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Henri Chopin - OH Audiopoems By Henri Chopin (2LP)
Henri Chopin - OH Audiopoems By Henri Chopin (2LP)Slowscan
Second edition of 300 copies with slightly different artwork; the sleeve has a different colour, a spelling error on the back sleeve has been corrected, the labels are different and there is another picture on the back sleeve. Released with kind permission of Brigitte Morton / Henri Chopin Estate.
Company - Epiphanies I-VI (2LP)
Company - Epiphanies I-VI (2LP)Honest Jon's Records
The first of two unearthings of the racket made by Derek Bailey and pals at his Company Week festivities in 1982. This is waaay out there improv experimentation which sees musicians like Julie Tippets, Motoharu Yoshizawa and George Lewis go into battle to see who can come up with the most ludicrous squeak. Faint hearted step aside, this is prime freeform improvisation with an all important humorous streak.
Alvin Lucier - Works for the Ever Present Orchestra (2LP + DL)
Alvin Lucier - Works for the Ever Present Orchestra (2LP + DL)Black Truffle
Black Truffle¡Çs documentation of the prolific recent work of legendary American composer Alvin Lucier continues with Works for the Ever Present Orchestra. This is a very special release for the composer, as it presents pieces written for the thirteen-member Ever Present Orchestra, formed in 2016 exclusively to perform Lucier¡Çs works. At the heart of the ensemble are four electric guitars, an instrument Lucier began composing for in 2013 with Criss-Cross (recorded by two core members of the Ever Present Orchestra, Oren Ambarchi and Stephen O¡ÇMalley, for whom it was composed, on Black Truffle 033). Through the use of e-bows, the guitars take on a role akin to the slow sweep pure wave oscillators heard in many of Lucier¡Çs works since the early 1980s, but with added harmonic richness. Like much of Lucier¡Çs instrumental music, the pieces recorded here focus on acoustic phenomena, especially beating patterns, produced by the interference between closely tuned pitches. The work presented here is some of the richest and most inviting that Lucier has composed. Though all of the pieces clearly belong to the same continuing exploration of the behaviour of sound in physical space and make use of related compositional devices, each takes on a strikingly different character. Titled Arc, for the full ensemble of four guitars, four saxophones, four violins, piano and bowed glockenspiel inhabits a world of sliding, uneasy tones, punctuated by a single piano note. Where Double Helix, for four guitars, rests on a pillow of warm, low hum, EPO-5, for two guitars, saxophone, violin, and glockenspiel possess a limpid, crystalline quality. Accompanying the four new compositions are two adaptations of existing pieces for radically different instrumentation, demonstrating Lucier¡Çs excitement about the new possibilities suggested by this dedicated ensemble. Works for the Ever Present Orchestra is an essential document of the current state of Lucier¡Çs continuing exploration, as well as offering a seductive entry-point for anyone who might yet be unacquainted with his singular body of work. Presented in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with cover artwork and liner notes from Alvin Lucier. Includes a download code featuring hi-res vesions of the LP material. The download code also includes the bonus Adaptions for the Ever Present Orchestra featuring two pieces (¡ÈTwo Circles¡É and ¡ÈBraid¡É) that are not included on the LP version. Mastered by Rashad Becker. Design by Lasse Marhaug.
Bruno Nicolai - Espressioni (LP)
Bruno Nicolai - Espressioni (LP)Loneos Editions
Originally released in 1972 for the sought after Gemelli imprint, Espressioni was credited to longtime Ennio Morricone partner and conspirator Bruno Nicolai, one of the most influential Italian composer in the heyday of film music and modern composition. The maestro Morricone shows his persona between the folds of the record as well, revealing a common sense for obscure leanings in the tradition of avant-garde jazz and classic contemporary. The many faces of the two composers are fully in charge through the nine episodes of the release, such a chronological history akin to the common area of Italian psycho drama and cultish noir-exploitation short movies. Fascinating though obscure, these austere compositions should be fitting ideally along your Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza or Egisto Macchi essential releases.
Le Théâtre du Chêne Noir - Aurora (LP)
Le Théâtre du Chêne Noir - Aurora (LP)Souffle Continu Records
Nurse With Wound List! Théâtre du Chêne Noir d'Avignon, a French avant-garde group founded in the late '60s by Gérard Gelas, a multi-instrumentalist and actor who plays everything from gongs to synths, drums and organ, released a rare 1971 album on Futura Records, an avant-garde jazz label known for its work with Sahib Shihab, Jacques Thollot and Steve Lacy. This is an official reissue from SouffleContinu, a prestigious label that digs up the life of the French avant-garde, from domestic progressive rock to the niche works of Saravah. The first album was recorded on June 22/23, 1971 at the chapel of the same name in Avignon, southern France (Steve Lacy recorded "Solo" there the following year). It's breathtaking to hear the horrible sounds. With a composition that is liturgical and imaginative, reminiscent of paganism and black magic, the saxophone, flute, electric guitar, percussion, and enigmatic French narratives and cries are intertwined, instantly transforming the sound field into another world. Remastered from the master tape. With an obi. Officially licensed by Futura Records.
Alvin Curran, Roberto Laneri, Giancarlo Schiaffini - The Beat 72 Lost Date (LP)
Alvin Curran, Roberto Laneri, Giancarlo Schiaffini - The Beat 72 Lost Date (LP)Eargong Records
This is amazing! A completely unreleased work recorded in 1973 at the legendary club in Rome, Italy! An experimental vocalization group that was also popular for its reissue release by . A night of musicians who are inevitable in telling the lifeline of the Italian underground avant-garde, such as Roberto Laneri, one of the founding members of Prima Materia, Alvin Curran, an American genius musician, and Giancarlo Schiaffini, an avant-garde trombone specialist. A rainy day excavation sound source by the limited all-star ensemble! An illusion of members of a legendary group that appeared in the late 1960s and 1970s, such as the prestigious Gruppo di improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza and Musica Elettronica Viva, and who became the world's leading avant-garde music based in Italy. Archive has appeared for the first time in about 50 years. I am impressed with the creative and avant-garde sounds that transcend categories and boundaries. Includes gorgeous liner notes and photos. This is just a historical document.
Derek Bailey & Han Bennink (2LP)
Derek Bailey & Han Bennink (2LP)Honest Jon's Records
Derek Bailey x Han Bennink !!!! The live recording from Incus in 1972, in which Han Bennink, who was personally enthusiastic about coming to Japan this year, also participated, is the first vinyl reissue over 45 years. A collaboration album between Derek Bailey and Han Bennink. Beninck, who makes strange voices and hits things other than drums against Bailey's electric guitar, and messy performances such as turning on the radio, but ... Bailey's calmness and listening. Isn't it a contrast? Sometimes the moment Bailey demands silence is also wonderful. And Rashad Becker's great remastering and perfection at that prestigious Abbey Road Studios.
Jon Gibson - Visitations (LP)
Jon Gibson - Visitations (LP)Superior Viaduct
Jon Gibson, a rare minimalist who has been listed in the 2nd work "Two Solo Pieces", Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and La Monte Young. The 1973 memorable 1st album is finally reissued on LP !! Side A, which contains flutes, cymbals, and organic repetitions of shining bells, side B, where the inflection of electronic sounds leads to the forest, along with the flow of rivers and environmental sounds. Both are extremely minimal. Beautiful to Avant. It is a supreme masterpiece that is drawn into the depths of consciousness.
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Nuova Consonanza (LP+Book)
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Nuova Consonanza (LP+Book)Cinevox
The distributor is already sold out! Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, a legendary music group that led the improvisational / experimental music scene of the 1960s from Italy, along with the legendary Musica Elettronica Viva, formed in Rome in 1964 under the leadership of pianist Franco Evangelisti. The masterpiece "Nuova Consonanza" released in 1975 is the first vinyl reprint in history with a luxurious booklet! Reissue with a completely new remastering specification from the newly discovered original tape. Limited edition with a 12-page luxury 30 "x30" booklet with unpublished photos, texts and essays. A masterpiece that can be said to be a new starting point in history or a major frontier at the end of the music of improvisation. It's really amazing !! New remastering from the original tape & 180G heavy board specification. Limited to 400 sheets. Don't miss this opportunity as the original is almost unavailable at the moment!
Paolo Coteni - Nel Corso Del Tempo, A tribute To Laura Grisi (LP)Paolo Coteni - Nel Corso Del Tempo, A tribute To Laura Grisi (LP)
Paolo Coteni - Nel Corso Del Tempo, A tribute To Laura Grisi (LP)Slowscan
Recommended! Laura Grisi (1939-2017), an Italian female artist born in Greece, was active in the art scene in the 1960s using unique objects such as acrylic resin and neon. Recorded in the 70's and 80's by Paolo Conteni, a Roman visual / sound artist who was heavily inspired by her musical productions and also produced the work of Fluxus writer Giuseppe Chiari. The series of tape works that I was doing has been made into a vinyl from the long-established store !

Paolo Conteni is also the curator of the radio art program on the major television channel "RAI 1" of the Italian Broadcasting Corporation. This work was inspired by her listening to Grisi's musical works such as "Dieci Pietre Cantano (Ten stones Singing)" and "Il Rumore Della Vita (The Noise of Life)". A concrète work that can be said to be the result of his own electronic music work that he produced from the 70's to the 80's by incorporating various techniques. According to Conteni, it brings a new dimension to her art world. Based on field recording materials such as the sound of water (side A) and the sound of the earth (side B), as I intended, a truly different world of intense Yaba concrète appears on both sides. .. This is a very shocking work, and this is inevitable! Limited to 220 sheets.
Marino Zuccheri - Parete 67 (LP)
Marino Zuccheri - Parete 67 (LP)Die Schachtel
He was also a sound engineer at RAI Studio, a legendary music studio built in Italy's national radio station RAI, and was also involved in the production of electronic sounds for the works of Italian contemporary music masters such as Luigi Nono and Bruno Maderna. The masterpiece "Parete '67 Per Emilio Vedova" left by an unknown person, Marino Zuccheri. This work, which was unearthed by Die Schachtel in 2005, is finally reissued again!
Emilio Vedova, a painter commissioned by the Italian government to create an installation for the Italian pavilion at the Montreal Expo, initially asked Nono to produce electronic sounds, but Marino Zuckeri took over. As a result, a 30-minute historic work that swirls with a soundscape of a threatening soundscape of cool spiritual pressure electronic sounds is completed. Limited to 300 pieces with inserts attached to the custom inner sleeve. A collection of rich concrète works recommended along with the Roland Kayn box that arrived at the same time! As soon as possible!
Richard Maxfield - Richard Maxfield (2LP)
Richard Maxfield - Richard Maxfield (2LP)Slowscan
It is the last arrival out of print. Richard Maxfield, an American electronic musician / composer who was also known as a student and instructor of electronic music classes for Nan and John Cage. A collection of rare sound sources from the 1960s released in 2014 by the Dutch Fluxus / art reissue label Slowscan. It's a board that contains a lot of valuable sound sources, but I think the one that catches the eye even if it's called Nan is the precious recording of La Monte Young in 1961. An important document that unravels the history of contemporary music / electronic music. Limited to 185 copies. Highly recommended!
Sven-Åke Johansson - Schlingerland - Dynamische Schwingungen (LP)
Sven-Åke Johansson - Schlingerland - Dynamische Schwingungen (LP)CIEN FUEGOS
Don't miss the original because it's extremely difficult to obtain. 180G heavy board specifications. A monumental release from in 1972 by Swedish improviser Sven-Åke Johansson, who is also known for his participation in the Globe Unity Orchestra and has various aspects such as composer, drummer, visual artist, poet and author. The first album is a vinyl reprint from under the umbrella of ! A master writer who has co-starred with improvisational leaders such as Peter Kowald, Peter Brötzmann, and Alexander von Schlippenbach for many years since the 1960s, and has continued endlessly ambitious attempts from electronics to the avant-garde music territory. This is Dada. However, what shines is an outstanding avant sensibility. Depending on the person, it may be a piece that even raises the question of whether this is music. While maintaining an unbalanced feeling on the verge of collapse, the percussion sound of empty percussion continues swayingly, and the wave of performance that greatly deviates from the frame of jazz is spreading in Europe, and the focus is on a more spectacular experiment. .. I will attack from beginning to end with insane tension. Masterpiece!
HENRY COW - Leg End (LP)
A masterpiece of sock jackets that became a trademark !! The famous experimental rock band Henry Cow's 1st album in 1973 by Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson !! The reissue from the home base [ReR] is finally repressed this year. !! A great lifeline leading to "Rock In Opposition". With the tremendous influence of pioneers such as Soft Machine and Frank Zappa as the undercurrent, Avant Rock has been elaborated with unparalleled precision. There is no arrogant arrangement, and the mystery of free-form improvisation explodes without being disturbed. Definitely one of the best in the Canterbury scene. If you haven't experienced it yet!
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Alexandra Phillips & Jan Henderikse - You & I (10")
Alexandra Phillips & Jan Henderikse - You & I (10")Slowscan
¥930 ¥2,530
The artist group / art movement "ZERO" (1960-1966) from Düsseldorf described as "the realm of silence and the pure potential for a new beginning". These have become international activities that extend to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy, with Jan Henderikse, who was a member of the "Nederlandse Nul-beging" formed in 1960, and now in the Netherlands. A collaborative work by young American artist Alexandra Phillips based in the arts excavation label Slowscan is now available on a 10-inch vinyl! A record with a concept that is too unusual has arrived! This work has a great sense of humor, extracting the word "You" from all the existing records ("I" on the B side) and collage it with rage. This is an extremely rare board with an idea that Vaporwave is as good as it is. The jacket is also full of the letters "You". Black vinyl specifications. Includes insert. Limited to 250 sheets.
Walter Marchetti - De Musicorum Infelicitate (CD)
Walter Marchetti - De Musicorum Infelicitate (CD)Alga Marghen
Walter Marchetti, one of the main members of ZAJ, an Italian conceptual art group founded in 1964 with the help of John Cage and known as Europe's Fluxus, and a master of the avant-garde in Italy, recorded this album in 2000 at Sensibile Studio in Milan. The album was recorded in 2000 at Sensibile Studio in Milan. A mysterious piano sound with a feeling of shattering glass is acoustically processed to create an enigmatic sound world. It's an endlessly mysterious zone, but it's a masterpiece that endlessly repeats chaotic soundscapes and depicts a certain theoretical crazy beauty. An important work that was later released on vinyl by the same label.
John McGuire - Works For Instruments (2CD)
John McGuire - Works For Instruments (2CD)Edition RZ
John Mcguire ( 1942- ) is a contemporary musician, guitarist, organist, and music editor from California, USA, who studied with Karlheinz Stockhausen and Gottfried Michael Koenig, and won the Gaudeamus Music Award. 1942-). He was married to soprano Beth Griffith, and made tape music based on his wife's voice, including the masterpiece "A Cappella". Cadence Music" (1982-85) was composed with 21 instruments, "Exchanges" (1998-2002) was composed for string quartet and soprano, and "Decadence Music" was composed with 8 horns. (1998-2002), "Decay" (1967-70) with eight horns, "Frieze" (1969-74) with four pianos, "Music for Music for Horns, Pianos, and Cymbals" (1981), the largest of his works, on two CDs. A 12-page booklet is included (in both German and English).
Tomás Cabado & Christoph Schiller - Unconscious Collections (CD)
Tomás Cabado & Christoph Schiller - Unconscious Collections (CD)Another Timbre
Three fresh and engaging pieces recorded during a meeting in Basel in June 2019 of Argentine guitarist Tomás Cabado and Christoph Schiller on spinet. The first piece is an improvisation, the second a composition by Christoph Schiller, and the final piece is composed by Tomás Cabado
J.P.A. Falzone & Morgan Evans-Weiler - Chordioid (2CD)
J.P.A. Falzone & Morgan Evans-Weiler - Chordioid (2CD)Another Timbre
J.P.A. Falzone and Morgan Evans-Weiler have been working together since 2016 in the famous ensemble "Ordinary Affects" of the Weindelweiser school. A 2-CD set containing the feature films composed individually by each is released from the famous place ! In January 19 at the Wesleyan University Memorial Chapel at the Liberal Arts University in Middletown, Connecticut, by Luke Damrosch, who is known for engineering works around Van der Weiser and co-writing with Alan Sondheim and José James. A recorded work. Both the string drone minimalist Morgan Evans-Weiler side, which accelerates isolation in the void, the melancholy piano and violin, and the JPA Falzone side, where the pointillistic sound of the vibraphone gives off a dull beauty. A very enigmatic chamber music work that makes you feel even the taste of Japanese loneliness while suppressing the number of sounds. It's ridiculously wonderful!
Phurpa - Hymns of Gyer (CD)
Phurpa - Hymns of Gyer (CD)Ideologic Organ
The cassette version was already out of print, but it's back in the CD edition! The latest album of the Russian group "Phurpa" who suddenly captivated drone enthusiasts all over the world with the LP recurrence from ! A statement from the Bon religion of Tibet Drone & musical instrument performance An overwhelming world view that perfectly blends dark ambient to dark folk and modern avant-garde sensibilities into ritual performances. I would love to see this performance in Japan.
John Cage, Joshua Pierce - A Tribute (2CD)
John Cage, Joshua Pierce - A Tribute (2CD)Ants
It is an Italian hard-line experimental label that has famous writers such as Pietro Grossi, Philip Corner, and Gigi Masin in its catalog. From , which has focused on sound art, minimal music, electroacoustic, etc. A collection of John Cage's works by US pianist Joshua Pierce, who is also enrolled in Japan! In addition to Pierce's piano and prepared piano, AFMM Ensemble's tenor singer Robert White also participated. This work mainly contains songs from the 1930s to the 1940s, 1946 "Prelude for 6 Instruments (Piano Sextet) in A Minor" and 1933 "Three Early Songs". The recording of these two works was realized for the first time here. Show off a refreshing performance with a vivid touch! Includes a 56-page oversized booklet. A masterpiece that I would like to recommend to a wide range of listeners.
Keiji Haino - ここにもこんなにブルースが宿っているとは... (CD)
Keiji Haino - ここにもこんなにブルースが宿っているとは... (CD)HOREN
A 2007 solo performance by Keiji Haino, who transcends genres and pursues infinite possibilities in musical expression, performed a full set of the Indonesian folk instrument Gamelan, which is owned by Osaka University of Arts.

The Art Information Center in Osaka University of Arts, which was the venue for the performance, is a special echo concrete hall built exclusively for pipe organs, which further amplifies the sound of large, medium, and small gongs and keyboard percussion instruments struck by Ashino. ..
Vivid and deep recording / mastering by Yasushi Utsunomiya.

"The sound of metal touched and tapped. And the ghostly movement of Ashino on the wave of vibration of the sound that I just created. When I approached and listened to it, I hesitated so much about the choice of sound. It doesn't feel like it's there. It's certainly intuitive, but when you listen to it over and over, it sounds like Haino's instinctive improvisation of pre-conceived music. Like there was a big plan from the beginning. "
Biba Kopf (a.k.a. Chris Bohn: Wire Magazine, UK)

Date: 25th Nov, 2007
Place: Osaka University of Arts

Produce & Direction: Music of New Reference (Hiroyuki Tomiyama, Ryoji Noumi, Takeshi Azuma) Recording Direction & Mastering: Yasushi Utsunomiya Assistant Recording Engineer: Kiyomi Utsunomiya, Yukiyo Hamano Liner Notes: Biba Kopf English Translation: Akiko Haneda (Liner Notes), Alan Cummings (Album title) Photograph: Tatsuhiro Haraji Design: Masahiko Ohno

Date: 25th Nov, 2007
Place: Osaka University of Arts

Produce & Direction: Music of New Reference (Hiroyuki Tomiyama, Ryoji Noumi, Takeshi Azuma) Recording Direction & Mastering: Yasushi Utsunomiya Assistant Recording Engineer: Kiyomi Utsunomiya, Yukiyo Hamano Liner Notes: Biba Kopf English Translation: Akiko Haneda (Liner Notes), Alan Cummings (Album title) Photograph: Tatsuhiro Haraji Design: Masahiko Ohno

Marco Paltrinieri - The Weaver  (CD)
Marco Paltrinieri - The Weaver (CD)Canti Magnetici
One recommendation ... !!! This is a fairly high-quality sound poem / concrète! The long-awaited debut solo by Marco Paltrinieri, who is also a member of the post-band The Ansaphone and is also known as a founding member of Discipula, an art collective who has held exhibitions at museums, galleries and festivals around the world. The album is now available from the Italian experimental landmark , where Carlos Casas and Mark Vernon are also enrolled! This is a very dangerous publication. As a solo artist, he uses sound, video and writing on the theme of technological progress, the struggle of mankind between decline and death. Inspired by the imagination of musique concrète masters such as Pierre Henry and Luc Ferrari, early groundbreaking experiments by Robert Ashley, and mysterious short stories by Kafka and ballads. It emits a hard textured concrète sound with melancholic distorted electronic sound and female voice poetry by Lucie Page. Giuseppe Ielasi is in charge of mastering, and Nicola Ratti's additional mix is also included and a gorgeous lineup! Limited to 300 copies. Don't miss it!
Julius Eastman - Femenine (CD)
Julius Eastman - Femenine (CD)Frozen Reeds
Helsinki's Frozen Reeds, a black composer, pianist and vocalist Julius Eastman, who was also involved in SEM Ensemble, performed at the composer forum in 1974, with works by Thomas Brinkmann and Morton Feldman. It's been several decades since then, and it's been made into a CD !!!!

The sound of the hypnotic woodwinds played by the S.E.M. ENSEMBLE band brings blissful peace, and the examination of the strings that permeates the whole body is also too elegant. Julius Eastman, the first male vocalist in the Meredith Monk ensemble and a modern classical writer who also collaborated with Arthur Russell, is a precious piece that shows a very deep knowledge of minimal and a passion for contemporary classical music. It is a piece. Mastering is supervised by veteran Denis Blackham, who also works on Muddy Waters and Howlin'Wolf. Includes 4 panel card sleeves and a folded poster.

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