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Don Cherry & George Gruntz Group - Maghreb Cantata, Live 1969 (2LP)
Don Cherry & George Gruntz Group - Maghreb Cantata, Live 1969 (2LP)WHP
A marvellous double album as document of the historical collaboration between Don Cherry and Swiss pianist, composer George Gruntz, a central figure in European Jazz who always showed a special interest in extending his solid post bop skills through other languages such as ethnic or even baroque music. This is North-African deep flavoured Jazz recorded live in Tunisia and Germany in May and September 1969, with Cherry (cornet, flute) and Gruntz (piano, celeste) leading a highly mixed line-up featuring multi reeds player Sahib Shihab, bassists Henry Texier and Eberhard Weber and Swiss dummer extraordinaire Daniel Humair, plus four North African musicians on traditional instruments like bendir, ney, bagpipes, tabla and darbouka. A trance inducing Jazz ritual.
Pharoah Sanders - Pharoah Sanders 1971-07-18 Oyster Club, Nice, France FM (LP)
Pharoah Sanders - Pharoah Sanders 1971-07-18 Oyster Club, Nice, France FM (LP)WHP
This is tenor sax giant Pharoah Sanders caught live in France in summer 1971, when the man was still in full post-Coltrane mood. At the head of a strong quintet featuring: Lonnie Liston Smith - piano, Cecil McBee - bass, Jimmy Hopps - drums, and Lawrence Killian - congas, Pharoah delivers two very intense yet serene versions of his milestone piece 'The Creator Has A Master Plan' and 'Let Us Go In The House Of The Lord,' a traditional gospel hymn arranged by Lonnie Liston Smith. This is deep spiritual music kissed by the sun of a splendid southern France summer.
Sun Ra Arkestra – Schauburg, Bremen, Germany June 24, 1986 (2LP)
Sun Ra Arkestra – Schauburg, Bremen, Germany June 24, 1986 (2LP)WHP
Recorded live on tour in Germany in 1986, here we have "Mystery Mr. Ra" leading a quite rare tentet version of the Arkestra featuring the historical reed section of John Gilmore, Marshal Allen, Eloe Omoe, Danny Ray Thomson and James Jackson, plus trombonist Tyron Hill and an electric rhythms section featuring Marvin "Boogaloo" Smith on drums. This is a beautiful document from an era when Ra, in addition to his usual sound explorations and space hymns, began to introduce a good number of jazz standards (Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn...) along with some exquisite jump-blues originals.
Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition - Famous Ballroom, Baltimore 80 (LP)
Jack DeJohnette's Special Edition - Famous Ballroom, Baltimore 80 (LP)WHP
The most creative and successful coalitions created by Jack De Johnette at the exact turn between the '70s and the '80s. A great combination of young talents such as alto sax genius Arthur Blythe, the hyper energetic tenor sax of Chico Freeman and the super-solid bass lines of Peter Warren, last but not least the hard swinging drumming of DeJohnette, one of the greatest drummers in jazz history. Recorded live At The Famous Ballroom, in Baltimore on May 4th 1980 this awesome performance is based on expanded renditions of two beautiful DeJohnette's compositions, 'Zoot Suite' and 'One For Eric'.
Steve Birchall - Reality Gates (LP)Steve Birchall - Reality Gates (LP)
Steve Birchall - Reality Gates (LP)Soave
Soave Records dusts off in limited edition the psych/synth album by Doctor Steven T. Birchall recorded in 1973 in Indiana, U.S.A. with the following equipment: VCS-3 (The Putney) by EMS, Ampex MM-1000 16 trk, dbx noise reduction, SpectrasSonics Console, Studer A80 Recorder, Eventide Clockworks, Instant Phaser, Cooper Time Cube, EMT Reverb. The absolutely penetrating high tones of the opening track 'Music Of The Spheres' announce us that we are on board, passengers in the hands, or perhaps better to say in the mind, of Birchall who aims to go beyond those "normal" boundaries that we call reality. It is a new world of music that still amazes after half a century. A higher stage of truth projected into the cosmos. Cover art by Earl. E. Hokens..
Massacre - Killing Time (LP)Massacre - Killing Time (LP)
Massacre - Killing Time (LP)Spittle Records
Following the breakup of Cambridge's avant-rock legends, Henry Cow, guitarist Fred Frith moved to NYC in 1979, and soon found himself deep in the heart of the city's robust post-punk and free-jazz scenes. He performed with Bill Laswell and Fred Maher, from the group Material, as a power trio of sorts under the moniker of Massacre. The group quickly garnered a reputation around town, and around the world for that matter, as a heavy and heady band that experimented greatly with rhythm, time signatures, and tone. As Frith himself put it, "the group was a direct response to New York. It was a very aggressive group, kind of my reaction to the whole New York rock club scene." Massacre released one album, Killing Time, before disbanding for nearly 20 years. Their first wave as a group crashed fast and furiously and this one album, recorded in part live in Paris, and in part at Brooklyn's OAO Studio, is a perfect encapsulation of early '80s NYC. In addition to the original album, first released on Celluloid in 1981, this deluxe three-sided double LP includes eight bonus tracks recorded live between '80 and '81 at The Stone in San Francisco, and Inroads and CBGB in NYC. Avant-jazz-post-punk-noise of the highest order from several legends and one of the most important projects Frith and Laswell were ever involved in.

Eyeless In Gaza - Photographs As Memories (LP)Eyeless In Gaza - Photographs As Memories (LP)
Eyeless In Gaza - Photographs As Memories (LP)Spittle Records
“Photographs as Memories” was the British cult band Eyeless in Gaza’s debut album. A truly kaleidoscopic picture dominated by Martyn Bates’s highly expressive vocals and Pete Becker’s peculiar analog synth lines in a jungle of electric guitars, plastic organs, soprano saxophones, percussion, violin, stylophone and tapes. An album which comes as a vivid snapshot from the very dawn of the 80’s.
V.A. - Italia Synthetica 1981-1985 (White Vinyl LP)
V.A. - Italia Synthetica 1981-1985 (White Vinyl LP)Spittle Records
talia Synthetica 1981-1985 represents the musical mutation that occurred after the post-punk hangover gave way to more frigid emotional shores, in-line with the synth-wave moment that was sweeping Europe and the white cliffs of Albion. This scene flourished in Italy between 1981-1985, and the musicians that came out of it are still revered today (particularly in the US). Robotic rhythms and intuitions that, besides sharing common ground with the electronic movements that had come before, also knew how to fill up the dancefloor. Featuring four previously unreleased tracks by Der Blaue Reiter, along with tracks by Modo, Actor's Studio, and La Maison, as well as the still fresh sounding contributions by true pioneers of the genre Neon and Naif Orchestra. Also features Ein-st-ein, Scortilla, Eurotunes, Oh Oh Art, and 2+2=5 featuring Paolo Mauri. LP includes CD which includes five bonus tracks from the Italia New Wave LP (SPITTLE 031LP). Included CD features Jeunesse D'Ivoire, Fockewulf 190, State Of Art, N.O.I.A., and 2+2=5.
Dorothy Ashby and Frank Wess - In a Minor Groove (LP)
Dorothy Ashby and Frank Wess - In a Minor Groove (LP)Sowing Records
Dorothy Ashby was the very best and most swinging performer on the multi-stringed instrument associated with the gates of heaven. Here on Earth, Ashby adeptly plucked and strummed the harp like nobody else, as evidenced on a single reissue containing her two best LPs for the Prestige and Prestige/New Jazz labels from 1958 -- Hip Harp and In a Minor Groove. Alongside her prior efforts for the Savoy label, they collectively represent a small but substantive discography for the Detroit native in small group settings. With the exceptional flute sounds produced by Frank Wess, the combo plays music that is oriented via a unique sonic palate, further enhanced by the principals in the standards and originals they have chosen. Fellow Detroiter Herman Wright is here on bass, with duties split between legendary drummers Art Taylor and Roy Haynes, who place particular emphasis on subtle brushwork. Of course, the watchword of Ashby's sound is elegance, as she and Wess weave magical threads of gold and silver through standards like the circular and pristine "Moonlight in Vermont," the dramatic, slow "Yesterdays," or the sad "Alone Together." In a more Baroque or chamber setting, "Charmain" and "It's a Minor Thing" have Wess and Ashby thinking on a regal or Grecian platform. The variety on this collection is impressive, as you hear cinematic bluesy proclamations on "Autumn in Rome," striking mystery in "Taboo," mischievous and sly winks during "Rascallity," and a sexy calypso-to-swing beat as "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To" unfolds. (all music)
Giuliano Sorgini - Immagini Sospese (7")Giuliano Sorgini - Immagini Sospese (7")
Giuliano Sorgini - Immagini Sospese (7")Sonor Music Editions
Giuliano Sorgini, one of Italy's leading library maestro, has released a 7-inch single containing his career-best bangers from , a prestigious library-based excavation label. "Imagini Sospese", a song recorded in the rare album "PANORAMI" left in 1980 and specially composed for the soundtrack of the TV documentary program of the Italian national broadcaster , and the same song. "Since I Lost You", a newly composed song by Alex Goose & Matt Zara, which was deeply inspired by Remastered from the original master tapes. Limited to 500 copies.
Sceptre - Essence Of Redemption (Ina Dif'rent Styley) (LP)
Sceptre - Essence Of Redemption (Ina Dif'rent Styley) (LP)Radiation Roots
Founded in 1981 in Britain's second city Birmingham, the band Sceptre were part of a thriving local music scene, a scene that for the most part revolved around live shows in the region's community centres, university campuses, pubs and nightclubs. Neglected by major labels, many bands went unrecorded and of those that did get documented most managed to release just one or two singles. Fortunately, Sceptre recorded and released an entire album, 1984's “Essence of Redemption Ina Dif'rent Styley”. Poorly pressed, in very small numbers and with limited distribution, the album didn't sell well and barely made an impact on its release. However, whatever its problems the music itself was first class and over the last three decades, has acquired numerous fans and an ever growing reputation as a classic of the British reggae genre. Whilst still remaining underground and unknown to the vast majority of reggae fans, demand amongst those in the know has been such that used copies have fetched as much as £180. As part of our mission to document and reissue Britain's lost, forgotten and unreleased reggae heritage, Sceptre were high on our list of projects. Through the good offices of Black Symbol who had released Sceptre's previous two recordings on “Black Symbol Presents Handsworth Explosion Volume One”, (also reissued on Reggae Archive Records), we were introduced to Jean McLean and able to get the band members approval and cooperation with this project. Musically this is one of the strongest UK albums there is, with not a single weak track and many stand outs. Six of the ten songs are roots, varying between a classic roots sound based on a 1970s Jamaican blue print on “Essence of Redemption”, “Nuclear Disaster”, “Soul Searching” and “Pestilence and Bombing” to a more contemporary UK feel on “Right Time Coming,” whilst “Get Up And Go” incorporates a funk feel into the mix. Three of the tunes, “Play the Music”, “Me on My Own” and “Goodbye” are Lovers Rock with Jean McLean taking over lead vocal duties from the men, whilst Jean's sister Beverley aka Rankin Bev demonstrates her MC skills on the dancehall orientated “Ina Dif'rent Styley”. The album is brim full of great tracks and not only showcases the band's versatility, but also what talented songwriters and musicians they were. The fact that it didn't enjoy greater success and get heard by the reggae audience at large is a travesty we can finally put right. Sceptre's “Essence of Redemption Ina Dif'rent Styley” is reissued by Reggae Archive Records on 20th October 2014 and will be available on premium quality vinyl, CD and digital download from all leading outlets. To coincide with this release our sister label Sugar Shack Records is releasing former Sceptre guitarist, horn player, keyboard player and vocalist Jean McLean's new album “Everlasting” on the same date. credits
The Beatles - All Around The World Japan 1966 (LP)
The Beatles - All Around The World Japan 1966 (LP)Room On Fire
This album celebrates the Beatles as a live act, at the peak of their fame. Presenting material drawn from several thrilling appearances broadcast in Japan.
The Velvet Underground - Live At End Of Cole Avenue In Dallas, Texas 27 October 1969 (LP)
The Velvet Underground - Live At End Of Cole Avenue In Dallas, Texas 27 October 1969 (LP)Radio Loop Loop
In March 1969, the Velvets (with Doug Yule now on bass) embarked on a nationwide tour. One of these included a stint at the "End Of Cole Avenue" club in Dallas - one of the Velvets' few live performances where a professional sound engineer was actually on hand to record the sets. Some of the songs recorded over those few nights showed up in 1974 on their "1969: Velvet Underground Live" album, but the sound quality was not great due to the use of 3rd or 4th generation tapes. However, the first generation tapes have since resurfaced, and the difference in sound quality (heard here) is a welcome one
Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 - Live At Berliner Jazztage, November 14, 1978 - German Radio (LP)
Fela Kuti & The Africa 70 - Live At Berliner Jazztage, November 14, 1978 - German Radio (LP)Radio Loop Loop
The Berlin concert was Fela's last known concert before the Africa-70 band broke up, a live document you don’t want to miss out !
Cornell Campbell - Fight Against Corruption (LP)
Cornell Campbell - Fight Against Corruption (LP)Lantern Rec.
Reissue, originally released for the first time in 1983 on the UK label Vista Sound. Fight Against Corruption sees Cornell Campbell backed by most of The Aggrovators musicians (Sly & Robbie, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Jackie Mittoo, Winston Wright). The album was produced by Bunny Lee and Campbell itself, who -- here -- clearly skims some social criticism, but also does not disdain some more lovers tunes -- another killer album to love forever! Fully remastered and licensed; edition of 500.
Louisa "Markswoman" Mark - Breakout (LP)
Louisa "Markswoman" Mark - Breakout (LP)Soulgramma
Fully licensed and ltd to 1000 copies on clear vinyl ! Vintage Collection! The Queens of Lover’s rock Louisa Mark, also known as "Markswoman" (and) the Creator of Lover’s Rock Clem Bushay as producer Featuring Aswad, Zabandis, The Heptones, Rico and Don Drummond Jr. , Dennis Bovell, The In Crowd, Dave Barker, Owen Gray..and more
Alpha & Omega - ANCIENT A&O (LP)
Alpha & Omega - ANCIENT A&O (LP)Lantern Rec.
A fine selection of unpublished tracks from the pioneering British roots dub duo. "Ancient A&O is a selection of unreleased tracks and dubs we like from our old DAT tapes all created during our early years between 1989 and 1993. It includes Here For A Reason, a rare unreleased track featuring Nishka. We're very pleased the great Lantern Rec are releasing the vinyl and we hope you like it, many thanks... A&O"
Joao Donato E Seu Trio - A Bossa Muito Moderna (LP)
Joao Donato E Seu Trio - A Bossa Muito Moderna (LP)Honey Pie Records
Reissue, originally released in 1963. Pianist and arranger João Donato was a major figure in the bossa nova movement. During his long career he recorded with many of the great names from both Brazilian and American Latin-jazz scene (Tom Jobim, Ron Carter, Airto Moreira, E. Deodato, Randy Brecker, Mongo Santamaria, Tito Puente, Cal Tjader, and several others). First released in 1963, this is a marvelous example of bossa jazz album featuring the highly syncopated drums grooves of Milton Banana and Amaury Rodriguez's Afro-Cuban flavored bongos.
V.A. - Hyperituals Vol. 2 - Black Saint (2LP)V.A. - Hyperituals Vol. 2 - Black Saint (2LP)
V.A. - Hyperituals Vol. 2 - Black Saint (2LP)Hyperjazz Records
Woke rhythms and high-spirited grooves from the vaults of two seminal Italian jazz labels, between the 70s and 80s. Intensely curated by Khalab. A brand new Hyperituals compilation is ready to come out! Following the first volume (dedicated to the Soul Note catalogue, released in April 2022) the new double gatefold vinyl is entirely dedicated to the Black Saint catalogue. The selection - focused on rhythms, grooves and Afrocentric traditions - blends moments in which the rhythmic aspect is powerfully explicit, with others in which the kinetic aspect dialogues on different levels with African American cultural contexts. There is no shortage of instances where the sound links the present to Africa or references the most ancestral rituals. Black Saint and Soul Note, two Italian sister labels based in Milan that, since the 1970s and throughout the 1980s, established themselves as two of the most important imprints for international jazz. Founded respectively in 1975 by Giacomo Pellicciotti and in 1979 by Giovanni Bonandrini (to whom Pellicciotti sold Black Saint in 1977), Black Saint and Soul Note have represented a safe haven for incredible and brilliant artists who were unable to find their space elsewhere. By combining jazz tradition with the political vanguard sentiment of the time, the two sister labels were able to press and produce more than five hundred records (still available today - the catalogue is now owned by CAM JAZZ), many of which are by some of the brightest names in creative jazz or the ‘avant-garde’ of the era. Black Saint and Soul Note always placed the artists, their visions, and their music at the centre, giving them total freedom of creative expression. It is thanks to this constant, cutting-edge and meticulous commitment that today we have some of the shiniest musical gems by Sun Ra, Archie Shepp, Don Cherry, Max Roach, Anthony Braxton, David Murray, and many others. And it is this long list of jazz gods and idols that led the two labels to be recognized as the best in the world by critics, winning the DownBeat Critics Poll for Best Record Label for six years in a row, from 1984 to 1990, conquering the American market. Hyperituals’ Black Saint universe is a colourful one, dotted with rhythmic galaxies in constant motion. Entirely curated by Khalab - Raffaele Costantino, HJ’s founder and head of A&R - Hyperituals is a philological investigation that delves deeply into the musical influences and cultural roots of the Italian label. The theme that runs through Hyperituals is the exploration of the possibilities of sound, rhythm, remix, and endless sampling. Inspiring listening, interpretation, and reinterpretation. Hyperituals is an exercise in crate-digging that explores the past of some of the most important yet sometimes forgotten record labels and aims to bring to light music that is contemporary both in its sound and its message.
Pharoah Sanders - Live At Antibes Jazz Festival Juan-Les-Pins July 21, 1968 (LP)
Pharoah Sanders - Live At Antibes Jazz Festival Juan-Les-Pins July 21, 1968 (LP)Alternative Fox
Pharoah Sanders, live at the Antibes Jazz Festival in Juan-les-Pins on July 21, 1968. Experimental jazz titan Pharoah Sanders made a lasting impact with his unorthodox approach to tenor saxophone. Born Farrell Sanders in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1940, he was given the nickname Pharoah by grandmother, in reference to the potential regal lineage of his African heritage. Playing clarinet at church services during his youth, he began playing tenor sax at high school. In 1959 he moved to Oakland, California, where he played with rhythm and blues bands and befriended John Coltrane. Moving to New York in 1961, he drifted into Sun Ra's Arkestra after experiencing a difficult period of homelessness. His status began to rise upon joining Coltrane's band in 1965, where his discordant solos formed a strong contrast to Trane's more melodious sound, though each player had a strong impact on the other's subsequent work. Following Coltrane's untimely death in 1967, Sanders formed a quartet of his own with former Jazz Messengers pianist Lonnie Liston Smith, bassist Norman "Sirone" Jones of the Untraditional Jazz Improvisational Team, and drummer Majeed Shabazz. For this blistering performance, given at the Antibes Jazz Festival of 1968 and broadcast on French radio station WDR3, the quartet moves through various Sanders free-jazz workouts, taking in "Venus" from the Tauhid album (1967) and "The Creator Has A Master Plan" from Karma (1969) along the way, with the rhythm section holding down the fort as Sanders blows himself into the stratosphere.
Billie Holiday - Ladylove (LP)
Billie Holiday - Ladylove (LP)Destination Moon
Though she had been performing professionally since the late 1920s, as a teenager in Harlem, during its Renaissance, the immortal Billie Holiday didn't play a single night on the European continent until 1954. It was in that year that the great journalist and musician Leonard Feather, and a Swedish promoter organized the Jazz Club U.S.A. tour, named after Feather's wildly popular radio program. Featuring Red Norvo, Sonny Clark, and more, the centerpiece of Jazz Club U.S.A. was, undoubtedly, Lady Day. Recorded at various dates across the tour, Lady Love shows Holiday still had it, despite the turmoil, and drug and alcohol abuse, her voice remained strong, a stunning document of one of America's greatest treasures on her first ever tour of Europe.
The Velvet Underground - Live At The Gymnasium, Nyc 30 April 1967 (LP)
The Velvet Underground - Live At The Gymnasium, Nyc 30 April 1967 (LP)DBQP
April 30, 1967 recording of a performance at The Gymnasium (424 E. 71st St) in New York City. So its Velvet's White Light/White Heat period in full gloom. In fact, it contains the first public performance of 'Sister Ray' (it clocks 19:10"! ) and the previously unreleased songs 'I'm Not a Young Man Anymore' and the R&B number Booker T. Mastered form recently sourced tapes not comparable with any previous versions
Singers & Players - Leaps & Bounds (LP)Singers & Players - Leaps & Bounds (LP)
Singers & Players - Leaps & Bounds (LP)Lantern Rec.
1984 mandatory re-issue for british dub-roots combo. Co-produced by On U Sound and Cherry Red, the album shows the masterful production of wizard Adrian Sherwood and a series of sublime vocal performances by stalwarts Bim Sherman, Mikey Dread and Prince Far I. The sublime line-up is completed by master musicians Crucial Tony, "Deadly" Headley Bennett, Bonjo Iyabinghi Noah and Evar Wellington. Enjoy the purity of this aquatic sound 1
Egisto Macchi - Asia (LP)Egisto Macchi - Asia (LP)
Egisto Macchi - Asia (LP)Cinedelic
There seems to be a renewed interest in modern classical right now if the number of such records we're finding on our mat is anything to go by. The Cinedelic label out of Italy has got a great one on its hands here as Egisto Macchi serves up Asia. It is a glorious symphony of sound with sweeping strings, layers of rich percussion and a cinematic sense of story telling. After the uplifting opener there are more moody pieces like 'Il Buddy' with its gloomy atmosphere and life affirming sounds on 'Ceylon'.

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