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Kraus - Eye Escapes (CD)Kraus - Eye Escapes (CD)
Kraus - Eye Escapes (CD)Mutual Skies
Eye Escapes is a collection of recordings from 2016 - 2021 primarily from a lost album between Path and View No Country. Brought to you by Mutual Skies.
Marewrew - Kane Ren Ren (7")
Marewrew - Kane Ren Ren (7")CROSSPOINT
The work uses the language of the Ainu people, one of the few tribes left in Japan, and yet, through the use of contemporary music, especially reggae-like sound processing, it dances on the cutting edge of NEW WORLD MUSIC, which is still proliferating around the world today.
Marco Shuttle - Cobalt Desert Oasis (2LP)
Marco Shuttle - Cobalt Desert Oasis (2LP)Incienso
This is a tribal experimental sound where the horizons of another world appear, whether it is a fantasy or a cutting edge? Marco Shuttle's third album, Cobalt Desert Oasis, features a varied collection of music recorded across a two year period. Often traveling to remote destinations, Marco would come back to Berlin with field recordings, images, and other inspirations to process in his studio and turn into sound. The theme of the journey turns into a something more abstract than a travel diary, where environmental sounds blend in with modular synthesis, drum machines, effects and analog oscillators resulting in a cinematic listening experience where psychedelia, ritualism, and mysticism weave together in a sort of alien soundscape - that as the title of the album suggests, is reminiscent of a parallel utopian world. The album is rich in complex rhythmics, and more than in any of his previous work, has strong acoustic elements. Amongst other percussion instruments, Marco used the Tombak, a traditional Persian hand drum capable of reaching a very wide range of frequencies - from deep round subby toms, to high pitched sharp rimshots, throughout the record. Marco Shuttle is certainly not new to these sort of elements, but in Cobalt Desert Oasis he brings the environmental element of his sound into the forefront in a way that takes the listener into a hazy expanse where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the machine elements from the natural - and where the music almost becomes a visual experience, which relates to Marco's own photography used throughout the cover and insert images.
V.A. - London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993, Vol. 1 (CS)V.A. - London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993, Vol. 1 (CS)
V.A. - London Pirate Radio Adverts 1984-1993, Vol. 1 (CS)Death Is Not The End
After "Bristol Pirates" in '19, it's pirate radio all over again! From "Death Is Not The End", a great place to dig up antique music from all over the world, from pre-war blues to immigrant music and South American folklore, comes a super-impressive compilation of pirate radio commercials from the heyday of London stations between 1984 and 1993. Attack! This is a collection of about 10 years of pirate radio advertisements from the station, which is well known as a regular program on NTS Radio, and includes material provided by Simon Reynolds and the Pirate Radio Archive. "I find a recording of a pirate radio DJ set somewhere and listen to it whenever there's a commercial break. Most of the time, however, the people who recorded them stopped the tapes when the ads came on. It is truly a feat of hard digging, and the fact that most of the clubs, pubs, businesses, DJs, and promoters mentioned here no longer exist is a stiff antique... It is a historical documentary of the past, far from the present, and "the nostalgia associated with them has a certain It is a historical documentary about a past far removed from the present, and "the nostalgia surrounding them has a certain socio-historical significance" (Luke Owen, Death Is Not The End). This is a very valuable film that contains 40 air check scenes.
Wojciech Rusin - Syphon (LP)
Wojciech Rusin - Syphon (LP)AD 93
AD 93 is proud to present the new album from Polish composer Wojciech Rusin, due for release on the 4th February 2022. Syphon is the second instalment of an ‘alchemical’ trilogy which started with The Funnel on Akashic records. The record consists of speculative medieval and renaissance music, imagined composed in the future, where it is reconstructed from the ashes of the past, via incomplete fragments. "In a future where the old semantic systems don’t apply anymore, what we are left with is some kind of delirium." The album features 3D printed instruments, multilayered bagpipe chanters, double recorders and other hybrids. With additional voices of soprano Eden Girma and Emmy Broughton. Artwork by Wojciech Rusin and Nicola Tirabasso Mastered by Rupert Clervaux
Delroy Edwards - Change The World (LP)
Delroy Edwards - Change The World (LP)L.A. Club Resource
Delroy's in love. With House. Absolutely essential again.
Sun Ra - The Antique Blacks (LP)
Sun Ra - The Antique Blacks (LP)Art Yard
Unusually even for an out-there progressive jazz musician, Sun Ra came from Saturn which gave him a completely unique take on this round place we call Earth. The Antique Blacks was his 1974-era album which has been out of print since 1978. It's rather more sprightly than some of his more abstract work with free-form noise, poetry readings and sax solo-ing all competing for space. Truly an originator.
Goldmund - The Malady Of Elegance (LP+DL)
Goldmund - The Malady Of Elegance (LP+DL)Unseen
Originally released in 2008 on CD and in a very limited vinyl edition, "The Malady Of Elegance" by Goldmund aka Keith Kenniff finally gets its long-deserved vinyl re-release, featuring a new artwork and remastered audio by Taylor Deupree. Taking cues from 'Corduroy Road' Keith Kenniff (aka Helios) again restricts himself to the piano in conjuring up his humble soundscapes and again we are pulled into a deep, meditative and filmic world as the notes glide to a slow, pensive meter. Keith's precedent release was the challenging 'Two Point Discrimination' EP, released on the Western Vinyl label as part of their portrait series, but where that record was a collection of haunting experiments in form and sound, 'The Malady of Elegance' sees us back into the warming, homespun territory of 'Corduroy Road'. That's not to say these compositions are upbeat, far from it in fact, but there are lines to be drawn to folk music, and while Keith no longer draws on the American Civil War as a primary influence there is still the sense that the ghosts of old America haunt the keys. On top of these references we see Keith tripping somewhat fittingly into a flickering filmic world somewhat in line with his taste in European film. There is a delicate narrative on show throughout the record from the opening hopefulness of Image-Autumn-Womb through the melancholy of Now to the sensitive romance of the album's closer Evelyn. Listening to the record almost creates its own cinematic accompaniment in the minds eye, and this is simply a testament to Keith's incredible talents as a composer. Fans of Erik Satie, Sylvain Chauveau and Hauschka need look no further, 'The Malady of Elegance' is a deeply personal meditation which you cannot help but get lost inside.
Eitetsu Hayashi - Kaze no Shisha (LP)
Eitetsu Hayashi - Kaze no Shisha (LP)Studio Mule

deeper and deeper: studio mule excavates another treasure from japan’s rich modern music history. this time spiritual leaning rhythms that come from none other then eitet-su hayashi, one of japan’s most renown taiko drummers, a percussive instrument that is deeply rooted in the mythology of japanese folklore.

with “kaze no shisha”, studio mule reissues a crucial album of his long-spanning career, that started in 1971, when hayashi joined the globally famed ondekoza group. the so called “demon drum group“ established the taiko drumming to a global audience and intensively toured around the globe between 1975 and 1981 - the year the group split.

shortly after, hayashi and some like-minded spirits formed kodo, a new drum troupe with hayashi as lead drummer. after their first live performances he left the ensemble again in order to launch his solo career, whose first output marked “kaze no shisha”, released in 1983 on the japanese subsidiary of the us record company victor.

the album’s six compositions feature hayashi on taiko drum and other percussion, famed japanese composer midori takada on marimba, cymbal and bells, shuichi chino on synthesizer, chi soungja on the traditional korean zither gayageum and the korean janggu drum as well as the singers kamur and tenko, also known as the honeymoons.

all songs have been written by eitetsu hayashi and been recorded between july and august 1983 at sunrise studio and victor aoyama studio in tokyo. it must have been an intensive time. a time, in which hayashi transformed the drumbeat of his heart into a variety sounds, melodies and rhythms, without losing the melancholic, yet demanding kaito air.

the record’s a-side starts rough and traditional with “kintonun”, a tune in which hayashi bangs the taiko stormy while charmingly dancing with chi soungja’s korean janggu drum performance. a propulsive start that slides into “cosmos” – a slow glooming melancholic trance-folk-spiritual tranquilizer, featuring hayashi playing the piano and koto, while chi soungja weeps ghostly on his gayageum zither.

a perfectly built folk drama, deeply charged with musical infinity. its followed by “kalavinka”, an industrial leaning composition, that lifts off with metal tones and meditative chanting, only to melt into a mesmerizing melodic marimba crescendo, played by midori takada. again, the myths of ancient japanese music kisses modern minimal realms and nothing seems to refer to the pure percussive genre hayashi is famed for.

the b-side opener “kaze no shisha” presents a slow growing performance by hayashi on the japanese zither koto. his nervous play transforms into a synth drone played by shuichi chino, that slowly makes space for hayashi’s tribal taiko drumming that again disappears in another wave of koto string notes.

the follow up “bakuon” launches with a supersonic transport sound and operatic singing by the honeymoons, that amalgamates with hayashi’s feverish performance on his main instrument, the taiko. every now and then strange synth sounds and disparate voices open the short composition, that abruptly ends after 2 minutes and 30 seconds. the final of “kaze no shisha” is reconciliatory.

on “seiten” hayashi creates a conversation between the taiko and mokugyo, also known as the buddhist wooden fish. they turn into some kind of call and response talk, always leaving enough space between the rhythms and tones to create a deeply spiritual psychic sphere.

an utterly captivating, keen to experiment album, full of japanese music mysticism, surprising non-linear shock-waves, repetitive minimal structures and frenziedly drumming, who in interaction introduce a less popular side of one of japan’s most prolific drum poets.

Andrew Pekler - Sounds From Phantom Islands (LP+DL)
Andrew Pekler - Sounds From Phantom Islands (LP+DL)Faitiche

Faitiche presents a new album by Andrew Pekler: Sounds From Phantom Islands brings together ten tracks created over the last three years for the interactive website Phantom Islands - A Sonic Atlas. With his 2016 album Tristes Tropiques, Pekler created a highly unique cosmos of ethnographic sound speculations. Sounds From Phantom Islands continues and simultaneously expands this concept: finely elaborated chordal motifs float like fog over fictional maritime landscapes. A masterpiece of contemporary Exotica.

Phantom islands are islands that appeared on historical maps but never actually existed. The status of these artefacts of European colonial expansion from the 15th to the 19th century oscillates between cartographic fact and maritime fiction. Sounds From Phantom Islands interprets and presents these imaginations as a quasi-ethnographic catalog of music and synthetic field recordings. The pieces on this album are based on recordings made for Phantom Islands - A Sonic Atlas, an online interactive map developed with cultural anthropologist Stefanie Kiwi Menrath.

Helios - Eingya (LP+DL)
Helios - Eingya (LP+DL)Unseen

Originally released in 2006, Eingya by Helios aka Keith Kenniff returns in a new 2021 edition vinyl re-release, remastered by Taylor Deupree.

Beginning the album on a high with the pastoral beauty of "Bless This Morning Year," Kenniff showcases of what he does best: heartbreaking guitar and piano melodies punctuated by crumbling beats and backed by the most atmospheric synthesizer sounds this side of Eno's Apollo. The appetizing "Halving the Compass" blends subtle field recording with the kind of piano melodies so beautiful they could be compared to Virginia Astley or Harold Budd. This is followed by the album's clear highlight, "Dragonfly Across an Ancient Sky." It's an unsurpassable folk guitar piece with a decomposing percussive background and the sort of melodies that would turn evil tyrants into weeping babies. An album that could appeal as easily to fans of Nick Drake as to fans of Boards of Canada or even early AIR, this truly has something for everyone.

Raised in rural Pennsylvania, Kenniff put out Helios's 2004 debut album, Unomia, while studying percussion at Boston's Berklee College of Music. Since then, he's released six more albums as Helios, in addition to collaborating with his wife Hollie Kenniff in the shoegaze-inspired pop duo Mint Julep and composing music for films and archival use.

"A protracted sunset of an album guaranteed to see you through the longest days of summer and into the twilight of the autumn." - The Wire "A soundtrack of molasses-sweet, midsummer sunset melancholy and pastoral mellifluence." - Tinymixtapes

This Heat - Health and Efficiency (LP)
This Heat - Health and Efficiency (LP)Modern Classics Recordings
“This heat are one of those bands that (as a person wanting to be in a band) I aspired to be like. Not to sound like them or rip them off in anyway, but just be one of those bands that you hear and you know instantly, that your listening to This Heat and none else. They’re a band that set their own rules and did it without ever sounding pretentious or like they were trying too hard. The first record i had by them was This Heat but I thought it was amazing that i could be into them for some years and keep discovering other EPs or songs by them like Health and Efficiency that still felt completely fresh and still do. - Dave Porter (Avey Tare, Animal Collective)
Terry Riley - Early Works For Tape And Electronics (LP)
Terry Riley - Early Works For Tape And Electronics (LP)Not On Label
Few copies available. Terry Riley's incredible early tape manipulation works from the 1960s, “Bird of Paradise” and “You’re No Good. Incredible audio quality
Ted Curson - Pop Wine (LP)
Ted Curson - Pop Wine (LP)Souffle Continu Records
Ted Curson (1935-2012), a renowned jazz trumpeter from Philadelphia, has performed with many legends including Cecil Taylor and Charles Mingus. His masterpiece leader work released in 1971 from Futura Records, a legendary French avant jazz and free music label, has been officially reissued! This album was recorded at Europasonor Studio on June 18, 1971 during a visit to Paris, and features Georges Arvanitas (piano), Jacky Samson (double bass), and Charles Saudrais (drums). A gem of an album that transcends the boundaries of classical, modal jazz, fusion and free jazz.
Shamek Farrah - First impressions (LP)
Shamek Farrah - First impressions (LP)Pure Pleasure

For a label that wasn't around long, Strata East achieved the same sort of label recognition that Impulse! or Blue Note managed to build. In other words, you knew what you were getting when you bought a record on the label, even if you didn't know the names on the outside of the cover. This is no exception. Who is Shamek Farrah? Who knows? Who cares? It's the music that's important. This is the standard spiritually intense new jazz one learns to expect from the label, soaked in some Eastern influences but always with its ear to the street. Musicians took their roles as leaders and spokesmen very seriously back then.

This very adult statement from a group of very serious men is no exception. However, what might be an average, forgettable session is rescued by the propulsive engine of Milton Suggs' bass. He adds the fire and the drive that keeps things interesting and prevents the music from wandering into a circular spiritual morass.

V.A. - Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk and Pop Music Vol. 1 (2LP)
V.A. - Cambodian Cassette Archives: Khmer Folk and Pop Music Vol. 1 (2LP)SUBLIME FREQUENCIES
An unbelievable collection of dynamic Cambodian music recorded between the 1960s and the 1990s, both in Cambodia and in the United States. A truly Khmer blend of folk and pop stylings - Cha-Cha Psychedelia, Phase-shifting Rock, sultry circle dance standards, pulsing Cambodian new wave, haunted ballads, musical comedy sketches, Easy-Listening numbers and raw instrumental grooves presented in an eclectic variety of production techniques. Male and female vocalists share the spotlight, embellished by roller rink organ solos, raunchy guitar leads and MIDI defying synthesizers. Culled from over 150 ageing cassettes found at the Asian Branch of the Oakland Public Library in California, these recordings showcase a pre and post holocaust Cambodian musical lineage that can't be ignored.
Uwalmassa - Malar (LP)
Uwalmassa - Malar (LP)Mana
Uwalmassa shape their relationship with various forms of musical heritage into technical and stylish forms on Malar, marrying acoustic sonics with a contemporary outlook that reflects their Indonesian identity; evolving, mutating, and scavenging traditions to draw parallels to dance music, and to test the adaptability and flexibility of those sounds. Here the collective go dark and deep in their first album-length collaboration with Mana, casting long shadows and moving snake style at speed across nine tracks. Using a mix of synthetic and acoustic instruments - the texture of Malar feels enigmatic, occasionally industrial, and the result magical in its mystery and fluctuating impact. Uwalmassa is the name with which DIVISI62, arts & music collective from Jakarta, Indonesia, perform and produce music.
Tara Clerkin Trio - Tara Clerkin Trio (LP)
Tara Clerkin Trio - Tara Clerkin Trio (LP)Laura Lies In

Tara Clerkin Trio present their self titled debut LP on Laura Lies In. Similar to that directorial effect of filming at double speed and then slowing down for playback, the record ambles with assurance, expertly paced.

Opening with a jovial cacophony before the beatific ‘in the room’ confidently relieves, washing away any unease with an innately alien familiarity.

Coming to with the padded percussive patterns of 'Helenica', taking a moment to remember where you are in this temporal smudge. The serene contemplation of 'Any of these' signals we're homeward with a dependable afterglow, a friend you don’t need to thank for a good weekend.

A record existing disconnected from the daily getyadowns, a holiday from life, optimism as resistance against mundanity, something extraordinary amongst the ordinary, positively grey.

Recorded and produced by Dominic Mitchison. Mastered by Rupert Clervaux.

V.A. - A Heart In Splinters (More From The CAIFE Label, Quito, 1960-68) (2LP)
V.A. - A Heart In Splinters (More From The CAIFE Label, Quito, 1960-68) (2LP)Honest Jon's Records
早くも第2弾が登場です!今回は女性アーティストがメインとのこと。最早誰からも忘れ去られた、浮世離れしてうっとりとさせられる別世界的室内楽ジャズ!60年代に南米エクアドル・キトで活動していた知られざるスイートスポット的レーベル〈Caife〉に残された魅力的なカタログを専門家によるガイドのもと一挙24曲紹介したコンピレーション・アルバムが〈Honest Jon's〉から登場。空前のオイル・ブームとクンビアなど国外から流入する音楽スタイルに押し流される前、エクアドルのムジカ・ナショナルの黄金時代と呼ばれた時期に残された、土着とメスチーソの伝統が融合した痛々しいまでに美しく幻想的にしてユートピア的な音楽の数々を捉えた傑作コンピ!これはまさしく未知のゾーンです。豪華フルサイズ&フルカラー・ブックレットが付属。
Raja Kirik - Rampokan (White Vinyl 2LP)Raja Kirik - Rampokan (White Vinyl 2LP)
Raja Kirik - Rampokan (White Vinyl 2LP)Nyege Nyege Tapes
Raja Kirik is Indonesian duo Yennu Ariendra and J. Mo'ong Santoso Pribadi, two radical artists who draw on Java's rich cultural traditions and its history of struggle against colonial oppression to create music that surprises, challenges and educates in equal measure. They root their music in the sound of shamanic trance dances, specifically the Jaranan, or Jathilan, a Hindu-Buddhist-era dance from the 11th Century that symbolizes the ways common people could overcome their rulers using evasion and agility. "Rampokan" is Ariendra and Pribadi's second album, originally released by cult Indonesian label 'Yes No Wave' in June 2020, and now presented in a remastered edition with an additional previously unreleased track in a limited double vinyl edition. The album is inspired by centuries of cultural resistance in Java. When Dutch traders established a colonial presence on the island at the end of the 16th Century, the Javanese used traditional dances to express their opposition. Raja Kirik express this historical friction with a mind-bending fusion of traditional Indonesian percussion, digital noise and over-driven Dutch hard-style. The album roots itself in the stage of Jaranan performance where the players become possessed, connecting to their subconscious mind and the body's collective memory and trauma. Ariendra and Pribadi reflect this by dousing evocative microtonal clanks from their arsenal of home-made instruments in expertly designed digital noise, and stringing the disparate elements together with the oppressive pneumatic pressure of high-BPM, warehouse-ready kick drums. Like the trance dances that inspired them, these tracks evolve and cycle from misery to ecstasy, spinning distinctive narratives with rhythm, texture and repetition. The album title is taken from "Rampokan Macan", a colonial-era arena battle between spearmen, criminals and wild animals. The ceremonial fights were provided to illustrate the strength of the Javanese Royal Kingdoms in the face of the Dutch East Indies government; Raja Kirik's sophomore album is a similarly lavish display, offering a charged confrontation of IDM, hard dance music and traditional sounds that spits fire into the face of tyranny. Of course, it is a recommended ritual trance / industrial picture scroll for fans around Gabber Modus Operandi and Senyawa!
UMAN - Chaleur Humaine (LP+DL)
UMAN - Chaleur Humaine (LP+DL)Freedom To Spend
Woo, Nuno Canavarro, Enya's phantom intersection ?? A work that also introduced the famous blog that has pushed New Age Revival to the next zone! A long-awaited reprint of the rare work released on CD only from in 1992 by "Uman", a 90's French new-age / ambient duo consisting of Danielle Jean & Didier Jean! Their work, which has recorded two pop albums up to this work, but the pros and cons are divided. To that end, they built their own studio in Orsay, on the outskirts of southern Paris, to escape the expectations of the French music industry. Introducing the latest music technology of the time in this place created to realize their new free perspective, space and ideas. A masterpiece that incorporates original sampling and vocal processing to create a soft and surreal modern classical new age that also leads to an acoustic sensation! Includes liner notes by Diego Olivas (FOND / SOUND).
Pablo Casals - J.S.Bach Cello Suites No.1-6 (2CD)
Pablo Casals - J.S.Bach Cello Suites No.1-6 (2CD)OPUS蔵
This is a masterpiece among the many reissued CDs, reputed to have the best realism in sound quality.
Yabby You & The Prophets - Beware Dub (2LP)
Yabby You & The Prophets - Beware Dub (2LP)Pressure Sounds
An expanded version of Yabby You's classic dub album Beware Dub. The 10 original tracks plus 6 bonus tracks. Including 2 previously un-released mixes of classic Yabby You songs. Nearly 40 years after its original release, “Beware Dub” has lost none of its power and conviction, and this reissue should hopefully confirm its status as one of the key dub albums of the 1970s.
Soft meets Pan - Tam (2LP)
Soft meets Pan - Tam (2LP)CROSSPOINT / 17853 Records / TUFF VINYL
JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY (J.A.K.A.M.) is a DJ/producer whose original vision transcends genres, and SOFT is a long-running space jam band based in Kyoto. A collaboration between JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY (J.A.K.A.M.) and SOFT, a long-running space jam band based in Kyoto, Japan, this album features steelpan performances recorded in Trinidad and Tobago, a Caribbean island nation, and is a companion piece to the picture book with music "Soft Meets Pan / Tam ~Message to The Sun~ Tam Message to the Sun" was released in 2010 by JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY's CROSSPOINT label. Impressed by the album's genre-less diversity, high level of perfection and pure musical energy, DJ/producer Chee Shimizu has been longing for an analogue version of the album, so he approached his old friend JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY. now available as a 2LP set. The encounter between SOFT & JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY and steelpan. The result is a five-way musical journey that connects a small Caribbean country with the universe. In recent years, steelpan has become a popular healing instrument in Japan. This paradise instrument, often referred to as "the last acoustic instrument of the 20th century", is played by Earl Brooks, the leading pan player in Trinidad and Tobago, the birthplace of the steel pan, and Ken " Professor" Filmore, the country's number one arranger and pan player. Professor" Filmore, the country's number one arranger and pan player. The use of ethnic instruments such as sitar and shekere creates a vivid contrast to the thick grooves of SOFT. The mixer team includes JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY, Kuniyuki Takahashi, Naoyuki Uchida, Kensuke "JEBSKI" Kobayashi and Tadashi Kondo a.k.a. KND (SOFT). The mix is a fusion of their personalities. The analog remastering was done by SINKICHI, an engineer known for his work as a DJ and CHURASHIMA NAVIGATOR, and the artwork was designed by QOTAROO from drawings by Matsuri Uchida. The album will be released under the triple-name of JUZU a.k.a. MOOCHY's CROSSPOINT and Chee Shimizu's 17853 Records, in collaboration with TUFF VINYL, which has recently established its own record production line in Japan.

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