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NaHawa Doumbia - La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 1 (LP)NaHawa Doumbia - La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 1 (LP)
NaHawa Doumbia - La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 1 (LP)Awesome Tapes From Africa

Nahawa Doumbia is one of Mali's defining vocalists of the last four decades. Her work journeys through progressive stages of musical evolution and sonic vogues, making it hard to summarize or even comprehend. She's played a part in popular music since the late ‘70s, as her version of Wassoulou music developed from vocals-and-guitar duo into full-scale touring bands packing a bombastic, electrified punch. As Doumbia puts it, "My music has changed multiple times to this day…The more I progressed in my musical career, the more instruments I have had accompany my songs."

La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 1 looks back to the beginning of Doumbia’s long career, when her voice was remarkably strong yet still developing. This was before she added bass and percussion, and finally the electric guitar and synths for which she became known in recent years.

She'd been singing traditional music since her early teens in Bougouni. Doumbia performed with cultural troupes throughout her youth and gained the notice of Radio Mali officials who entered her in a Radio France International contest, Découverte 81 á Dakar, which she won. Whether she knew it or not, as a young lady from a town many hours from Mali’s capital Bamako, she was destined for a worldwide touring career at the vanguard of Malian popular music.

Released in 1981 by the excellent Côte d’Ivoire-based AS Records, the singer was barely 20 years old when it was recorded. She was accompanied by her future husband N’Gou Bagayoko on acoustic guitar, whose style echoes the nimble runs of traditional kamele n’goni players. The stark simplicity of this highly intimate recording—the audible room acoustics, the occasionally in-the-red vocals—do not obscure the mature strength of her voice. On Vol 1 Doumbia performs her songs with the tenacity and hunger of a young artist on the cusp.

"When I think about it, first, I am reminded of how long ago it was. It's one of the albums that I love most because it reminds me of my youth. I was so young and my voice was light and joyful. I still listen to some of those songs today. I am really proud of that first album because that’s where it all began. It shows me how far I’ve come in my personal and artistic life; it gives me the courage I need to keep going forward, and makes me appreciate all the years of dedication and hard work I put into my musical career.

These early songs are rhythmically built around Bagayoko's sensitive guitar, as his fingers brush the fretboard and gently outline the melodies. Although this record predates the singer’s use of percussion, the driving skeletal didadi rhythm is apparent in the songs. Later albums like Vol 3 further prioritize her hometown didadi beat and the result made her famous.

Kink Gong - Zomia Vol. 1 (LP)
Kink Gong - Zomia Vol. 1 (LP)Discrepant
Kink Gong is back with his unique take and re-interpretation of the music he’s been recording and documenting for years in the South East Asian highlands. Zomia Vol.1 takes the conceptual idea of ZOMIA, proposed by James C Scott in The Art of Not Being Governed, an Anarchist History of Upland South East Asia, to construct its very own mythological soundscape inspired by a semi-utopic region where state rules don’t apply. Zomia might be (almost) gone but Kink Gong is keen keep its spirit alive by releasing a series of albums celebrating the region’s quasi mythological features. ‘’Zomia is an idea, a concept that, not so long ago, there were two very distinct worlds in southeast Asia, the valley VS highland/hinterland, the civilisation VS the primitive, paddy rice VS slash and burn agriculture, Buddhism VS Animism, fixed territory VS movement/migration, written system VS oral culture, the state VS anarchy, property VS squat, controlled population VS autonomy, bricks VS bamboo and wood and, at my level museumified traditional mainstream music VS real emotions/songs of devastated lives and/or gongs ceremonies with buffalo sacrifices, extreme heat in the valleys VS shade in the jungle. I could go on and on but let’s not forget that ZOMIA is disappearing fast, if not altogether already. How many of the people I’ve recorded are still alive? As you might know, before composing new music from my own ZOMIAN experience (from 2001 to 2014 in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and China) I had to find those musicians, be able to communicate with them, record them as good as I could with very limited finances and gradually release a collection of 160 CDrs. It is very important for me to make sure you to listen to the fantastic original recordings before or after you’ve listened to this experimental reconstruction I called ZOMIA! Expect more volumes to come, this is my biggest source of inspiration, and the reason why I’ve been involved for years in constructing a mythological experimental musical ZOMIAN soundscape.’’ Laurent Jeanneau, Berlin 2020
Babau - Stock Fantasy Zone (CS+DL)Babau - Stock Fantasy Zone (CS+DL)
Babau - Stock Fantasy Zone (CS+DL)Sucata Tapes
Originally conceived as a mock live bootleg for Turn Us Alias 2020 (Macao’s Saturnalia festival online edition), Stock Fantasy Zone is the new album by Babau dedicated to the unearthly delights of unconscious reticular motion, wacky 2D shredding and daily side quests. Directly from inside the Stack, finally imagine a zone where all activities are possible but purposeless, all primary objectives are achieved without even moving and the game-logic has finally disappeared leaving back a virtual fauna of forsaken babbling Npc’s and uncharted, yet to be tested stockpiles of maps and levels. Lofty low poly structures, tentacular mickey-mousing gesticulations, already obsolete sonic ontologies and the unsung age of Dreamcast fantasy frenzy. All and all, just another day spent testing the margins and edges of the simulation without leaving your Sofa. Don’t wait! Enter the Stock Fantasy Zone! Stock Fantasy Zone has been mentioned by Simon Reynolds among his 2020 albums of the year and two tracks have been selected by Kode9 for a mixtape released by Club To Club Festival.
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Prince of Parrot Shooters / The Aqueducts of Channel Island (LP)Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Prince of Parrot Shooters / The Aqueducts of Channel Island (LP)
Monopoly Child Star Searchers - Prince of Parrot Shooters / The Aqueducts of Channel Island (LP)Discrepant
In an interview for The Wire magazine back in January 2012, Spencer Clark claimed that one the most important "lesson" learned while performing with The Skaters was "stay true to your imagination". Taking this life motto at heart, Clark's world today is still a place of wonder and myth, conveyed through a myriad of aliases and invocations like Vodka Soap, Fourth World Magazine or Typhonian Highlife. Always the wide-eyed mystic and searcher of the netherworld, Clark surfaces again on Discrepant sister label Pacific City Discs, straight from the Canary Islands with this not quite but somewhat reissue under his celebrated and celebratory Monopoly Child Star Searchers alias. Combining visions from two long, long sold out and hardly traceable releases on Clark's own Pacific City label, pressed for the first time ever in wax with a new master by D&M - as it should - 'The Aqueducts Of Channel Island/Prince Of Parrot Shooters' stands as a vital piece in an ever changing and deeply personal mandala-like oeuvre. An hypnotic and appropriately lo-fi flux of bouncy hand percussion loops, nature calls and celestial synth harmonies that weave themselves into trance inducing rituals. Levitating fever-dream recordings from imaginary topographies, or perhaps a gateway to fortean alternate realities just lurking around the corner. Stay true to your imagination indeed.
Will Long - Long Trax Singles and EPs Vol. 2 (CD)
Will Long - Long Trax Singles and EPs Vol. 2 (CD)Will Long

Limited edition CD, self-released and independent. Comes in a reverse board, 6 panel package including all 6 drawings.

Includes the tracks Turquoise, Black, Stone, Gold, Silver, and Pearl.

Will Long - Long Trax Singles and EPs Vol. 1 (CD)
Will Long - Long Trax Singles and EPs Vol. 1 (CD)Will Long

Limited edition CD, self-released and independent. Comes in a reverse board, 6 panel package including all 6 drawings.

Includes the tracks Chartreuse, Rose, Lavender, Lime, Grey, and Violet.

celer - In Light Of Blues (CD)
celer - In Light Of Blues (CD)Two Acorns
One of the drone / ambient gems suitable for the coming autumn day, where a ray of light that makes you feel hope comes in from the nostalgic, tranquility and shadowy sound scenery! Matte laminate & embossed sleeve specifications. Highly recommended !!!!
DJ Nigga Fox - Música Da Terra (12")DJ Nigga Fox - Música Da Terra (12")
DJ Nigga Fox - Música Da Terra (12")Príncipe
Rhythm fiends, your time! Lisbon’s DJ Nigga Fox swangs it wide, precise and deadly on his first new tunes since 2019’s outstanding ‘Cartas Na Magna’ LP and a killer live tape in ’21 Deploying four immediately upfront, naturally experimental workouts, ‘Música Da Terra’ marks just over 10 years since DJ Nigga Fox came to our attention on the ‘African Digital Dance’ compilation, and solidly affirms his role as the leader of Lisbon’s new school. Balancing a cosmic jazzy depth akin to Jamal Moss or Ron Trent’s deep house with more urgent, syncopated ghetto grooves, his music is the pinnacle of contemporary Kuduro, if you ask us. The lad’s catalogue practically charts the sound’s development from grimy and hardcore to more sensual, textured and rhythmelodically psychedelic in a way that places him like Kuduro’s answer to Dego or A Guy Called Gerald, and especially on this EP. Including an instant standout jam with fellow Príncipe don DJ Firmeza in the muscular bass churn, bolshy brass and groggy pads of ‘Sanzaleiro’, Nigga Fox absolutely bosses it on his three solo works. There’s the adrenalizing scorcher ‘Madeso’ at the front, with its shards of marching horns sliced up into swingeing heads-down swagger, but also laid with a mental breakdown, while ‘Gás Natural’ cools off for a hot minute with its exquisite, chill breeze melody and in-the-pocket log drums leading somewhere deliciously darker, and ‘Sasuke’ simply slays with jaw-dropping twist of cosmic acid broken beat soul, lathering hazy organs, 303 and nimblest drums into the tightest, inimitable step. Oh my days this is fucking strong. TIP!
Blastah – Forever (12")Blastah – Forever (12")
Blastah – Forever (12")Worldwide Unlimited
DJ Python’s Worldwide Unlimited net Lisbon legend Blastah for a bag of sensuous, playfully animated dembow, drill and kuduro mutations that sit ever so sweetly beside the label’s gems from Sangre Nueva and Henzo. Blastah blesses his debut firmware with a dreamily memorable set of six concise, lowkey burners that hover around reggaeton’s 100-110BPM brackets. Over the years he’s developed an online penpal relationship with Brian Piñero aka DJ Python, naturally leading to this shared conception of romantic club music with a mutable bent that lends itself just as easily to end-of-night slow jam sections as low lit bedrooms. The vibe is perfectly sensuous and set in woozy soft focus, from the Elysia Crampton-esque, dusky fusion of R&B pads and soundsystem stabs on ‘Raining’ to the neck-caressing nod to Timbaland and Timberlake in its ‘Closer’. A heartical deep house dembow sound is echoed on ‘Cendres’, and a prime fusion of US drill softened with subtropical appeal shapes ‘Unknown’ and the slinky, subbass-gilded minimalism of ‘Call’, while ‘Fish Friends’ most clearly betrays his taste for late night Lisbon tarraxho. Up-to-the-moment, inch-tight, timeless pearls for the dancehall lovers.
Leila Bordreuil - Not An Elegy (Silver LP)
Leila Bordreuil - Not An Elegy (Silver LP)Boomkat Editions / Documenting Sound
Cellist, composer & sound​ artist Leila Bordreuil takes us deep into the bowels and liminal spaces of a deserted NYC with 40 minute long contrasting works of a tempestuous and sorely enervated nature, played on location in the subway at the Ralph Avenue subway stop in Brooklyn - complete with passing trains, people, and tension in the air. If you’re into anything from Arthur Russell to Lea Bertucci - this one’s a total headmelt. First pinging our radar with her ‘Headflush’ album for Catch Wave back in 2019, Leila Bordreuil has a tactile, extreme approach to the cello, one that focuses on its visceral aspects in a way that mimics the most spirited, fraught and melancholy human emotions. Despite the complex nature of her playing, you can trace Bordreuil's lineage back to Arthur Russell’s defining ‘World Of Echo’ in methodology and spirit - Leila plays with no processing or effect pedals, everything stems from the player, her instrument, and their surroundings. On ‘For Tamio’ - Leila performs in tribute to her collaborator and saxophonist Tamio Shiraishi, whose late night performances at the Spring Street subway, 10 stops away from Ralph Avenue, greatly inspired her own approach to capturing and playing with resonance in the subway. For just shy of 20 mins, she makes the air burn and buckle with a combustible grasp of loud/quiet dynamics and keening discord that has us seat-edge by the end. The setting is evocative to the extreme - the usually chaotic and bustling subway station now emptied of its usual inhabitants, reclaimed as a performance space in which Leila played late into the night - accompanied by memories and echoes of life, as well as a person living in the subway station who started dancing to her music, an engrossed audience of one. In contrast, ‘Past Continuous’ on the flipside was recorded in Leila’s building’s hallway, where she attached a brick to the pedal of a broken upright piano and angled her microphones in a way that gave the illusion of a large reverberant room. Adding sinewaves to enhance natural frequencies, the result is a heartbeat sketch that operates at barely perceptible levels of tonality, working in a liminal space with almost hallucinatory, ghostly overtones and a colossal sub that speaks to the anxiety dreams of a megatropolis in stasis. ‘Not An Elegy’ is a grippingly stark work that owes as much to the city’s history of jazz as it does to experimental classical forms. It's an uneasy but deeply life-affirming trip through the dense fog of memory and modern anxiety, coaxed by a player whose hands shape, and whose feelings ooze through the recordings in a way that’s impossible not to be affected by in the deepest sense. It’s a remarkable document of a time, and an artist, right on the cusp.
Demdike Stare - The Call (CS)Demdike Stare - The Call (CS)
Demdike Stare - The Call (CS)DDS
Demdike Stare zoom into the late 90’s sweetspot where jungle producers swang into UKG and R&B with a high grade mixtape spliced together with typical, obsessive knowledge and swerve - trust it’s one of their best. Mining one of their essential touchstones, ‘The Call’ highlights the ’97-’99 period in the UK when the likes of Steve Gurley, Anthill Mob and Sky Joose were key players in the phase shift from ruff to sweet club styles around needlepoint 2-step drum programming. Also spotlighting the irrevocable influence of US R&B at the time, the mix homes in on one of the hardcore ‘nuum’s most fascinating innovations, when original, leading producers reclaimed their music from the sweatier excesses of jungle/D&B, and ushered it back to sexier, slinkier styles primed for dressing up and showing off - not gurning your tits off and brukking the f uck out. Stitched together with subtle, patented sleight-of-hand edits and dial strafe smudges, the mix exerts exquisite control for one hour of dainty rudeboy shuffle and woodblock parry in honour of their innovative heroes. Without overstating it, they trace UKG’s flex from bumpty speed garage soul inflicted with syrupy R&B, to its four-to-da-floor variants, and the sparkier punctuation of 2-step, proper, emphasising the sound’s rhythmic and textural sensuality with triple deep and eternal cuts that find the sound crystallizing from a delicious flux of puckered US garage-house and R&B-soul aspects, and updating the memory banks of original UK rave. Like the post-factum UKG archaeology of Finn and Oneman, Demdike’s picks are educated and educational, but never academic - presenting an ideal primer on the way styles shifted quickly back then, exemplifying how the tussle of energies between the house traction of Grant Nelson, Dem 2’s dissection of Timbaland/The Neptunes’ mainstream R&B, and the restless bad foot of rave were factored by the adroit chops of early jungle DJs on radio stations such as Freak FM and Jason Kaye’s Sun City mixes.
V.A. - All Welcome Volume 3 (LP)V.A. - All Welcome Volume 3 (LP)
V.A. - All Welcome Volume 3 (LP)Good Morning Tapes
The long awaited third volume. New age, Balearic, and ambient listeners should check out Good Morning Tapes, a cult label in the current experimental scene based in France, which is home to the likes of D.K., Anthony Naples, and Tapes. This is the first time in a year that the label has released a showcase compilation album featuring all of their label mates who have been getting a lot of attention lately. Nueen, a producer/visual artist based in Barcelona, Spain, who also released a masterpiece of ambient music on Quiet Time Tapes, and Saphileaum, a multimedia artist from Georgia who was born and raised in a music/art family, are among the gorgeous labelmates. This comp is great guide to Good Morning Tapes.
Bobby Melody / Singie Singie - Two Uprising Stars (LP)
Bobby Melody / Singie Singie - Two Uprising Stars (LP)Radiation Roots
Recorded at Channel One studio with the Roots Radics Band, mega rare top early dancehall LP back on Radiation Roots!!!
Herbie Mann / Johnny Rae's Afro-Jazz Septet - African Suite (LP)
Herbie Mann / Johnny Rae's Afro-Jazz Septet - African Suite (LP)Life Goes On Records
Recorded in New York 1959. Impressive session led jointly by Herbie Mann and John Rae. On side A, the group incessantly shifts from soft vibes-and-flute jazz to percussion-heavy Afro-Cuban rhythms to classic "Blue-Note" hard bop. Side B is the African Suite, a percussive trip across the Sahara.
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Tide (LP)
Antonio Carlos Jobim - Tide (LP)Elemental
Reissue of the 6th studio album by Brazilian jazz legend Antonio Carlos Jobim. Released in 1970 on A&M Records, this instrumental Bossa Jazz masterpiece was produced by Creed Taylor and engineered by Rudy Van Gelder. It features the arrangements of Eumir Deodato (who also conducted the band) and includes a plethora of sidemen from the U.S. jazz scene, such as Joe Farrell, Hubert Laws and Ron Carter, as well as Brazilian stars like Hermeto Pascoal, Airto Moreira and Joao Palma. Produced by Creed Taylor, engineered by Rudy van Gelder, arrangements by Eumir Deodato and featuring among others: Joe Farrell, Hubert Laws, Ron Carter, Hermeto Pascoal, Airto Moreira, and Joao Palma.
Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius De Moraes - Orfeu Da Conceição (LP)
Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius De Moraes - Orfeu Da Conceição (LP)Sowing Records
Orfeu Da Conceição was originally a stage play in three acts by poet and lyricist Vinicius De Moraes with music by Antonio Carlos Jobim. Premiered in 1956 in Rio de Janeiro. The play put the basis for the classic films Orfeu Negro. Needless to remember that Jobim and De Moraes were two seminal figures in Brazilian music, two modernists whose work was a major influence for generations to come. In fact Orfeu Da Conceição can be considered the beginning of their songwriting relationship. First released as 10" in the same year of the theater premier, the album features vocalist Roberto Paiva and guitarist Luiz Bonfà. An essential release for all Brazilian music fans out there.
Eliane Radigue - Occam Ocean Vol. 4 (CD+BOOKLET)
Eliane Radigue - Occam Ocean Vol. 4 (CD+BOOKLET)Shiiin
01/ occam delta XIX pour voix, dessus de viole, birbyné et saxophone alto, 2019 bertrand gauguet, saxophone alto yannick guédon, voix / dessus de viole carol robinson, birbyné 24’ 15’’ 02/ occam XXII pour baryton, 2018 yannick guédon, baryton 17’ 34’’ 03/ occam river XXII (co-composé avec carol robinson) pour saxophone alto et clarinette basse, 2018, 2012 bertrand gauguet, saxophone alto carol robinson, clarinette basse 26’ 00’’ ingénieur du son : sébastien schottke mixage & mastering : sébastien schottke direction musicale : carole robinson direction artistique : ludger brümmer coordination et production : dominik kautz co-production : stéphane roux / shiiin, ZKM / hertz-lab coordination & rédaction : cécilia preiss conception graphique : amélie scotta photos : sabine mirlesse (éliane radigue), tobias wootton (ZKM) enregistré les 24, 25 et 26 mars 2021 au kubus du zkm / centre d’art et des médias karlsruhe. mixage/mastering au zkm, juillet 2021-12-01 la co-production du cd occam ocean 4, ainsi que les résidences d’artistes invités de carol robinson, bertrand gauguet et yannick guédon au zkm / hertz-lab font partie du projet « eastn-dc », cofinancé par le programme de financement « creative europe » de l’union européenne.
Denis Dufour - Complete Acousmatic Works, Vol. 1 (16CD BOX)
Denis Dufour - Complete Acousmatic Works, Vol. 1 (16CD BOX)Kairos
A first box set containing 16 CDs, presenting more than 40 works and 18 hours of listening, including never released before music by Denis Dufour and texts in a detailed booklet (Fr/Eng/Ger). With his morphological and expressive approach to sound, Denis Dufour works on pieces in a constant state of renewal and on ideas that are specific to each piece. This results to a work looking like a large fresco in which no theme sounds alike, containing varied and breathtaking soundscapes and a patchwork of sounds, thoughts and colors that enable us to appreciate the sheer imagination as well as the consistence of his style. By deliberately but effortlessly opening his music to all sounds, Denis Dufour works with liberty, independence, rigor, and craftsmanship so refined that makes one forget oneself. Every second of sound is wrapped by a conscious ear so that so that his work contains no trace of automatic tools. Composer, teacher, researcher, director of label and festival, Denis Dufour, has greatly contributed to the development of acousmatic art in the world during forty years. First volume of the integral of his acousmatic work, this boxset regroups 44 works of Denis Dufour, composed between 1977 and 2020. Each one of the 16 discs is conceived as a listening program, which provides to listeners an immense landscape. The second volume is expected in 2022, and his instrumental work is under publication as well.
Ros Bandt and LIME - Soft and Fragile (LP)
Ros Bandt and LIME - Soft and Fragile (LP)Efficient Space
Efficient Space presents Soft and Fragile by Ros Bandt and LIME (Live Improvised Music Events), originally released by Move Records in 1983. A pioneering figure in Australian music, Bandt is known for her work with sound sculpture, electronics, acoustic ecology, and invented instruments, as well as her writings and teaching. Soft and Fragile comprises a series of structured improvisations performed on custom-built bells and gongs. On the side-long ‘Ocean Bells’, Bandt performs on her ‘flagong’, a three-tiered vertical glass marimba that she made in 1978, inspired by the ‘cloud chamber bowls’ of maverick instrument builder and microtonal composer Harry Partch. Over a long tape loop made up of slowed down sounds from the same instrument, she delicately strikes the glass bells with mallets, allowing individual pitches to ring out and decay with the aquatic wavering quality that suggested the piece’s title, eventually building into flowing melodic sequences. Structured as a series of events determined by the length of the performer’s breath, this gently undulating music invites listeners to lose themselves in delicate microtonal fluctuations and subtle yet expressive phrasing. For ‘Shifts’, Bandt is joined by Julie Doyle, Gavan McCarthy, and Carolyn Robb on a collectively composed work for clay bells. Atop a steady pulse, melodic and rhythmic cells expand and contract, shifting between LIME’s four members. LIME also perform the closing ‘Annapurna’, where timbres sourced from glass, clay and metal are freely threaded through a pulsating tape backdrop generated from loops of the ensemble chanting. Presented in a redesigned sleeve showcasing the performers and their instruments, the reissue reproduces the extensive original liner notes. While Bandt’s ideas and techniques draw on aspects of the invented instrument tradition of Partch and Bertoia, Stockhausen’s intuitive music, and the cyclical structures of American minimalism and Javanese gamelan, the floating world of Soft and Fragile also resonates with the work of New Age outlier Stephan Micus and contemporary practitioners such as Tomoko Sauvage. In Bandt’s own words, this is ‘elegant and sensual music where the body and mind have the time to reflect and catch up with the moment as it passes…It is a music intended for respite’.
Jivaro - Saturday Fever (LP)
Jivaro - Saturday Fever (LP)Kalita Records
Kalita are excited to unveil the first ever reissue of one of – if not the – strongest South African kwaito/bubblegum albums in existence, Jivaro’s 1989 masterpiece ‘Saturday Fever’. Originally released on Maurice Horwitz’s Music Team label at the turn of the decade, the album features various heavy hitting tracks that perfectly encapsulate the post-boogie/proto-house movement that had taken over the country’s airwaves and clubs at the time. Sourced from the original analogue master tapes, this definitive release by Kalita is a truly essential piece of musical history and one sure to set any discerning dance floor on fire.
The Zenmenn - Bella Fantasia (7")
The Zenmenn - Bella Fantasia (7")Music From Memory
Music From Memory are excited to present a special release with The Zenmenn in the shape of a limited 7” containing 2 tracks taken from the same recording sessions that resulted in their debut album 'Enter The Zenmenn' from 2021. About MFM057 The Zenmenn say: “Bella Fantasia and Topaz 2 are two uncut gems that we couldn't quite fit on the record. In the last couple of days before the deadline, we were tripping a little bit that Topaz was no good, so we tried to do it in a different way and came out with this more melancholy vocal version, looking back at the small moments from a past relationship that somehow slipped away. We kept both versions in the collection.” “For Bella Fantasia we were finding it funny to have this vocal using Ben's extremely limited Italian vocabulary, but after a while of it being a joke, it slowly settled into just being what it is. An angelic female voice seemed like it would fit in well, so we called up our dear friend Kari K and she flew in on gossamer wings to take care of the job like a real professional sent directly from beyond the pearly gates. In the final seconds of the song, much like Indiana Jones reaching back in the nick of time to snatch his hat from beneath the closing temple door, Magnus heroically managed to squeeze in a quick reference to the late great George Michael – R.I.P. Hopefully his estate never finds out about this.”
Yabby You & The Prophets - Deeper Roots Part 2 (2LP)
Yabby You & The Prophets - Deeper Roots Part 2 (2LP)Pressure Sounds
The sequel to Yabby You's (Vivian Jackson) definitive compilation, Deeper Roots. This is the sequel to Yabby You's definitive compilation "Deeper Roots", which includes rare dub plates, rare 7"'s, and the first ever collection of material handed over by Yabby You himself before his death. This time, the focus is on more instrumental tracks and intense DUBs, and to my surprise, it also includes the first collection of material handed to me by Yabby Yu himself before he died! The album includes "Thirty pieces of Silver," where most of the parts are cut off to create an incredibly powerful instrumental, "Sipping I & I Chalice," which has only been released on 7" and is known as a fantastic track, and "Psalm 16," which is a deep dub mix with a spacey feel. I Chalice," a deep dub mix with a cosmic feel, and more. The result is a work that is very worth listening to!
Disc 1
1. Walls of Jerusalem - Vivian Jackson & The Prophets
2. Thirty Pieces of Silver - Yabby You & The Prophets
3. Sipping I & I Chalice - Vivian Jackson & the Prophets
4. Sipping I & I Chalice - Vivian Jackson & the Prophets
5. Man of the Living - Wayne Wade and the Prophets
6. Psalm 16 - Prophets Allstars
7. Chant Down Babylon Kingdom - Yabby You & The Prophets
8. Chant Down Babylon Version - Prophets Allstars

Disc 2
1. Stop Your Quarreling - Yabby You & the Prophets
2. Stop Your Quarreling version – The Prophets Allstars
3. Outside The City Walls (Obey Your Parents) – Prophets Allstars
4. Jah Vengence - Vivian Jackson & The Sons of Jah
5. I Can’t Hide - Tony Tuff & The Prophets
6. I Can’t Hide version - The Prophet Allstars
7. Time Changing - Samuel Patterson
8. Mash Down (Mash Down Rome Instrumental) - Prophets Allstars
Nightmares On Wax - Shout Out! To Freedom... (Indie Exclusive 2LP+DL)Nightmares On Wax - Shout Out! To Freedom... (Indie Exclusive 2LP+DL)
Nightmares On Wax - Shout Out! To Freedom... (Indie Exclusive 2LP+DL)WARP
Shout Out! To Freedom… encapsulates the endless potential that can come about from stasis. It's a record that as is celebratory of N.O.W.’s past as it is determined to break from it.

V.A. - Java : Tembang Sunda (CD)
V.A. - Java : Tembang Sunda (CD)Ocora
An album that locally records the traditional music of the Sundanese who live in western Java. A variety of items such as a flute called Surin made of bamboo, an instrumental ensemble Kakapi Surin with a plucked string instrument Kakapi like a koto, a bowed string instrument Rebab with a characteristic singing tone, and Tenban Sunda with a focus on singing. Includes music. There is a sound similar to the famous gamelan in Bali, but the instruments are completely different, so you can enjoy a unique and interesting sound.
Recording: 1972-73 Java Island

1. Beber layar (“Spread the Sails”)
& Kembang bungur (“Flower of the Bungur-tree”)
2. Palwa (a proper name) & Lalayaran (“Sailing Tour”)
3. Rancag: Pancaniti (a proper name), Bayubud (a place name), Mangari (a place name), Liwung (“Worry”)
/ Kawih: Sumarambah (“Heart Full of Memories”)
4. Rancag: Bayubud (a place name), Liwung (“Worry”)
/ Kawih: Bungur (“The Bungur-tree”)
5. Rancag: Panyawang (“Rest in the Open”),
Pamekaran (“Blossom”) / Kawih: Samar-samar (“Blurred Pictures”)
6. Sinyur (a musical structure), Samarangan (“As he pleases”) 7. Rancag: Lor-loran (“Towards the North”), Erang barong / Kawih: Tablo (a musical structure).

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