roam around in the crowded sonic field. “My image of this music is that it expresses the vibrant mood of Edo's merchant culture,” says Meitei, “where old Japanese dwellings were densely packed together in a vast expanse of land.” The affair becomes bittersweet as the track leads into the desolate 'Kaworu', a compositional piece lifted from his 'Komachi' sessions – a final requiem to his late grandmother.

The album is bursting with spectral vignettes of wandering samurais, red lanterns, ninjas, puppet theatres, poets, even a vengeful assassin ('Shurayuki hime', known to Western audiences as ‘Lady Snowblood’).

'Saryō' is as elegant and refined as you would expect. It induces stillness in its repetition, with each synth note a brushstroke. It was inspired by a Sengoku-era tea house he once visited, designed by national icon Sen no Rikyū. Meitei tied it to the reaction he felt while poring over the ink paintings in his grandmother’s house. “The decayed earthen walls and faded tatami mats gave me an emotional impression,” he says. “And the cosmic flow of time drifting in the small room. I decided to put my impression of this into music.”

In 'Akira Kurosawa', an appropriately thunderous track, Meitei finds deep resonance in his vast filmography, which drew equally from Japan’s rich heritage and troubled circumstances post-WWII.

'Kofū II' is not a leftovers album, nor is it a straightforward companion piece. In this album, Meitei has his biggest reckoning with the Japanese identity yet. Over the years, he has attempted to peel back what he believes has defined Japan and its people. After seeking answers with three full-length albums, his fourth poses more questions.

If his first three albums inspired a sense of longing – or, perhaps inevitably, fed an irreparable nostalgia doomed to history – 'Kofū II' compels us to reassess our relationship with the past. By constantly looking back, are we ever afforded a clearer present? After capturing the “lost Japanese mood”, where does that leave its country in the modern world? Meitei offers no immediate answers with 'Kofū II'. It forces you to sit with its disparate moods, to meditate amidst the textured fragments.

'Kofū II' will be released on 180g LP, CD and digital format on December 10, 2021 (LP expected to land January 28, 2022) via KITCHEN. LABEL. Both LP and CD format are presented in a debossed sleeve with obi strip and include a 16-page insert with words in Japanese and English from Meitei, printed on premium paper stock with design by KITCHEN. LABEL founder Ricks Ang, and is mastered by Chihei Hatakeyama in Tokyo, Japan. 

Soft meets Pan - Tam (2LP)
Soft meets Pan - Tam (2LP)CROSSPOINT / 17853 Records / TUFF VINYL
JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY (J.A.K.A.M.) is a DJ/producer whose original vision transcends genres, and SOFT is a long-running space jam band based in Kyoto. A collaboration between JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY (J.A.K.A.M.) and SOFT, a long-running space jam band based in Kyoto, Japan, this album features steelpan performances recorded in Trinidad and Tobago, a Caribbean island nation, and is a companion piece to the picture book with music "Soft Meets Pan / Tam ~Message to The Sun~ Tam Message to the Sun" was released in 2010 by JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY's CROSSPOINT label. Impressed by the album's genre-less diversity, high level of perfection and pure musical energy, DJ/producer Chee Shimizu has been longing for an analogue version of the album, so he approached his old friend JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY. now available as a 2LP set. The encounter between SOFT & JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY and steelpan. The result is a five-way musical journey that connects a small Caribbean country with the universe. In recent years, steelpan has become a popular healing instrument in Japan. This paradise instrument, often referred to as "the last acoustic instrument of the 20th century", is played by Earl Brooks, the leading pan player in Trinidad and Tobago, the birthplace of the steel pan, and Ken " Professor" Filmore, the country's number one arranger and pan player. Professor" Filmore, the country's number one arranger and pan player. The use of ethnic instruments such as sitar and shekere creates a vivid contrast to the thick grooves of SOFT. The mixer team includes JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Naoyuki Uchida, Kensuke "JEBSKI" Kobayashi and Tadashi Kondo a.k.a. KND (SOFT). The mix is a fusion of their personalities. The analog remastering was done by SINKICHI, an engineer known for his work as a DJ and CHURASHIMA NAVIGATOR, and the artwork was designed by QOTAROO from drawings by Matsuri Uchida. The album will be released under the triple-name of JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY's CROSSPOINT and Chee Shimizu's 17853 Records, in collaboration with TUFF VINYL, which has recently established its own record production line in Japan.

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