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Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering (LP)
Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering (LP)Dicristina Stair Builders
British Vashti Bunyan, known for the 70's freak folk masterpiece Just Another Diamond Day. This is Lookaftering, the second album released in 2005 after a long period of silence since the first album.
The simple beauty that hasn't changed since 1970, the use of sounds, the singing voice like a precious crystal, and the many melodies that make you think of the countryside, the atmosphere that instantly turns into a fairy tale world from the first note played... The arrangement gives an elaborate impression, and it is full of charm that will not just be a resurrection work, but will soar into another masterpiece.
V.A. - Ghost Memories (LP)
V.A. - Ghost Memories (LP)Mississippi Records
A compilation of haunting, weird & obscure songs from the hillbilly underground at the end of the 50s – music that straddles the line between country, rock n roll, lonesome midnight rambles and raucous instrumentals. Compiled from rare 45s on little-known regional labels and co-released with Lost Train Records. Titles include "Walking The Streets After Dark" by Willie Hays, "Ghost Memories" by Gene McKown, "Fool Fool Fool" by Bill Whitley, "Cravin" by Bobby Roberts, "Sunset Blues" by Tony & Jackie Lamie, "Waiting For A Train" by Blankenship Brothers, and "Three Years" by Harold L & The Offbeats. The companion record to Six Feet Under! Includes liner notes.
Piry Reis – Piry Reis (Deluxe Edition) (LP)
Piry Reis – Piry Reis (Deluxe Edition) (LP)Records We Release Records
Deluxe Edition pressed on 180 grams vinyl. Iconic and much sough after self titled LP by Piry Reis now re-issued as a deluxe edition containing an extra bonus track (spaced out Jazz interpretation of No Risco Do Relâmpago). After playing for several years with Egberto Gismonti group and other prominent Brazilian acts, Piry decided to record this album which was originally released in 1980 featuring a special guest appearance by Egberto Gismonti.
V.A. - Six Feet Under (LP)
V.A. - Six Feet Under (LP)Mississippi Records
A compilation of obscure American country, hillbilly & rock n roll tunes from the late 50s and early 60s, favoring the rough, raw and echoey/jittery side of things. For fans of Lee Hazlewood, Link Wray, Wanda Jackson, The Cramps, Sun Records, etc. Recommended for those long nights of soul searching, spirit journeys, drinking, weeping, rambling. Titles include "Willie Joe" by Mystery Trio, "Dark Mood" by Bartlett Brothers & The Country Paupers, "Kentucky Fandango" by JP Dunn, "Misery" by Jacky Lee, "A Woman's Mind" by Jimmy Merrill, "Ghost Train" by Electro Tones, and "If You Love Me" by Johnny Fortune. Includes new liner notes! Co-released with Lost Train Records.
Evan Parker - Six Of One (LP)
Evan Parker - Six Of One (LP)OTOROKU
Originally recorded and released in 1980, Six of One beautifully captures the detail in Evan Parker's high frequency split tones for which he is now perhaps better known. Five years on from Saxophone Solos and with circular breathing and polyphonics well-worn into his live performances, Parker's experiments here produce sustained passages of brilliant flight. Set into the echoes and resonances of a St Judes On The Hill church, the results are stunning. Transferred from the original master tapes by Thomas Hall at Abbey Road Studios and released in an edition of 500.
Mort Garson - Didn't You Hear? (Silver Vinyl LP)
Mort Garson - Didn't You Hear? (Silver Vinyl LP)Sacred Bones Records
Six years before the release of his landmark Mother Earth¡Çs Plantasia LP, composer and arranger Mort Garson met experimental film director Skip Sherwood, who was interested in an electronic score for his new movie, Didn¡Çt You Hear? While not much is known now about the exact nature of their collaboration, we have Garson¡Çs magnificent score as a record of those heady, early days after his life-changing discovery of the Moog synthesizer. Notable for being one of the earliest screen appearances by a young Gary Busey, Didn¡Çt You Hear? also boasts one of the first-ever all-electronic movie scores. Though the score was first released in 1970, it sounds as adventurous and futuristic today as it must have then. Originally available only in the lobby of the theater at screenings of the movie in Seattle, the soundtrack LP went out of print shortly after the film's release. It has been a sought-after record for collectors of Mort Garson and early electronic music ever since. Sacred Bones is honored to reissue Didn¡Çt You Hear? as it was meant to be heard, taken from the original master tapes and given a pristine remaster by engineer Josh Bonati.
Ragnar Grippe - Symphonic Songs (2LP + DL)
Ragnar Grippe - Symphonic Songs (2LP + DL)Dais Records
Swedish composer Ragnar Grippe gets an old collection released on Dais Records (Genesis Breyer P-Orridge And Thee Early Worm, SRSQ). Written in 1981 for an avant-garde theatre piece but only now seeing the light of day, Symphonic Songs finds Grippe marrying atonal Buchla experiments with a string section equal-parts Schnittke and Schoenberg. Artwork by Ascetic House founder J.S. Aurelius.
Tommy Mandel - Music For Insomniacs (LP)
Tommy Mandel - Music For Insomniacs (LP)Invisible City Editions
¡ÈIn today¡Çs world, it¡Çs harder than ever to let go & find sleep. So kick back and let this pastel soundscape from the NYC synth rocker, TM™ ¢ö drift you off to dreamland like it was 1984...¡É -Tommy Mandel "New York synth magician Tommy Mandel has an astonishing career as a composer, sideman, and electronic pop artist. Since the late 1970s, he has toured or recorded with a laundry list of talents including Todd Rundgren, The Clash, The B-52s, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, and countless others. Yet it is Mandel¡Çs solo pioneering keyboard work that has captured the attention of Invisible City, first documented on the Mello Magic compilation of his largely unreleased new wave explorations. Now, the label follows it up with an even more scarcely heard project, working in cooperation with Mandel to reissue his 1984 private press cassette, Music For Insomniacs. Recorded on four-track, each of the album¡Çs eight songs is inspired by a wave of sleep from Alpha to Theta. Its playfully psychedelic sound features shimmering synths, baked electronics, soft drum machines, and various vocal treatments guiding listeners into a peaceful slumber. Yet Mandel can¡Çt resist adding traces of abstracted boogie-funk with propulsive rhythms that will keep you dancing through your dreams. Fans of Mort Garson, Woo, Brian Bennett, Angelo Badalamenti, Klaus Schonning and Bruce Haack will rejoice at their new sleepy time soundtrack." - Jesse Locke Available on vinyl for the first time with newly remastered audio baked from 2 inch tape with new artwork by Marko Vuleta-Djukanov (floating_bstrd). Reissue in partnership with Tommy Mandel. Also available on limited release cassette.
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Eroina (Clear Vinyl LP)
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Eroina (Clear Vinyl LP)Cometa Edizioni Musicali
There are still so many treasures to be discovered out there, but once you find a gem like this you can definitely put the research on hold for a little while and give it a deep listen. Recorded at Fono Roma in 1971, Eroina is a series of haunting improvisations - each one inspired by the effects of a different drug - made of whirling electronic glitches, skronky horns, pounded piano, funky drums and weird tape experiments delivering the best drone/spaced/drugged out free jazz performed by the legendary ensemble of Ennio Morricone, Mario Bertoncini, Egisto Macchi, Battisti D'Amario, Franco Evangelisti and Walter Bianchi. A timeless masterpiece.
Henri Chopin - OH Audiopoems By Henri Chopin (2LP)
Henri Chopin - OH Audiopoems By Henri Chopin (2LP)Slowscan
Second edition of 300 copies with slightly different artwork; the sleeve has a different colour, a spelling error on the back sleeve has been corrected, the labels are different and there is another picture on the back sleeve. Released with kind permission of Brigitte Morton / Henri Chopin Estate.
Alvin Lucier - Works for the Ever Present Orchestra (2LP + DL)
Alvin Lucier - Works for the Ever Present Orchestra (2LP + DL)Black Truffle
Black Truffle¡Çs documentation of the prolific recent work of legendary American composer Alvin Lucier continues with Works for the Ever Present Orchestra. This is a very special release for the composer, as it presents pieces written for the thirteen-member Ever Present Orchestra, formed in 2016 exclusively to perform Lucier¡Çs works. At the heart of the ensemble are four electric guitars, an instrument Lucier began composing for in 2013 with Criss-Cross (recorded by two core members of the Ever Present Orchestra, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O¡ÇMalley, for whom it was composed, on Black Truffle 033). Through the use of e-bows, the guitars take on a role akin to the slow sweep pure wave oscillators heard in many of Lucier¡Çs works since the early 1980s, but with added harmonic richness. Like much of Lucier¡Çs instrumental music, the pieces recorded here focus on acoustic phenomena, especially beating patterns, produced by the interference between closely tuned pitches. The work presented here is some of the richest and most inviting that Lucier has composed. Though all of the pieces clearly belong to the same continuing exploration of the behaviour of sound in physical space and make use of related compositional devices, each takes on a strikingly different character. Titled Arc, for the full ensemble of four guitars, four saxophones, four violins, piano and bowed glockenspiel inhabits a world of sliding, uneasy tones, punctuated by a single piano note. Where Double Helix, for four guitars, rests on a pillow of warm, low hum, EPO-5, for two guitars, saxophone, violin, and glockenspiel possess a limpid, crystalline quality. Accompanying the four new compositions are two adaptations of existing pieces for radically different instrumentation, demonstrating Lucier¡Çs excitement about the new possibilities suggested by this dedicated ensemble. Works for the Ever Present Orchestra is an essential document of the current state of Lucier¡Çs continuing exploration, as well as offering a seductive entry-point for anyone who might yet be unacquainted with his singular body of work. Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with cover artwork and liner notes from Alvin Lucier. Includes a download code featuring hi-res vesions of the LP material. The download code also includes the bonus Adaptions for the Ever Present Orchestra featuring two pieces (¡ÈTwo Circles¡É and ¡ÈBraid¡É) that are not included on the LP version. Mastered by Rashad Becker. Design by Lasse Marhaug.
Jon Gibson - Visitations (LP)
Jon Gibson - Visitations (LP)Superior Viaduct
Jon Gibson, a rare minimalist who has been listed in the 2nd work "Two Solo Pieces", Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and La Monte Young. The 1973 memorable 1st album is finally reissued on LP !! Side A, which contains flutes, cymbals, and organic repetitions of shining bells, side B, where the inflection of electronic sounds leads to the forest, along with the flow of rivers and environmental sounds. Both are extremely minimal. Beautiful to Avant. It is a supreme masterpiece that is drawn into the depths of consciousness.
Will Guthrie - Nist-Nah (LP)
Will Guthrie - Nist-Nah (LP)Black Truffle
The latest album by Will Guthrie, an Australian drummer and percussionist based in Nantes, western France, who is also known for his participation in the Fire! Orchestra and co-wrote with Jérôme Noetinger, Oren Ambarchi and Junko (emergency staircase), is presided over by Oren Ambarchi. Introducing from Black Truffle, the holy land of Australian experimental music! Will Guthrie's fourth work this year is a solitary writer who mixes free jazz, electroacoustic and experimental music with different combinations of drums, percussion, amplification and electronics. Includes percussion works in a unique style reminiscent of gamelan music. It is a different world view that can be called a one-man human-powered techno band.
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Nuova Consonanza (LP+Book)
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Nuova Consonanza (LP+Book)Cinevox
The distributor is already sold out! Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, a legendary music group that led the improvisational / experimental music scene of the 1960s from Italy, along with the legendary Musica Elettronica Viva, formed in Rome in 1964 under the leadership of pianist Franco Evangelisti. The masterpiece "Nuova Consonanza" released in 1975 is the first vinyl reprint in history with a luxurious booklet! Reissue with a completely new remastering specification from the newly discovered original tape. Limited edition with a 12-page luxury 30 "x30" booklet with unpublished photos, texts and essays. A masterpiece that can be said to be a new starting point in history or a major frontier at the end of the music of improvisation. It's really amazing !! New remastering from the original tape & 180G heavy board specification. Limited to 400 sheets. Don't miss this opportunity as the original is almost unavailable at the moment!
HENRY COW - Leg End (LP)
A masterpiece of sock jackets that became a trademark !! The famous experimental rock band Henry Cow's 1st album in 1973 by Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson !! The reissue from the home base [ReR] is finally repressed this year. !! A great lifeline leading to "Rock In Opposition". With the tremendous influence of pioneers such as Soft Machine and Frank Zappa as the undercurrent, Avant Rock has been elaborated with unparalleled precision. There is no arrogant arrangement, and the mystery of free-form improvisation explodes without being disturbed. Definitely one of the best in the Canterbury scene. If you haven't experienced it yet!
Ø – Kiteet (CD)
Ø – Kiteet (CD)Sähkö Recordings
One of the legendary names by Finnish giant Mika Vainio, who was abandoned in April 2017 as a genius of the century who has pushed the horizons of electronic music sharply since the Pan Sonic era. Includes sound sources produced for the exhibition held in 1997, produced in the Finnish port city of Turku from 1993 to 1995. This is the second installment of Säkhö's isaku series, and is a great introduction to the most important period of the steel Han Mika Vinio. Mastered by Russell Haswell. Includes 3 unreleased songs.
Chris Abrahams - Appearance (CD)
Chris Abrahams - Appearance (CD)Room40
Also active as a member of The Necks, an Australian minimal / jazz ensemble that has pursued solitary improvisation sounds for over 30 years, works from numerous experimental labels including and . Chris Abrahams, an electro-acoustic writer / pianist who has released the latest solo work for the first time in four years, has been released from Lawrence English's electronic acoustic sacred place ! This is the first work released from the same label that mainly focuses on the piano, and was recorded by Phil Punch at in 19 years. A piano solo feature film that makes you feel the annual rings, as if the sentimental emotions that you remember in the changing seasons live together in the warm sound that makes you feel the arrival of secret spring. It's definitely a must-have for anyone who likes the world of Gigi Masin "Venezia 2016" and The Necks "Unfold".
Burial - Tunes 2011-2019 (2CD)
Burial - Tunes 2011-2019 (2CD)Hyperdub
Beautiful ghost town forever ...
A collection album that covers the ten generations of the solitary genius Burial will be released

The 2006 debut album "Burial" and the following year's second album "Untrue" have been established, and although their identity and identity are still unknown, their overwhelmingly original sound is UK garage-dubstep. By extension, Burial left a big impact as one of the representative artists of the 0's beyond the category of club music. The genius who continued to be silent revived with the EP work "Street Halo" in 2011 when he entered a new decade, and although expectations for the release of the third album increased, he suddenly continued to release EPs and singles after that, " I continued to search for new expressions after "Untrue". This work is a collection album that covers the steps that Burial left on Hyperdub in the Ten's, and walked to the unexperienced zone with listeners, seeking dismantling of the post dubstep that he had built himself, release from the scale and development of the track. A total of 17 songs, 150 minutes, including 6 songs from the first CD version of the song, are recorded on a 2-CD set. From "Street Halo" and "Loner", which presented a deep house mode with a hasty 4/4 beat, to "Kindred", which is an 11-minute self-collage of your own world view, and more emotional without being bound by the beat. "Rival Dealer" that develops a unique story, "Truant" that has one of the best sunlight ambiences in history, "Come Down To Us" that is a popular song representing Burial in the Tens, and recent single "State Forest". The pieces of the lonely genius, including the burial ambient track, are rearranged in the order of the intentional songs, and are completed here as one big lyric poem.
Charlemagne Palestine - Four Manifestations On Six Elements (CD)
Charlemagne Palestine - Four Manifestations On Six Elements (CD)Alga Marghen
Originally released by Sonnabend Gallery in NY in 1974, Charlemagne Palestine's most masterpiece and extremely rare work is a famous masterpiece. A historic masterpiece that begins with the ecstatic meditative organ drone "Two Fiftsh" that lasts about 19 minutes, and the tremolo playing method of the piano echoes endlessly and beautifully. With the remastered specifications released in 2015, the sound quality has been further improved.
J.P.A. Falzone & Morgan Evans-Weiler - Chordioid (2CD)
J.P.A. Falzone & Morgan Evans-Weiler - Chordioid (2CD)Another Timbre
J.P.A. Falzone and Morgan Evans-Weiler have been working together since 2016 in the famous ensemble "Ordinary Affects" of the Weindelweiser school. A 2-CD set containing the feature films composed individually by each is released from the famous place ! In January 19 at the Wesleyan University Memorial Chapel at the Liberal Arts University in Middletown, Connecticut, by Luke Damrosch, who is known for engineering works around Van der Weiser and co-writing with Alan Sondheim and José James. A recorded work. Both the string drone minimalist Morgan Evans-Weiler side, which accelerates isolation in the void, the melancholy piano and violin, and the JPA Falzone side, where the pointillistic sound of the vibraphone gives off a dull beauty. A very enigmatic chamber music work that makes you feel even the taste of Japanese loneliness while suppressing the number of sounds. It's ridiculously wonderful!

Shaped noiseA major sanctuary of the tip system of the presidency <Cosmo RhythmaticThe latest work from > has just boiled the world,Mika VainioFinnish experimental hero, alongsideSasu RipattithingVladislav Delayof2014Year masterpiece "VisaStock!2014I wasn't allowed to enter the US tour at the beginning of the year, the tour schedule itself was canceled, and there was a gap in the schedule.2One work made in a week. In the abstract atmosphere, sharp sounds such as synth drone-glitch noise, minimal electronics, and post-industrial are deeply blended to create a historic sound field. A dark and chic sound design, a truly architectural beauty! <Mille Plateaux>or<Raster-Noton> Fans will be a must-have.

広瀬豊 - Soundscape 2: Nova + 4 (2LP)
広瀬豊 - Soundscape 2: Nova + 4 (2LP)We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want
約50分に及ぶ4つの未発音源も追加収録!吉村弘、高田みどり、イノヤマランドにも並ぶ国産ニューエイジ/アンビエント最大級の再発案件が到来です!日本が誇る孤高のアンビエント作家、広瀬豊がそのカタログ2としてMisawa Homeレーベルに残した1986年の唯一作が、高田みどり、Colored Music、Normal Brainと日本の音楽秘境も発掘してきたスイス発の最重要再発レーベル、We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want から拡張版となって初となる公式CD/ヴァイナル・リイシュー!元々は、1986年から1988年にかけて、ミサワホームのプレハブ住宅のための『Soundscape』シリーズの一環としてリリースされるも、昨今のニューエイジ再評価の流れで一気に高騰・入手困難と化していた一大傑作!静謐なミニマリズムが呼吸をし、水や虫、鳥などの声のフィールド・レコーディングやまばらなベルの音、ピアノ、シンセサイザーなどが用いられ、大自然の原風景をも思い起こすような神秘的なアンビエント・サウンドを描き出した伝説の一枚。母体回帰のような類い稀なる美しさを秘めた作品です。本人によると「いわば、音楽というよりは、音の彫刻」であるという、インスタレーション用に製作された50分に及ぶ当時の未発表音源も追加収録。デラックス・ゲートフォールド・スリーヴ仕様。本人によるライナーノーツが日本語&英語で記載されています。これが数年前まではレコ屋やリサイクルショップで投げ売りされていたと言うんだからとんでもないことです。
Richard Lainhart - Ten Thousand Shades Of Blue (2CD)
Richard Lainhart - Ten Thousand Shades Of Blue (2CD)XI Records

Familiar with Moog's minimal drone work, analog&An American composer who has released his own line of electronic music with a special playing method that mixes digital musical instrument composition./Videographer,Richard Lainhart (1953-2011)John CageorDavid TudorPhill NiblockDavid BehrmanHe has also worked with great people such asNYA great sanctuary of contemporary music [Experimental Intermedia Foundation] Under the umbrella [XI Records] Left in2001Yearly work, stocked!! This music that resonates forever is a terrifying depth.1975From the year1989Summarized works up to the year2Disc set masterpieceCD.. The technique of processing Tam Tam, Japanese temple bells, vibraphones, voices, etc. with a bow-playing multi-track recorderAndrew ChalkIt is reminiscent of the work of, but the sound is alsoOrganumI used the period and the guitarAndrew ChalkEcstatic meditative drone that is quite close to the work of(Disc 2teethAeolian String EnsembleIs also like).. An amazing gem that I would like people who listen to drones to listen to!

GAS - Königsforst (CD)
GAS - Königsforst (CD)Kompakt
The popular ambient project by Wolfgang Voigt, presided over by the prestigious , GAS released the early masterpiece "Königsforst" in 1998 from the prestigious on CD! It's a tremendous depth. It's like William Basinski meets DUB TECHNO ... A masterpiece with a mysterious dopeness that makes you feel like something you don't even know is writhing in the darkness of your heart, and it's about to crawl up. Dub / Ambient. It is a masterpiece that has reached a terrifying and solitary view of the universe!

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