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ZAHABI - 7th Seal / Dance Of Obsidian (10")
ZAHABI - 7th Seal / Dance Of Obsidian (10")Lion Charge Records
Limited to 300 hand-stamped copies. Issued in a thick brown paper sleeve.
Hecker / Okkyung Lee ‎– Statistique Synthétique / Teum (The Silvery Slit) (LP+DL)
Hecker / Okkyung Lee ‎– Statistique Synthétique / Teum (The Silvery Slit) (LP+DL)Portraits GRM

Statistique Synthétique draws as much from the history of computer sound synthesis as from its latest developments. But well beyond developing simply as a proof of concept, this piece aims to transcend the abstract status of synthetic sound objects and lead them to a properly hallucinatory state, that is to say to a meeting point where the object and perception dissolve into each other, in a sort of transcendental field. Beyond, also, hylomorphism, to reach the world of matter-form fusions, where perception knows how to see “shoulders of hills”, as Cézanne wrote.
Text by François Bonnet

Teum (the Silvery Slit) is, as the title suggests, an overture, an opening to the game of multiplications, fragmentations, duplications. But it is also the opening understood as the void that blossoms between two borders, a break from which escapes a double tension, both the pulling force of these two edges which move apart and the opposite force of reconciliation, of compression. Okkyung Lee invites us to a truly telluric moment, a rare moment of expression where tectonic movements and shear stresses become music. If the earthquakes were, as we thought in the 18th century, due to underground thunderstorms, there is no doubt that this piece of music, both celestial and continental, could have been their audible manifestation.

The Beneficiaries - The Crystal City Is Alive (2LP)
The Beneficiaries - The Crystal City Is Alive (2LP)Axis

In 2018, the idea was introduced by Jeff Mills to address the lack of artistic collaborations within and from the city of Detroit/USA. The city had always been an engine of new innovative ideas related to music, art, dance, poetry and all other arts. It was thought of as a way to demonstrate the commonality people possess from various art forms and that by mixing ideas visions and perspectives together are might produce unexpected and often provocative results.

The project started when Mills reached out to one of Detroit Techno's founder and legendary DJ/Producer Eddie Folkwes. Though the two are known and connected to Detroit Techno and knew each other for decades, they never worked together so the first few meetings and conversations were marked with finding all the common links that have built both of their careers. During this time, Mills wanted to find a third person for the project, one that was from Detroit, but not a musician. His idea and theory was that by engaging two other creative thinkers would most likely produce something unique as emotions would become linked together to find that common, but higher level. While browsing the web, Mills discovered a post that featured the Detroit-born poet Jessica Care Moore. Struck by her words and the energy she mastered to say them, Mills knew immediately that she would be the perfect artist to approach for this creative venture. As with most artists that grew up in Detroit, they immediately opened up the links in their past, present and future outlook. He presented the case and explained to her how he thought it might work. She liked the idea and agree to join.

Model 500 - Starlight (12")
Model 500 - Starlight (12")Echospace
Deadstock. Model 500", a unit created by Detroit master Juan Atkins, released "Starlight" from their masterpiece "Deep Space" in 1995. The track was remixed by Intrusion, an ambient/dub project by Mike Huckaby and the label's main act Stephen Hitchell. Limited to 100 copies on green vinyl, 50 of which were distributed as promo copies and only 50 were sold.
Frankie Reyes - Originalitos (LP)
Frankie Reyes - Originalitos (LP)Stones Throw
Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker is an American electronic musician and founder of the label, who has worked with Kelela, Ras G, Build An Ark, and has been in contact with J Dilla. Reyes-Whittaker, who has also released works on Wild Oats and Eglo Records, both run by Detroit's Kyle Hall, has released his second album under the name "Frankie Reyes" following 2004's "Boleros Valses Y Más. This is his second album on the prestigious Stones Throw label. While the previous album was a reworking of Latin standards, this album features eight original compositions full of nostalgia, using the Oberheim synthesizer to create original music. In this album, he presents eight original compositions full of nostalgia. He has incorporated his roots in Puerto Rican tradition and the sounds rooted in his daily life into psychedelic and ethereal mondo music.
Valium Aggelein - Black Moon (2LP)
Valium Aggelein - Black Moon (2LP)Numero
A year before the groundbreaking debut album "Stratosphere" by Duster, one of the most famous US slowcore bands of the 90's, the members of Duster formed a little-known band called "Valium Aggelein". Valium Aggelein" is a band that is even less known than Duster, with only two albums left. The album includes 16 tracks from the original cassettes and LPs, which are now very hard to find, remixed and remastered from the analog tapes, as well as unreleased tracks & outtakes and other gorgeous bonus tracks. This is a golden collection of work from the forerunner of the most important slowcore band of all time, hidden in a surprisingly obvious place.
MinaeMinae - Gestrüpp (LP)
MinaeMinae - Gestrüpp (LP)Marionette

On this seven track album we hear MinaeMinae (alias Bastian Epple) playfully scurry through his dense soundscapes on a tightrope. The sounds lying somewhere on the crossroads of psychedelic trance, exotica, ambient and melodic dance music – veering further off orbit with nontypical rhythms and dystopian percussive patterns.

MinaeMinae understands musical material similar to documentary footage which he would cut up, repitch, and rearrange freely. Most of his tracks are a mix of analog, synthetic sounds and recordings of ethnic percussion and guitar. Recently Bastian began experimenting with modular synthesis and self made tape echoes - seeking a more reduced and minimal composition style compared to his earlier quite whimsical tunes.

Growing up in a small village in southern Germany, Bastian was never interested in kitschy folk sounds that everyone would mindlessly clap and sing along to, rather he took solace in the time he would spend delving into patterns and repetitions that pleased him. His guitar strumming and what sounded to his mother like a young Philip Glass on a cheap Casio keyboard encouraged little Epple to continue on this self-taught path of developing his musical language. He then started to experiment with a tape recorder and layering sounds with non-musical samples, which his former village friends found too weird – then to eventually working with a small freeware DAW. Bastian went on to study Media Art at the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe – initially enrolled in music but the frustration and doubt of not being able to produce the music he wanted led him into film and documentary media. During his studies, Bastian was living with Florian Meyers (Don’t DJ) for several years where they would philosophize life and music into the wee hours – he encouraged Bastian to start sharing what he’s been quietly working on all these years and slowly emerge from this anonymity which eventually led to his first release on Human Pitch last fall.

Disproportionate forms, color changes, backdrops weaved into the foreground, all lay the dense earth for Gestrüpp through Benjamin Kilchhofer’s artwork.

Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded (LP)
Boogie Down Productions - Criminal Minded (LP)B-Boy Records
This is the first historical album released in 1987, representing the golden age of hip-hop. A great combination of lo-fi and rough tracks by vintage sampler E-MU SP1200 and hardcore by teacher KRS ONE.
Hakobune - Ruminating On What Was Unsaid (LP)
Hakobune - Ruminating On What Was Unsaid (LP)Tobira Records
Hakobune is a contemporary ambient drone artist who paints a simple mental picture with a sincere appearance of music in a healthy everyday life. No digital, vinyl format only release! Gold vinyl. The album features two full-length tracks: "kume", an aesthetic modern classical/ambient piece with sentimental soundscapes created by a dull piano and amplified guitar, and "kodaicho", an ambient drone piece that dances through the trees in anticipation of the coming spring day. Limited edition of 300 copies.
Schoolly-D - P.S.K. What Does It Mean?/Gucci Time (12")
Schoolly-D - P.S.K. What Does It Mean?/Gucci Time (12")Get On Down
Limited color vinyl edition. Two masterpieces that have made their mark in hip-hop history! Here is a must-have 12" featuring two killer tracks from Philadelphia hip-hop legend Schoolly D. The first is "P.S.K. What Does It Mean? and "Gucci Time", one of the greatest gangsta rap songs of all time. Liner notes by Schoolly D himself are also included.
Theo Parrish - Overyohead (12")
Theo Parrish - Overyohead (12")Sound Signature
This is a 1999 masterpiece from the initial Sound Signature catalog run by Detroit-based producer and DJ Theo Parrish, an artist who can no longer be categorized as house. Theo Parrish's 1999 masterpiece from the early Sound Signature catalog. A jet-black sonic sculpture of awakening.
Wool And The Pants - Wool In The Pool (LP)
Wool And The Pants - Wool In The Pool (LP)Peoples Potential Unlimited
The PPU debut EP from Japan outfit Wool & The Pants. The Tokyo trio includes players; Yu Tokumo (Guitar / Vocals), Kento Enokida (Bass), and Aki Nakagomi (Drums). First discovered in 2017 by Mad Love, Tokumo has been making this music since 2008 drawing inspiration from Jagatara, Kimidori, Daisuke Tobari, Sakana, Think Tank, Les Rallizes Denudes, ECD, Haruomi Hosono, Can, Syd Barrett, Laraaji, and SunRa.
Jamael Dean - Black Space Tapes (LP)
Jamael Dean - Black Space Tapes (LP)Stones Throw

Co-produced with Carlos Niño and scoring a 7.5 on Pitchfork, Jamael Dean is a prodigious 20-year-old jazz pianist and producer who has collaborated and performed with Kamasi Washington, Thundercat and Carlos Niño. Jamael Dean's debut album is out now on the prestigious Stones Throw label. Influenced by his grandfather, the legendary soul-jazz drummer Donald Dean, as well as Sun Ra, Alice Coltrane, and Herbie Hancock, Dean is one of the most sought-after artists of the new generation. From the ethereal horn section, to the kaleidoscopic piano, to the chill-out microcosmic collage of sound, the vibes are tremendous. A chaotic cosmic soul-jazz masterpiece that mixes beat music, hip-hop, ambient and electronica. This is a masterpiece of chaotic cosmic soul jazz that mixes contemporary jazz, beat music, and experimental music, reaching out to listeners of many genres!

Martin Denny - Hypnotique (LP)
Martin Denny - Hypnotique (LP)Jackpot Records
The gold standard for Hawaiian lounge miracles! This is the first analog reissue of Martin Denny's 1959 album "Hypnotique", the undisputed king of exotic fantasy music! Once you drop the needle, you'll be transported to another world... this record fully showcases space age music overflowing with imaginary appeal, armed with dripping melancholy and an exotic and fantastic mood. Limited edition of 1000 copies.
Victor Cavini - Japan (LP)
Victor Cavini - Japan (LP)Be With Records

The first Be With foray into the archives of revered German library institution Selected Sound is one of our favourites on the label - the super in-demand Japan from Victor Cavini, originally released in 1983.

Rare and sought-after for many years now, this is one of those cult library LPs that never turn up. With Daibutsu the giant Buddha of Kamakura’s presence gracing the hefty front cover, this is a record bursting with dope samples for adventurous producers: it’s koto-funk madness!

Victor Cavini was the library music pseudonym of prolific German composer and musician Gerhard Trede. He was known for exploring instruments and styles from around the world (he played over 50 different instruments himself) and Japan is his collection of 14 musical sketches painted with traditional Japanese wind and string instruments. These are the sounds of traditional Japanese folk music re-interpreted through Western ears, with the occassional contemporary twist. Contemporary for 1983, of course.

These “Pictures of Japan” are hypnotic, sometimes frantic, but always beautiful. The first twelve tracks offer airy explorations of koto and flute, with other strings and percussion being added and then given their own space. Indeed “Pictures of Japan XII” is just drums.

And then “Pictures of Japan XIII” seems to come out of nowhere. But the subtle sleaze of its full band sound still doesn’t quite prepare you for the towering climax of “Pictures of Japan XIV”.

This is Japan’s undoubted standout piece, completely and wonderfully at odds with the rest of the album. It’s the reason this has become such a must-have record. It keeps the traditional Japanese instruments but combines them with shuffling funk breaks, electric bass high in the mix and a Godzilla-sized psychedelic fuzz guitar sound that might actually be a traditional reed flute pushed to its limits. Whatever it is, it sounds awesome.

Recalling both Rino de Filippi’s Oriente Oggi and Giancarlo Barigozzi’s Oriente, the track’s a real head-nod groove for b-boys and b-girls alike that sounds straight out of a late 70s Yakuza film. Indeed, if you were told The RZA or Onra had cooked this up in the lab this century, you’d be convinced. It’s crazy that this dates from 1983.

The audio for Japan has been sensitively remastered for vinyl by Be With regular Simon Francis to keep all the character of the original recordings. Richard Robinson has handled the careful restoration of the original Selected Sound sleeve. Essential.

Leon Ware - Rainbow Deux (2LP)
Leon Ware - Rainbow Deux (2LP)Be With Records
Leon Ware ( 1940-2017 ) is a singer-songwriter/arranger from Detroit who has been active since the 1970s and has released works on such labels as United Artists Records and Elektra, and is also known for his work producing Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye. 1940-2017). His latest album, his last, is out now on Be With. The album is a double-pack of songs by Ronald Bruner Jr, a drummer known as Thundercat's brother, Stephen Bruner, Kamasi Washington, Ariana Grande, and singer Taura Stinson, who also sings backing vocals for Usher.
Martin Denny - Exotica (LP)
Martin Denny - Exotica (LP)Jackpot Records

This is an analog reissue of the 1956 album "Exotica" by Martin Denny, the undisputed king of exotic fantasy music! Once you drop the needle, you're transported to another world... A monumental album that launched Denny's 30-year career and opened up a whole new genre of exotica music! As the tropical mood from the iconic artwork suggests, the album showcases the full range of fantastic space-age sounds that reek of exoticism and imaginary charm.

Idjah Hadidjah & Jugala Jaipongan - Jaipongan Music of West Java (2LP)
Idjah Hadidjah & Jugala Jaipongan - Jaipongan Music of West Java (2LP)Hive Mind Records

The singular expressions of music across Indonesia are seemingly limitless, though few are as dynamic and hold such a colorful history as jaipongan of West Java. The form of jaipongan we know today was born from the fields of Java where an early form of music called ketuk-tilu echoed over fields during harvest times. Known for intense and complex drumming coordinated with equally dynamic solo female dancing, ketuk-tilu performances included a rebab (a small upright bowed instrument), a gong, and ketuk-tilu (“three kettle gongs”). Though the original performance context of this music revolved around planting and harvesting rituals, with the singer accepting male dancing partners, over time ketuk-tilu became an outlet for village life expressing fertility, sensuality, eroticism, and, at times, socially accepted prostitution. Activities in the first half of the twentieth century that were best suited amongst the elements of harvest and outside of urban criticism.

Fast forward to 1961, the year the Indonesian government placed a ban on Western music, most specifically rock and roll, ostensibly to revive the traditional arts and have the country refocus on Indonesian ideals. Though, this attempt to reclaim, and in many ways conservatize, musical output had an unexpected musical outcome. In the early 70s the composer and choreographer Gugum Gumbira (1945-2020) took it upon himself to retrofit and creatively expand the core elements of ketuk-tilu into a contemporary form. One that would harness ketuk-tilu’s core dynamics and nod to the government’s pressure to revive traditional forms, while creating a fresh and socially acceptable art form where enticing movements, intimate topics and just the right degree sensuality had a collective musical expression. Born was jaipongan.

Musically, Gumbira added in the gamelan thereby augmenting the overall instrumentation especially the drums. Importantly, he brought a new and very focused emphasis to the role of the singer allowing them to concentrate solely on their voices opposed to dancing as well. These voices weren’t there to narrate upper class lifestyles or Western flavored ideals (and colonial mentalities in general), but the worldview and woes of the common people of West Java. Intimacy, love, romance, money, working with the land, life’s daily struggles and the processes of the natural world were common themes in jaipongan that ignited the hearts of the people and directly spoke to both the young and old. The two timeless voices that would define the genre and fuel it to echo out across the globe were Idjah Hadjijah, featured here, and Gugum’s wife, Euis Komariah (1949-2011), two nationally cherished voices that catapulted the genre into the sensual, elegant and other-wordly.

Movement-wise, Gumbira included some of the original sensual moves of ketuk-tilu and intertwined them with movements based on the popular martial art called pencack silat. With just enough new and just enough old, and just enough safe and just enough bold, men and women danced together in public in ways never allowed before. The genre and its performances were an oasis for the optimal amount of controlled intimacy and sexual nuance to be socially acceptable. Jaipongan was embraced by a country longing for new societal norms and creative expressions.

All these elements combined rooted Jaipongan in the hearts of West Java and set the genre on fire. Gumbira established his own studio, Jugala studio in the city of Bandung, where a cast of West Java’s best players resided. This record, as well as hundreds more that have defined music in West Java of every style, were recorded there. Radio, a booming cassette industry, and live performances of jaipongan flooded the country, so much so that the government's attempts to reel it in were futile. Jaipongan had tapped into the hearts, daily worldview, airwaves and clubs of West Java and wasn’t going anywhere. And by listening here, it’s still as alive as ever.

MICACHU - Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill (CS)
MICACHU - Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill (CS)DDS

A true mid-decade classic, Mica Levi's ‘Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill’ is available once again in this new edition featuring Matt Colton’s re-master and new artwork, for optimal absorption in its lush aetheric flux.

Issued somewhere between Mica Levi’s emergence in 2008, and their recent gush of solo and band releases with Curl and Good Sad Happy Bad, Mica wrote and recorded ‘Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill’ around about the time they were receiving award-nominations and resounding acclaim for their soundtrack to Jonathan Glazer film, ‘Under The Skin.’ Naturally it shares some of that OST’s tones and moods, but the results are far more febrile, lush rather than dark and tense, stitching together a tapestry like mixtape-cum-production showreel of curdled chamber pieces, shrugged hip hop, ambient flights of fancy and gorgeous snatches of strings recalling the intervals of Carl Craig and Derrick May’s seminal ‘Relics’ set going into what sound like early sketches for what would become Tirzah’s ‘Devotion’ album a few years later.

Replete with new, minimalist artwork symbolic of the album’s enigmatic nature, the record’s second wind is arguably ideally timed for the world’s current state of torpor and tentative anticipation, with 60 minutes of figurative, quietly perplexing, evocative melodies that work by inference as opposed to ever beating you around the head with a message. It’s peppered with some exquisite, often unexpected moments that arrive and recede into its matrix with uncanny logic that perhaps comes as close as you’ll get to living inside Mica’s iridescent, endlessly intriguing mind.

C. Blumberg - South from the Future (CS + DL)
C. Blumberg - South from the Future (CS + DL)dicoes Cn
The debut album by C. Blumberg (living in Berlin DE) is a series of composite images. Anecdotes with distorted perspectives. Documents or maps - impressions...? However if you look a bit closer you see something very different, quite like a technologic fantasy. The second track, ¿À´ñ¿¹ÎӾ峤 (tr. Shanghai Magical Forest), holds a certain key to enter the psyche of the album. Here Blumberg is inspired by a photo found on Flickr. The author of the photo gave it a made-up name, c.q. a theme park that doesn¡Çt exists. But in the canon of the Internet this place was misunderstood to be an actual real place. Resulting in bewildering daytrips and unfulfilling online voyages to find the apt information about this amusement park. It became a glitch. The attentive listener hears a similar fabrication in the sounds. And is witness to: the simple creation of a truth. Contrasting with Murmansk, the opening track. This track grants its name from something we should not see. Think about demarcation lines where none can go. I see a certain relationshop between this release and the Berko album we produced two years ago. However where Andras Fox, as Berko, wanted to pay homage to YouTube bloopers and animal-attack videos – threating these as a mirror of society – C. Blumberg changes the gaze. Blumberg hints at the Internet of Things. Resulting in a gloomy album, infused with enough humor and affection to enjoy. And with enough hidden meanings for the listener to explore ¡Ä ¡ÈThe Drake-YouTube Piano Tutorial combined with the chords of a Schubert Impromptu in Like when Chrysler ¡Ä . (¡Ä) The sound of driving a mountain road in a Youtube video, while someone is reading of Kenneth Goldsmith¡Çs ‚Wasting Time on The Internet¡Æ (also if it¡Çs edited you won¡Çt understand it or identify it anymore).¡É
Gavilán Rayna Russom - Secret Passage (CS)
Gavilán Rayna Russom - Secret Passage (CS)Voluminous Arts
The inaugural (official) release on Voluminous Arts comes from label founder Gavilán Rayna Russom. Secret Passage is a collection of 5 sound works created in conversation with her memories of the East Side Rail Tunnel in Providence, Rhode Island where she was born and raised. In Rayna's words... "I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island in the 1970¡Çs and 80¡Çs. The booming jewelry and textile industries of the previous decades had pulled out by that point. The Italian mob ran most details of the day to day operations of the city. As kids coming up in that environment, before the internet, me and the people I hung out with didn¡Çt know anything else and we worked with what we had to entertain ourselves. We found places that had been forgotten by market interests and made them spaces of creative community building. One of the most special of these places was the East Side Rail Tunnel. Running for almost exactly one mile beneath the city¡Çs streets, the tunnel and nearby Crook Point Bridge were unsupervised autonomous zones where I tasted the possibilities of a world without surveilance. The tunnel was particularly important in my creative development because not only was it a marginal zone apart from monetized spaces of creative consumption, but it also had specific experiential properties. It had a bend in it which meant that when you got to the middle of it you were in complete darkness, and I learned quickly that when you spend enough time in complete darkness you start to hallucinate, which I liked. The acoustics were also remarkable; long natural delays and harmonic-reinforcing reverberances. Making any sound in there added layers of acoustic effects which made noises physical and fluid and, combined with the complete darkness, absolutely dissolved boundaries between internal and external experience. I started hanging out there when I was 14 and continued to return there regularly until development, gentrification and policing eventually made it inaccessible. By the mid ¡Æ90s it was sealed off with progressively more impenetrable barriers. Nowadays it looks very different. This music is about some of the significant experiences I had in this beautifully neglected place and the people I had them with."
Couronne de Merde - اتمنى لوان الریاح تجلي الرما (CS)
Couronne de Merde - اتمنى لوان الریاح تجلي الرما (CS)Broken Britain Cassettes
Dark and clanging industrial drone and field recordings inspired by and about the Lebanese civil war, with slightly heavy-handed Muslimgauze-aping artwork, but still - if you¡Çre into anything from Bryn Jones to Demdike Stare, John Carpenter to early Vatican Shadow - you¡Çll be feeling this. "BEIRUT, Lebanon — a haunted city. The dead look out from the bullet holes which scar the public squares and back streets, presided over by the monumental ruin of the Holiday Inn, overlooking the city from its seafront cathedra. Broken Britain Cassettes advances its World Service campaign eastward with an anatopic release from Frenchman Couronne de Merde, who became preoccupied by the Lebanese Civil War after repeated visits to Beirut. Recorded over a week in Paris, these tracks are an exorcism of the ghosts who followed him back. Spectral voices lurk behind the shell-shocked synths and an urgent battery of percussion. Proceedings move forward and backwards in time - at once observing the event and recalling it afterward. Disparate scenes and incidents are conflated in a trans-historical bloodbath, underscored by a sorrowful ambience which longs for meaning in Sacrifice. اتمنى لو ان الریاح .Couronne de Merde casts an unflinching gaze at theocratic and political contradictions is a poetic documentation and dramatisation of a modern conflict, this late iteration of ancient تجلي الرماد struggles between Religion and Secularity, Christianity and Islam, Dominance and Freedom.
Vatican Shadow - Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era (CS + DL)
Vatican Shadow - Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era (CS + DL)20 Buck Spin
For a decade now, Vatican Shadow, one of the many guises of Dominick Fernow, has blurred the lines of rhythmic industrial, ambient and soundscapes to weave throbbing frontline REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED and anxiety disorder. One of the most prolific underground artists of the 21st century, living his art down to minute detail, Fernow¡Çs penchant for seamlessly spanning underground sub-cultures finds Vatican Shadow now aligned with 20 Buck Spin for the first time. On the new full length album ¡ÆPersian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era¡Ç the deconstruction continues, with layers of collaged synth stabs, low end pulsing dread and ominous sand-swept melodies. And where Vatican Shadow often sets a rigid musical focus with each release, here the full multi-faceted embodiment of the project comes to fruition from hypnotic dance floor repetition, cold metallic percussion, martial bass strikes, and dark melodic noise.
Cindy Lee - Act Of Tenderness (LP + DL)
Cindy Lee - Act Of Tenderness (LP + DL)W.25TH
Cindy Lee is the diva alter-ego of singer / guitarist / drag queen Patrick Flegel, the one-time captain of heralded Canadian experimental guitar pop act, Women. In Flegel's working on / as Cindy Lee exclusively over recent years, their songwriting makes a move toward high atmospherics, often achieving a mysterious sweetness rooted equally in beauty and ache. As Cindy Lee's first long-form statement, Act Of Tenderness makes use of antipodal themes to create a living sound: static with grace, distortion and sugar, all masterfully arranged with crooked nods toward pop classicism. The layered vocal on "Power And Possession" creates a palpable haunt, bringing historical girl-group lament to choir-esque heights. The feedback shriek and industrial grind of "Bonsai Garden" provides near-operatic damage, yet never stumbles into the irrevocably grave. These snowy pieces give the album a decidedly cinematic feel, albeit one bent more towards Eraserhead. Originally released in a scant private edition in 2015, Superior Viaduct's imprint W.25TH is pleased to give Act Of Tenderness its deserving wide release.

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