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Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann - Mother of Pearl (CD)
Sarah Davachi & Sean McCann - Mother of Pearl (CD)Recital
Mother of Pearl is the first duo album from composers Sarah Davachi and Sean McCann. Two people, a couple, recording together at home. A slow, autumnal album made with no preconceptions or planning. Intimate, intended for ourselves. Sessions were captured simultaneously in two ways to build the shared space of perception. Sculpted hesitations made late at night. Short statements of melody are left space to rest and repose. The presence of room tone and the air are characters in all of these recordings – weaving freely within the music. Four-handed piano, two electric pianos, two guitars, viola, bells, tape. Golden hour, late night. The first recording sessions bookend the album, made in an afternoon in 2020. Recorded at home in Glendale, California and at a farmhouse on Sean’s birthday, nearby goats and wine and a supersonic jet launch. Take refuge in pleasure.
Shackleton - Departing Like Rivers (2LP)
Shackleton - Departing Like Rivers (2LP)Woe To The Septic Heart!
“Unlike much of my work recently, it is not a ‘concept album’ and is without any collaborators. I just wanted to focus on my core sound really but without any of the genre tropes that may have been present the last time I made a solo album. I had hoped that the album could work on multiple levels. In that respect, it is intended as a psychedelic album as much as anything. You can listen to it in a more meditative way without getting distracted by the details. I suppose that is why the frequency spectrum is more similar to my earlier work, but there is a lot going on under the surface and it can be quite demanding if you are paying attention as there are odd time signatures and dissonant elements in there too. Light and shadow I guess. I am hoping that it may be the kind of album that people play at the end of an excessive night, like after a club being back home with some friends, sleep deprivation and whatever else kicking in together with the music helping to launch your mind into space! I am also hoping though that it will be interesting enough to stand up in the cold sober light of day as ‘just good engaging music’. It is quite foggy and scuzzy in feel and I am using a lot of filtering and reverb to get this. I think the vocal samples are an attempt to offset this, to bring a bit of light to the murkiness. I also wanted the vocal aspects to reflect influences or things I could closely identify with for the most part, so there are a few hints at British folk songs in amongst the music, albeit rather ghostly and not directly recognisable. But anyway, all this is much more a question of feel, rather than a signifier in this respect. I like the haunting, melancholic aspects of these songs I suppose. I am putting it out on my own label, Woe To The Septic Heart! I just felt it was time for that. It is a bad time for pressing records but conversely, Bandcamp has proved to be useful in showing you do not need to have the backing of an established label. I think I can do something independently and hope that it will still reach the public.” — Shackleton
V.A. - Wounds of Love: Khmer Oldies, Vol. 2 (CS)V.A. - Wounds of Love: Khmer Oldies, Vol. 2 (CS)
V.A. - Wounds of Love: Khmer Oldies, Vol. 2 (CS)Death Is Not The End
From the late 1950s onwards a music scene developed around Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh, inspired by the prevalence of imported rock & pop records arriving in the country from US & UK and also chanson and bolero records from France & Latin America. This collection documents some of these early home-grown slow rock, pop & rnb 45 recordings from the early 60s, prior to the further embrace of US psych & garage rock-orientated sounds in the mid 60s and into the Vietnam war era.
Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes - Music for Saxofone and Bass Guitar More Songs (CS+DL)Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes - Music for Saxofone and Bass Guitar More Songs (CS+DL)
Sam Gendel & Sam Wilkes - Music for Saxofone and Bass Guitar More Songs (CS+DL)Leaving Records
Don't miss it! Known for his collaborations with big names such as Ry Cooder, Vampire Weekend and Moses Sumney, and as the leader of the jazz trio Inga, he has been active in a variety of fields, from psychedelic to outsider to meditative. This is a follow up to his last album, which was self-pressed in 2018 and has been reprinted many times since then and is a huge best seller in our store. The collaboration with Sam Wilkes is now available on cassette from Leaving Records, and is a continuation of the previous album recorded between 2017 and 2018. The album is a confident work that combines a sophisticated jazz mind with a unique, experimental sound that is full of the free spirit of the West Coast, and sublimates it into a unique, even meditative, sound. The muffled sound image with a perfect balance makes the listener feel even better. Limited edition of 350 pieces. Whether you were baptized by the previous album, missed it, or haven't experienced it yet, this is a must-have album for this year.
Robert Ashley - Automatic Writing (LP)
Robert Ashley - Automatic Writing (LP)Lovely Music

Lovely Music present a reissue of Robert Ashley's Automatic Writing, originally released as an LP by Lovely Music in 1979. Over the course of Robert Ashley's career his preoccupation with language and the voice took many forms. He became known in his librettos as a wonderful, funny, moving writer. But with Automatic Writing he examines language at a very "primitive" level -- the human impulse make sounds to express his inner state, whether it be regret, embarrassment, fear, or happiness -- even though there is no one else to listen. Talking to oneself.

Personnel: Voices - Robert Ashley and Mimi Johnson; Electronics and Polymoog - Robert Ashley; Words: Robert Ashley; Translation: Monsa Norberg; Silhouette: William Farley. The switching circuit was designed and built by Paul DeMarinis. Recorded, produced, and mixed by Robert Ashley at the Center for Contemporary Music, Mills College (Oakland), the American Cultural Center (Paris), and Mastertone Recording Studios (New York). This reissue was remastered and cut, from the original reel-to-reel tape, by Scott Hull, Masterdisk (New York). Manufactured at Record Technology Inc/RTI (California). 180 gram vinyl; Stoughton Old Style sleeve. Includes an insert with a transcription of the words, and the Automatic Writing notes Ashley wrote for Lovely's 1996 CD (that included "Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon" and "She Was A Visitor").

"On Automatic Writing, Robert Ashley composes under the influence of his 'involuntary speech.' (In his liner notes, Ashley revealed that he suffered from 'a mild form of Tourette's.') The piece starts quietly, with scraps of Ashley's mild, tremulous voice arranged next to more fluid French translations and barely-there touches of Moog. After Ashley's phrases lengthen enough to encompass sense-making phrases, a bass-register groove briefly appears, vanishes, then returns. Few pieces so quiet have proven as captivating; many that intend to be equally startling can't capture Ashley's range of surprises." --Seth Colter Walls, from Pitchfork's "Fifty Best Ambient Albums of All Time"

Green-House - Music for Living Spaces (LP+DL)
Green-House - Music for Living Spaces (LP+DL)Leaving Records

Leaving Records presents Music For Living Spaces, the debut LP by non-binary Los Angeles-based artist Green-House. Olive Ardizoni helms the project, which made its debut with the charming 2019 EP Six Songs for Invisible Gardens. Music for Living Spaces represents an evolution of its predecessor’s minimalist compositions into songs that move with winsome melodies and emotional arcs. Though recorded during a pandemic, the transporting nature of Music For Livings Spaces offers a remedy for dreariness. Ardizoni states, “I’m trying to hit that part of the brain that’s affected by the emotional state that you’re in when you perceive something as cute.” 
Music For Living Spaces' first single “Sunflower Dance” sports a breezy, bucolic vibe. The track is intended to invoke the whimsical image of hamsters happily dancing in a field. Ardizoni brings an intentionality to these playful atmospheres. They state, “In our culture, we prioritize profound artistic expression through emotions like sadness or aggression, but cuteness, silliness or fun, are the things that we trivialize in our culture. We say that they’re childish and it gets invalidated.” The complex and radiant productions on Music for Living Spaces counter this view. Ardizoni continues, “Cuteness and joy are gateways to compassion. It’s the gateway to empathy and activating the network in your brain that boosts moral concern for other people in the world around you.” Despite its general sunniness, Music For Living Spaces does not solely rely on exuberant, colorful moods. “Royal Fern” is a sophisticated composition of voices calling and responding to each other in rippling waves, while towards the closing of the album we hear Ardizoni’s ethereal voice for the first time that carries a nuanced, contemplative aura that defies categorization. 
Music For Living Spaces is a step forward for Green-House. Ardizoni states, “The intention of this project is to facilitate the connection between humans and nature. Instead of perceiving nature as something that's separate from us, or outside of our homes, we can recognize nature as something that is within us and in everything we do in our daily lives. You don't need to have access to the great outdoors to feel connected to the environment.”

Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar - Raga Yaman (2LP)
Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar - Raga Yaman (2LP)Ideologic Organ
Rudra is Lord Shiva and an absolute truth. Music for meditation ... The amazing sound that fascinates Stephen O'Malley is here! "Dhrupad" is a type of North Indian classical music that is considered to be the oldest form of classical music and has a form found in the tradition of South Indian carnatic music, and is said to show raga in its clearest and purest form. Unknown masterpiece!

Zia Mohiuddin Dagar (1929 – 1990), an Indian classical master famous for Rudra Vena's performance, also known as ZM Dagar, and both sides from BC, which are said to have been created by God Brahma and played by Ganesha. An unreleased live recording by Manik Munde, an innovative player of the drum "Pakawaji", has been released from the prestigious Ideologic Organ under Editions Mego in a way miraculous!

Recorded a concert at the HUB Auditorium at the University of Washington in 1986. It was Rudra Veena by Zia Mohiuddin Dagar that they introduced to Stephen after a 10-year-old London concert with Æthenor members Daniel O'Sullivan and Kristoffer Rygg. It is said that it was a recording of. The heaven of spiritual music. Knowing "ask the old and know the new" is exactly the encounter with this music. The intimate and elegant sound of the resonance of Rudra Veena and Tampura, which is also known as an extreme meditation state, is a masterpiece of dope that just sinks into the depths of the spiritual world. This is a transcendental recommendation as the best, best and best record of 2018 along with Ragnar Johnson the other day! Mastering & cutting is done at Dubplates & Mastering by Rashad Becker, a purveyor to our label. Includes liner notes by Renaud Brizard and Ian Christe.
Pendant - Make Me Know You Sweet (2LP)
Pendant - Make Me Know You Sweet (2LP)West Mineral Ltd.

The artist sometimes known as Huerco S. ushers a phase shift of sound to the shoegazing harmonic gauze of Make Me Know You Sweet, his immersive debut proper as Pendant. In this horizontal mode, Brian Leeds relays abstract stories from a headspace beyond the dance, placing his interests in the Romantic landscapes of JMW Turner, Robert Ashley's avant-garde enigmas, and Indigenous North American philosophy at the service of a more expressive, oneiric sound that sub/consciously avoids the trap falls of "chillout" ambient cliché. Across seven amorphous, texturally detailed tracks he establishes far reaching coordinates for both Pendant and the West Mineral Ltd. label, which aims to release everything except the commonly accepted, traditional forms of late 20th/early 21st century dance music, while also representing the work of his inner circle of friends, producers, artists. In that that sense there's a definite feeling of "no place like home" to his new work, but that home appears altered, much in the same way The Caretaker/Leyland Kirby deals with themes of memory and nostalgia. It's best described as mid-ground music, as opposed to the putative background purpose of ambient styles, or the upfront physicality of dance music. Rather, the sound billows and unfurls with a paradoxically static chaos, occupying and lurking a space between the eyes and ears in a way that's not necessarily comforting, and feels to question the nature and relevance of ubiquitous pastoral, new age tropes in the modern era of uncertainty and disingenuity. The results ponder an impressionistic, romantically ambiguous simulacrum of real life worries and anxiety, feeling at once dense and impending yet without center. From the keening, 11-minute swell of "VVQ-SSJ" at the album's prow, to the similar scope of its closer, Pendant presents an absorbing vessel for introspection, modulating the listener's depth perception and moderating our intimacy with an elemental push and pull between the curdling, bittersweet froth of "BBN-UWZ", the dusky obfuscation of "IBX-BZC" and, in the supremely evocative play of phosphorescing light and seductive darkness in the mottled depths of "KVL-LWQ", which also benefits from additional production by Pontiac Streator. Make Me Know You Sweet taps into a latent, esoteric vein of American spirituality that's always been there, yet is only divined by those who remain open-minded to its effect. Master and lacquer cut by Matt Colton.

Luc Ferrari - Labyrinthe de Violence (2LP)Luc Ferrari - Labyrinthe de Violence (2LP)
Luc Ferrari - Labyrinthe de Violence (2LP)Alga Marghen
Luc Ferrari, a master who continues to influence and be evaluated. Held at the Palais Galliera in Paris in 1975, an unreleased work with four soundtracks designed for multimedia / audiovisual performances is now available in 2LP. It is a multimedia work that spans four rooms, each with the theme of Power / Profit / Violence / Pollution. Gatefold sleeve specifications. Limited edition of 500 copies from .
Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes - Music for Saxofone and Bass Guitar (CS)
Sam Gendel and Sam Wilkes - Music for Saxofone and Bass Guitar (CS)Leaving Records
Meditations bestseller! Originally released as a self-pressed in 2018 in a limited edition of only 50 copies. A collaboration between L.A. saxophonist Sam Gendel, best known as the leader of the jazz trio Inga, and bassist Sam Wilkes, whose unique sound has been described as psychedelic, outsider and meditative, and Jon Hassell's Fourth World.This is a collaboration between Sam Gendel, a saxophonist from LA, and Sam Wilkes, a bassist from LA. You will be into a vortex of dope music. This is a work of confidence, in which a sophisticated jazz mind is incorporated into a unique and experimental sound full of the free spirit of the West Coast, and sublimated into a unique sound that is even meditative. The muffled soundscape with the perfect amount of salt makes the listener feel even better.

Haruomi Hosono - Medicine Compilation From The Quiet Lodge (2LP)
Haruomi Hosono - Medicine Compilation From The Quiet Lodge (2LP)GREAT TRACKS
The album was released in 1993 at the same time as YMO's "Techno Don". The long-awaited analog reissue of "MEDICINE COMPILATION", a masterpiece of Hosono's lounge and ambient music, released in 1993 at the same time as YMO's "Technodon", is now available for the first time in Japan! A masterpiece that represents Hosono's ambient period, comparable to his three Monado Sightseeing Series albums and "Love, Peace & Trance", now on vinyl! A masterpiece in the history of new age and ambient music. This is the ultimate ambient music that invites the listener into another world. The album also includes self-covered songs such as "Honey Moon" with Akiko Yano on duo vocals, and "AIWOIWAIAOU" with a funk touch. This is the first analog version in Japan. Obi included.
V.A. - Music From The Mountain Provinces (LP)
V.A. - Music From The Mountain Provinces (LP)Numero

“Our journals and recording equipment were ultimately confiscated and stolen by the MNLF rebels. We escaped with a single cassette, the clothes on our back, and our lives.”―David Blair Stiffler In 1988, David Blair Stiffler risked life and limb to document under-recorded cultural groups living lives of extreme isolation in the mountainous Philippine regions of Nueva Ecija, Aurora, and Luzon. These are the fruits of that expedition. In the grand tradition of ethnographic recordings that made up the majority of Folkways' vast and significant catalog comes Music from the Mountain Provinces. By the mid-1980s, David Blair Stiffler was already a most-decorated recordist, with eight Folkways LPs under his belt. These are among the most obscure documents in the entire Folkways catalog. Although the works of Jose Maceda and Nicole Revel heavily documented much of the Philippines' countryside inhabitants with a thorough and sober effort protracted over the decades, Stiffler brought his own panache into the equation, capturing gorgeous and revelatory moments from some of the archipelago's least visited regions. Even without the harrowing tale of himself and his crew being taken hostage, contained within is a rare aural experience. These masters, originally intended for release on Folkways, were shelved when Stiffler returned home to news of Folkways founder Moses Asch’s death.

Pavel Milyakov & Yana Pavlova - BLUE (CD)
Pavel Milyakov & Yana Pavlova - BLUE (CD)psyx
Please order only one item per person. Publisher sold out. MUST !!!!! From the up-and-coming label , we have sent out cutting-edge works from many famous labels such as , and , and linked them to fashion shows. Pavel Milyakov (Buttechno), a famous writer who has reigned as the eye of Russia's underground techno typhoon for the past few years, and Kiev, Ukraine, who had previously participated in his work as a vocalist. Female artist Yana Pavlova's first co-production "BLUE" is now available in CD format with Nan! From Jon Hassell-inspired fourth-world ambient jazz, reminiscent of the collaboration with Bendik Giske that was released on the other day, to Jonny Nash's , a shaded Balearic. Includes a wide variety of 7 songs, from jazz and psychedelic blues that seem to have jumped out of the US underground to derailed punk / minimal pop that makes fans groan, and ethereal new age songs. An ambitious piece! Press only 50 copies. Why wasn't it released in analog? This is inevitable. Don't miss this opportunity.
V.A. - Heisei No Oto - Japanese Left-field Pop From The CD Age (1989-1996) (2LP)
V.A. - Heisei No Oto - Japanese Left-field Pop From The CD Age (1989-1996) (2LP)Music From Memory

Music From Memory are excited to announce a special compilation that they’ve been working on for some time now; MFM053 – VA – Heisei No Oto – Japanese Left-field Pop From The CD Age (1989-1996). Compiled by long-time friends of the label, Eiji Taniguchi and Norio Sato, Heisei No Oto delves into a world of music released almost exclusively on CD and brings together a fascinating selection of discoveries from a little known and overlooked part of Japan’s musical history. The last ten or so years have seen a global wave of interest in Japanese music encompassing ambient, jazz, new wave and pop records from the 1980s, some of which is increasingly considered the most innovative and visionary music of that time. Although some music from this period, in the form of ‘City Pop’ or ‘rare groove’ records, had been coveted by collectors and DJs for a number of years, most Japanese music from the time was little known outside and often even within Japan. Sometime around the mid 2000s, two Osaka record store owners, Eiji Taniguchi of Revelation Time and Norio Sato of Rare Groove, along with a handful of deep Japanese diggers such as Chee Shimizu of Organic Music records in Tokyo, began to explore beyond the typical ‘grooves’ or ‘breaks’. Much like their counterparts in Europe and the US, they began delving into home-grown ambient, jazz, new wave and pop records, discovering visionary music, often driven by synthesizers or drum computers, that broke beyond the typical confines of their genres. Spending tireless hours in local record stores and embarking on digging trips across the country, Eiji Taniguchi and Norio Sato, much like Chee Shimizu, have been at the forefront of unearthing and introducing many of the very Japanese records now loved and sought after around the world. Yet as YouTube algorithms and vinyl reissues would transport such music into the global consciousness and demand and therefore scarcity intensified for such records, so Eiji and Norio have recently begun to turn their attention to CDs. The title of the compilation Heisei No Oto refers to the sound of the Heisei era, which began in 1989 and corresponds to the reign of Emperor Akihito until his abdication in 2019. Marking the culmination of one of the most rapid economic growths in Japanese history, 1989 also coincided with the music industry’s final shift away from vinyl in favour of CDs. And, although compact discs were first introduced seven years earlier it wasn’t until late into the ‘80s that, beyond dance music labels, CDs became the exclusive format for major and independent labels in Japan and throughout the world. This however didn’t signal the end of the innovation in Japan. Many of those same musicians who have become known for their work in the ‘80s would continue to produce outstanding music well into the mid ‘90s, as greater innovation and advances in musical equipment allowed Japanese musicians and producers to refine and explore new sounds. While musicians such as the seminal Haruomi Hosono, whose productions feature on a number of tracks, would continue to push the boundaries of these new technologies, these technological advances also meant less established musicians were able to make use of increasingly affordable but state-of-the-art equipment. Including music by Haruomi Hosono as well as Yasuaki Shimizu, Toshifumi Hinata and Ichiko Hashimoto who have become known and loved around the world in recent years, Hesei No Oto also features Japanese pop star Yosui Inoue, producers Jun Sato and Keisuke Kikuchi in aaddition to less established artists from the contemporary, jazz, new wave, pop and dance music scenes. Bringing together a selection of tracks that seem to define these specific genres and in fact move fluidly between a number of them, the music on the compilation is again underscored by experimentations with synthesizers and drum computers though with something of a gentle Pop sensibility. Reimagined here then under the encompassing term ‘Left-field Pop’, this is an exciting chapter in Japanese musical history that has only just begun to be fully explored.

Moebius-Plank-Neumeier - Zero Set (LP)
Moebius-Plank-Neumeier - Zero Set (LP)Bureau B
2020 repress; LP version on 180 gram vinyl. In 1983, Dieter Moebius (Cluster) and legendary producer Conny Plank teamed up for the third time, resulting in the Zero Set project, originally released on Sky Records. On this occasion, they were backed up by one of the best drummers on the German rock scene: Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru. Plank, usually more of a background figure as producer, takes an equal share of the limelight alongside the musicians. His supermodern studio is brought into play like an instrument in its own right; Plank explores the full range of audio editing, pushing recording techniques to the limit to achieve maximum brilliance and plasticity. Neumeier uses all of his many years of experience as a drummer, demonstrating the precision and stamina of a drum machine, just infinitely livelier and more inventive. And finally, to Moebius: always one of the patriarchs of German electronic music, a creator of the most bizarre sound happenings, yet never sounding forced or arbitrary. On the contrary, he consistently worked within the context of the tracks themselves and their relationship to each other. The music on Zero Set flows both smoothly and energetically. An important and mystifying chapter in the legacy of Krautrock/Kosmische Musik and a historic moment in German electronic music.
José Pivin - Opéra Du Cameroun (SACD)
José Pivin - Opéra Du Cameroun (SACD)King International Inc.

Japanese exclusive reissue on SACD. oliginally released on Ocora.

The Ocora label, which released the disc, would not release it on CD due to the fact that the original recording was unknown, so it was passed down as a phantom disc and used LPs were sold at a high price.
This time, the ina (French National Institute of Audiovisual Research) discovered the existence of the sound source, and we were able to revive it for the first time on CD under license, and also on SACD hybrid. It was remastered from the original master at 96kHz.24bit. What's even more exciting is that four tracks that were not included on the LP have been added.
"Opera in Cameroon" was recorded by documentary filmmaker José Pivin with the cooperation of Radio Cameroon, the French national broadcaster, and depicts the story of a grand opera while capturing the nature of Cameroon and the daily lives of its simple people.
Although it is a field recording, the sound quality is super A-grade. The sound quality is top-notch, with insects and birdsong all around, and the river flowing as if it were right in front of you. The highlight of the film is the boat ride down the river, and the children playing on the shore and the hippopotamus chirping as the water gurgles by are the ultimate in realism. You can't help but avoid the flying horseflies that graze the tip of your nose.
The four parts not included in the LP are also very interesting. The last part, which ends with the sound of the raging sea, is particularly terrifying. You can enjoy a trip to Africa without leaving your home.

The Gerogerigegege - >(decrescendo) (LP+POSTER)The Gerogerigegege - >(decrescendo) (LP+POSTER)
The Gerogerigegege - >(decrescendo) (LP+POSTER)The Trilogy Tapes

The Gerogerigegege, the Japanese avant-blues music that has been attracting noise music lovers all over the world, is now available on long-awaited vinyl from The Trilogy Tapes, a limited edition cassette released last year by the popular fashion brand CAV EMPT.

This summer, I read Kenji Miyazawa's children's story (illustrated by Takeshi Motai), "Gauche the Cellist" (1934, illustrated by Takeshi Motai, 1956). Just a few days before I made this recording, I was on stage. As a result, I had to be in the same state of mind as Gauche at the beginning of the story. It was not a good feeling, but I knew it was not a coincidence that this book was in my possession, so I read it again and again, looked at Mr. Motai's picture of the raccoon boy again and again, and headed for the park before dawn. The only instrument I used was a Hapidrum, and the sticks were mallets that looked just like the ones the raccoon boy was holding...Juntaro Yamanouchi

Jordan Belson - 5 Essential Films (DVD)
Jordan Belson - 5 Essential Films (DVD)CVM
Jordan Belson's best works are now available on DVD: Allures (1961), with its geometric patterns and optical images reminiscent of Oskar Fissinger (the circular images painted with light are truly beautiful and mysterious); Samadhi (1967), one of his best-known works, which depicts the world of enlightenment through fluid smoky images and light coloration; and Light (1973), which blends natural scenes with light. Samadhi (1967), which depicts a world of enlightenment through fluid smoky images and light coloration, Light (1973), which beautifully blends natural scenes with light, and Fountain of Dreams (1984), which unfolds a universe trapped inside that makes us marvel at how far human creativity and expression can go. Fountain of Dreams (1984)" is an unfolding of a universe trapped inside, and "Epilogue (2005)" is a compilation of his works, which is a fitting end to the album, and shows the same creative ability as 40 years ago.
Andrei Vieru - J.S. Bach: Das Wohltemperierte Clavie Vol.2 (3CD)
Andrei Vieru - J.S. Bach: Das Wohltemperierte Clavie Vol.2 (3CD)Alpha Productions
Meditations highly recommended. This is J.S. Bach: Das Wohltemperierte Clavie Vol.2 by the Romanian pianist Andrei Vieru. His father was a composer, and he himself seems to be a very intellectual person, not only playing the piano but also painting and writing. His playing is not instinctive and hedonistic as a pianist, but with intellectual restraint and a hint of a seeker of truth. Rather than rolling along with the flow of the music, he lets the sounds become music through the workings of his mind, and as you drift through the world of sound that emerges, it seems to penetrate your inner self before you know it, creating an addictive allure. Also, it is not a classical expression, which is peculiar to classical music, but has a sense of contemporaneity, which I think is also very meaningful. This is a must-listen for people who are not classical music lovers.
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Music For Nine Post Cards (CD)
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Music For Nine Post Cards (CD)Nuvola
A memorable 1982 masterpiece first album left by Hiroshi Yoshimura, a Japanese talent who is attracting attention from all over the world, on the label Sound Process sponsored by the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in Kita Shinagawa !!

Although Yoshimura was undoubtedly an important figure in the history of Japanese ambient music, Yoshimura was hardly known overseas because only the Japanese version was released, but the recent New Age re-evaluation. I have finally come to the point where I can see the light of day. The sound of the highest peak of creative and aesthetic Japanese ambient music that evokes the concept of "wave notation" contained in nine postcards. A mysterious sound world that connects the history of ambient music / ambient spun by Erik Satie, Brian Eno, Roederius, etc. in the dimension of Japanese emotion and spiritual cosmo. A miraculous recording of homemade ambient attempted with a minimal set of Fender Rhodes and keyboards.
吉村弘 -  Soft Wave for Automatic Music Box (CD)
吉村弘 - Soft Wave for Automatic Music Box (CD)Nuvola
Hiroshi Yoshimura is a Japanese talent who is attracting attention from all over the world. In 1973, Hiroshi Yoshimura, who has made significant achievements in the fields of environmental music design and contemporary art, stocked the "Soft Wave for Automatic Music Box," a very early sound source that he had constructed using toy piano tones.

This work consists of a roll of cardboard with holes punched with a punching tool, installed in a toy piano, and plays music when a switch is activated. This mysterious sound work is a direct descendant of Eno's ambient works and Erik Satie's furniture music. Once you close your eyes and listen to it, you will feel as if you are returning to the nostalgia of your childhood.
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Four Post Cards (CD)
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Four Post Cards (CD)Nuvola
Meditations best seller! A Japanese talent who attracts attention from all over the world. Commissioned work for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanagawa. Hiroshi Yoshimura, a composer who has made significant contributions mainly in the fields of environmental music design and contemporary art, released his last album in 2003, a collection of music for the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Contemporary Art in Hayama and Kamakura. The album contains four pieces for the opening and closing of the museums in Hayama and Kamakura respectively, and two "special versions" that incorporate waves and human voices. The tones blend casually into the art space. The wind blows over the hills overlooking the ocean. A time when the sun is slowly setting. The gentle and tranquil ambient sounds depict various scenes seen from the museum.

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